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Great tension and suspense in that last war! Had me on the edge of my seat! :)

Looking forward to how you'll proceed from here.

You gotta love Brazilian Asia. And the crazy foo's forgot to include a port so that they can actually reach their new land.

B.A. Barracus would have great pity for them.
Do you have anything else you'd like to get before game end?

A thriving economy and winning a war against one of the big ones (France, UK, Austria, Russia, USA ). See what opportunities pop up, but the Middle East is where I would want to expand.

The wars I am thinking of are to sphere Persia (who is in Russia's sphere) , against Austria (just to dismantle it - or to get their colonies), against China (whose countries are in USA's sphere), in this order. Wars that are expected to be horribly expensive and I am not prepared to - yet. I would probably have to wait for a time when they are already in a war. Taking on UK or France seems out of the question, as I couldn't ever have a technological lead on them.
1900-1910 : The inconclusive decade

Compared to the previous decades, the decade 1900-1910 was a quiet one for Portugal. But as expected, the Communists took power in the Ottoman Empire and Portugal had the opportunity to try and sphere it.


In 1902, Italy declared war on our sphereling Egypt - again. But this time the Italians weren't anywhere as worrying as before.


We even outclassed them at sea.


This time as well, we chose the easy way out and called France to arms. Soon, the war score shot up, France and Brasil demanded Piedmont and Sardinia, but we chose instead to free Sicily.


But we had to cut the war short as we were losing a lot of money. Taxes could not be high, as we had a Liberal government. We were also giving war subsidies to the spherelings, since we were afraid they may go bankrupt, but we should have probably avoideded calling them to arms in the first place.


Therefore, in 1904, a "Sicilian Sicily" wass born, and it was a sphereling of Portugal's.


Meanwhile, we were dealing with a massive Communist Revolt, that took about an year to put down. Africa was its main focus.


The only other war in this decade was against ... Italy, again. This time, though, the Italians wanted rightfully to restore order to the Silian provinces. Before we could do anything, they had already invaded Sicily. We had no idea how to deal with that, we called the UK instead of France to arms, hoping they could somehow help the Sicilians.


But it was too late for Sicily and by 1910, it had been annexed by Italy. We opted out of the war, as there was no point in fighting over it. You usually lose when you are up against an opponent who is much more motivated in a matter than yourself. 3 infamy points wasted, oh well.

But the UK and Italy fought on, and the UK even added war goals - acquire Sardinia and free Sicily. It was considered unlikely they would succeed.


The decade 1900-1910, therefore, is remembered in Portugal as the decade of the inconclusive wars against Italy. It is hardly surprising that most people nowadays don't remember these wars.
People remember the Communist revolt instead, and how high was the resistance of the establishment against social reforms.


There was only one mainstream party who would support the movements for these reforms - The Socialists.


When not in war, Portugal was luckily making money....


The Conservatives were back into power. Therefore we subsidized bigger factories and let the small ones fail, if they had to, so that they would not create competion for the bigger ones. We tried closing and reopening some factories, therefore injecting fresh money into them, to see if they managed to go back to being profitable. But in 1910, Portugal's industrialization was still not satisfying.


But we were confident things would get better after researching more industrial technologies. We had put off doing that and concentrated on culture, while we were in a traditional academy, and only recently we had switched to a military-industrial complex.


No big news from the diplomatic front, we were mostly busy discrediting and banning embassies, as there was not much left in the world outside a sphere of influence. Communist Turkey had been added.


Panama as well, although that hard qualified as a victory. Panama had declared independence from Colombia. But controlling the Panama Canal made influencing them easy.


Another diplomatic defeat - of sort - was Iraq's declaration of independence in 1910. Turkey managed with some difficulty to put down a Fascist revolt, but the Iraqis had profited from the instability to declare independence. The new country was a Proletarian Dictatorship - but more important for us, an unsphered primitive nation in need of civilization.


State of the world in 1910


World map in 1910

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Those wars against Italy really were an anti-climax - did the communist revolt actually cause you much bother aside from getting all of the troops to Africa, or was it relatively benign?

I'm looking forward towering what more Portugal can achieve before the end of the game.
True. The communist revolt was a nuisance and not really a threat.

Well, I have already played the game until 1950 and the dust hasn't settled yet. It would have been a crime to stop playing in 1936, as thing were just about to come to a head.
How, might I ask, would one play past 1936? I've only ever completed one game on my time (that's still one more than my number of completed CK games;)) and couldn't see an indicator that I could play on. Have you modded the files?
You need to edit the commons/defines.lua file in the installation directory if I remember correctly.
Glad to hear this will continue to beyond 1936! That is very interesting regarding Iraq - it is crying out for some Portuguese civilisation.

Thank you ! Yeah, I think Iraq is begging for civilization too.

It would have been nice to see you shift it over to HoI instead, though.

Sure, but that would have been a lot more work : converting and balancing the save file and another full AAR, not to mention learning a new game. I don't need a third addiction.
1910-1920 : Another peaceful decade...

As it was to be expected, civilization was brought into Irak by 1913 - the Proletarian Dictatorship there was short-lived.


Meanwhile, Turkey had been plagued by revolution and counterrevolutions and had become a Democracy. We chose not to help the Communists deal with them, as there were too many rebels for our taste. We were confident we would be able to sphere Turkey back.


Another state failed in this decade - Sweden. It also became Communist, and Norway declared independence from them. Which was a good news, as we could easily sphere them. Sweden had left the Great Power club for good.


Have I ever told you that no good deed goes unpunished ? Remember how I let Brazil grab a province in Anatolia ? Around 1915, as Turkey was ravaged by another revolt, this time fascist, Brazil declared war on them to get another province.

As the country had developed and industrialized well, being at war raised their war score high enough to become a Great Power. So we lost them as a sphereling, and even it wasn't enough they started influencing our spherelings in South America. They would be at an advantage, as they were sharing a common border with most of them and they were in their same continent anyway.


In those years Portugal had been ruled mainly by Liberals. Therefore the National Focus was on creating more capitalists, and later on encouraging Electrical Industry. The Liberal government period shook up the economy, as we weren't allowed to subsidize factories. It turned out to be a good thing in the long run.

In 1918, the Conservatives were back in power. Brazil had won the war against Turkey, and had conquered the Giresun region. They were back to being a "Civilized Nation", not even a Secondary Power. But in a fateful turn of events, we didn't notice that and we didn't influence Brazil. Historians still wonder today how different the history of the world would have been had the Portuguese diplomacy paid more attention.

We were influencing Turkey, but Russia was interested as well and kept discrediting us. For some unclear reason, Wallachia had annexed Serbia.


In fact, Portuguese diplomacy was understaffed in those years. They didn't answer Egypt's call to arms, as Italy declared war on them. Portugal joined the war later, when only the wargoal Status Quo was possible. Portugal called France, the UK and some spherelings to arms, Italy was fully occupied and had to accept the Status Quo ante bellum. Would the Italians learn this time ?

This war is also all but forgotten nowadays.


In 1919, the Boxer Rebellion had broken out. Therefore we had a casus belli in China, which can be seen using the diplomatic map. The armament industry lobby knew it could profit immensely from such a war, which was expected to be long, but easy - the Chinese had a pretty low army technology, and no allies.


In 1920, we were at war with the Chinese. We had a logistical problem, as we needed to transport a lot of troops to Dai Nam to wage war. We spectacularly underestimated China's immense manpower and in our first battle we were outnumbered 15:1. Luckily everything else was in our favour. Reenforcements were under way - would they come in time and would they be enough ?


Part of the problem was that we had too few steam transports. In fact, compared to the other countries, our navy was pathetic, not even worthy of a Secondary Power. We would need to work on that.


We didn't really have a justification for that. We were making money even while at war and while our stockpile was at 100%. Our taxes were ridicolously low, a legacy of our Liberal governments.


Rubber and oil had become strategic resources, and let me show you using the NGO map that we controlled the largest supply in the world - in Congo. And who said that playing games doesn't educate ?


Well, Rubber was actually the only resource where we were the leading producer. We were not leading producers even in the other goods we exported most. We did sell a lot of grain, but the only other good we were somewhat proud of was Electronic Gear.


I wonder, though, why we were producing so little oil. We conquered Abu Dhabi and Irak hoping to get access to those resources. It turned out very little people work in those NGOs. The most profitable oil NGOs were in Galicia, Russia, and in fact Russia was the leading producer in oil. Oh well. Never mind, Oil was not in big demand.


And the usual recap at the end of the decade.

Factories. We were mainly encouraging electrical and automotives industries.






World Map.


Status of the world.

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It looks like Brazil are no longer a GP. Thank God - we don't need any more Brazilian Asia Minor.

Very nice, as ever. What are your aims against the Chinese? I'm looking forward to seeing how that plays out.
I told you that you should had conquered Brazil ;)

Anyway,so far two quite uneventful decades, all things considered ... let's see what the next two or three will bring. I assume that they will be interesting given your previous comments :p
It looks like Brazil are no longer a GP. Thank God - we don't need any more Brazilian Asia Minor.

Very nice, as ever. What are your aims against the Chinese? I'm looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

Thank you. Well as I started the war I was hoping to get some rich Chinese province to add to my realm - let's see how it played out.

I told you that you should had conquered Brazil ;)

Anyway,so far two quite uneventful decades, all things considered ... let's see what the next two or three will bring. I assume that they will be interesting given your previous comments :p

There will be more action, I promise. And yes, it turns out you were right with Brazil...
1920-1929 : Massive Armament

The Portuguese troops fought bravely. But it soon became obvious that Portugal's army was inadequate to defeat the Chinese soundly enough to be able to get anything from them. Therefore, this time too, we chose the easy way out - we called the UK to arms.

While we were still stuck fighting in Nanning, the British came in from India and overwhelmed the Chinese. The result was not in doubt, but we were unlikely to get anything from this war as we were not allowed to negotiate directly with the Chinese. Which it was fair, as it was obvious that Portugal wouldn't have managed to beat the Chinese without the UK's help. We didn't add any wargoal.

This war showed how inadequate Portugal's armed forces were, compared to other GPs.


In November 1921, the war was already over. It ended with Status Quo - but the Chinese had to pay war reparations. That would give us the opportunity to boost our economy and build up an army and a navy for real - it was unacceptable that we couldn't accomplish anything without help from the UK or France.


Meanwhile, Central Europe was a mess. Kaiserslautern belonged to the British after they got it from Bayern while helping Prussia, a while ago. The NGF was still Communist. Several minors had seceded from it, and Hesse-Kassel and Hesse-Darmstadt were also Communists - while the other German minors were Democracies. The NGF was a failed state and there were constantly revolts.

Norway had grabbed another province from Sweden. In the East, Danzig had also declared indpendence from the NGF.


The USA had become quite a powerful country, but it reveled in its isolationism. The only contact we actually had with them was the fight over the sphere of influence.


I had been trying to sphere Italy, but in 1926 France declared war on them. We were friendly with Italy, and we could intervene.

For some reason, we were not allied with France any longer - but we were allied with the UK, Austria and the Russian Empire. We could have intervened and called them to arms - it might have been "interesting". But it would have been risky - they might have not answered the call to arms and we would have been stuck fighting against France - after all Austria was allied with Italy as well and didn't help them.

It would have been different if Italy had been a sphereling of course - then we would have had to intervene.


Our infamy had been at 0 for a while. We had run out of targets - there were very few uncivilized countries in the world. One of them was Cambodia - but it was in our sphere. What do you do if you want to invade a sphereling ?

In AHD Vanilla, you can't do that without editing the save file. But you can let another country remove it from your sphere - and then you can immediately use your influence to decrease the target's opinion of the GP who did that, so that it goes back from friendly to cordial.

I did that with Cambodia - I let the USA unsphere Cambodia, and I immediately used my influence to decrease the opinion of the USA, so that they were back at cordial. Cambodia was up for grabs. Of course I needed to unally it, decrease relations and create a casus belli first.


I did exactly that and by September 1927, Cambodia was part of Portugal's empire.


Sweden went back for a while to being a superpower and I accepted their alliance - without thinking it through. Of course Norway attacked them again and I answered Sweden's call to arms - which made me lose Norway as a sphereling. I chose not to help Sweden in this war as I couldn't care less. Sweden had a huge score just by building ships - somebody should have told them that this is not going to help if your enemy has a land border with you.


In 1927, we were rank #4. We nearly got there in 1881 - before the Great War when the NGF was partitioned. Prestige and Military score were good - but we were lacking in industrial score.


We were now in the era when industralization MUST be profitable. Now we look at our Industrial Power breakdown, it is obvious that compared to the other GPs we had not enough mainland regions. Now it dawns on us - we should have expanded into Spain instead of sphering them. Spain gave us just a meager 16 industrial score - not nearly enough to make a difference.


I explain the problem here : Sphering a country can kill its factories.

In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have sphered Spain, but grabbed provinces from them - making sure they stay a failed state in the process, so that their alliances get cancelled all the time. That way I would have gotten a better industrial score for sure. But while I was playing the game, I wasn't aware that sphering a country makes industrialization very hard for it.

My solution while I was playing was to set the national focuses to craftsmen, hoping to get a better industrial score.

By 1929, we were about to sphere Italy (so that we can destroy their economy as well?), who regrettably has lost Piedmont to France. Italy still hasn't an army, though.


Brazil now is in the Netherlands's sphere. There was no way we could get them back into our sphere diplomatically. Both Brazil and the Netherlands had to be punished, as this is unacceptable - Brazil is supposed to be in Portugal's sphere. In 1929, we created a casus belli to make of Brazil a puppet state. As they were in the Netherlands sphere, the Dutch were expected to intervene.


A war with the Dutch was not going to be easy. They had more ships and better naval technologies, while we had more brigades and a better army technology. But our time was running out - or at least we thought at the time.


But we were building a lot of ships - and rally points had been set.


State of the world in August 1929.


World map.

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The pictures in that update are messed up for me - I'm not sure whether you have the same problem.

In any case, it looks like a lot is going on for Portugal. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the Brazillian war. Maybe you can sort out those godawful bits of Brazilian Asia? ;)

I'm looking forward to the next one.
The pictures in that update are messed up for me - I'm not sure whether you have the same problem.

In any case, it looks like a lot is going on for Portugal. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the Brazillian war. Maybe you can sort out those godawful bits of Brazilian Asia? ;)

I'm looking forward to the next one.

Thank you ... which ones are messed up ? I moved some to another thread, it's too much stuff otherwise I guess.