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Hello there, AARland!

I am doing a game as Prussia, to NGF to Germany here. It's been a fun game, if a bit unstable, due to 1.5's issues, so I never planned on doing an AAR on it.

But then came this one war, that I want to cover. It will not be an epos, not even many chapters. Just a few posts detailing the war from the very few saves I have (of which there is like 3, game was reallyt intense and I didn't think about making a story before afterwards), but hopefully it will be a fun, if short, ride. :)

Without further ado, here comes the Great War between Germany and the USA and their respective allies! :)
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Chapter 1
White House, Washington, the United States of America

October 8th, 1918. Morning.

«That old fool will never know what hit him!”

Theodore Roosevelt smiled one of his winning smiles.

His Minister of War, William Taft, looked at the papers in front of him. Adjusting his glasses, he raised his head.“Mister President, I know we on paper have a slightly bigger army than the Germans, but…”

Roosevelt laughed.

“And a much bigger navy than the fools too! It is time we stopped them dead in their tracks!”

Taft nodded.

“Yes, our navy is much bigger than theirs, but the Germans still is very powerful. And…”

He looked down at his papers again.

“Our demand is they hand over the Sinai Peninsula? In addition to half of Egypt, handed over to us? Sir, are you sure the public will allow such a blatant show of imperialism?”


Roosevelt grinned.

“The public loves me. Elected me. One of my promises was to improve trade. Control over Sinai, and building the Canal will make for a great improvement in international trade. As for Egypt…well, the Germans have them as their puppets, and they control the entire Arabian peninsula. We need…strategic depth.”

He winked.

“Don’t tell anyone I said that.”

He got serious.

“But it is needed. And now is a good time to strike, as the Congress have confirmed our claims to the Sinai, and the Germans have almost finished building their Canal.”

Taft sighed.

“It’s scheduled to be finished in six weeks, Mister President.”

Roosevelt nodded.

“See? Perfect!”

Taft tapped his notepad.

“We can get this through the Congress. But it will be a hard fight, sir. Even if we were to fight alone, one on one.”

Roosevelt grinned.

“Oh, I am sure we won’t stand alone. I have an ally in mind.”

Taft looked shocked.

“Surely, not the Communists?”

Roosevelt winked.

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Oh, goodness! An evil TR, putting the “bully” in the Bully Pulpit.

“Speak loudly and carry a big gun,” would be his motto, I shouldn’t wonder.
Question is, will his big gun be big enough?
If the Deutsch are played by a human (i.e. yourself), then somehow I doubt the AI Americans (AI-mericans?) will be up to snuff!
I will tell you I have lost wars before. But I will not say if I won or lost this one. ;)
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Who are these communists? Where do they rule?

Does the US have any colonies? Especially any colonies near Egypt?
Who are these communists? Where do they rule?
Soon (tm) you will know. :D
Does the US have any colonies? Especially any colonies near Egypt?
At this point, no. But I can promise you they will later. If those is mine or other's (or both!), that will have to be revealed later. ;)
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Chapter 2
Chancellor’s Office, Breslau, Germany

October 9th, 1918. Morning.

“I cannot believe it!”

Chancellor Albrecht Katz shook his head in disbelief.

“The galls of Roosevelt!”


His closest ally and friend, Vice Chancellor Leopold von Dönhoff sighed.

“The USA has hated us all since the failed reign of the Kaisar.”

Katz looked at him.

“That we won the revolution was a good thing, but it cost us the good relationship with not only the USA, but also Russia. And now, we have a Communist led France on our borders that hates our guts.”

He sighed.

“That Austria hates us is no wonder after the wars to unite Germany.”

Dönhoff tapped his notepad.

“They demand the most valuable parts of our colonies. Although most of the areas with oil is outside their demands, losing Egypt and Sinai, with the almost completed Canal would be a hard hit.”

Katz nodded.


“It won’t come to that. We have good relations with the British. And we are stronger than the Yanks in raw troop numbers. We will have to divide our attention between the Fatherland itself and defending Arabia, though…”

Dönhoff shook his head.

“And if the Communists join them? They are strong.”

Katz smiled weakly.

“You know, the Kaiser never went to war with Napoleon for Elsass-Lothringen, instead allying with the man. Perhaps it is time we rectify that little oversight.”
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@Nikolai I will keep an eye on this - interesting setup!

Alsace-Lorraine is an issue between France and Germany in many timelines, it seems...

Will we learn more about how this German Republic emerged?
@Nikolai I will keep an eye on this - interesting setup!

Thanks! And welcome to the party. :) I promise not only one great war, but TWO!
Alsace-Lorraine is an issue between France and Germany in many timelines, it seems...

Will we learn more about how this German Republic emerged?
A little, perhaps. Mostly this is present day focused though. All such details will be part of a conversation taking place in present time.
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Chapter 3
Prime Minister’s Office, London, Great Britain

October 28th, 1918. Noon.


“…and the King agrees?”

Minister of War David Beatty cocked his head.

“Yes, indeed our young sovereign agrees.”

Prime Minister George Dow smiled.


“The Germans’ offer is accepted. With some luck, the Americans will rue this day before next Christmas.”

Beatty nodded.

“So, in exchange for our cooperation and entry into the war, the USA will be a house divided, with us gaining a new friend in their south. I must admit I like the idea. The USA is getting way too uppity lately. A new Confederacy under our influence would be most useful.”

Dow smirked.

“Of course, we would need to win the war first, but with our superior Royal Navy, we would rule the seas outside Washington with ease. Perhaps land some troops right outside the office of Roosevelt…”


Beatty coughed.

“A splendid thought. But what about the French?”

Dow sighed.

“If they join, we will of course send a contingent to help the Germans at the border. I do believe, however, that the Germans will make a cake walk out of them all by themselves. No, Georgie. This war is easily winnable. And will secure our place in the sun once more.”

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