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Nov 21, 2016
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Ok so I noticed a lot while playing and selecting my latest playthrough. I thought I'd mention it here. Most are name fixes, some are wrong rulers, some are random. Anyway, here we go:

1) The son of Sigurdr Kyntling in the 867 start is named Knud despite both him and his parents being Norse. He should be named Knut.
2) Add Canute as a Norman/Anglo-Saxon/English localisation for Knut.
3) Add Hrolfr_Rollo/Robert so that Jarl Hrolfr shows up Duke Robert I in history files

The Delhi Sultanate is rife with mistakes. I'll go through every dynasty one by one.
1) Ghurid Dynasty
  • They should not be Emperors of Rajasthan and had minimal connection to Delhi, with their kingdom being based around Lahore, Khorasan and Herat. Their names are screwed up too, to the point that I can't tell who should actually be who.
  • Lets start with the in-game grandfather of the first Ghurid Emperor of Rajasthan. His name, Hussain, is correct but given that Muslim rulers were usually much better known by the name they adopted I feel like they should represented with that (for example, Alp Arslan is called Alp Arslan despite his birth name being Muhammad bin Dawud Chaghri). In this case, Hussain should be Izz/Ez al-Din Ghurid. He should also be a king-tier character with a titular title k_ghori or something. Or k_afghanistan.
  • He should have 7 sons, not the in-game 5. Saif al-Din Suri, his heir to the Ghurid kingdom, Fakhr al-Din Masud, Baha al-Din Sam (heir to Saif al-Din Suri), Shihab al-Din Muhammad Kharnak, Shuja al-Din Ali, Ala al-Din Husayn (heir of Baha Al-Din Sam), and Qutb al-Din Muhammad.
  • Baha al-Din Sam I of the Ghurid kingdom should be the father of the two in-game Ghurid Emperors of Rajasthan, Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad and Mu'izz Ad-Din Muhammad (born Shihan ad-din). Baha al-Din Sam should be succeeded by his brother Ala al-Din Husayn 'the World Burner' who becomes Sultan of a titular empire e_ghori in 1152, since, again the focus of his empire was not India, but rather modern day Afghanistan and Iran.
  • Ala al-Din Husayn should be succeeded to the titular empire by his son Sayf al-Din Muhammad (in-game Atsiz). He should be dead in 1163, not 1214 like in the game. He is succeeded by his cousin, our first in-game Muslim Emperor of Rajasthan, Ghiyath
  • Shahanshah Ghiyath Ghurid of Rajasthan, reigned in-game from 1/1/1186 to 1/1/1203. IRL he died 11/2/1203 at the age of 64, not 73 as shown in-game. He is succeeded by his younger brother Mu'izz ad-Din Muhammad who dies at the age of 57 not 74. After this, the Ghori have no presence in India as they are succeeded by several states in several regions. In India they are succeeded by the Mamluk dynasty.
  • I don't think the Ghori dynasty should be Persian cultured but because PDX has so few culture pots and because of the blend of different traditions I'm not sure what to call them exactly. They are Eastern Iranian by ethnicity, at least initially.
  • Someone should look into the earlier generations of the ghori dynasty as we didn't really study about them so I don't know much about them.
2) The Mamluk Dynasty
  • Ok so first off, these guys should be Turkish yeah but they shouldn't occupy the the Empire of Rajasthan. It would be a better representation of them throughout (and remove de jure CBs on earlier start dates) if they were given the titular title e_delhi to represent the Delhi Sultanate. e_Delhi should also have the restriction that all muslim rulers will be called Sultan (if thats possible). Because its the Delhi Sultanate, not the Delhi Khaganate or Padishahate depending on the culture of the dynasty that is ruling. Sultan was how they were referred even though they were superior to king-tier at certain points.
  • First Sultan - Qutb-ud-Din Aibak. All is right. He is succeeded by his son Sultan Aram Shah. Don't really know when he was born, when he died and though most people believe he was the son of Qutb-ud-Din Aibak theres no actual proof.
  • Aram Shah is succeeded by Shams-ud-Din Iltutmish (should show up him accepting faction demands and then dying but whatever). Though he is the son-in-law of Qutb-ud-din Aibak and not a dynastic relation, he is commonly held to be part of the Mamluk dynasty since he emphasised himself as the actual heir to Qutb-ud-Din Aibak and the fact that he was a slave (lit. Mamluk) as well. As such he should not have the completely ahistorical dynasty 'Delhi' as he does in the game, but should be shown as Mamluk.
  • Iltutmish should have some epic stats as well since the Sultanate didn't see anyone like him for a century or more. He should die on 28th April 1236, not 1st May 1236. His fourth son in-game should actually be his eldest, and should be named Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud (he predeceases Iltutmish and so did not inherit but was the intended heir prior to it)
  • Iltutmish is succeeded by his son Rukn al-Din Firuz. He was murdered 6months and 20 something days into his reign, on 20th November 1236, not dying naturally as the game shows.
  • Rukn al-Din Firuz is succeeded by his sister, Raziya/Raziyya. In-game the wife of Iltutmish, Turken Mamluk is the mother of all his children but in reality was only the mother of Raziya giving her more prestige than her brothers who were born of slave-girls. She is recorded as diligent and open with the people, trained in administration of a kingdom and protected the Dharmic faiths under her and so should have the traits diligents, gregarious, sympathy for indian religions, and a high-level stewardship education. Her half-brother Bahram seized Delhi sometime in October probably, but we don't know when. She and her husband were beaten in battle on the 12th October 1240 and fled to Kaithal, where they were killed on 13th October 1240, not dying natural deaths on 15th October 1240 as the game says. Her husband was made a chief of Bathinda so perhaps a barony or county for him?
  • Muiz ud-Din Bahram succeeded his sister. He was the son of Iltutmish and Nadira Begum. He was appointed by the 'Forty Chiefs' and was later killed by them on 15th May 1242.
  • He was succeeded by Ala-ud-Din Masud, a son of Rukn al-Dun Firuz. He was considered incompetent and a drunkard. He was replaced, but not killed (we don't know what happened to him), on 10th June 1246 by the nobles as they felt he was behaving too tyrannically. He was succeeded by his cousin, Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud, son of Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud and grandson of Iltutmish. Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud was highly pious and humble, having no servants. Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud died on 18th February 1266 and was succeeded by his father-in-law Ghiyas ud Din Balban, not 19th February as the game shows.
  • Ghiyas ud Din Balban is also considered a member of the Slave/Mamluk dynasty despite only a marriage connection as he was also an enslaved Turk before entering the service of Iltutmish. He won battles before becoming Sultan but after only had a few military achievements. He reformed the civil and economic fields however, and broke up the 'Forty Chiefs' which had been instrumental in curtailing court authority. He died in 1287, with his eldest son predeceasing him and his second son wanting to remain the independent king of bengal. So the sultanate passed to Muiz ud din Qaiqabad, son of the independent Balban king of bengal. He was weak and incompetent however, and came to power at 17years of age in 1287. He died of a stroke on 1st February 1290 and was succeeded by his three year old son, Shamsuddin Kayumars (non-reigning in game). Kayumars was murdered by Jalal ud-Din Firuz Khalji on 13 June 1290 who then claimed the throne.
3) The Khalji Dynasty
  • Should technically be spelt Khalji but we pronounce it Khilji here too so no worries.
  • Jalaluddin Firuz Khalji was known to be mild-mannered and humble but he killed a three year old so make of that what you will. He took the throne at the age of 70. His brother should be elder to him (not sure by how much) and was named Shihabuddin Mas'ud (died young). Shihabuddin Mas'ud had four sons, Ali Gurshasp (future Alauddin Khalji), Almas Beg (later Ulugh Khan, not shown in-game), Qutlugh Tigin and Muhammad (both not shown). Jalaluddin had another brother, not shown in-game, Yaghrash Khan and a nephew by the name of Ahmad Chap. His eldest son named Mahmud not Ibrahim. His second eldest son was named Arkali Khan. A third son is named Qadr Khan. In July 1296, Jalaluddin was killed by his nephew Ali Gurshasp who proclaimed himself Sultan
  • Qadr Khan was named Sultan Ruknuddin Ibrahim by his mother, the chief wife of Jalaluddin but had little to no support outside Delhi and thats why I believe he should not be an official Emperor as he is in the game files. May be a rebelling baron of Delhi till 21st October 1296 but not outright emperor.
  • Ali Gurshasp ascended the throne on 19th July 1296, instead of 1st October as shown in-game. He took the name he is now most well-known by, Alauddin Khalji. He was married to Jalaluddins daughter by his principal wife, Malika-i-Jahan. He also married Mahru, sister of Junaid/Malik Sanjar/Alp Khan, a general of Alauddin who was later executed by him on charges of conspiring to kill Alauddin. Alp Khans daughters wedded the sons of Alauddin, Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan. Alauddin centralised power and enacted large scale land, military and economic reforms, some of them being reimplemented by Akbar the Great. Alauddin fell ill in the later stages of his life and gave most of his power to his slave-general, Malik Kafur (very handsom eunuch who may or may not have been a non-sexual lover of Alauddin). Malik Kufar led a purge of nobles which included Alp Khan and the sons of Alauddin, Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan, who were blinded (shown in-game but not blinded). Alauddin died on 4th January 1316, possibly due to disease or due to Malik Kafur assassinating him. Malik Kafur appointed his six year old son by the Hindu princess Jhatyapali, Shihabuddin Omar to the throne and became regent.
  • Shihabuddin Omar was a puppet of Malik Kafur, however Malik Kafur was assassinated in February 1316 by the bodyguards of Alauddin. In April, Shihabuddin Omar was deposed by his elder brother Qutb-ud-din Mubarak, blinded, shifted to Gwalior and died there later that year.
  • Qutb-ud-din Mubarak (openly bisexual in 1316!), ascended the throne at age 17-18 not 51 as the game shows. He brought his harem with him on campaigns and had open relationships with two brothers, Hasan and Husamuddin. He preferred Hasan and named him Khusrau Khan and gave him several high positions in court, several grants of land and the army of Malik Kafur. In 1320, at age 22 not 55, Qutb-ud-din Mubarak was killed by Khusrau Khan who seized power and became Sultan for just a few months before being beheaded in September 1320.
  • The game has a nephew of Qutb-ud-din Mubarak become Emperor for 6 months. This never happened and he shouldn't exist.
3.5) Khusrau Khan
  • Born Hasan, a hindu POW (probably), he converted to Islam and was apparently the passive partner only to maintain his interests and position at court. Also spelt Khusro, Khusraw, Khusru. He converted to Hinduism after becoming Emperor. He was not Turkish and should probably be one of the Indian cultures. Idk which. He was married to Deval Devi. He was beaten, killed and succeeded by Ghiyasuddin Tughluq, a former general of Qutb-ud-din Mubarak who went on to found the Tughluq dynasty.
4) The Tughlaq Dynasty
  • Tughluq/Tughlaq both are right.
  • First emperor should be named Ghiyasuddin/Ghiyath ud-din Tughluq not Thugluq Tughluq. Prior to becoming Sultan he was named Ghazi Malik. This isn't his real name either (fun fact: it actually means something like Crusader King). He was born the son of an unknown people - a turkish slave and a hindu slavewoman so he shouldn't have a father (and if he did I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be named Thugluq Tughluq like he is now). He had two known sons - Fakhr Khan (also named Ulugh Khan and Jauna Khan who would become Muhammad bin Tughluq/Muhammad Shah Tughluq), and second son Mahmud Khan. Ghiyasuddin Tughluq died on 1st February along with his second Mahmud Khan after a wooden pavilion crashed on them.
  • Muhammad Shah Tughluq was the eldest son of his father, born of a hindu concubine mother, Makhmuda-i-Jahan. He is the last playable ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. He starts with a 6 year old son named Mahmud but there's very little mentioned about the children of Muhammad Shah. After he died a young child named Mahmud did claim the Sultanate but only for a month and only a small faction, the one that placed him there, supported him. Since Muhammad Shah dies in 1351, it follows that if the child was his (thats disputed too) then he shouldn't be around in 1337.

When you win a prepared invasion against a feudal/iqta realm as a tribal pagan then you should have the option to adopt their government and religion in return for giving away your lands to another relative. For example if I successfully Charlie as Sigurdr Ring then I should get: kingdom of West Francia with all the laws, automatic switch to religion (not culture) and my lands given away to ragnarr. Or something. Its annoying because even I switch to christianity I'm still stuck as a tribal. Or if you don't want to lose your lands then all your prestige, piety and cash drop to 0 or something like that. When Rollo invaded Normandy he didn't stay a germanic pagan, he converted and adopted local institutions.

That's it for me now, I'm going to eat and think of more stuff. I'll look at other Indian rulers later on.
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3) Add Hrolfr_Rollo/Robert so that Jarl Hrolfr shows up Duke Robert I in history files

I'm against this. It's already tied to Rudolph. So if some Rudolph inherites it would be Robert I > Rudolph II > Rudolph III > Roberz IV.
I'm against this. It's already tied to Rudolph. So if some Rudolph inherites it would be Robert I > Rudolph II > Rudolph III > Roberz IV.
Ah I didn't actually know that. TIL. I just wanted it because he was probably baptised as Robert and I wanted to scratch that itch I get when looking at the history files and his descendants are wrongly numbered.
Ah I didn't actually know that. TIL. I just wanted it because he was probably baptised as Robert and I wanted to scratch that itch I get when looking at the history files and his descendants are wrongly numbered.

Yeah. He was the exception. But if he isn't already he should be renamed at the right date into Robert
Oh wow, these are some good suggestions. Especially the India stuff. You know a lot about Indian history. Did you study it? Or do you live in India? Either way, I'd love to here more about it!