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A little later than expected after the forum downtime yesterday evening, we now move to our 5th category. Only 7 works were listed here, but the top 2 fought a close fight until the end when our winner ran away with it. Thus I give to you the 2020 Megacampaign AAR of the Year...

A very strong showing and listed on nearly every voter's list if they voted for this category. 2nd place then goes to:

Slightly contentious as Part 3 is also listed here, but even if I added them together this work would still place a firm 2nd. And thus, the bronze goes to...

An excellent top 3 no doubt! Our other 4 AARs given nomination were:

Great works all around and many congratulations to each, most especially to our winner @Tommy4ever ! Now step forward for congrats and thank yous while we wait for the next reveal.
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Hurray! Thank you to Coz and everyone who voted for Here Dwells God. :D

Now just to finish the saga :).
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Congrats to all who took part, voted, and won!
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This is a category that makes me happy. Thanks to call who write mega campaigns, and congratulations to @Tommy4ever !
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congratulations @Tommy4ever and @RedTemplar both very well deserved awards and excellent AAR series. Also congratulations all other nominees, and thanks all who voted. Special thanks to @coz1 organizing this all!
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Many congratulations to @Tommy4ever , @RedTemplar and all the rest! Very strong year for the megacampaign.
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Thank you to all of you, and congrats big-time to @Tommy4ever in taking the big win! As always, I am humbled and honored that so many enjoy reading these wild megacampaigns I so enjoy writing.

And I have to give a nod of thanks to @Idhrendur whose invaluable work on converters has made the process of megacampaigning much, much easier.
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Congrats @Tommy4ever, @RedTemplar, and everyone else!

Also, thanks to everyone who voted for me. Bronze is excellent... and probably indicates that I need to update it. Soon.
Congratulations! And thanks for all the reads!
Congratulations indeed.