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The Glory and Nobility of the Kaisers of Prussia

New (2023) AAR: Rex Germania: A Brandenburg to Prussia Strategy AAR (EU IV)

New (2023) AAR: Shining Stars - A United States Coming of Age Saga (V2)


Fire Warms the Northern Lands -- A Prussian AAR (V1 Narrative Epic)
An alternate history where Prussia follows the road less traveled, and it's an interesting journey, to be sure! Konig Friedrich Wilhelm IV never reigned, giving Konig Wilhelm I a longer reign, and it goes from there. Watch the Prussian/German Empire materialize over a 100-year period (1836-1936).
VictAARian Cross Award for best completed Vicky AAR in the 1st half of 2006!
Fire Warms the Northern Lands
also voted AARLand Choice Favorite Vicky AAR: 2005 Q3, 2005 Q4, 2006 Q1, 2006 Q2

If you're not sure where to start with an AAR as massive as Fire Warms, I have an index of about 200 key updates that show the general storyline.
Castles in the Sky (or The Wild, Wild West) - A Colorado AAR (V1 narrative)
Alexander Hamilton survives his famous duel with Aaron Burr, and... what's a former Founding Father to do??? A tale of adventure, intrigue and treason in the early United States, based on a series of true historical events!
Castles In the Sky
also voted AARLand Choice Favorite Vicky AAR: 2007 Q1

Império Novo
An attempt to survive as Axis Portugal. It's a very popular AAR (one of the most popular in HOI 3), and is as helpful as a teaching tool on how to survive HOI 3 as a mid-size minor as it is an entertaining AAR. It is mostly gameplay, with lots of screenshots, but also contains a sprinkling of fictional drama, following the crew of a Portuguese FW-200 Condor naval bomber! (Several updates Jan-Feb 2013)
Império Novo
voted AARLand Choice Favorite HOI3 Gameplay AAR: 2009 Q3
Serenity - A V2 v1.3 Isolationist Japan AAR
Role-playing Japan as a country that starts the 19th Century not wanting to modernize, and mostly just wanting to be left alone. That... doesn't work out so well. :)

Kriegsgefahr (Impending War)
Kriegsgefahr is an experiment to see whether the SF/HPP mod might allow Germany to remain at peace through the whole period of the game. :D It's turned into two parts -- the first a complete game through 1948, the second I went back to an earlier savegame and sparked a war between Germany and the USSR while the Allies stood by to watch. Doubly interesting! (Ongoing, but on hiatus - last updated in May 2012 - to be continued soon)
also voted AARLand Choice Favorite HOI3 Gameplay AAR: 2011 Q2 & 2011 Q4
Locarno is another attempt to find the limits of the HPP mod, this time by taking a historically plausible branch from our history where Mussolini's Italy stands up against Hitler's Germany in accordance with the Locarno Treaties. (Ongoing, but on hiatus to be updated soon)
I Am Siam
I Am Siam is an attempt to become a civilized regional power with Siam, a medium-strong uncivilized nation in Asia (Thailand). Like many of my other recent AARs (all that I've written since I began writing strategy guides for Paradox), this is meant as an instructional AAR focused on the finer points of strategy -- sort of an extension of the Strategy Guide. It is mostly gameplay, with lots of screenshots. Ideally, by the end, it will demonstrate how to operate a country as an unciv, a civilized nobody, a secondary power, and eventually a great power! (Complete)
I Am Siam
earned a Silver VictAARian Cross (tied) for best completed AAR in 2011, and was voted AARLand Choice Favorite V2 Gameplay AAR: 2011 Q1, Q2 & Q4

Sforza!!! - A Milan AAR (ongoing from 1670's)
There's a new Sforza (force) in the Mediterranean! The small but rich trading country of Milan spreads its wings, builds its fortunes, and fends off jealous neighbors, growing into a worldwide superpower... (Several updates in January 2013)
also voted AARLand Choice Favorite EU3 Gameplay AAR: 2007 Q1 & Q4
The Die is Cast - Caesar's Civil War (705 AUC)
Julius Caesar has just cast his lot against the Roman Senate -- he's outnumbered, poorly funded, and desperate! But he does have the support of several loyal legions, and some of the greatest military minds of what might soon cease to be known as the Roman Republic. How will he fare? (Ongoing but on hiatus - last updated May 2012)
The Die Is Cast
also voted AARLand Choice Favorite EU Rome Gameplay AAR (tied w/Jaspume's Colchis): 2008 Q2
A Long Time Ago... (short but complete)
An ambitious Argentine dictator tries on the confines of South America for size, and gets more than he bargained for! As far as I know, this is the only Argentine AAR for HOI 1.
Bouna tez Petros (Mountains of Stone) - A Beta AAR for Rome CE Owners (brief but complete)
Egypt's Greek rulers begin the year already at war with the more powerful Greek rulers who rule Syria, Babylon and Asia Minor. Egypt is hardly in any shape to compete, and yet... Can careful strategy and good fortune allow Egypt to not only survive, but to succeed?
The Babylon Project (abandoned)
This is a Galactic Civ AAR using the Babylon 5 Mod. I'm playing Ambassador G'Taleph, the Narn Ambassador. And, yes -- we do hate the Centauri for what they did to our planet and people!
Af Khan i Stan - The Insular Khanate (abandoned)
One man stands atop the windswept mount, steadfast for his native tribe and land... Will the red- or green-coated barbarians defeat the civilized tribes, or will Afghanistan survive???

The following are contributions to the most excellent Guess the Author competition (actually a writers' forum which can very much help an author improve in his craft!). Anonymous authors submit their work on a preselected theme, and then receive constructive criticism for their work. You also get to try to guess who wrote each passage. The challenge of writing fiction according to an assignment is a worthwhile exercise! You should go try it out!

Guess the Author Entry: A Discovery (Austrians in Texas)
This one is my favorite! Based on an experience I had in Texas, it's a humorous mindbender of a tale...

Guess the Author Entry: Treason (A Defection...)
This scene is based on a true story, as I imagine it might have happened...

Guess the Author Entry: A Mad Ruler (Emperor Morihito)
This is simply a wicked twist... Or, rather, the characters twist in an attempt to avoid what seems inevitable... Will they succeed in outthinking the Emperor? I hope it makes you sweat to read it!


If you're a fan of Rensslaer's writing, it would be appreciated if you would support him ("like") as an author (fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction) at Edwin Hanks, Author on Facebook (can't link directly because of forum rules).


Strategy Guides Written by Ed Hanks for Paradox

Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne Strategy Guide
– The original EU III Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide, updated with new information and revised to bring it current to the Heir to the Throne (HTTT) expansion as released (including the In Nomine and Napoleon’s Ambition expansions). Available from Lulu.com as a print-on-demand hardcopy, or in digital PDF format (for registered users only).

Europa Universalis: Rome Strategy Guide (in digital PDF format for registered users only). EU Rome Tactics Guide (for Collector's Edition owners only).

Hearts of Iron III Strategy Guide (in digital PDF format for registered users only).

Hearts of Iron III Strategy Guide Supplement – release day updates and new information that didn’t make it into the original Strategy Guide (in digital PDF format for registered users only).

Hearts of Iron III Update for v1.3 – updated information on how the v1.3 update patch changed things mentioned in the original Strategy Guide and Supplement (in digital PDF format for registered users only).

Victoria II Strategy Guide (in digital PDF format for registered users only).

Thank you, to anybody who cares to examine any of my writing! Please, feel free to leave comments, even if you've not read the whole work. Just mention, in your post, what you've just read, and I'd be happy to hear it!

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I'm retired! Enjoy the board, whippersnappers. It can offer a lot to an aspiring writer. Ask for feedback and listen to it. Your audience already loves the subject of your story, so you're already over the most important hurdle for any author.

As a sort of last hurrah, here's a list of my projects for AARland, listed in order of how much I love 'em, worst to best.

China-a-Go-Go HOI1: A quick romp, from the days of HOI1 when actually doing well with Nationalist China was a new thing.

The Mother of Cities and the Last Jihad EU2: Abandoned because I crapped out after a BB war.

StAAR Wars EU2: The best AAR even written about the Original Trilogy.

AAR! EU2: First of the Pirate AARs, and just like the rest, it relied on crapping on game balance and mechanics.

War on Christmas – the AAR So off-topic it hurts!

WAAR of the Worlds EU2: The first Alien AAR for EU2. A lot of fun to write, and getting my world-spanning empire demolished by Peter Ebbesen was even more fun.

The Great Game Redux EU2: My first AAR and still some of my best writing. Still, I’m much prouder of the work I did on the HOI trilogy.

Inevitable Triumph: The United States at War, 1939-1947 HOI2: Some great fun in here; an espionage subplot that took more time to write than the wars against Germany and Japan combined. The gameplay, though, depended entirely on exploits that later patches fixed.

The Popular Front – France and the Second World War HOI2: My latest and last AAR. The best political skullduggery and espionage I’ve written, but unfortunately not much in the way of actual fighting, since it ends a week before Danzig. 

SPOILER: I executed a coup against Germany right before the ultimatum expired. For a week, I thought I’d averted WW2. Then, Germany’s liberal democratic government declared war anyway (this is why I was building up Goering as a shadowy puppetmaster) and I beat them in a short war: took military control of Poland and withdrew all troops to Warsaw. The Germans threw their army into an iron ring around the city, and didn’t start pulling troops back until the French were in Berlin. That’s as far as I played.

To Stand Against the Night HOI1: France beats Germany in a stand-up fight that destroyed a generation of manpower. And then we sailed east, took Korea, and landed in Tokyo. I’m really proud of this AAR.

Again, thanks to all of you. Be seeing you.

As a special Inkwell bonus, here's a guide to great AARs that have some of my guest writing.

Where the Iron Crosses Grow by The Yogi. The adventures of famous people during the German invasion of the U.S.
At the Gates of Paris: A Fascist France AAR by Lord British. A couple of adventures starring Gaspard, Godenot, and yes, Skorzeny, from To Stand Against the Night.
Doge Day Afternoon – by the “A Team” by various forumites. I played the reign of one Doge of Venice.
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I guess I still count as new here, even though I feel like I've been here in AARland for ages. It takes much of my spare-time, and is also, despite my at times horrible rate of updates, my hobby.

I guess that someone out there might wonder who I am, and to make a long story short; I'm 17, turning 18 in September, I go to IB and thus I don't always have time to do anything at all but commute and study, and I live in the country of ice-bears, hockey and big-busted blonde girls. I mainly lurk in the Scandinavian OT forum and in the Crusader Kings-forum; if this is due to me shunning the public eye, or only because of the coincidence that I enjoy CK and happen to be from Scandinavia, I cannot tell.

I am now working on my third AAR out of four, it being the only one that's actually taken off properly. Well, if you can read, which I suppose you can if you've gotten this far, look below and you will find what I've done.​

Scania - The tale of an outbreak

My first, rather unbalanced and exploring walk in the world of AAR-writing was in EUIII with the Kingdom of Scania, a completely fictional -- surprise, surprise -- kingdom that I created myself. In the end I simply got tired of having to edit the game-files every time that I downloaded a new version of Magna Mundi, and so I aborted it. I'm still keeping the idea in mind though, and maybe I'll pick it up sometime again, in a distant or not-so-distant future.

A golden lion rampant queue-fourché

By the time of my second try at AAR-writing, I had travelled from the rather uncharted domains of EUIII into what seemed to be the rather forgotten realm of Crusader Kings. I bought the game ages ago, but never really played it, and when I noe had picked it up again I was completely captivated by it. The AAR was set in the Kingdom of Sweden from 1066 AD, and was at large an experimental run in order for me to explore different ways of writing and eventually settle for one style. It was abandoned due to lack of comments and motivation, but I still hold it dear considering it actually went on for quite a while, and I developed much by writing it.

Lotharingia - A tale of ressurection
Won me the 'WritAAR of the week'-award on December 21 2007 A.D.,
and Character WritAAR of the Week January 23 and July 30 2008 A.D.
It also got me canonized on the 14 of May, 2008 A.D.

My flagship, my crown-jewel, my darling, call it what you want. My only ongoing AAR for the moment, and also the piece of writing that I am the second most proud that I've done. It chronicles what starts out as the dream of a hunchbacked duke and develops into a dream to create an ancient kingdom -- Charlemagne's son Lothair's Lotharingia. If you are to click any link in this post, please, click this one. I will do my best not to make you disappointed.

Chronicles of the Preuilly's

In a moment of inspiration, I tried to pick up the torch held highly by phargle, Alfred Packer and anonymous4401 and do a picture-based comedy-style AAR. I had some fun along the way, and some parts are rumoured to be at least mildly entertaining, but in the end I got tired of the picture-editing. Might give you a giggle though.


Will pimp post when there is more time, see you around.​
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Perhaps you remember me from some other AARs like... Well, let's be serious. Here I am... that madman who begins multiple AARs and ends... well, with luck and if the savegame helps, one of them in a distant future...

Lo Llibre dels Feyts - The Book of Deeds (CK) Based on my Spanish original game, where I rule the county of Barcelona in its quest to conquer the world.

The War Path (HOIDD)http://www.europa-universalis.com/forum/showthread.php?t=347966 Well, in short, Catalonia living in an impossible world where the Great War did not take place.


Ad Urbe Condita (HOI DD) http://www.europa-universalis.com/forum/showthread.php?t=387869 The Roman Empire tries to recover its might and old holdings. Will Rome achieve it?
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Want some humor, bad spelling sometimes, strange stuff that even I can't explain, irregular updates?​
If all your answers are yes, then I advise you to look at my AARs.​

Since I joined in March 2006 I've always been a lurker. Enjoying some great AAR's like "Fire warms the Northern lands" and "Knitting With Only One Needle - The Bavarian Mega-Campaign" and after a while very deep inside my writer-instinct awoke. As I know from myself I could write some pretty weird stuff but that was all for school. But since those were task given to you etc. I still needed a way to 'out' my inner-writer.

Thus I started playing HOI2 and lurking on the forums I noticed a few things. There were a lot of Germany AARs and modding was still relatively new. Nowadays everbody is writing AARs and each AAR contains a diffrent mod. So sometime in August 2006 I finaly decided to mod my own country. It would be the Benelux and so I started my first AAR, later it I called it 'The Keystone United':

~I'll update it later~

(Listed in latest to oldest)
Liberté, égalité, fraternité! (Complete, EU3 3.0)

Can Revolutionary France storm all across Europe and eventually occupy, vassalize, or annex all of Europe? Find out as campaign after campaign takes place to take over Europe and eventually crush the Holy Roman Empire!​

There was a post about how difficult Moldavia is in EU3 2.2, I decided to find a way to make them an empire without cheating. Watch Moldavia become one of the largest and rival the other nations, a story only a few (aka - spl) have lived to tell!


I looked to find an original idea for an AAR that had never been done. I found the answer in my homeland! Texas. I set up a mod where the existed with the USA in 1776 at war with Spain and Great Britain, I fought for independence and some interesting events took us to places few expected.
This was my first AAR. I had lurked through the AAR forum for some time, always keeping up with Capibara's AAR(s). I looked for a country that had not had an AAR that was completed with it. Morocco looked like a perfect one. Watch Morocco take control of the heart of Africa and met the heathens of Italy and Iberia with hot Saharan steel!
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Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, that paragon of publications, that great tome of Aerial Thrills, has arrived for your viewing pleasure! Amazing Aeroventures offers you spicy tales of villanous sky pirates and gallant highwaymen of the air at prices you can't beat. Treat yourself to a sample of hyper-sonic speed with Rocket Patrol! Something more relaxed? Why not try Aeronaut DuBois, gentleman thief. How about looks that can kill -literally- as Franky 'Femma Fatale' McGrewan and her Valkyries take on the villanous Baron von Stalheim! And of course, best of all Amazing Aeroventures is proud to present the entire series of Air Ace Tales! Yes the novelisation of this larger-than-life maverick of the sky's life and times is here- only at...

Amazing Aeroventures!



Stiff Upper Lip!
A Terribly British History
AAR Weekly Showcase
My first AAR. (I have tried to write others long time ago, but this one is the only one i passed from 2nd chapter)

Actually is more like a novel and my EU:R depends more on the story than otherwise... It's been really fun to write it.

Here goes a taste, from the prologue:

Titanus: Wake up.
Arthur (half asleep): Hmm, what…?
Titanus (seemingly excited): They’re coming.

Arthur stands up sharply, and looks over the palisade.

Arthur (after a while searching):
Titanus (caressing the pommel of his sword): You mean you can’t see them?
Arthur: No, I’m asking ‘where’ just to see if you still remember where they are…

Titanus laughed with that strong laugh of his. The kind of laugh only a 2 meter tall large man could make. The kind of laugh everyone in the village would wake up to the sound of. The kind of laugh the enemies would hear if they were on their far away village, so if they were in the woods, right in front of them, they’d hear for sure.

More here
Anybody remember an old AAr called War and Revelations, the Alternate History in which the nation of Hebrew Uganda came into existance? Well this is it.
It's won a couple of awAArds....

War and Revelations- the Hebrew Uganda AAr
Winner, Best HoI Narrative AAr Q4 2007
Weekly AAr Showcase

But is now officially dead. :(

I haven't written anything else...yet. ;)
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I am Sematary. Simple enough start I think. I am 18 and just graduated highschool. I started lurking here about two years ago off and on and joined in April of 07 for help with HOI II. Then that summer I read a large bit of an amazing AAR in the HOI I forum and have tinkered with writing AARs ever since.

Vicky AARs

America: The Guardian of the West
This is told as a history book from a future time that seems to be rather different then our own, although how different is yet to be see. America is still under the influence of the Monroe doctorine and at the moment the War of 1812 is still fresh in the old guard's memory. As of right now there is a four way fight for the position of president who will win?


The Rise of the Yugoslav Republic
Another history book AAR just started on the Ides of June. This one is about an expansionist Yugoslavia.
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A little bit about me... Actually I suspect you couldn't give a monkeys so onto the AARs, starting with my magnificent octopus;

The Butterfly Effect - Started way back in January 2006, the single finest and most majestic slower than real time AAR on this board, averaging a little under 9.5 real world days per in game day. It is also an award winning epic;
Best History Book AAR 2007 Q1 and Q2, 2008 Q3 and 2009 Q1
Writer of the Week 18th April 2006
Weekly Showcase 1st April 2007, 28th July 2010 and 9th June 2014

One of the few AARs that dares to include entire chapters on the politics of FIFA, the international beef trade, tractors and the full lineage and history of the T-28 tank. Truly an epic of the connoisseur.

Inevitable Defeat - Slovakia '44 - The award winning characters Tiso and Tuka watch on as the war develops not necessarily to Slovakia's advantage. 2019 Comedy AAR of the Year and countless (3) AARland Choice Awards (including the elite Other category). Finished.

Furious Vengeance - A 1944 UK AAR
- Probably best described as comedy-gameplay I am disproportionately proud of this one for a variety of reasons; It's a 1944 AAR that isn't an Axis power making it very rare, it contains the beautiful line "That's a town so awful even the Swedes have burnt it to the ground four times" and it involves Zombie Karl Marx being defeated by the Adam Smith Capitalist Cannon. By any yardstick an under appreciated master piece, if you value ridiculous insanity and spectacularly gamey events played for laughs.

Completed. For that reason alone I will always prize it, because I actually finished it. Oh and it was Winner of the 2009 Iron HeAARt Award. Sadly the images were too magnificent for this world and taken from us by the swines at imageshack.

For King Haakon and the Fjords! - It's 1939 and as Europe descends into war Norway the country looks to it's leadership for wisdom and guidance. Sadly the country's leader is King Haakon VII and he is utterly barking.

Featuring Horse Drawn Zeppelins, the Six Million Turkish Lira Man and indepth scar discussion action this is a treat not to be missed by any fan of insane Norwegian monarchs or cunning commando action.

Mea Culpa: A French Confession - Character driven madness I tell you. Yet it won me Character Writer of the Week so clearly I am in a minority.

Random awards
Commander of all things awesome - As awarded by phargle here
Lord Strange Cookies of British Awesomeness - For The Butterfly Effect
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The AAR's of IamWhoa
...as of May 21, 2009​

My first AAR, Kerne Theory follows the Kerne Dynasty of Brittany from 1066 to 1354. The Dynasty was born when Hoel Kerne II of Cornwall married Duchess Hawise of Brittany. Their descendants would live lives of intrigue, war, and adventure. From Spain to Jerusalem, the Breton Kernes and their associates would experience both hairs breadth victories and brutal defeats. The latter becoming an unfortunate hallmark of the eleven succeeding rulers of Hawise and Hoel.

Kerne Theory features a mixture of styles, becoming more History Book orientated at the end. You will find many graphics I made myself - from stylized pictures of various battlefields to maps and other things.

Kerne Theory
Type: Historical, Narrative, Poetry
de Haro-ing Adventures is a fairly whimsical AAR starting in 1187. Varies between history book and narrative, with some in-between. Also some fun poked at various things, perhaps funny, perhaps not. The tone and style changes depending on the narrator, who changes according to a different story. As of Chapter VIII, for example, a man named Robert Pitcox has taken up the tale and the story has became more like a bleak narrative.

de Haro-ing Adventures
Type: Semi-Historical, Narrative, Poetry

Roger and the Seven Year Revolt follows the Earl Roger de Bigod and his allies as they serve and confront such characters as Richard the Lionheart and Henry II. This is meant to be a more casual thing and I try not to take it too seriously (as I did Kerne Theory and Levon).

Roger and the Seven Year Revolt
Type: Narrative, Some Historical
Currently being updated.
Levon the Magnificent is a fully narrative AAR based on the Prince Levon Rubenid. Meant to be a more fantastic retelling of an otherwise typical story, it features many elements and liberal interpretations of events. Though as is the case with many AAR's, this is just writing practice, so hopefully it will get better with time. Feel free to leave your impressions of how it could be better.

Levon the Magnificent
Type: Narrative
On hold.
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New AAR to be announced
Here I will post updates, previews and status reports of my upcoming AAR. I won't tell you yet the title, or which country I will be playing. All you know for now is that I will create it in three steps:
1) Playing the game.
2) Writing the AAR.
3) Posting the AAR.
Before I can start posting the AAR, I need to finish it. This has a nice side effect: once I start a season, it will be completed!

Have a look at my blog for some previews! First announcement, first preview, second preview, canonized, third preview.

Ok, the status of this new and mysterious AAR:
Gaming: 100 %, collecting data: 100 %, writing: 82 %, posting: 0 %

Other AARs
Islamic Spain - An IN Granada AAR: See how Granada has formed Spain, and brings the Islam to the New World! From 1399-1615. [abandonded]
Westphalia Alert: Einstein travels back in time to battle Prussia and Austria. From 1807-1821. Winner of the First Europa Universalis Short AAR Contest. Part 1, part2 and part 3. [finished]
My little Maksymilian: A Polish woman and her son face the dawn of the Second World War. In 1939. My entry for The Hearts of Iron III Writing Contest. Also look at the index of entries. [finished]
Behind Enemy Lines - A PIC2010 AAR: My report from the Paradox Interactive Convention 2010. [finished]
Me, Floris - A 'Mount & Blade: Warband' AAR: Floris IV of Holland enters Calradia, and tries to make the best of it. [finished]
The Governator - A 'Hearts of Iron 3' Germany AAR: The Governator helps Hitler to bring Germany to power. My entry for the Writing with the StAARs competition. [abandonded]

Other AAR stuff
An overview of some games I played.
Granada: a song about Granada, covering the first war as treated in several different AARs.

How to create a short AAR: An article I wrote for the AARlander, based on the participants of the First Short AAR Contest.
Diary of a contest: An article I wrote for the AARlander, based on the participants of the Hearts of Iron III Writing Contest.
Give us money so you'll take us seriously: An article I wrote for the Paradox Tribune about the Paradox Interactive Convention 2010.

A new flag!: A minimod for EU3 IN 3.1 where countries change their flag during the game.
Faction Arms Coloured: A minimod for Mount & Blade Warband where the black faction banners are coloured.
Floris Mod Pack: All the cool mods of Mount & Blade combined into one pack.

Other useful stuff
[IN] Blank Worldmap with high dimensions: You can download blank worldmaps for the In Nomine expansion from here: From low till high resolutions!
[HttT] Blank Worldmap with high dimensions: You can download blank worldmaps for the Heir to the Throne expansion from here: From low till high resolutions!
Maps of Calradia: A few maps of Calradia, the kingdom from Mount & Blade: Warband, I made.
Filefront: My filefront account.
Inkwell: Useless to click, since you are reading it now.

Weekly AAR Showcase Winner from 21 August 2008 till 28 August 2008.
Winner of the First Short AAR Contest.
I've been canonized on 2 August 2009.
Winner of the Commission Prize in the Xmas Photoshop Contest Extravaganza! on 18 December 2009.
Winner of the Paradox Interactive Convention Competition 2010 on 11 January 2010.
Winner of the third quarter 2010 ACA, open category on 1 November 2010.

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Hey. I'm Cecasander, and I came here in the spring of '04 (oh, good old days...) I started writing soon after. First with the Medieval RPG that still on back then, and later I also joined other projects (Eutopia and the Baroque RPG, for exemple). I have been mostly lurking for the rest of the time though. Then I found the AAR forums, and believed it would be a good place to dump my excess creativity. My first two AARs were EU2 AARs; one about the Ukraine using the Aberration mod, and one about the United Kingdom playing in the late 18th century. Both were short-lived and probably not worth reading, and thus will not be mentioned again. The following are at least a little better.

The Potter - A Byzantine AAR
The AAR follows the story of a fresh history student who enrolls into the Imperial Academy in Constantinople. Apart from lectures, he has to beat the legacy of his grandfather, a green-eyes Bulgarian girl and a mysterious woman in a pantsuit. Professor Doxiadus will lecture you about the fortunes and troubles of the Kantakouzenoi, the dynasty that removed Isaac Angelos from the Imperial throne after only two years of reign. But soon our young protagonist begins to wonder... Is it really sheer luck that made the Kantakouzenos family the most succesful Imperial dynasty of all times? Was the Roman Empire really destined to survive so long? And what is up with these old potters in the Artisan's District? Find out in The Potter - a Byzantine AAR!

This AAR has been awarded the Best Character Writing for the week of August 28, 2009!

Chronicles of the Lowlands, a CK AAR
As a lot of people, I enjoy playing as my homeland from time to time. This Crusader Kings AAR is about a young count who is plagued by stress, guilt and responsibility. In order to redeem for his sins, he is forced to go on a crusade, and managed to beat the odds and the Arabs. Three finished chapters, canceled due to technical problems when updating to DV.

The Scions of Godwinson, a Saxon CK AAR
With the death of Harold Godwinson, the Saxon kingdom of England died with him. Or did it? This story will pick up a few weeks after the Battle of Hastings, and it will follow the surviving Saxons and their heirs in the struggle against William the Bastard and his Normans. With the ultimate goal, the re-establishment of the Saxon kingdom. With a little luck and inspiration, and a lot of time, this might become a grand campaign... Who knows. This AAR has been postponed indefinitely, meaning I might pick it up again, some day...
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I am known as AEdwardian. I am your average university physics undergraduate with an interest in history and variations thereof and an amateur writer.

History As It Could Have Been:[/COLOR]
Ruling Britannia: The Golden Age of the British Empire [Victoria: Revolutions] [Completed: 1836 - 1895]

"Follow the history of the British Empire from the ascension of Empress Victoria through the events of the XIX Century. The Mediterranean War, the British Administration of Japan, the Dominion of Borealia, the issues and conflicts that formed the Golden Age of the British Empire."
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My name is Alexander, I'm a Dane and Persian and I'm proud of of it all. :D But forget all about it and read some AARs. :)


This is not my first AAR, I had two others which I wrote with Prinz Wilhelm. However, both were corrupted.

Sons of the Union will follow the English royal family and other nobles. The AAR is played with EU2 WATKABAOI which got a new map and loads of other stuff.

England will soon cover more than 1/4 of the world once again! :cool:
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What would've happened if the Shahs of Victorian Persia had proven to be more adept, progressive rulers? Could Persia have pulled herself from poverty and obscurity? And if so, how far might she rise? Find out one possibility in At The Crossroads, an ongoing, and freshman, AAR from yours truly!
Hi I'm Kurek. You probably don't remember me from such failed AAR's as The Chronicles of Athens and Dros ryddid gollasant eu gwaed. Anyway that was all a long, long time ago. I even won a 'Writers of the Week' award back in 2003! I'm unemployed, a slacker and have pills for me brain. I also love penguins.

Anyway, now to pimp my current(ish) AAR!

A Year and Two Months: The Epic of Serbia

Consisting of One Year, Two Months, Three Weeks and Three Days of unparalleled drama! excitement! epic battles! intrigue! love and betrayal!

I guess one could call it a comedy AAR, but really it's what ever diarrhoea leaks out of my sordid and filthy mind and somehow finds it's way onto the computer screen (sometimes with the aid of alcohol). It was semi popular seemingly back when I started, a year or so back, I forget, but due to my extremely laid back attitude to updates and a mad descent into yet more crudeness and vulgarity and a general lack of plot or aim or direction, only a very small loyal few dare to ride the stormy seas.

Anyway, let's dish out a sample of my wares:

Our two likely lads were bored stiffless by the Kings speech and had resorted to playing Poker. Their Sergeant almost burst an artery when he found them and had ordered them away as so they could not "take part in the glorious defence of our realm and of our Lord God." Janko made a rather rude comment to this but the Sergeant did not hear as he was shouting at some poor swordsman for the state of his sword.

Stjepo and Janko, being seasoned dogs of war, were not as affected by the Kings and Generals speeches as their fellow countrymen who consisted mostly of farmers dragged from their fields and armoured with whatever crap was lying around. Thus they were rather pleased to have been 'relegated' to the rear, for one thing they were no where near drunk enough to face a terrible battle.

So they watched from a nearby hill as the Ottoman cavalry charged into wavering ranks of Serbian footmen, they grimaced as they saw hundreds of their countrymen be put to the sword, they almost wept as one squad of Ottoman cavalrymen almost made their way up to the hill upon which they were sat before being beaten away. But then, with a twinkle in his eye, Janko grinned. He was happy because casualties were trickling back towards the rear lines, and casualties plus 15th century medical care equalled corpses, and corpses equated to loot and profit (also some new shoes)

Stjepan put up a bit of a protest as he trailed behind his less moralistic friend (although he didn't protest all that much, and infact gained a nice new set of reinforced leather pants).

"This 'aint right Janko." He groaned.

"Look," growled Janko as he 'assisted' a poor mortally wounded soldier of God into the Kingdom of Heaven and helped himself to some rations and a fourth pair of somewhat decent shoes, "these poor sods ain't gonna be needing this crap where they'll be goin' right? So why not put this merchandise to good use rather than letting them bastards" he pointed at the opposing troops who were still causing massive slaughter, "profit."

Stjepan sighed, shook his head and made sure no one was looking as he stuffed a crude gold crucifix ripped freshly from a dead officers neck into his pocket. "It just ain't right Janko..."

Janko cut him off "Don't you give me that crap! You've been on plenty of battlefields and you know how this works." Janko said whilst trying to relieve a dead knight of his undamaged helmet, "all's fair in war my good friend, all's fair..."

"It doesn't matter anyway." Sighed Stjepan, he looked up to the skies as he had done a thousand times before without answer. "Why doesn't that bastard give us a break eh Jank?"

Excited? Enthralled? Outraged? If so click the link and read more! And oh I should probably mention what it's about. EUIII, back in the early days before these fangled expansions and patches, playing as Serbia from the beginning date of vanilla (which means at war with the Ottomans and thus doom) and the adventures of an oddball cast of cowards, thieves, moneylenders, drunk generals, perverts and other dregs of society, and it even has a song!

And now for select reader comments! (edited for your pleasure.)

Steacy: :mad: As a woman I was disgusted!
bluelotus: I love you Kurek.
Steacy: KUREKS! That was an excellent story and you are a genius and a God amongst men! I fall at your feet!
Amob_m_s: Man, we americans have a great love for alcohol, but you brits have really turned drunkenness into an art! :wacko:
MagisterMundi:Why do you have a grue emoticon at the end of your post? It's... terrifying... :eek:
Sokraates: Don't worry, just keep a lighter, flashlight or torch handy. Smoking a whole pack of cigarettes at once should also suffice.
Sokraates: Worshiping Penguins? Count me in! :D
Junkyard_Pope: The last update was yet another example of splendidly drunken prose. Gracefully staggering.
Grubnessul: Yay! More poorly written, cheap comedy should-have-been-dead-by-now crap! Keep 'em coming!


Er... none, apart from one very unique and special and very unofficial one:

Junkyard_Pope said:
You, sir are my hero. Someone else who writes drunkenly and with more coherence than I could muster! And good show on polishing off that much booze in the first place.

I hereby present Kurek with the Medal of Drinking!

Wear it with honour and dignity... Wait, no, uhhh, just try not to get puke on it...

And yes, best update EVER.

No award can trump this! :cool:

Anyway, that's enough for now. Read! Read! Read!
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