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Nov 21, 2016
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Introduce the ability to promote a local noble from a county, which generates a courtier with culture+religion of that county. It would help keep those minority cultures and religions alive, and also aid in administration, since instead of a pissed off county you are dealing with a vassal or two who can be placated much more easily.

I'm asking for this because lets say I holy war my way into Iran as a Hindu while there are significant Zoroastrian counties left. There's no method for me to find and land Zoroastrian Persian even though (a) it would be easier to deal with a zoroastrian persian vassal and (b) I want to keep the religion alive, whether for conversions later down the line, for RP, or just as part of my fun. I don't see a downside beyond players spamming it and that can be dealt with by introducing a cooldown.

As an aside, the gender of the courtier should depend on the gender rules of the county's culture and religion, not yours. You are finding someone in a position of leadership in their community so it follows that they would be following their own rules, even if they didn't have a fully organised power structure beforehand.
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