Final Disposition Doctrine Addition

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Nov 21, 2016
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Please add a doctrine on how religions dispose of the dead. There are a few different types over many cultures and religions:

1. Burial (Christians)
2. Cremation (Dharmic)
3. Sky burial (Tengri, Zoroastrian, Tibetans)
4. Decorated tomb - where the deceased is buried with personal artifacts of both sentimental and economic significance. (Ancient Norsemen, Greeks, and Egyptians)
5. Burial at Sea - common in seafaring nations
6. Imurement - above earth sealing of body (Muslims).

Death and the afterlife was a huge part of religions and letting us choose how our religions deal with it goes a long way towards making it seem realistic.

EDIT: I forgot the second part of this. Remove Sky Burial as a tenet and add something else. Its a little inconsequential as a tenet anyway, tenets should be representing philosophies of the faiths, not practices.
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