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Songs of the Saiiban- A Poetic AAR


Sing of the Saiiban!
The Feathered People
Flying, floating, above the rude earth
Their inquisitive minds probing, pondering, without equal
Listen now, to the story of our birth
And ponder our ultimate question

What is the measure of a people?
How will they be remembered?
When the endless eons extinguish all
And to the grinding of time the galaxy has surrendered
When the atoms of every entity fall
In to the endless entropy
That is our destiny
What will remain?

Let this, then be our legacy,
The songs of our people like seeds in a garden we will never see
Telling our story and echoing through eternity


Songs of the Saiiban:

1st Movement: Taking Flight (2200-2230)

Song of Origins
Song of Home
Thoughts on Beginnings
Search for Life
Elegy for Unity
Anomaly, Epiphany
A Lost Foundling
Song of Discovery
Echoes from the Future
Echoes of the Past
Spectrum of Life
Dreams of Machines
Echoes of the Past Unraveled
Floating on Air
The Joy of the Undiscovered
Silence of the Infinite Drifts
The Scent of Memory
We just Wanted to Say
Knock Knock
Songs of the Precursors I: Remnant Whispers (Start of the Songs of the Precursors)
Mote in the Eye of the Universe
Breaking down like Fractions
First Interlude: Taking Flight (2230 Census of the Saiiban Confederation)

2nd Movement: Out into the Sky (2230-2260)

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Skipping Rocks
Who tells your story?
To Discover, To Dream
Songs of the Precursors II: A Near Distance (part 2 of the Songs of the Precursors)
Expanding like Gas

It's Just A Matter of Time
The Fire in our Hearts
Diplomacy by Other Means
Infinite Beginnings
Our Brethren
Red in Beak and Claw
Wild, Wide, Weird Galaxy
The Potential in an Egg
A Sample of Life
Symphonies Un-numbered in an Unknown Key
Cabinet Battle
Songs of the Precursors III: Living Death (Part 3 of the Songs of the Precursors)
The Gravity of our Desire I: Say My Name (Start of The Gravity of Our Desire)
Abort, Retry, Fail I: Please Wait for the Inevitable (Start of the first Saiiban-XT-489 Euthanization War)

Abort, Retry, Fail II: Run War.exe
Abort, Retry, Fail III: After some Consideration
Abort, Retry, Fail IV: An Uncertain War (End of the first Saiiban-XT-489 Euthanization War)
Second Interlude: Out into the Sky (2260 Census of the Saiiban Confederation)

3rd Movement: Taste the Wind (2260-2290)

Normally Weird Science
Start Over Again
A Chorus is Many Voices
In Flames
Welcome to the Jungle
Time to Fly
A Strange Batch of Eggs
The End of Infinity
A Dish Best Served Cold
Old Soldiers Never Die
How to work with Humans
A Measure of Life
Stay in Motion
Take a Byte
Songs of the Precursors IV: In Pieces (Part 4 of the Songs of the Precursors)
Songs of the Precursors V: Silence (Part 5 of the Songs of the Precursors)
Songs of the Precursors VI: Sing What Echoes Remain (End of the Songs of the Precursors)

The Gravity of Our Desire II: Pulled Ever Deeper (Part 2 of The Gravity of Our Desire)
Third Interlude: Taste The Wind (2290 Census of the Saiiban Confederation)

4th Movement: Spread Your Wings (2290-2320)

Prelude: The Hunger Consuming Us
Thundering Swarm
Stay Alive
Guns and Ships
Taking the Shot
Science of War
Rage against the Machine
Knock you Out
Song of Death
Fourth Interlude: Spread your Wings (2320 Census of the Saiiban Confederation)

5th Movement: Little Galaxy (2320-2450)

After the War
Big, Blue, Beautiful
Moon and Stars
Much ado about nothing
It's our time
Quit, Save, Continue, Change
Give me the Power
Masters of War
The Tempest I: Past is Prologue (Start of The Tempest)
The Tempest II: A Hurricane of Troubles
The Tempest III: Melted into Air (End of The Tempest)
The Gravity of our Desire III: Recursion (Part 3 of The Gravity of Our Desire)
The Gravity of our Desire IV: Shattered (End of The Gravity of Our Desire)
Fifth Interlude: Little Galaxy (2450 Census of the Saiiban Confederation)

6th Movement: Crisis, Crescendo (2450-2502)

Sleepers Awake
The Stand
Hit Em Up
From the soaring skies
The Hurricane
Fight like a Bird
Bring it, Sing It
The End Feels Fine
Continue to sing
Still I Fly
Got you in Check
Don't need no luck

Finale, Encore: (2502-The Future is an Infinite Horizon)

Seasons of Songs
A Galaxy Wide Enough
To Life
Who will sing your Story?

Credits & Thanks

Epilogue: Echoes of a Song
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Prelude: Song of Origins
Prelude: Song of Origins

Sing of the Saiiban!

The curious people, wandering, wondering
Beholding, building, breaking, banishing superstition to the past
Dismissing mystification, embracing provable science at last
From early days we built machines to assist our society
Even before the song of space we heard we had built robots in great variety
Sundering superstition, we united our people under a winged banner
Our belief being that best ability and the advancement of knowledge are what matter

Hark! Listen! The unknowable mysteries of the universe thundering!
So many questions we have not even yet begun to ask
Our knowledge seems tiny in a universe so vast
Let us go! Let us see for what we shall gain notoriety
Let us see what we can learn and do and find without false piety
Let us explore and reveal the truth with our scanners!
Let us build monuments, machines and marvels with our spanners!

Let us see if we shall stand the test of time
If truly we can build and know and find the sublime.

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This is a creative way to do an AAR.
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Always nice to see something in a different format such as this.
Sing--Goddess, sing of the Saiiban! :cool:

I'll be listening with much intent and captivation. ;)
This is a creative way to do an AAR.
Always nice to see something in a different format such as this.

What other format would we use?
What other than poetry would birds produce?

Sing--Goddess, sing of the Saiiban! :cool:

I'll be listening with much intent and captivation. ;)

Glad of your ear are we, but speak not of Gods and Goddesses and other fabrications
We have determined that the scientific method provides a much better foundation.

Old birds dream of steel
Like specks of light in the sky
Sing their good fortune

You speak our language
Like an equation resolved
Music to our ears
The song has barely begun, and I'm already enthralled. That's a good sign! Normally, I'd say that I want to see more, but in this case, I should say:

"I'm listening. Please go on."
Song of Home
Song of Home

We imagine others might ask us of our home
Where and what is it? What egg hatched you?
But how can we summarize where we grew?
All our efforts would miss and feel monochrome
Mere words would produce an endless empty tome
And pictures and painting fail no matter what we drew
Pictures and videos would show you a view
But tell you as much about home as our genome
But then our poor efforts must we make
Imagine then a feeling of wondering, singing
Of constant discoveries like lightning ringing
Fly past mountains and oceans at daybreak
See the feathered people come fully awake
And with wondering talons change bringing



Thoughts on Beginnings
Thoughts on Beginnings

Starships flying out
Behold the infinite space
Push back the unknown


Build out and expand
The wealth of space beckons us
Mining asteroids


Scientific gains
A new age of Inventions blooms
Our people’s purpose

Plumes and feathers
Manufacturing insight
Saiiban must blossom

The Unknown Future
Is difficult to predict
Unsolved Variables
Search for Life
Search for Life

The profound perversity of life
Found everywhere on our home planet
Such that our first invention was a knife
That we found on the ground made of granite
But as we search the wild void beyond
We find naught but empty cold spheres
Such that with jokes and memes we respond
When finally non-sentient life appears
And so we keep asking our questions
Of an uncaring silent universe
If any of you have suggestions
To listening we would not be adverse
But lo! Behold! We found something here
But the irony is that only remnants remain on this sphere.



There may only be remnants in this sphere
Yet what revenants may one night appear
The idea of a poetic AAR is interesting. Subbed!

Though no intelligent life is yet known
Outside of our homeworld
We have found remnants of what was
Who said they were dead?
Perhaps they still live,
forgotten glories remember'd

Yeah, I'm not great at poetry.
There may only be remnants in this sphere
Yet what revenants may one night appear

The ghosts of sentience past
Already haunt our travels as we pass
But other songs remain to be sung.

An award winner
Passes the torch on to you
Showcased for this week

Honored are we by your attention,
To live up this legacy creates apprehension.

The idea of a poetic AAR is interesting. Subbed!

Though no intelligent life is yet known
Outside of our homeworld
We have found remnants of what was
Who said they were dead?
Perhaps they still live,
forgotten glories remember'd

Yeah, I'm not great at poetry.

To sing is to live
Regardless of your skill
Space is too silent
Elegy for Unity
Elegy for Unity

Unity under Science, with myth we thought were done,
Over ancient superstitions we believed we had won;
But our unity of purpose is not as pure as we believed.
Fleeting moments of flight into the dark find we fractures
In our thoughts and deeds; Now we learn that our own
people prepared for this day of grief, and so we find our
first enemy is not from some alien breed, but rather feathers
with which we flocked together, and now among our first
deeds; are to murder our own people lest this rebellion succeed.

Rise! Rise! Rise!
Howl! Ascend! Pounce!

Let the blood be shed, our own feathers red
Knowing that our imagined unity is dead
The dream is deferred but we shall have the final word
Science still, shall shape our will.
Unity is dead but yet it lives on.





This is an utter joy. Been a long time since I’ve seen anything approaching an AAR done in verse, and I’m very very glad to see a new one appear. :)

What forms we fashion for our tales!
With sounding voice in tuneful key,
A song to banish all travails,
Sung large in joyful prosody!
Superstitions not banish'd
Despite our thoughts
Blood must be shed
Though we dislike it