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Hello everybody.

It has been a long time since I wrote a Paradox Game AAR, so I thought I give it a try again. I have been waiting for Rome 2 for quite some time and I guess it is proper to give it a go after the release of 1.2

So. This is my first match with Imperator and of course I picked my favorite Rome. A few notes:

- I play Ironman
- This is going to be a long-term project, since I don`t have much gaming time right now
- I have decided for a narrative AAR. Which is basically what @jasondroth24 is doing for Rome too. But maybe there is room for two AARs of this sort.

So here is Rome in all its glory in 450 AUC. May the Gods have mercy.


(EDIT: It is horrid that I have to use debug_mode to get proper political screenshots. Why, Paradox, why?)
I always like a Rome AAR.
There is place for more than one Roman AAR. :)
All AARs lead to Rome! :)
Rome - October 450

The Gods seemed to be pleased, for they gave Rome a mild October day, when Quintus Fabius Rullianus walked through the streets to eventually enter the Curia. The session had already begun, and so he slowly and calmly made his way to a seat. He greeted a few other present Senators with a gesture or a smile, before he sat down next to Publius Sulpicius Saverrio, one of the Consuls of this year. A Senator had the word and obviously made a longer speech before coming down to business.

"...toward our friends. Any good Roman will welcome someone in his home, even a stranger, as long as he shows respect toward the city and loyalty to our cause. But although we show hospitality toward those, who accept the superiority of our society, woe upon those who treat us, our ideals, our Gods with scorn. For the might of our weapons and our indomitable will has yet to be overcome by any of our present or future foes. It is with..."

Ah, the appeal to Romans being special. Quintus had to smile. Yes, there was probably some truth to it, otherwise they would not be here. But he did not like to fool himself. When he had been a younger man than now, he had been there at the Caudine Forks. A day a lot of people love to forget about. 18 years since then. And with determination they eventually defeated the Samnites. Or, what is probably more true, the war just stopped for a few years, before the struggle for supremacy would begin anew.

"...to protect our coasts. Hence I can imagine no better man than Publius Sulpicius himself, our noble Consul, to command our fleet and..."

Quintus put a hand on Publius` shoulder. This was not the best assignment, but it was impossible to get more. Those families, who constituted the so called Military faction, had gained one Consulship this year and probably another next year. So it would have been too much to also ask for the command of the Legions.

"...waiting to defend Rome or, if the Gods so decide, humiliate anyone abroad foolish enough to oppose us. And so I advocate, that Marcus Fulvius Curvus shall lead our cohorts..."

Marcus Fulvius. A compromise. The zealots needed to get something to continue playing ball with the others. But commanding the Legions? Well, after all he was a skilled soldier with enough experience to not cause any harm. At least not for Rome.

But for whom else? The war versus the Samnites had just ended. Both sides had enough. But there were other people looking wary at Rome`s increasing power. Especially the Etruscans. Also other, smaller factions were not among Rome`s friends. One would have to decimate the number of real or potential enemies before the next large war.
Well there are certainly plenty of potential foes :)
Look forward to reading your work mate, there's plenty of Rome to go around :D
Yeah. :D And luckily for you, my Rome AAR is already finished and out of the competition. :D
1st January 451 - Outside Rome

Marcus Fulvius Curvus was an unimpressive man. Of average height, he had no outstanding oratory skills nor was he what some people would call a people`s person. Yet he was popular among those who knew him better. For beneath this calm surface was a diligent and smart character. He had fought versus the Samnites and earned merits, although not as Commander, so there was no opportunity to gain sympathies among the populace. Probably also because he did not long for fame, since that was not part of his rather devout character. Because, after all, the Gods alone decide who will be victorious or suffer shameful defeat.

And here he was. In command of Rome`s forces. Another proof, that the Gods approved of his character and actions. He could hardly imagine a more favorable position like this. Besides maybe Pontifex Maximus. But if the Gods had deemed him worthy of that position, he would be there already. Obviously he was needed right here.

In the next moment he heard some commotion outside the tent and after a short while a messenger entered and saluted.

"I bring a message from Consul Publius Sempronius.", the man said.

"Thank you.", Marcus replied and took the scroll. The messenger went away again, while Marcus` Tribune Decius Caecilius appeared.

"Any orders from the Senate, Marcus?", Decius asked.

"Almost.", Marcus answered. "The war versus the Samnites has been won after a long fight. Now we are making even more enemies."

"How so?"

"By declaring Roman supremacy over Tuscany, Etruria, Picenum, Aternum, Campania, Apulia and Lucania."

"A rather daring move, considering that we don`t own anything of that yet."

"Indeed. But it is a statement about what we deem our own. The current holders of these territories will understand the message."

"Hopefully Lucania is understanding about it."

Marcus smiled. It would be better. Two months ago, Rome made a sacred pact with Lucania to be their friends in peace and allies at war. A good move, since they were considerably strong and the Samnites were now confronted with enemies in the north and south. But if they learn that their land was in Rome`s sphere of influence too, things might develop unfavorably. He prayed to the Gods, that Chief Mettius would react relaxed to this news.
Rome being the overlord of those areas is all a part of the gods' plan.
Rome has its destiny, and none can be allowed to stand in its way. Especially so-called friends.
3rd February 452 - Outside Interamnia

It was a cold day. The winter had been harsh and was far from over. There was a freezing wind coming down the mountains from the west and everyone, although most would not admit it, wished to be inside near a nice warm fire.

But here they were. Seven Roman Cohorts plus three more from their Pelignian Allies. It was an impressive force. Right in front of them was Interamnia. As the name said, it was situated between the rivers Vezzola and Tordino. A small city with a few thousand inhabitants. Well known for its wine. And capital of the Sabinian people.

Publius Cornelius Arvina and his Tribune arrived on their horses and rode along the whole frontline of their forces until they reached a point directly opposite of the city gate. How often had he stared at that gate? At least once a day. At least three hundred times in total. Now he and the other thousands of men stood in the cold and waited for something to happen. It was perfectly calm besides a horse whickering every now and then. Then a sound. The gate slowly opened and a group of older men approached the Roman troops. It was over.

One year had passed since the Senate had decided, that the Sabinian territories could not remain independent and deny Rome access to the mountain passes they controlled. And so the Legion under Marcus Fulvius marched northward to meet the Sabinian army on the battlefield. In February last year it happened. Seven thousand Sabinians tried to hold the ground versus more than twice the amount of Romans. The battle was short and decisive. Roughly three thousand enemies laid slain on the ground, the rest was retreating.

At that point of time, Marcus had decided to split his forces. While the main force remained under his control, the now established second Legion was given to him, Publius Cornelius. He always knew that he was destined to be Commander. He rallied his men and marched as fast as possible toward Interamnia, while Fulvius headed northwest in order to pursue the enemy. In the meantime the Second had reached its destination and slaughtered two thousand Sabinians foolish enough to stand in their way.

The war was basically over, but Interamnia had to be taken. And so the siege began. Without any doubt it would be successful, since he was in charge. Finally. The Republic should not have waited to give a man of his outstanding talents a proper office. Well, at least now the enemy was about to surrender and he had already ideas about what to do with them.



Shortly later the Consuls read Publius` letter in disbelief.

"Either he is a sadist or completely crazy. How does he think, that eliminating the adult population and selling the minors into slavery will help in any way?", Publius Sempronius asked.

"Maybe I don`t want to know.", Publius Sulpicius replied. "Yet I think that we should punish the city for its resistance."

"Agreed. In my opinion it will be sufficient to send a thousand people into slavery. Right south of it is Peltuinum. They still need labor force."

"Shall we keep the fortress?"

"I am rather against it. It is expensive and our best defense is a strong army."

"Then it is decided. That brings us to the question what we are going to do next."

The two men looked at a map.


"So we are here with our clients to the east. In the south we have Lucania as Ally, in the north Umbria and with it Picentia. That leaves us two options, to either strike north or south."

"True. But I have to admit that I don`t like the fact that we don`t have a port in the east."

"The Frentanii will let us use Buca."

"I think I have a better idea."
A better idea, does it involve war perchance? :D
27th August 452 - Sinus Sipontinus


Sun. A light breeze. Good sight. A perfect day to sail the sea. Or make the water turn red. Publius Sulpicius Saverrio, Consul of Rome, was pleased. The long journey around the Italian peninsula had proceeded without much ado and they arrived near Sipious in good order. Now the city appeared at the horizon. It was time to let the crews prepare for battle.

Sipious was just a small city of Greek origin, but nevertheless had a seafaring tradition. Publius acknowledged their will to fight. But when he stood on the deck of his Hexere and saw, how a small fleet of two Bireme and Trireme each approached his fleet of sixteen vessels, he reminded himself that there was a difference between bravery and foolhardiness.

Before the ships made contact, the Archers did their work and the first casualties occurred before the two sides had the chance to get to melee range. But eventually the first Roman Trireme managed to ram an enemy vessel midship. When the Trireme pulled back, the other ship did list already.

And so it continued. One of the Biremes was already getting boarded. But suddenly there was fire aboard and the Roman soldiers fled back to their own ship, while the crew jumped overboard. The second Trireme had lost the oars on one side and was basically unable to maneuver, when it eventually got rammed either. Now there was only one enemy ship left. Its Captain realized the situation and gave a signal, that he would surrender.



Archon. This word was a promise of power over a whole polis. And Sipious was a city worth ruling. It had become rich with its trade relations and able to provide the safety of a city wall and the threat of resistance to any aggressor.

The Romans. Everyone knew them. And feared them. They had the ability to lose battles and still win wars. They had gained more and more influence in the region. After the recent war versus the Samnites, they looked around for new enemies. Their war versus the Sabinians seemed to imply, that they turned their attention toward the north. But he had been wrong.

When Erygyios Alexarchid saw in the distance, how the city`s small fleet was destroyed respectively captured, he had a bad feeling in the stomach. But the ships were not the backbone of this city. It were the seven thousand men strong army. He began to walk on top of the wall toward the southwest of the city.

This was not the first time the city was under threat. Just a little more than thirty years ago, King Alexander of Epirus had been here to liberate Sipious from the Samnites. The same may happen again. As it was proper for the descendants of Diomedes, son of Diomedes, the Hero of the Troian War.

As he arrived in the southwest, he saw that the battle on the plain near the city was about to begin. When he looked around, he saw that the Roman army was more numerous. Way more numerous than expected. They immediately began to attack the whole line and it broke in the center almost instantaneously. With a gap in the center, the Romans began to roll up the flanks. Attempts for an orderly retreat turned into a rout, when panicked soldiers tried to reach the city. But the Roman cavalry turned this defeat into a catastrophe.

Erygyios and other men saw it. Now the last thing between them and Roman slavery was the city wall. There was still hope, that it would hold long enough until help would arrive.
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Such hope, but ultimately stone and mortar will not last long against the Roman will.
Too true. They simply put are doomed.