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May 9, 2012
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Let's say you have a Sentry Array, and so does the empire next door to you. If you conquer the system their Array is in, it provides no benefit to you, but still costs upkeep.

I would like to request the ability to turn off megastructures, to save on upkeep. As a way of balancing this, perhaps there could be a startup cost when it is turned back on, based on the length of time it was off (for example, if it was mothballed for a year, turning it back on could cost half or 25% or some other percentage of what the normal yearly upkeep would have been.)
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The simplest thing might be turning them into the ruined version of that megastructure. You'd be able to bring them back, of course -- at a cost more substantial than their yearly maintenance, but that's fine, resources including alloys are more plentiful over time.
Nuking the megastructure would be the solution ?! This is an exotic concept of "mothballing" there XD
In the first place this doesn't make sense in a roleplay point of view. Secondly I'm afraid at that cost you may not want to mothball anything in the first place.
Bringing back such a ruined megastructure online would need:
- A megastructure building slot for the duration of the repair, which is critical and does not really grow more plentiful over time
- At least 10'000 alloys, which is the market equivalent of 60'000 energy credits. (This means that you'd have to mothball it for at least 75 years, as a sentry array has an upkeep of 100 and a repair cost of 15'000 alloys, to reach 0 in losses... Mothballing is supposed to save up resources though)

It'd be much better to have a real mothballing option that applies -100% to upkeep (or maybe -90%, reflecting the fact you still have to maintain it somewhat). The reactivation would only need time with no additional resources.
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Nuking the megastructure would be the solution ?! This is an exotic concept of "mothballing" there XD
You talking about using the Colossus?

Lol, sure pal.