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    Hi there, folks! The results are in. :D All faults in counting are mine etc. ;)

    First, we have the new entry this time, Crusader Kings III! Ten AARs got votes - the shared (with EUIV) second most of any category - and as the only AAR in any category, @TheButterflyComposer 's Ged's Existential Nightmare got results in the double digits! The next three places were shared by @castlera , @ChicagoZohan and @Snap Wilson with four votes each!

    Second up is Crusader Kings II, which had 17 AARs with votes! Nine of which got 1 vote each. The winners were @Dunaden and @Eurasia , whom both got seven votes, followed by @JabberJock14 with 6 votes!

    Crusader Kings II
    7The People of the ForestDunaden
    7Road of Queens - CKII India AAREurasia
    6Before Plantagenet – A House d’Anjou AARJabberjock14
    5Give 'Em the Ol' Basel Razzle DazzleGreen Rice
    5Blut und Schlact (Blood and Battle)Bullfilter
    4Fires of New Olympus - an Indo-Greek Kingdom AARDoctor Baby
    3Empire of the Bear: A History Book After the End AARGangsterSynod
    3Lady Macbeth IIFiftypence
    1House Targaryen: The Abridged Work of Maester JonRemful
    1The Book of the Brothers, AGOT AAREtzelHoveri
    1A Narrative History of Byzantium, Book 1: Gloria Sine Fine HistoryDude
    1French Lions: A Capetian Francecodie
    1A Storm from the West: a Sunset Invasion AARKazanov
    1The Crusader Queen- A Kingdom of Jerusalem AARJSB217118
    1Dragon Kin (a Targaryen AAR)Zamarak500
    1Something to Remember Me Byhjarg
    1The First Few - A Shattered Realm AARWJS

    Third, we have Europa Universalis IV, which had 10 votes and a very close race until the end! First is @Tommy4ever , followed by shared second place for @quicksabre and @JerseyGiants88 with three votes each. :)

    With nine AARs voted on in total, Victoria II also had a close race to the end, but ultimately @DensleyBlair won with 7 votes. Shared second place went to @slothinator and @mad orc with 5 votes each! As you can see, the numbers were very close here. :D

    Another category with a close run, with a total of seven AARs in the ballot, was Hearts of Iron III. Here shared first place went to @Bullfilter and @Eurasia with 6 points each, followed by shared second place to @Farsky and @Wraith11B with 5 points each!

    Hearts of Iron III
    6Talking Turkey: Alternate History from 1936 Bullfilter
    6Utsunimiya's War - HoI3(TFH) Japan AAREurasia
    5A wehraboo and a hat in charge of ItalyFarsky
    5Der Adler, der Wolf, und die Sonne: Die Geschichte des StahlpaktsWraith11B
    4Odin and Stalin's Secret CommitteeroverS3
    3Inevitable DefeatEl Pip
    1Quick and Dirty 2: A Soviet Resurgence (HOI3 - March 1944 start)Bullfilter

    Surprisingly enough, Hearts of Iron IV only got five AARs voted on, but the total of votes of the top two were a runaway from the get go! @stnylan won with 8 points, with @Le Jones taking second place and @Henry v. Keiper taking third place.

    Hearts of Iron IV
    8The Thorn of the Rosestnylan
    7A Royal PrerogativeLe Jones
    4Rise of EaglesHenry v. Keiper
    2The American Phoenix: The History of the United States in the Second American Civil War and the Second WeltkriegKautz
    1Make Italy Roman Again!defensedefumer

    With six AARs voted on this time, Stellaris' winner writAAR was @Chilango2 with 5 votes, followed by shared second place to @Macavity116 and @Cora Giantkiller !

    Last, we have the Other category, where only four AARs got votes, but the winnAAR still took a clear lead from early on, with @Bullfilter raking in six points, followed by @El Pip and..... @El Pip , on second and third place!


    And with that, the ACAs for Q3 2020 is over. May the winnAARs bask in the glory and all who got votes; you really should feel proud! :D Thank you to all who voted! :D I hope even more people vote next time, and even better, that the ones who do vote fill in even more votes! :) The structure of the categories are up to debate of course, how do you guys feel it went this time? Any proposes changes? :)
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