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Who is the 2014 WritAAR of the Year?

  • Avindian

    Votes: 9 30,0%
  • Tommy4Ever

    Votes: 16 53,3%
  • Jape

    Votes: 4 13,3%
  • blklizard

    Votes: 1 3,3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Voted :)
It's too bad that I appear to be the only who's voting for blklizard. His narratives are simply phenomenal!
Time to announce some winners!

In third place, we have Jape, who earned 4 votes for his outstanding AARs.

In second place is, well, me :) You wonderful people considered me worthy of nine votes!

In first place, however, is Tommy4Ever, earning more than half of all votes with 16 (as well as mine) for his countless AARs throughout AARland.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated! The winners should display your achievements in your signature or inkwell, that all may weep at your superiority!
Hurray! :)

Glad my countless AARs were appreciated :).
Congratulations Jape, Avindian and Tommy! Three excellent writers, delighted to see you all recognised by a community which certainly appreciates your writing.
Congrats to everyone. All of you that were nominated truly deserve to be up there. Special congratulations to Tommy for winning the vote!