Stellaris - [2.0.0][daf0] Outliner Options menu rearranges outliner nonsensically

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May 9, 2012
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[2.0.0][daf0] Outliner Options menu rearranges outliner nonsensically

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The Outliner Options menu is not working properly. I took a video (17 seconds long) of the issue with my phone, as the screenshots can't really tell the whole story:

As you can see, disabling one of the items also swaps two others, neither bordering the one being disabled. The up and down buttons are inconsistent in what is actually moved, moving the one clicked multiple steps at once or moving other categories as well.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
Use any of the buttons in the Outliner Options menu.

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Feb 27, 2018
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I too am experiencing this same issue. In short, it the sorting arrows in the outliner do not work as intended but rather arbitrarily. I labored to find some pattern or magical combination to sort the outliner as I desire, but I at least cannot find it and am not so good at magicks.

*** Since this post, Beeprog posted a bug report on this same issue found here (click me). This thread, however, contains a video that I believe more clearly demonstrates the strange behavior. ***

Like both other bug reports, I also have no mods enabled. I felt piggybacking the prior two reports would be more useful than regurgitating the same information in a new thread. If this is in error, I apologize :) If needed, the complete URL to Beeprog's post is here:


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Mar 30, 2014
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Can devs please acknowledge that this will be fixed soon? Very annoying and IMO pretty sloppy internal testing to have let that slip into the final build for 2.0...