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War Effort - Operation Tungsten [1.12.6 - Checksum a6ba]

  • Arheo

Greetings all!

As I indicated a few weeks ago with the launch of the open beta for 1.12.6, the Hoi4 War Effort initiative is well underway. To recap, this will take the form of a consistent series of monthly updates containing smaller content additions, bugfixes, and...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #67 - Patch 1.1 (part 3)


Happy Thursday! Today we'll talk about some more changes we've introduced in patch 1.1, including how Morale works.

For starters, why rework morale? One piece of feedback we heard a lot of post-release was that it was frustrating to watch long, drawn-out battles that...

Stellaris Dev Diary #277 - The Hunt is On (Stellaris 3.6 ‘Orion’ Patch Notes)

Hello everyone!

I know that we said that we weren’t going to be updating the 3.6 “Orion” Open Beta branch again, but since the Thanksgiving holidays are coming in the US, I’ve asked for one last update to be pushed to the open beta branch, with a potential release candidate.

This update should...

Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary #111 - 1.8.0 “Robe” Feature Highlight

This image depicts an in-game notification with the title “1.8.0 Feature Highlight”, to the right is the vanity character of Hugo Cortell, while to the left is the Paradox Interactive logo. The text within the notification body says “The Paradox Community gained 20 opinion of you (Received Dev diary).
Hello crusaders! I’m @Hugo Cortell, game designer and horchata drinking aficionado at Paradox Thalassic, and today I am here to present everything new and exciting with the upcoming 1.8.0 “Robe” free update.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that this update is a wonderful...

Surviving the Aftermath - Shattered Hope DLC - Patch Notes

Greeting survivors!

We have just released our patch for the “Shattered Hope” DLC—including some bigger changes as well. Here we will go through them with some brief explanations as to why they have been made. As usual, the full patch notes can be found at the end of this post.


Stellaris Dev Diary #276 - Death is the Beginning

Greetings, ghouls and ghasts! Chief Reanimator Iggy here to report the most recent innovation in the field of necromancy. With the 3.6 update, we will bring you the Cordyceptic Drones civic! These delightful fungi will allow you to dominate the galaxy with zombie space fauna, as this is the...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #66 - Patch 1.1 (part 2)


Greetings my fellow Victorians, Paul here to talk about some of the things I have been doing for Patch 1.1.

As was said in previous dev diaries, this patch (1.1) is going to primarily focus on game polish: bug fixing, balancing, AI improvements and UI/UX work, while the next...

Stellaris Dev Diary #275 - Bless Thy Soul

Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy few weeks here on the Stellaris team, and I wanted to thank the community for helping us out so much with the 3.6 Orion Open Beta.

There was significantly more activity than anticipated - during the month of October, over 100,000 players took part in the Orion...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #65 - Patch 1.1 (part 1)


Hello and welcome to the second post-release dev diary for Victoria 3. Today we’ll be talking about the first major post-release patch, which we’re aiming to get to you before the end of the year. This patch (1.1) is going to primarily focus on game polish: bug fixing...

Roads & Vehicles Dev Diary: Free Content & Patch Notes


Greetings mayors! I’m delighted to present our free content update, Roads & Vehicles, coming on the 15th of November! As the name suggests, it includes new roads and vehicles, not just for the base game, but for several DLCs as well - including cross-DLC roads! Yes, we have...

Surviving the Aftermath - Dev Diary #24 - Shattered Hope DLC

Greetings survivors!

Our latest DLC “Shattered Hope” has just been released and we are excited to shed light on its features. Brand new challenges await as fading hope risks the entire colony’s survival. Other improvements include a new moon rock disaster, an ability to boost...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #64 - Post-Release Plans


Hello and welcome to the first of many post-release Victoria 3 dev diaries! The game may now be out at last (weird, isn’t it?) but for us that just means a different phase of work has begun, the work of post-release support. We’ve been quite busy collecting feedback, fixing...

Stellaris Dev Diary #274 - Copy

We're happy to announce that we've updated the 3.6 Open Beta again today. As mentioned in the original announcement, the Open Beta was originally supposed to run until the end of October, however due to the unexpectedly high number of players who have participated, we’re going to leave the Open...

Stellaris Dev Diary #273 - A Peek into the Future

Good Afternoon, I’m taking over Dev Diary duties this week as Eladrin is away!

We’ve been continuing to work on the 3.6 ‘Orion’ patch, and hope to have another update for the Open Beta out next week. The feedback we’ve received has been immensely useful and I cannot thank those that have been...

Dev Diary #110 - A Study in Black


A few weeks ago we shared our floor plan for the future, and this week I’d like to give you some tidbits from the studio itself. I will tell you a bit about the history of our studio and what we are about - interlaced with random quotes from the team collected throughout the year...

Haunted Wasteland - Get your colony ready to celebrate Halloween!

Hello survivors!
It's the spookiest time of year, and we are excited to bring you a free in-game event on Steam and Epic that includes Halloween themed decorations and buildings. This also includes a free patch of some gameplay fixes, such as improvement to the day and night meter to...

Stellaris Dev Diary #272 - The Pact is Signed and Spoken

We have a few things for you today. First, Mr. Cosmogone will delve into the mysteries of the Shroud, then Monzun will show off a new accessibility feature, and finally I’ll give some updates on the Orion Open Beta.

Embracing the Unknowable​

Salutations mortals!

Mr. Cosmogone, high...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #63 - Audio



Hi! My name is Franco Freda, and I’m Head of Audio at Paradox Interactive.

Today I’m excited to talk to you about Victoria 3 and some of the work we’ve been doing for the soundscape of our most anticipated title yet!

As you...

Surviving the Aftermath - Announcing Shattered Hope DLC

Hello survivors!
We are pleased to announce the new DLC for Surviving the Aftermath. Shattered Hope introduces the Shattered Moon calamity, giving players the ability to boost resource production and the task of maintaining survivor’s hope. Surviving the Aftermath...

Stellaris Dev Diary #271 - Ready…? Fight!

Hello again!

This week’s topic is the combat rebalancing planned for the Stellaris 3.6 “Orion” update. We’ll begin with an exploration of the goals and intended scope of the changes, and then go into detail regarding what we’ve done.

Scope and Intentions​

We first discussed the combat...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #62 - QA on Victoria 3


I lied!

We’re not talking about Audio this week, we’re talking about Quality Assurance, otherwise just known as QA! Excuse the dust as we teardown and set up this new development diary a little earlier than planned. We will eventually have an Audio...

Developer Diary | Post-Release

Steam Event Header (1920x622).png

Greetings all,

Today we’ll be casting an analytical eye over the release of BBA, what players have been up to, and what the immediate plans are going forward.

It wouldn’t be a traditional post-release diary without looking at what the player-base at large have been getting up to...

Update 1.01.0201 : Worldwide Update ⛺

Hi everyone!
Update 1.01.0201 is now live!

  • Updated airline: WorldWide, discover your wild side and explore the brand-new WorldWide buildings. ⛺


  • Update to the daily rewards, we fixed some issues where players didn’t have any rewards
  • We...

Stellaris Dev Diary #270 - Traditional Results (of Summer Experiments)

WARNING: This is a long dev diary, grab a coffee and enjoy!

Hello, it’s @Alfray Stryke again! Some folks might recall that back in DD#257 that we went over some of our plans for summer experiments. In particular, I planned to look at what could be done with tradition trees and gating them...

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #61 - Data Visualization


Hello all, today we are going to talk about some of the data visualization in Victoria 3, how we on the team have iterated on it since our UX dev diary and what we think through when talking about such iterations.

Aron is very busy doing what last bits of polish can be...