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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning

CK3 Dev Diary #65 - One Culture Is Not Enough

CK3 Dev Diary #65 - One Culture Is Not Enough

Hello everyone!

Last week we had a rundown of what a culture looks like in the upcoming overhaul. This time around, let’s have a closer look at how you go about creating...

Stellaris Dev Diary #216 - Changes to Necroids Content in the Lem Update

Hi everyone!

As @grekulf has mentioned, one of our key aims in the upcoming Lem update is to improve the value of our existing DLCs by adding new content to them. As part of this effort, several of our species packs have seen some love. This week, I will start us off by...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #4 - Goods

Happy Thursday and welcome back to yet another Victoria 3 dev diary, this time on the subject of Goods! Goods are a core economic feature of Victoria 3, just as they were in previous Victoria games, and come in a wide variety of types. Also, as in previous Victoria games, the manufacturing of...

Colossal Stories - Hiring Modders #3 - Boformer

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Boformer shares why he joined Colossal Order and how it turned out!


I’m Boformer...

Dev Diary #17 - Control (Gold update)

Hello there, survivors!

We’re back aboard the update train after the PDXCON Remixed and the silver update “Trailblazers”. We have bigger new things brewing in the background, but in this update we want to focus on improving the existing features. As an example these improvements include giving...

Stellaris: Console Edition DD#31 - New Origins and Galactic Community Resolutions

Hello Stellaris: Console Edition Community!

Federations and Expansion Pass Four releases tomorrow (July 17th!). Be sure to watch our Release Stream, starting 10:30 AM CEST (9:30 AM UK, 430 AM EDT, 130 AM PDT) on

HOI4 Dev Diary - Officer Corps

Greetings all, Arheo here!

For my first HoI dev diary, I’m here to introduce the Officer Corps: a collection of new features that will be included as part of No Step Back and the Barbarossa update.

For quite a while, we’ve wanted to allow for more direct specialization of military branches, as...

CK3 Dev Diary #64 - Cultures Are Forever

CK3 Dev Diary #64 - Cultures Are Forever

Before we begin, first things first. We are working on an additional patch to fix some of the issues...

Stellaris Console Edition DD#30 - Mega Shipyard and the Juggernaut

Hello Stellaris: Console Edition Community!

Hope you enjoyed the Federations Feature Stream last Wednesday, if you missed it you can watch it here.

Today we’re here to talk about the Juggernaut and the very aptly named Mega...

Stellaris Dev Diary #215 - Gameplay themes & Balancing considerations

Hello everyone!

First I want to thank you for the overwhelming support that you’ve shown us with announcing the Custodians initiative. It’s been really fun and motivating to see so many positive responses, and for that we’re truly thankful. At the same time, I must admit that it is also a bit...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #3 - Buildings


Hello again everyone! It’s Thursday again, and that means that it’s time to talk about Buildings. Buildings are a core mechanic of Victoria 3, as it is where the...

Colossal Stories - Hiring Modders #2 - TPB

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Plop the Growables, Forest Brush and Theme Mixer - These are just a few of TPB’s popular mods. Hear how he got into modding, and how that...

Europa Universalis IV - 8 June 2021 - New monuments chosen for 1.31.5

Good news everyone! Today we’ll be presenting the new monuments that shall be introduced in 1.31.5 (coming soon, for those who wonder).

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Pavía, and I’ve been a forumite for more than 15 years before joining Paradox Tinto team, a couple months ago. Apart...

CK3 Dev Diary #63 - 1.4.0 “Azure” Patch Notes

Hello crusaders!

Nice meeting you all, it was only last year that I joined the Crusader Kings III production team so it is with great pleasure that I write my first Dev Diary - to share with you the final changelog of the Azure patch, and some news on the Multiplayer open beta...

Stellaris: Console Edition DD#29 - Quality of Life Improvements

Hello Stellaris: Console Edition Fans!

Expansion Pass Four, Federations, and the free 2.8.1 Update is less than two weeks away!

I’m also happy to announce we are starting weekly Console Edition Streams! Later today at 2:30 PM CEST we will be streaming the first-ever look at Federations and...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #2 - Capacities


Hello and welcome back to another Victoria 3 dev diary! Today we will be talking about three of the four of the main ‘currencies’ of the game - namely Capacities (the last being Money, which we’ll of course come back to...

Colossal Stories - Hiring Modders #1

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Ever wondered what it takes to work at Colossal Order? Find out as @co_martsu talks about the challenges and benefits of hiring modders from the community!



Stellaris Dev Diary #214: Announcing “The Custodians” initiative and the free Lem Update


Today I am here to announce some very good news! Stellaris is not slowing down, but rather picking up the pace! We at PDS Green are very happy to announce our new “Custodians” initiative as well as the next free update, coming sometime after summer.

The Custodian...

CK3 Dev Diary #62 - Monarch’s Journey unleashed

Hello everyone!

I know you are all eager to learn more about the Royal Court, but as we announced last week, we will go into more details once the Azure patch is released. If everything goes according to plan, and there are no unexpected events, we aim to release Azure next week! But let’s...

HOI Q&A Transcript | PDXCON


Hi all!

During PDXCON we ran a Q&A with members of the HOI team about HOIs development over the last 5 years as well as about the coming DLC No Step Back! Here's the transcript:


— 22/05/2021

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #1 - Pops

Dev Diary 1.png

Hello everyone! I’m Mikael, Victoria 3’s lead game designer - and oh boy does it feel good to finally be able to say that out loud! Today I have the pleasure to reveal some details about that one feature everyone thinks about when they hear “Victoria”...

Stellaris Dev Diary #213: Ship Previews Experiment and PDXCon Q&A Transcript

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about two things - one is a new experiment that we are running for an alternative ship appearance browser in empire generation, and the other is the Q&A session that we held during PDXCon.

Ship Appearance Browser

Currently in Empire...

CK3 Dev Diary #61 - The Royal Court


Welcome to the first Dev Diary for the Royal Court expansion! As we mentioned in a previous DD, we’ll go back to Azure patch DD’s for a few weeks after this one. But do not fear, there will be some more Royal Court DD’s before the summer holidays - and when we’re back from holidays...

Content Creator Pack - Train Stations by Bad Peanut: Dev Diary

Hey! This is my dev diary for my newly released Content Creator Pack: Train Stations! This pack contains 6 Train Stations, 6 Metro stations and 4 [COLOR=rgb(84, 172...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #0


Hello everyone!

Yes, you’re seeing this right. No, this isn’t a belated April Fools joke. After all these years, and all these memes, Victoria 3 really is confirmed at last. I’m Martin “Wiz” Anward, the Game Director of Victoria 3, and it’s my...