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Introduction & Summary


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May 24, 2013
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'Odin' and Stalin's Secret Committee


After the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924, then General Secretary Joseph Stalin moved to consolidate his power. One of the ways he subverted his enemies was through a personal spy network he had started to create in 1922, after Lenin retired. I am the first among these nameless spies, I am referred to as 'Odin' (Russian number 1, not the norse god) by those who know of my existence.

I joined, let's call them 'Stalin's zombies', from the very beginning in 1923. My Identity before this is not relevant, and will not be divulged, the only thing of importance is that I had been close to Stalin, but not really in the public eye. The Secretary General explained to me his need for a loyal group of secret envoys and internal spies within his strategy to gain and keep control over the country. We determined that the best way too keep this secret was to make sure every operative was not registered anywhere, and so in the eyes of the administration, they didn't exist. This was achieved through the faking of ones death upon entering the 'Zombies'. I went first and died in a terrible train accident near Leningrad, I had of course never been on the train in the first place.


My death, in this 1923 train accident, 149 reported victims, of which 148 are actually dead

I write this account because I want people to understand what happened far behind the curtains of Stalin's rule. I want this story to be read only when communism has taken over the world and Stalin is dead and buried. (This account was written in code and very well hidden, it was only recently deciphered)

4th of January 1937, 9 pm Moscow Time

In a secret facility in the woods close to Vologda and it's Air Base, less than 300 km from Moscow, and less than 500 km from Leningrad, preparations were being made for the arrival of a group of high ranking clever gentlemen considered to be primordial to the future of the Soviet Union. These men's death was to be faked the very next day in an effort to integrate them into Stalin's secret intelligence network as personal advisors, they would 'die' in a plane crash, making Stalin seem smarter and better prepared in his dealings with the Central Committee and the Army. This will be called Stalin's Secret Committee, and for now will consist of the following members:
  • Head of Intelligence Yan Berzin (aka 'Starik'), Technical Specialist
  • Chief of the Navy Vladimir M. Orlov, Indirect Approach Doctrine
  • Chief of the Air Force / Air Lt. General Yakov V. Smushkevich, Skill 2-9 Tank Buster / Army Aviation Doctrine
  • Field Marshall / Chief Of Staff Michail N. Tuchatjevskij, Skill 2-5 Offensive Doctrine / School of Manoeuvre
  • Field Marschall A. I. Egorov, Skill 2-8 Old Guard, Defensive Doctrine
  • General Eideman Skill 2-6 Logistics Wizard and Winter Specialist
  • General Primakov Skill 1-8 Logistics Wizard
  • Army Lt. General Strepuhov Skill 2-6 Fortress Buster
  • Army Lt. General Belov S.I. Sill 1-6 Battle Master
In parallel to this committee the 'Zombies' has been expanded to feed the secret Committee with accurate information directly from the source within the army, factories, kgb, and research facilities. This to avoid using embellished or doctored information offered by governors, apparatchiks, or generals.

This is my first attempt at an AAR. I am playing vanilla TFH on moderate and will be picking up the action on the 4th of January 1937. I will be using the 'secret reports' to keep you updated on the state of the Soviet Union. (expect the first one within a week). I will use AI at Army or Army Group Level depending on the size of the war, this in keeping with the fact that Stalin can't order every single Division/Corps around the map all the time, and because I find it tedious myself(especially on the scale of (counter-)Barbarossa. Let's say this alternate history may allow Stalin to make some better decisions (If I'm up to it). I might also take account of your suggestions, as I will try to update you as I play, and you can be part of Stalin's big secret Committee helping him towards victory...
I'd also like your suggestions on other historical figures which aren't represented in game, which could add some flavour by joining the secret committee(like great scientists or spies for example)

Edit 19/09/17:

If you are new to this AAR, this might help you navigate the 100+ reports and other updates:

This AAR has evolved, while keeping the same framework, with time more narrative has crept in, and new characters have appeared, the 10-day reports have become more to the point, highlighting the things you really need to note. An alternative starting point if you want to catch up quickly would be the 1.000day reports (t
'Dva', review of the Red Army), as they bring you up to speed, in detail, right before the start of the Winter War and the inclusion of more in depth narrative. Looking over the AAR while composing the summary below I found hat some parts before this update are just one report after the other (you'll see what I mean), it's not a bad thing per se, if you like that sort of thing.
However, with the Winter war I started writing more narrative to add flavour to the statistics and the analysis. I won't say any more, you'll have to read for yourselves, and I'm sure there are several ways to read this AAR, the Summary should help you navigate the countless updates more easily.


5th of January starting reports:

10-day reports:

Additional updates:

10-day reports:

Additional updates:

10-day Reports:
1st of October, 1.000 days of the Committee, special conference

The Winter War:

Additional updates:

10-day Reports:

The Winter War:

Additional updates:

The Vatutin Letters:

'Odinatsat', the mystery woman:

10-day Reports:

Additional updates:
Finnish Partisans:

The Vatutin Letters:

'Odinatsat', the mystery woman:

10-day reports:
The Great Patriotic War:
'Odinatsat', the mystery woman:

Additional updates:
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4th of January 1937 Introduction #1: 'Dva',Red Army Report
5th of January 1937, 6 am Moscow Time

Reports have started arriving about the state of our motherland. The first one to arrive is from 'Dva', he is responsible for the gathering of accurate intelligence about our great army.

From 'Dva' to 'Odin'

Report on the state of the Army of the USSR.
This is our current order of battle.

STAVKA (Moscow Theatre) N
- 1. GarD 3xGar, Art Markov S.T.
- 4ya Armiya Gamarnik
- IV SK Klyuchko
- 10. SD 3xInf, AT, Afrosimov
- 48. SD 3xInf, AT, Kazakov M.I.
- 5. SD 3xInf, AT, Khrukev
- 33. SD 3xInf, AT, Levandovski
- 179. SD 3xInf, AT, Gastilovich
- V SK Frolov
- 16. SD 3xInf, AT, Malinin
- 3. SD 3xInf, AT, Maslennikov
- 118. SD 3xInf, AT, Moskalenko
- 235. SD 3xInf, AT, Gorbatov
- First Armoured Army Group N
- 2ya Tankovaya Armiya N
- XXVIII MSK Shaposhkinov
- 163. MSD 3xMot, Mironov F.K.
- 198. MSD 3xMot, Fedorenko
- 203. MSD 3xMot, Vlassov
- 82. MSD 3xMot, Chervichenko
- II TK Pavlov D.G.
- 12. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Petrushevskij
- 64. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Tamruchi
- 81. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Alekhin
- 6. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Primakov T.S.
- 39. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Horolenko
- I KK Meretskov
- 6. KD L Arm, 2xMot, AC, Gorelen
- 3. KD L Arm, 2xMot, AC, Govorov
- 32. KD L Arm, 2xCav, AC, Kolpakchij
- 9. KD L Arm, 2xCav, AC, Shtern
- 24. KD L Arm, 2xCav, AC, Konev
- II KK Kuznetsov A.I.
- 29. KD L Arm, 2xMot, AC, Zhukov G.K.
- 5. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Vassilevskiy
- 7. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Romanenko P.L.
- 16. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Berzarin
- 12. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Golikov
- I GvTK Rybalko
- 1. GvTD 2xL Arm, Mot Mostovenko
- 2. GvTD 2xL Arm, Mot Volskiy
- 4. GvTD 2xL Arm, Mot Solyankin
Archanglesk HQ Voroshilov
- 1ya Armiya Timoshenko S.K.
- I SK 2xInf, TD Kulik
- 54. SD 3xInf, AT, Zakharov M.V.
- 71. SD 3xInf, AT, Ptuhin
- 122. SD 3xInf, AT, Vivtorov
- 104. SD 3xInf, AT, Popov M.M.
- 14. SD 3xInf, AT, Purkaev M.A.
- II SK Vlassov
- 88. SD 3xInf, AT, Batov
- 4. SD 3xInf, AT, Tiulenev
- 31. SD 3xInf, AT, Sokolovskij
- 23. SD 3xInf, AT, Voronov
Leningrad HQ Budennij
- 1. GarD 3xGar, Art Roze
- 3ya Armiya N
- III SK Apanasenko
- 177. SD 3xInf, AT, Trofimenko
- 191. SD 3xInf, AT, Susaikov
- 8. SD 3xInf, AT, Shumilov
- 142. SD 3xInf, AT, Semenovskij
- 43. SD 3xInf, AT, Zhakarov G.F.

Smolensk HQ Kamenev
- 5ya Armiya N
- VI SK Shapkin
- 184. SD 3xInf, Tyulen
- 180. SD 3xInf, Gerasimov A.V.
- 183. SD 3xInf, Gordov
- 181. SD 3xInf, Boldin
- 182. SD 3xInf, Efremov
- VII SK Goryahov
- 143. SD 3xInf, Gidov
- 121. SD 3xInf, Golubovskiy
- 55. SD 3xInf, Iakolev
- 27. SD 3xInf, Kachalov
- 56. SD 3xInf, Sofronov
- VIII SK Ugrimov
- 85. SD 3xInf, Spiridonov
Brjansk HQ N
- 6ya Armiya Gorodovikov
- 24. SD 3xInf, Smirnov
- 17. SD 3xInf, Terekhin
- 50. SD 3xInf, Saladze
- 6. SD 3xInf, Marchenkov
- 19. SD 3xInf, Ponedelin
- X SK Korotin
- 217. SD 3xInf, Trufanov
- 89. SD 3xInf, Gerasimov M.N.
- 120. SD 3xInf, Bochenkov

Kyiv HQ Fedorov J.M.
- 7ya Armiya N
- XI SK Kurochkin
- 42. SD 3xInf, Cherepanov
- 49. SD 3xInf, Chernyak
- 86. SD 3xInf, Dement'ev
- 13. SD 3xInf, Ershakov
- 113. SD 3xInf, Filatov
- XII SK Lukin
- 2. SD 3xInf, Panin
- 11. SD 3xInf, Potapov
- 189. SD 3xInf, Varennikov
- 169. SD 3xInf, Vishnevskij
- 130. SD 3xInf, Homenko
- 45. SD 3xInf, Kutyakov
- 62. SD 3xInf, Melnik
- 87. SD 3xInf, Morgunov
- 159. SD 3xInf, Nikolaev
- 139. SD 3xInf, Petrovsk
- 141. SD 3xInf, Remezov F.M.
Odessa HQ N
- 8ya Armiya N
- 161. SD 3xInf, Riabyzhev
- 100. SD 3xInf, Sinilov
- 193. SD 3xInf, Stepanov
- 195. SD 3xInf, Novikov V.V.
- 200. SD 3xInf, Belous
- 140. SD 3xInf, Eliseev
- 146. SD 3xInf, Firin
- 228. SD 3xInf, Kondrusev
- 199. SD 3xInf, Nikitin I.S.
- 197. SD 3xInf, Shishenin
- 190. SD 3xInf, Shvydkoi
- 164. SD 3xInf, N
- 99. SD 3xInf, Trifonov
- 173. SD 3xInf, N
- 116. SD 3xInf, Luchimchuk
- 196. SD 3xInf, N
- 206. SD 3xInf, Sudec
- 156. SD 3xInf, N
- 106. SD 3xInf, N
- 47. SD 3xInf, Rykov
- 176. SD 3xInf, N
- 25. SD 3xInf, N
- 51. SD 3xInf, N
- 74. SD 3xInf, N
Stanlingrad HQ N
- 3. GarD 3xGar, Art N
- 9ya Armiya N
- 136. SD 3xInf, N
- 157. SD 3xInf, N
- 138. GSD 3xMtn N
- 46. GSD 3xMtn N
- 18. GSD 3xMtn N
- 63. GSD 3xMtn N
- 28 GSD 3xMtn N
- 68. GSD 3xMtn N
- 83. GSD 3xMtn N
- 101. GSD 3xMtn N
- 60. GSD 3xMtn N
- 69. GSD 3xMtn N
- 95. GSD 3xMtn N

Far East Theatre Blücher
- 4. GarD 3xGar, Art N
- 10ya Armiya N
- XXIV SK Uborevich
- 35. SD 3xInf, N
- 66. SD 3xInf, N
- 39. SD 3xInf, N
- 59. SD 3xInf, N
- 22. SD 3xInf, N
- 26. SD 3xInf, N
- 21. SD 3xInf, N
- 20. SD 3xInf, N
- 12. SD 3xInf, N
- 29. SD 3xInf, N
- 92. SD 3xInf, N
- 32. SD 3xInf, N
- 40. SD 3xInf, N
- 65. SD 3xInf, N
- 93. SD 3xInf, N
- 114. SD 3xInf, N
- 94. SD 3xInf, N

In short our army is comprised of 1.227.000 frontline soldiers in 409 frontline brigades (305 Inf, 33 Mtn, 12 Gar, 39 Mot, 18 L Arm, 2 Cav), in addition to which there is 34.000 battlefield support personnel in 34 support brigades (23 AT, 6 AC, 4 Art, 1 TD) for a grand total of 1.261.000 mostly reserve army personnel. Our Army is, for now, a Volunteer Army. Only a quarter of personnel is ready for battle, the reserve has to be mobilised first to make our divisions effective in combat, this saves on supply and means the men can work in the factories and on the fields, while we aren't at war.

Additionally 21,000 frontline soldiers are retraining while they wait for new vehicles, three Guards Tank Brigades are getting T-18 Medium Tanks and four brigades of Cavalry trading their horses for trucks. (Upgrades)

The training of our units is only basic, this in an effort to increase the size of the army more quickly to be able to counter the growing German threat(5,0). There is a lack of commanding officers due to the great purge, while the amount of lower level officers is just satisfactory with 50.871 officers. (102% officer rate)

In production are two infantry divisions 3xInf, AT , two units to be added to corps HQ's 2xInf, TD, One BRDM-1 Armoured Car Brigade and eight 7,2mm ZiS3E Anti-tank Brigades to be added to existing Infantry Divisions (SD) on the Western Front.​


These 1936 BDRM-1 Armoured Cars are very fast (9.4 kph) and have modern guns mounted on them, they do however lack any significant armour.

We are still refitting most of our divisions with modern weapons, hence an upgrade requirement of 113,75 IC. The weapons we produce now are mostly up to date, all types of Infantry and Cavalry weapons are based on 1936 technology, just like our BT-5 Light Tanks, and our Anti-Tank Guns. Garrison, and Artillery weapons are from 1934, and our Medium armour technology is still rudimentary, with our BT-18's being the first type of Medium Armour ever to be built in the Soviet Union. The Armoured Cars have their guns up to date, but no armour to speak of.

We have recently developed Engineer units better to attack across rivers and against forts. These will be especially useful to keep our armoured columns moving.

Land Doctrines are all behind except for Operational Level Organisation and People's Army for which we have reached 1936 level of theoretical knowledge.

This report gives an accurate account of the size and quality of our Army on the 4th of January 1937, please pass it on to the committee,

May Stalin's communism one day rule the world,

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The 4th of January 1937 Introduction #2: 'Chteyre', VVS Report
Next came a short report about the air force from 'Chetyre', you get the idea.

From 'Chetyre' to 'Odin'

Report on the state of the VVS
List of currently operational wings:

I. IAD 4xInt Khudyakov
6, 1, 2, 9, IAD (Polikarpov I-15)
II. IAD 4xInt Rychagov
10, 4, 29, 14 IAD (Polikarpov I-15)
III. IAD Int Vorozheikin
3. IAD (Polikarpov I-16)
I. ShAD CAS Zhigarev
23. ShAD (Sukhoi Su-2 Ivanov)
I. BAD 2xTac Golovanov
12, 13 BAD (Tupoplev SB-2)
II. BAD 2xTac Yakolev
33, 30 BAD (Tupoplev SB-2)
We have 1.000 small aircraft in ten wings (9 Int F, 1 CAS) and 400 Twin engine aircraft in four wings (4 Tac). Right now all these aircraft are based in Moscow Air Base to save on maintenance. We currently have more Air leaders than we have squadrons, and they are quite talented.

One new wing of Polikarpov I-16 Interceptors is currently being produced and trained.


Brand new Polikarpov I-16's on a training flight.

We have technologically up to date(1936) single engine planes, but only two wings already have the newest types in use (3. IAD & 23. ShAD). The other wings are very slowly being retrained and supplied with the new aircraft. The best Interceptor design we have now is the Polikarpov I-16 which stems from a basic understanding of all aspects of a fighter plane by Polikarpov's research team. An understanding they lacked when they designed the still ubiquitous I-15. The basics of bombs and twin engine airframes have also been mastered, this time by Ilyushin engineers. There is a design for a better tactical bomber the Ilyushin DB-3 but priority has been given to replacing obsolete fighters, so the bomber crews will have to live with their Tupolev SB-2's a little bit longer.


The Ilyushin DB-3 production-ready prototype on skis between cold weather tests. It is faster, better protected, and has more firepower than the Tupolev SB-2's currently in use by the VVS.

The VVS air doctrines are from the last great war, except for Fighter, CAS, and TAC Pilot Training which are from right after the war (1918). The rest is still to be researched.

This is all you need to know about the VVS, and the shape it is in on the 4th of January 1937.

May Stalin's communism one day rule the skies,

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I will keep an eye on this, if time allows me.:)
The 4th of January 1937 Introduction #3: 'Pyat', Red Navy Report
'Pyat' ' just got of a plane in Leningrad, and sent this short message about the Navy:

From 'Pyat' ' to 'Odin'

Preliminary report on the Soviet Navy

I have just been travelling on the same Tupolev SB-2 as the new Chief of the Navy Mikhail V. Viktorov. Even though his predecessor 'died' in a horrible plane crash, he is not afraid of flying, and he immediately flew to Leningrad to join our navy's pride 'Oktyabrskaya Revoluciya', a great war era battleship. Viktorov goes even one step further and believes our navy needs to develop and build hugely expensive floating Air Bases also known as Aircraft Carriers. This in an effort to project power over long distances.


Oktyabrskaya Revoluciya at Anchor in Leningrad, this class of ships would be severely outclassed against Rodney-class RN Battleships, not to mention the Behemoths the Japanese seem to be building. And we're not even talking about our potential enemies future designs.
I foresee these to only be useful as coastal Artillery for shore bombardments within a few years.

Chief of the Navy Victorov has already issued orders for a reorganisation of existing ships, he will board 'Oktyabrskaya Revoluciya' tomorrow morning to sail together with battleship 'Mara' to Sevastopol. All surface vessels have received orders to also sail to Sevastopol.

Our navy has many submarines and these have been ordered to the port of Leningrad for the newer types, and to Vladivostok for the great war era submarines (AG boat-class).

There is one Series II Submarine squadron close to completion in our Leningrad dockyards, but it will still take more than a month to finish it because of the little resources allocated to it's construction, the construction could potentially be speeded up fourfold with an equal increase in manpower and Industrial Capacity allocation. The ships have been under construction since 1935, together with a similar squadron which was delivered towards the end of July from Vladivostok shipyards.

In Sevastopol it is said a squadron of half-finished destroyers is slowly rusting away, we'll have to see if these could and will be finished and put to use after the current submarines are completed.

It seems from our naval engineering centre in Leningrad that they have been designing tank improvements since early 1936, they have become quite skilled at it. This does mean none of our ship designs are up to date. The most recent design is the one for Kiev-class destroyers from 1934. For Battleship we have only the Gangut-class great war design, and it's the same story for our cruiser designs both light and heavy. We cannot at this moment build any kind of Battlecruiser, nor can we build Carrier borne Aircraft, let alone the Carriers to carry them. Viktorov was, understandably, quite mad about this state of affairs.

I have managed to fill a midshipman's position on the Marat(his wife was expecting a baby), and will be able to send you a full list of ships and fleets when I get to Sevastopol and find out more about Viktorov's navy re-organisation.

That is all I can report about the navy at this point,

May Stalin's communism one day rule the waves,

'Pyat' '​
4th of January 1937 Introduction #4: 'Tri', Government and Legislation
Next we got a message from 'Tri' who is to report on legislative changes including secret clauses, and on cabinet appointments, and what these people really stand for.

From 'Tri' to 'Odin'

The central committee is currently constituted of the following nine people:

-Mikhail Kalinin is the official Head of State, he is avery close ally of Stalin, and has a mostly ceremonial role, he still has to sign every one of Stalin's decrees, but does so with little reservation, he seems to trust Stalin implicitly. He is also the person who will receive, and sometimes reply to high level diplomatic correspondence. In these functions he manages to improve communication of foreign concerns (Susceptibility to external pressure +5%), he also inspires faster re-organisation of military units after battles or redeployments (Organisation Regain Rate +5%)

-Vyacheslav Molotov
is Foreign Minister representing the USSR abroad. He is quite a forceful personality making people support the Communist party more (Ruling Party Support +10%). This forcefulness does mean that foreign countries perceive us as slightly more threatening (Threat Impact +5%)

-Sergej Uritskiy is our Minister of State Security (MGB), he's areal crime fighter, straight out of high level law enforcement and the KGB. He is especially tough on foreign espionage (Counterespionage +10%)

-Ivan I. Proskurov is our new Head of Military Intelligence, he seems very honest about his intelligence, and is for a balanced approach to intelligence. (Land Intel +10% and Naval Intel +10%)

-Boris M. Shaposhnikov is our new Chief of Staff, he is a huge fan of mass combat (Manpower +5% & Human Wave Doctrine Decay -10%)

-Kliment Y. Voroshilov our new Chief of the Army, is an excellent logistician and efficiency expert, thanks to his leadership the Army is wasting less supplies and ammunition (Supply Consumption -10%)

-Mikhail V. Viktorov is the new Chief of the Navy, he believes power projection through Aircraft Carriers is the future (Aircraft Carrier Practical Decay -25%)

-Yanov I. Alkinsis is the Chief of the Air Force (VVS), he believes in the need for Air Superiority above all else, and thus proposes an air force consisting mainly of Fighters, and some light bombers (Light Aircraft Practical Decay -25%)

-Iosif V. Stalin, our great leader, takes both the role of Head of Government, and that of Armament Minister.
He is an excellent manipulator, which increases support for the Communist Party (Ruling Party Support +10%). His frequent backstabbing does lead to some inefficiencies and resentment within the party leadership (Industrial Capacity -5%).
His leadership also seems to inspire harder work and better efficiency in Military Supply factories (Supplies +20%).
These are the men Stalin works with on a daily basis, this resume should give you some insight on the relevance of their positions and anticipate possible problems their policies might cause for the good progress of the Union.

Some laws governing our country have also very recently been modified and then nation still has to adapt to their effects:
-Conscription Laws have been changed from Volunteer Army to Two-Year Draft in order to increase the readiness of our troops and to increase the pool of bright young men available for officer training.

-Economic laws have been modified from Basic to Full Mobilisation to better use our Industry's potential through extended factory shifts and shorter breaks.

-Industrial Policy Laws have been modified from a Consumer Product Orientation to a Heavy Industry Emphasis making our factories more adapted to heavy military and industrial production, but to compensate for the fact people are disappointed about this shift away from improving consumer goods, we will have to produce more of them. Our railway network will also give priority too military and Industrial freight transport over passenger trains improving Supply Throughput.
The other laws are well known, but here is a summary:

-Civil Laws are entirely Totalitarian (System)

-Education Investment Laws are still tuned for a Massive Education Investment, to better educate the masses.

-Press Laws limit press to state Propaganda Press outlets, this helps us fight foreign spies and unwelcome political scandals, which lead the population to doubt their allegiance to this great nation.

-Training Laws are providing troops with Basic Training, and no more this means we can equip and train a maximum of troops to be adequate in their first encounters with the enemy. The new Chief of the Army is trying to push a Minimal Training law, but Stalin blocked the proposal saying 'Our soldiers need to know how to hold and fire their rifles, otherwise we will have millions of helpless targets walking around.'
This is all the insider and general information the Committee needs to be able to give helpful advice about political matters.

May Stalin and the Communist Party once rule the world,

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4th of January 1937 Introduction #5: 'Sem', Industry
Now for the big one, the report on our industry:

From 'Sem' ' to 'Odin'

This report entails the details of our Industry with accurate figures on production, and production capacity.

We have a total of 161 working Industrial Complexes, Because of soft Economic Policy, and Dissent (5.0) they produce the equivalent of 116 benchmark Industrial Complexes (IC), this number would be even lower if it weren't for productivity increases through technological advances.

Two new laws (Heavy Industry Emphasis and Full Economic Mobilisation) which will take effect tomorrow will greatly improve both the efficiency of industrial production and the productivity of our factories through a modified industrial focus and longer working hours. We estimate a production capacity of 153 IC as of tomorrow.

In anticipation of these policy changes, and in an effort to quell dissent all our factories will only produce consumer goods today.(CG Need: 64,38, dissent -0,45) The efficiency gains do mean that we finished three new Industrial Complexes, a Submarine Squadron, and two units (2xInf,TD) to be added to Corps level HQ's, ahead of schedule to be unveiled or deployed tomorrow.(5th of January).

Besides the production for the Army (59,56 IC, on hold, 2 (2xInf, TD) to be deployed), Air Force (11,14 IC, on hold, 1 SS to be deployed) and the Navy (8,36 IC, on hold) five factories were being built (3 of them unveiled tomorrow) All factories will get their orders revised tomorrow after the new legislation goes into effect.

There is nothing more to say on this topic for now,

May Stalin's Soviet Union one day outproduce the world,

'Sem' '​
Do these N:s possibly mean "none"?
- 114. SD 3xInf, N
- 94. SD 3xInf, N

May I also ask, why the coice of TD:s to support your infantry, instead of AT?

Just so you know, I'm not a very good player, so I'm likely to be wrong in many thoughts and suggestions.;)
I can however suggest that you advertise your AAR here. :)
Do these N:s possibly mean "none"?
- 114. SD 3xInf, N
- 94. SD 3xInf, N

Yes, sorry for not making that clearer in that update.

May I also ask, why the coice of TD:s to support your infantry, instead of AT?

I plan to use TD in this case because of their armour rating, and superior defensive Anti-Tank capabilities. I don't know if the extra cost is worth it, but I know they can stop lots of tanks in their tracks. Unless, of course, they get bombed into rubble by the luftwaffe.

I can however suggest that you advertise your AAR here. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, as soon as I get the last updates on the starting situation done, (Intelligence, and some research that has not yet been mentioned), I'll definitely do that.
Oh, I see. I forgot that the TD:s reduce a unit's softness... And if they are superior against tanks too, I see how it could be a worthwile investment.
4th of January 1937 Introduction #6: 'Shest', Intelligence
But what are our spies up to, 'Shest' ' should know.

From 'Shest' ' to 'Odin'

Report on our current intelligence assets and operations,

The MGB has all the staff it needs, a total of ten spies are active. Half of them are hunting enemy spies and the other half are supporting the Communist Party by improving it's organisation.

The KGB currently has active foreign missions in three countries:

- 10 spies in France (Tech Espionage/Counterespionnage)
- 10 spies in Germany (Increase Threat/Counterespionnage)
- 10 speis in the UK (Tech Espionage/Counterespionnage)
Sleeper cells are present in six more nations
- 3 spies in Finland, Oman and Yemen.
- 2 spies in Bhutan, Ireland, Romania.
Nine more spies, are spread about nine more countries, just keeping an eye out for anything of interest.

Note: These technology espionage missions have yet to yield results in the form of useable technology.​

We also have a further reserve of eight trained spies ready to go on a mission overnight. And our training program will currently deliver a new trained operative every fifty days (0,1 LS invested in Espionnage -> 0,02 spies/day).

This concludes my report on our intelligence situation,

May Stalin's Communism one day infiltrate the whole world,

'Shest' '​
4th of January Introduction #7: 'Vosem', Leadership, technology and Education
The last report to come in was from our man in the Ministry of Education, he has compiled an analysis of the use being made of our clever people (Leadership):

From 'Vosem' ' to 'Odin'

This report serves to enumerate what our smartest people are up to, this is liable to change due to recent developments.

We are experiencing serious disorganisation in our officer training programs, and 15% of our best and brightest, including all teachers at army officer training camps, and two teams of researchers (or ca. 2,75 LS) are working on the seemingly endless task of reorganising our entire officer corps. (Disorganised Officer Corps LS -15%)

Most of our brightest minds (19,96 LS out of 20,07 available) are still dedicated to research in various areas:
- Infantry:
- Arctic Warfare Equipment​
- Armour:
- Medium Tank:
- Gun 1: 37mm Model 28
- Engine 1: Mikulin M-17
- Reliability 1​
- Bomber:
- Basic Four Engine Airframe (On Hold)
- Industry:
- Atomic Research (On Hold)
- Industrial:
- Production 4
- Efficiency 4​
- Theory:
-Civil Defence 1
- Land Doctrines:
- Spearhead Doctrine:
- Mobile Warfare 1
- Operational Level Command Structure 1
- Schwerpunkt 1
- Elastic Defence 1
- Superior Firepower Doctrine:
- Tactical Command Structure 1
- Integrated Support 1
- Delay Doctrine 1
- Grand Battleplan Doctrine:
- Mass Assault 2
- Central Planning 1
- Assault Concentration 1

- Air Doctrines:
- Fighter:
- Ground Crew Training 1
- Interception Tactics 1
- CAS:
- Ground Crew Training 1
Besides fixing our officer corps and research some diplomats are still being recruited (0,02 LS/0,01 Influence per day), even though our Influence stays substantial (38 Diplomatic Influence).
Spy recruitment is also ongoing at a low pitch (0,10 LS).

I also talked to some of our statisticians, and have gotten some unvarnished numbers about our country:
- Our people's National Unity is an indicator of how many of our people would willingly put themselves on the line to defend this country, and are proud of it. It is quite high at 81,628%, but still lower than the Central Committee is made to believe.

- The Neutrality of the people gives an indication to how open the people are to a war initiated by us and to increased spending on the military. The higher it is the more peace-oriented the people are. It seems that trough spy actions and propaganda to increase the perceived threat from Germany, it has gone down last year, it is now at 74,94%. Which is still too high to implement beneficial War Economy economic laws.

- Our Manpower, a measure of how many men can be called upon to join the armed forces stands at 2.206.000 available men, the pool currently gets larger by, on average, 28.600 men every month as more eligible men reach adulthood. Our army would however need to call 875.000 men to arms to fully mobilise as most of our army is constituted of reserves.

-Statistics about the Communist party's popularity is even more controversial, but I still managed to get numbers from my own secret surveys: The Communist Party is preferred by only 38% of the population, followed by the Trotskyite, and Bukharinite Counter-Revolutionary school of thought (18% and 13%).
The strongest full-on opposition is from democrats with the the Socially Conservative, and Octobrist party, these are the people who lost to the revolution and still have quite a bit of support (17%), more Liberal old Imperial parties have less support, with the Social Liberal Trudoviks, and the old Social-Revolutionary Party still having support from respectively 5% and 4% of the population.
On the far right we have the Tsarists, who believe in Paternal Autocracy, or a return of a Tsar-like father figure, they have a meagre 3% popularity, but that is still more than the 2% support of the NTS, which has an Ideology of putting nationalism and national solidarity first, very close to Italian fascism.

- Statistics on the organisation of the different political faction have also been obtained, the numbers are obtained by comparing the money and organisational strength of the different factions to a theoretical maximum 100:
- Communist Party: 37,9
- Trotskyite: 18,2
- Bukharinite: 13,2

- Octobrist: 13,7
- Trudoviks: 10,3
- Social-Revolutionary: 2,7

- Tsarists: 3,8
- NTS: 0,0
All the data is up to date on this day, the 4th of January. This concludes my first report about leadership and political statistics.

May Communism one day outsmart the world,

'Vosem' '​
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Do you know how long that -15% leadership modifier will last? Because it's a rather big penalty to several aspects of your country.
Do you know how long that -15% leadership modifier will last? Because it's a rather big penalty to several aspects of your country.

I looked it up, and it should last till about one month into the Finnish winter war when it is cancelled by another event. It seems to reflect the real deep disorganisation of the Red Army's officer corps at the beginning of that war.
That makes sense. I suppose you'll just have to prioritise and delegate your leadership after what you have available now. Though, any possible bonuses to leadership would be handy.
9th of January 1937, notes on Army reorganisation by the Secret Committee
The 9th of January 1937, 8 am Moscow Time

Stalin's Committee has had four days to pour over the details of the extensive reports, maps, and numbers supplied by the 'zombies'. Some shouting was to be heard, and everywhere in the facility people were hard at work.

In the meantime three industrial complexes were completed in Tjumen, Kurgan, and Kopeysk respectively. Thanks to our temporary splurge on consumer goods 'Vosem' ' reports that dissent has gone down to 2,6, and 'Sem' ' reports this increased willingness to work, increasing Industrial output to 160 IC equivalents.
With great fanfare 30. Flotiliya Podlodok was launched, as well as our two HQ-support units (2xInf, TD).

Now, however, I am on my way to see Stalin to personally hand him the first report with suggestions from his Secret Committee, so he may bring them to the General Committee.
The report reads as follows:

To our beloved leader,

This is a list of general measures to generally improve the Soviet Union, and especially it's Great Patriotic Army:

  • Generals Eideman and Primakov propose simplifying the command structure by reducing the number of Theatres on the Western Front, reducing the number from seven to four, and thus the need for high ranking officers. The new Western Theatres would be:
    • Archanglesk HQ, enlarged to cover the entire Finnish border
    • STAVKA to directly cover the area from Leningrad to the edge of the Marshes west of Homel
    • Brjansk HQ to cover the Marshes and the southern part of the Polish border
    • Odessa HQ to cover the Romanian Border
  • All of the Military leaders agreed on general guidelines to reshuffle the Red Army leadership, to be implemented as quickly as possible, through a review of Leaders skill and specialist traits:
    • Theatres to be lead by low skilled Logistics Wizards, possibly of the Old Guard, since experience gain will be limited anyway.
    • Army Groups to be commanded by the most highly skilled commanders in order to improve supply distribution efficiency
    • Army leaders with a maximum of traits are preferred, above-average skill is also a must.
    • Before any division gets a leader, all Corps must have a (newly promoted) Lt. General assigned.
    • ex-Chief and Field Marshall Tuchatjevskiy insists that all these steps the first pick should go to STAVKA, and then to the Armoured Army Group. This Army group is to keep getting expensive equipment for good mobility and a concentrated punch, and should thus be the best-led unit in the Red Army
  • Berzin, the intelligence specialist insists on his spies abilities, and is, for now still a proponent of the Technology stealing missions he set up before his 'demise'. He also considers increasing the party's organisation the main priority for domestic spies.
  • In regards to dissent the committee agrees on temporarily continuing to produce only Consumer goods for a few more days, with the exception of the two Industrial complexes being built right now.
  • ex-Chief of the Navy Orlov proposes limited research into heavy cruisers, but for now, concedes a few Kiev-class destroyers should be built as they are the only of our ship designs that aren't entirely primitive. And the rest of the committee already agreed to propose finishing the mothballed Kiev-class Destroyers in Sevastopol, as soon as IC is available for production again.
  • ex-Chief of the Airforce Smushkevich said he found nine interceptor units should be enough against most enemies, and strongly asks for more bomber wings to be built. Some of the ex-Army leaders however are more skittish about possible German aggression, and said they preferred a guarantee that no bombs would rain down on them to occasional air support. Adding furthermore that if the skies aren't clear of enemy fighters, our light bombers will be significantly less effective, and more vulnerable to air attack. The Generals thus underlined the need for yet more fighters.
  • There are also propositions for Infrastructure improvements, especially near the Finnish border, but as we do not have the know-how to efficiently improve infrastructure, this will have to wait.
  • More long term, the entire Committee stands behind research to improve our educational system to start as soon as a research team is available.

More recommendations will be forthcoming as the committee develops a common plan, for an appropriate balance in production and research. Discussions are still ongoing about priorities and the usefulness of developing a strong navy, as compared to strengthening the Army. The usefulness of improving midsize bombers is also up for debate. We will keep sending you these reports every ten days, preferably to be implemented within five days, so we can judge the effect and report back to you.

Long live Stalin, the Communist Party, the Red Armed Forces and the Soviet Union,

with our greatest regards,

your Secret Committee

I you, the reader, have comments or recommendations, these may be included in the next report to Stalin, who may or may not act on them. The next update will summarise what has happened/changed in the Soviet Union based on this report by the 14th of January. I plan on working in two steps, posting alternating situation, and recommendation reports, every 5-10 game time days. This might intensify during the Great Patriotic War, of course. If you would like additional information or screenshots I will supply them.
These courses of action all seem good to me, so I don't really have anything to suggest. The Armoured Army Group you're speaking of can be useful either as an early offensive tool against the Germans in Poland, or as a mobile reserve to send in when the frontline evolves in their favour. Which of them depends on how things turn out.
13th of January 1937, 'Dva', report on Army order of Battle and Leadership
The 13th of January 1937

'Dva' sent a report today on the reorganisation of the Army, consisting of the following map and a complete order of Battle, he noted with delight that the suggestions of the secret committee seem to have been put into effect, at least where Army organisation and leadership is concerned.


This is a map of the new theatres on the western front: Archanglesk HQ in Turqoise, STAVKA in Red, Brjansk HQ in Blue, Odessa HQ in Gree, and Stalingrad HQ in Yellow.
And This is the revised OOB
STAVKA (Moscow Theatre) Fedorov J.M. SK2, OG, LW
- 1. GarD 3xGar, Art Budennij SK1, OG
- Second Army Group Voronov SK4, FB
- 4ya Armiya Volskiy SK3, LW, BM
- IV SK Popov M.M. SK3, DD
- 10. SD 3xInf, AT, Panin SK2
- 48. SD 3xInf, AT, Shvydkoi SK1, Eng
- 5. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- 33. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- 179. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- V SK Frolov
- 16. SD 3xInf, AT, Golubovskij SK2
- 3. SD 3xInf, AT, Eliseev SK1, FB
- 118. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- 235. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- VI SK Shumilov SK3, FB
- 184. SD 3xInf, Filatov SK2
- 180. SD 3xInf, Kondrusev SK1
- 183. SD 3xInf, N
- 181. SD 3xInf, N
- 182. SD 3xInf, N
- VII SK Goryahov
- 143. SD 3xInf, Iakovlev SK2
- 121. SD 3xInf, Korothin SK1
- 55. SD 3xInf, N
- 27. SD 3xInf, N
- 56. SD 3xInf, N
- VIII SK Ugrimov
- 85. SD 3xInf, Ponedelin SK2
- First Armoured Army Group Konev SK5, OD, BM
- 2ya Tankovaya Armiya Zhukov G.K. SK5 OD, BM, WS
- 163. MSD 3xMot, Gerasimov M.N. SK2, DD
- 198. MSD 3xMot, Bochenkov SK2, DD
- 203. MSD 3xMot, Trufanov SK2, DD
- 82. MSD 3xMot, Kachalov SK2, DD
- II TK Romanenko P.L. SK3, BM
- 12. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Levandovski SK3
- 64. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Boldin SK3
- 81. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Kazakov SK3
- 6. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Grodov SK3
- 39. TD L Arm, 2xMot, Moskalenko SK3
- I KK Zakharov G.F. SK3, Trck
- 6. KD L Arm, 2xMot, AC, Tamruchi SK2, OD
- 3. KD L Arm, 2xMot, AC, Primakov T.S. SK2, OD
- 32. KD L Arm, 2xCav, AC, Saladze SK2, Cdo
- 9. KD L Arm, 2xCav, AC, Kutyakov SK2, OD
- 24. KD L Arm, 2xCav, AC, Petrushevskiy SK2, OD
- II KK Kuznetsov A.I.
- 29. KD L Arm, 2xMot, AC, Pavlov D.G. SK2, BM
- 5. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Melnik SK2, DD
- 7. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Marchenkov SK2, Cdo
- 16. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Novikov V.V. SK2, BM
- 12. KD L Arm, 2xMot, Vivitorov SK2, Trck
- I GvTK Rybalko SK3, BM
- 1. GvTD 2xL Arm, Mot Shtern SK3, OD
- 2. GvTD 2xL Arm, Mot Golikov SK3, OD
- 4. GvTD 2xL Arm, Mot Khrulev SK3
Archanglesk HQ Alekhin SK1, OG, WS, OD
- 1. GarD 3xGar, Art Goryahov SK1 OG
- Sixth Army Group Sokolovskij SK4
- 1ya Armiya Kolpakchi SK3, WS, OD
- I SK 2xInf, TD Vlassov SK3, WS
- 54. SD 3xInf, AT, Chernyak SK2
- 71. SD 3xInf, AT, Belous SK1, WS
- 122. SD 3xInf, AT, Markov S.T. SK1, OG, WS
- 104. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- 14. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- II SK 2xInf, TD Tyulen SK3, WS
- 88. SD 3xInf, AT, Cherepanov SK2
- 4. SD 3xInf, AT, Firin SK1, WS
- 31. SD 3xInf, AT, Shapkin SK1, OG, OD
- 23. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- III SK Gastilovich SK3, WS
- 177. SD 3xInf, AT, Efremov SK2
- 191. SD 3xInf, AT, Solyankin SK1, BM
- 8. SD 3xInf, AT, Ugrimov SK1, OD
- 142. SD 3xInf, AT, N
- 43. SD 3xInf, AT, N
Brjansk HQ Godorivkov SK1, OG, LW, OD
- Third Army Group
Vassilevskij SK4, LW, BM

- 6ya Armiya Govorov SK3 OD, DD
- IX SK Malilinin SK3, LW
- 24. SD 3xInf, Gidov SK2
- 17. SD 3xInf, Shishenin SK1
- 50. SD 3xInf, N
- 6. SD 3xInf, N
- 19. SD 3xInf, N
- X SK Mostovenko SK2, LW, BM
- 217. SD 3xInf, Ershakov SK2
- 89. SD 3xInf, Trifonov SK1
- 120. SD 3xInf, N
Susaikov SK3
- 161. SD 3xInf, Apanasenko SK2
- 100. SD 3xInf, Uborevich SK1
- 193. SD 3xInf, N
- 195. SD 3xInf, N
- 200. SD 3xInf, N
- XVI SK Homenko SK2, WS, LW
- 140. SD 3xInf, Smirnov SK2
- 146. SD 3xInf, Iuchimchuk SK1
- 228. SD 3xInf, N
- 199. SD 3xInf, N
- 197. SD 3xInf, N
- 7ya Armiya Gorelen SK3 WS, OD
- XI SK Gerasimov A.V. SK3
- 42. SD 3xInf, Spiridonov SK2
- 49. SD 3xInf, Kamenev SK1, OG, DD
- 86. SD 3xInf, N
- 13. SD 3xInf, N
- 113. SD 3xInf, N
- XII SK Frolov SK2, DD, WS
- 2. SD 3xInf, Varennikov SK2
- 11. SD 3xInf, Blücher SK1, OG, OD
- 189. SD 3xInf, N
- 169. SD 3xInf, N
- 130. SD 3xInf, N
- XIII SK Purkaev SK3
- 45. SD 3xInf, Vishnevskij SK2
- 62. SD 3xInf, Kurochkin P.S. SK1, OG, DD
- 87. SD 3xInf, N
- 159. SD 3xInf, N
- 139. SD 3xInf, N
- XIV SK Trofimenko SK2
- 141. SD 3xInf, Morgunov SK2
Odessa HQ Gamarnik SK1, OG, LW
- Fourth Army Group Meretskov SK3, LW
- 8ya Armiya Vlassov SK3 OD, DD
- XVII SK Tiulenev SK3
- 190. SD 3xInf, Nikolaev SK2
- 164. SD 3xInf, Lukin SK1, OG, DD
- 99. SD 3xInf, N
- 173. SD 3xInf, N
- 116. SD 3xInf, N
Dement’ev SK2, FB
- 196. SD 3xInf, Petrovsk SK2
- 206. SD 3xInf, Mironov F.K. SK1, OG, OD
- 156. SD 3xInf, N
- 106. SD 3xInf, N
- 47. SD 3xInf, N
Sofronov SK2, DD
- 176. SD 3xInf, Afrosimov SK1, FB
- 25. SD 3xInf, Roze SK1, OG, FB
- 51. SD 3xInf, N
- 74. SD 3xInf, N
Stanlingrad HQ
Remezov F.M. SK2, LW

- 3. GarD 3xGar, Art N
- Fifth Army Group Fedorenko SK4
- 9ya Armiya Timoshenko S.K. SK3, OD
- XXI SK Klyuchko SK2, DD
- 136. SD 3xInf, Horolenko SK1, OD
- 157. SD 3xInf, N
Maslennikov SK3
- 138. GSD 3xMtn Riabyzhev SK2
- 46. GSD 3xMtn N
- 18. GSD 3xMtn N
- 63. GSD 3xMtn N
- 28 GSD 3xMtn N
Ptuhin SK3
- 68. GSD 3xMtn Sinilov SK2
- 83. GSD 3xMtn N
- 101. GSD 3xMtn N
Potapov SK2, WS
- 60. GSD 3xMtn N
- 69. GSD 3xMtn N
- 95. GSD 3xMtn N
Far East Theatre Voroshilov SK1, OG, Cdo
- 4. GarD 3xGar, Art N
- 10ya Armiya Cherevichenko SK3, LW
- XXIV SK Kuznetsov A.I. SK3, Cdo
- 35. SD 3xInf, Stepanov SK2
- 66. SD 3xInf, N
- 39. SD 3xInf, N
- 59. SD 3xInf, N
- 22. SD 3xInf, N
- XXV SK Batov SK3, Cdo
- 26. SD 3xInf, Rykov SK1, FB
- 21. SD 3xInf, N
- 20. SD 3xInf, N
- 12. SD 3xInf, N
- 29. SD 3xInf, N
Terekhin SK2, OD, DD
- 92. SD 3xInf, Nikitin SK1, LW
- 32. SD 3xInf, N
- 40. SD 3xInf, N
- 65. SD 3xInf, N
- 93. SD 3xInf, N
- XXVII SK Semenovskiy SK3, Cdo
- 114. SD 3xInf, Sudec SK1, LW
- 94. SD 3xInf, N

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14th of January 1937, 'Odin', 10-day report #1
The 14th of January 1937, 1pm Moscow time,

I worked all morning to compile the data sent by me during the past ten days into the first of a long series of comprehensive reports, to be passed on to the central committee too keep them informed. This is what the report said:

Report on the state of the soviet union for the ten day period between the 5th and the 14th of January 1937,
by 'Odin'

Army numbers (Brigades/Personnel) Reserves included:
Frontline troops: 413 / 1.239.000
Support troops: 36 / 36.000
Total fighting troops: 449 / 1.275.000
Headquarters: 52 / 26.000
Total Army Personnel: 501 / 1.301.000
Officers: 50.871 / 50250 needed / 101,24%
Active Leaders: 121 / 0 Reserve
Added in the last ten days: 4xInf, 2xTD / 14.000
Air Force:
VVS Numbers (Wings/Planes)
Interceptors: 9 / 900
Close Air Support: 1 / 100
Single Engined: 10 / 1.000
Tactical Bomber: 4 / 400
Total Bombers: 5 /500
Total VVS: 14 / 1.400
Active Leaders: 6 / 10 Reserve
No new planes in the last ten days.​
Navy Numbers (Flotillas / Ships)
Transports: 1 / 5
AG-boat Class (I): 11 / 55
Series II Class(II): 9 / 45
Series V-bis Class(III): 3 / 15
Submarines: 23 / 115
Norvik-Class (I) : 3 / 15
Gnevnyi-Class (II): 1 / 5
Destroyers: 4 / 20
Light Cruisers / Profitern-Class (I): 3
Escorts: 7 / 23
Heavy Cruiser / Krasnyi Kavkaz (I): 1
Battleships / Gangut (I): 3
Capitals: 4
Total combat ships: 11 / 27
Total Navy: 35 / 147
Leaders: The Navy is being reorganised, no accurate statistics.
One flotilla of 5 Series II Class(II) submarines was delivered in the las ten days.
No new laws, no new assignments.
Industry Numbers:
Working Industrial Capacity / Available capacity: 161 / 164
IC Usage: ( Allocated IC / Need)
Upgrades: 4,2 / 130,95
Reinforcement: 4,2 / 138,25 (Most divisions still have to reinforce following the 2 year draft policy)
Supplies: 0 / 1,95 (We are currently importing 93,5 supplies every day)
Production: 73,1 / 73,1
Consumer Goods: 81,18 / 82,5
Energy: Maximum
Metal: 37.314 tonnes +
Rares: 16.283 tonnes +
Crude: 18.983 barrels +
Supplies: 41.858 tonnes +
Fuel: 38.003 Barrels +
Money: 2.997 -​
Three Industrial Complexes have been delivered in the last ten days but they are not yet operational.
Spy numbers, spies in (active / added / lost / caught by us):
France (Tech Espionage / Counterespionnage): 10 / 0 / 0 / 2
Germany (Increase Threat / Counterespionnage): 10 / 0 / 0 / 1
UK (Tech Espionage / Counterespionnage): 10 / 0 / 0 / 0
Other: 22 / 0 / 2 / 5
Total: 52 / 0 / 2 / 8
Spy training leadership expenditure: 0,10
Tactical Command Structure 1 completed, research on Education 2 started
Research: 19,96
Espionage: 0,1
Diplomacy: 0,02
Officers: 0
Total: 20,07
National Unity: 81,618 -
Neutrality: 74,73 -
Dissent: 0,44 -
Available: 2.223.000 Men
To reinforce(need): 305.200 Men
To mobilize(need): 887.200 Men
Monthly gain: 28.600 Men​
No noticeable changes in Party popularity
Party Organisation:
- Communist Party: 38,35 +
- Trotskyite: 18,1 -
- Bukharinite: 13,1 -

- Octobrist: 13,6 -
- Trudoviks: 10,2 -
- Social-Revolutionary: 2,6 -

- Tsarists: 3,8 =
- NTS: 0,0 =
This Information is accurate on the Morning of the 14th of January 1937, I hope it serves you well in fine-tuning your suggestions.

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