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Stellaris Dev Diary #234 - Aquatics and 3.2 are out, now what?

Come all you young spacefarers, listen to me! I’ll sing you the song of this dev diary!

Space shanty? Sing-along version? Amazing.

Today we’re back with another dev diary, and today we’ll be talking a little bit about our next steps. But first and foremost I’d...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #25 - The Cost of War

16_9 (6).jpg

Today marks the final entry in our 4-part overview of the warfare mechanics of Victoria 3. If you’re just tuning in now, we have previously covered The Concept of War, Fronts and Generals, and Navies and Admirals which introduces many of the core concepts...

CK3 Dev Diary #83 - Adventurer Inspirations and Other Royal Court News

Hello and welcome to another development diary for Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court!
Today I am here to talk a bit more about one of the more special inspiration types, the Adventurer.

As mentioned in an earlier development diary inspiration will strike characters at various times and will...

Stellaris Dev Diary #233 - Aquatics & 3.2 'Herbert' Patch Notes


Hello everyone!

Yesterday we announced that Aquatics will be released this coming Monday, November 22nd, for USD...

HOI4 Dev Diary - Patch Notes!

With less than a week to go before the release of No Step Back, and with no further ado, here are the patch notes for the release on 23rd!


Keep in mind that these are not final, and if we find anything has been missed, I'll try to add it to a spoiler tag below the main notes.


Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #24 - Navies and Admirals

16_9 (5).jpg

Happy Thursday and welcome back to our series of development diaries on warfare in Victoria 3! Today we talk about navies, and how we intend to make them as strategically important to winning wars as they were in history. This diary builds on the warfare vision presented in...

CK3 Dev Diary #82 - Court Type Content

Howdy, y'all!

Once again shadow posting for our wonderful Dev, CC! Who could this mysterious figure be who I am ghostwriting for? We may never know the answer to that. However, we do know that the info from today will be quite interesting for those of you following along with Royal Court...

Europa Universalis IV - Development Diary 16th of November 2021

Hello and welcome everyone to another Europa Universalis IV development diary. It is a few days since we released the Origins immersion pack and the accompanying 1.32 update. This was the first fully Tinto designed and developed release, and we feel proud of the result.

We can write a lot...

Bonus Diary: No Step Back Formable & New Tags

Hello Generals!

I’ve managed to escape the frontlines of Social Media to bring you this dispatch from our Comrades on the Dev Team. I bring tidings of great hope, with reinvigorated pride and national sentiment - Thats right, a full list of the new Tags and Formables!

Lets start with the tags...

Stellaris Dev Diary #232 - 3.2 Balance Changes and Performance Improvements

Hello everyone, today we would like to tease you with some of the upcoming changes coming with the 3.2 "Herbert" patch, named after Sci-Fi author Frank Herbert, which we will release along with the Aquatic Species Pack.

For Balance Changes, we have the following changes in store for you...

HoI4 DevDiary: No Step Back Achievements

Hello, and welcome back to another Dev Diary for Hearts of Iron 4. As we close in on wrapping up this major operation, code-named Barbarossa, before winter falls (the first snow fell in Stockholm this weekend, I am sure it’ll be fine), today we will talk about the new achievements that will be...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #23 - Fronts and Generals

16_9 (1).jpg

Hello and welcome! Today we will dig into the core mechanics of land warfare, including Fronts, Generals, Battalions, Mobilization, and more. But let’s take a moment first to recall the pillars of warfare in Victoria 3 from last week’s diary, which should be considered...

EU4 - Development Diary - 9th of November 2021

Hello, and welcome to the last dev diary before we release Origins and the 1.32 update! We’re very excited about the upcoming release, and we hope that it meets your expectations, both the Immersion Pack and the free update.

Today different members of our team will be showing you a lot of...

CK3 Dev Diary #81 - A tour of your Royal Court (Interface)

Hello there, and welcome to the eighty-first CK3 Dev Diary!

Today we are going to look at the experience of admiring your Royal Court, one of the paid features of the Expansion with the same name.

Most of the actual mechanics of the expansion should already be familiar to you if you have read...

Stellaris: Console Edition Development Diary #35 - Necrophage Origin and New Civics

Hello Console Edition Community!

Welcome to another Stellaris: Console Edition Dev Diary. Today we’ll be talking about the Necroids Species Pack in more detail. We’ll be talking about the Necrophage origin, as well as the new civics (Death Cults, Reanimated Armies, and Memorialist) are coming...

Europa Universalis IV - 4 November 2021 - 1.32 Songhai Changelog

Ey folks!:D

Happy to be back! As most of you know… WE ARE A WEEK AWAY FROM THE RELEASE OF ORIGINS.

It’s crazy how fast time goes by, but I’m really proud of the work that the Dev Team has put into the Immersion Pack over the past couple of months.

You have been reading a lot of interesting...

Stellaris Dev Diary #231 - Aquatics Portraits and Art


written by Fenni Johansson, Hanna Johansson, and Nicolas Lennman

Hi! My name is Fenni and I’m an Art Producer for Stellaris.

Today, I will talk a bit about our art processes and give you a little behind-the-scenes look at how our amazing team of artists worked when...

HoI4 Dev Diary - A Tech Lead's Life

Hello everyone, it's your favourite (and only) tech lead, The French Paradox!

In this diary I'll tell you more about our tech, give some insights into the programmer's job, what we've been up to for the past year (and some change) and offer you a chance to ask any question you may have about...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #22 - The Concept of War

16_9 (4).jpg

Hello and welcome to another Victoria 3 development diary! Today’s dev diary has been a hotly anticipated one, as we’re finally ready to start talking about war and combat and how they will work in Victoria 3.

So then, how does war and combat work? The answer is that we’ve...

Europa Universalis IV - 2 November 2021 - The 'Art of Africa' Theory

Europa Universalis IV - 2 November 2021 - The 'Art of Africa' Theory​

Welcome to this week’s dev diary. I’m David Horler, the Art Lead at Tinto, and I’m very excited to show you what the art team has been cooking up in recent months.

In the last year the art team at our Barcelona studio...

CK3 Dev Diary #80 - Is That a Dagger in Your Pocket…?

Is that a dagger in your pocket…?​


Inventory System/Commission Artifact:​

Howdy all,

Your Friendly Local Community Manager here to introduce this week's Developer Diary! While it was not my article, it was written by our ever mysterious Content Designer, CC! So sit back...

Stellaris: Console Edition Development Diary #34 - Necroids Ships and Portraits

Hello Stellaris: Console Edition Community!

Welcome to another Console Edition Development Diary. If you haven’t heard the news, the Necroids Species Pack will be released on November 11th!

The Necroids Species Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition includes:
  • 1 New...

Stellaris Dev Diary #230 - The Art of Aquatics Ships & the Drake


written by Pavel Golovii and David Strömblad Lindh

Hello! My name is Pavel Golovii, I am a concept artist from the art team that has worked on the Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack. I am going to highlight the process of developing ship designs from a concept artist...

HoI4 Dev Diary - Loading Screen Art and more

Greetings, HoI fans.

I'm not much of a forum goer, so most of you probably never heard of me, but I am the Art Lead on Hearts of Iron 4.

Today I bring you a rather special Dev Diary. This was prepared for you all by our 2D artist on HoI4 and should give you a glimpse into the work that goes...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #21 - Diplomatic Plays


It’s Thursday again and you know what that means - another Diplomacy dev diary! Today’s dev diary is one I’ve been looking forward to writing for some time, as it covers Diplomatic Plays, which we consider to be more or less the signature feature for Diplomacy in...