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Joint 2nd Place in the AARland Choice Awards 2012 Q4​

(Game begins on the 11th January 1356)

Chapter 1) Orhan Gazi - 29th June 1326 - 26th March 1358
Chapter 1) Murad I - 26th March 1358 - 16th May 1366
Chapter 2) Alauddin I - 16th May 1366 - 14th November 1393
Chapter 3) Ali I - 14th November 1393 - 6th April 1396
Chapter 4) Mahmud I - 6th April 1396 - 9th October 1427
Chapter 5) Musa I - Part One - 9th October 1427 - 1st January 1441
Chapter 6) Musa I - Part Two/ Murad II - 1st January 1441 - 1st November 1452
Chapter 7) Murad III - 1st November 1452 - 27th January 1468
Chapter 8) Suleyman - 27th January 1468 - 23rd October 1504
Chapter 9) State of the World - 1505
Chapter 10) Selim I - 23rd October 1504 - 24th March 1529
Chapter 11) Seyfettin I - 24th March 1529 - 11th May 1549
Chapter 12) Mustafa I - 11th May 1549 - 12th June 1570
Chapter 13) Bayezid I - 12th June 1570 - 19th October 1608
Chapter 14) Jakub I - 19th October 1608 - 18th July 1633
Chapter 15) Mustafa II - 18th July 1633 - 30th March 1648
Chapter 16) State of the World - 1648
Chapter 17) Mustafa III - 20th March 1648 - 1st September 1680
Chapter 18) Suleyman II - 1st September 1680 - 22nd November 1686
Chapter 19) Mehmed I - 22nd November 1686 - 16th March 1708
Chapter 20) Abdulmecid I - 16th March 1708 - 12th March 1735
Chapter 21) Selim II - 12th March 1735 - 21st July 1764
Chapter 22) State of the World - 1763
Chapter 23) Revolution! July 1772
Chapter 24) Hostile armies march, May to September 1777

Welcome to my first AAR with Europa Universalis, and my first attempt at an AAR in many years.

This will focus on game-play, although I'll try to put my actions, and those of the AI, in some kind of context. I make no pretence of being an EU expert, so I'll limit my ambitions to being mildly entertaining!

I will be playing EUIII with the most recent (29th November) beta patch, but I'll also be using the most recent version (5.5) of Gigau's fantastic MEIOU mod. If you haven't tried this, and have played plenty of vanilla EUIII, I really recommend giving it a shot, fantastically enjoyable mod which Gigau and his team have put many years of work into. Hopefully I can showcase some of the unique features of MEIOU for those unfamiliar with it.

I'll be playing as the Ottoman Empire, from the 1356 start.

House rules;

I'll endeavour not to employ any gamey tactics, and no cheats/ reloads or such. Feel free to question any moves if you feel a line has been crossed! I intend to avoid going over my infamy limit, unless it should happen unexpectedly, and will not allow myself to take advantage of BB wars. Also, as mentioned, I make no pretence to be an expert, so I won't be setting lofty goals, and welcome all feedback and suggestions.

Settings are all defaults.

I plan to have each update follow the life of a single ruler. In the event that I have a particularly short lived ruler, I will try to avoid any very short posts. Also, the reverse will be true, any particularly healthy rulers may be worth two updates. In the event of a regency council I'll play it by ear.

Also, I began writing this on the 3rd of December. Due to concerns that I may struggle to update on a regular basis, I thought I should give myself a head start, and 'toe the water' so to speak. I have written as I've played however, so each update will be fresh in my memory, and there will be no 'redrafting' with the benefit of hindsight!

Anyway, thank you for reading so far, and on to the first update!

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Ottomans are always fun. You may want to sign up with an image hosting site - imageshack & photobucket are popular (for more ideas see the FAQ link in my signature). The forum's attach option is really for uploading files for bug reports/tech help and the images don't display in a manner that is easy to read.

Ottomans are always fun. You may want to sign up with an image hosting site - imageshack & photobucket are popular (for more ideas see the FAQ link in my signature). The forum's attach option is really for uploading files for bug reports/tech help and the images don't display in a manner that is easy to read.

Thanks for the advice, will arrange something better for screenshots in the next update.
Will subscribe to this
Will subscribe to this

Welcome, great to have you reading.

Subbed. The only Anatolian I've played in Meiou before was Cyprus so I'm interested to see the flavours of an Ottoman game.

Cyprus would make for a very interesting game, particularly when France gains the nationalism CB about mid game!
1356 – Emir Orhan Gazi Osmanli


The Ottomans are in a very promising position at the beginning of the campaign. In terms of income and manpower, I am the 5th and 11th greatest respectively. Orhan is a solid ruler, with an even stronger heir.

I also have two very helpful modifiers. 'Turkish Traits' gives me cheaper troops and galleys, and a 5% boost to discipline. This comes at a cost of a 5% reduction in production efficiency, and 5% more expensive government tech. Even better, the 'Blessings of God' gives me a massive 50% boost to tax, 100% to manpower, 100% increase in land force limits, -75% troop cost, -0.7 annually to infamy and another 5% boost to discipline.


Diplomatically, I have a small number of claims on most of the remaining Byzantine territory and some of my Turkish neighbours.

All told, the Ottomans are primed for expansion. In particular, the 0.7 infamy reduction is very helpful, and points to a fairly rapid expansion.

My first mission is to vassalize Candar.


The temptation to savage the poor echo of a Byzantine Empire was great for Orhan – but he was a shrewd ruler. The Romans were allied with Genoa and Venice; two rich Italian republics, controlling territory close to home. These two would have to be taken on one day, but not immediately, and not necessarily at the same time. Their close proximity meant the alliance was unlikely to last, and there were easier targets to pick off in the meantime.


My opening moves were to instruct merchants to increase trade in Erguru and Xacitarxan, while advisor’s where hired who delivered boosts to moral, discipline and a reduction in the cost of cavalry. The budget was set to allow a small increase in inflation, while all investments were focused on improving stability (currently +1).

Orhan insulted the neighbouring state of Candar, declaring the territory a mere province of the Ottoman Empire and lowering relations. He also reformed the structure of the state, centralising much of the administration. This was not well received in the provinces, and two huge rebel armies numbering over 30,000 rose!


Orhan's mere 2,000 troups were no match, and he immediately invested in an additional 5,000 soldiers. Fortunately the rebel armies were densely concentrated in the province of Izmir, and poorly led. The effects of attrition and a failed assault reduced their numbers to 16k by February, while Orhan slowly built his forces. In July Orhan passed the militia act, reforming the army and further increasing its discipline. By November, the rebels had begun to wear down the garrison in Izmir, and so Orhan launched a counter attack. His army, numbering 4,000 cavalry and 8,000 infantry, ruthlessly put down the insurrection, with losses less than 600. Orhan positioned his troops for an assault on Candar.

On the 15th January 1357 Orhan's forces began their attack into Candar. No forces were present, and so sieges started in both provinces. Dulkadir and Germiyan join the war against us. Germinyan invade our southern provinces with 3,000 men.

Soon after that start of the war, Orhan institutes major reform, increasing the effectiveness of the state and promoting new thinking (centralization +1, innovative +1). This comes at a cost of 2 stability however.


The war is relatively straightforward, with 4,000 troops being raised to turn back the Germinyan invasion, and by august their army is routed and their capital is under siege.

On the 24th March Orhan captures the Candari capital of Kastamonu, but 2 days later dies of injuries sustained in the taking of the city! Emir Murad I Osmanli (7 admin, 6 diplo, 8 mil) accedes to the throne, vowing to finish the war begun by his father. An unknown state, obviously hoping to secure the new Emir's affection, sends a gift of 200 ducats.

In September Sinop falls, and in November construction work begins on an inproved fort in Biga. In December Usak falls, and Germinyan is annexed. Candar then becomes a vassal, costing a total of 8.8 infamy.

These conquests allow Murad I to crown himself Sultan of the Ottomans, at a cost of 50 legitimacy and 5 infamy (reducing at 1.05 per year).

The Sultan outlines his ambition, to take possession of the City of World's desire! Construction of a level 2 fort in Gallipoli begins.

The ruler of the neighbouring Hamid responded coldly to the promotion of Murad, and so an insult is delivered to his court when he is not invited to a regional feast. By March '59, Murad I has increased the size of the army to 21,000. On the 1st of May, war is declared on Hamid, and an alliance is signed with Candar. Dulkadir, Mentese, Kerman, Nadj and Eretna all join the war against us.

On the 29th July the main Ottoman army led by Murad I meets an 8,000 strong Eretna force, who are routed. Murad then turns west again, and routes a 4,000 Dulkadir force on 4th October and a 3,000 Mentese force on November 3rd. With all sieges lifted, the Ottoman forces focus on taking enemy cities.


On the 23rd Januuary 1360 Dulkadir sues for white peace, this is accepted as we have plans that will account for much of the remaining infamy. On the 15th February the first province in Eretna, Amaya, is taken and our forces advance to Sivas. Candar is has the other border province under siege.

On the 23rd June, Beysehir in Hamid is taken by our forces. As this is a core, we can see a new MEIOU event in action. IF you capture one of your cores, a 'surrender timer' will begin. If you can hold the province for this period, you have a chance to take it for 1 infamy without the war ending. This means it is very difficult to maintain provinces overseas; such as for England during the 100 years war. No longer can you allow France to overrun the English territories and hope to secure a light peace; if you don't retake the territory you will lose it.


On the 7th December Hamid falls, and our forces advance to Teke.

Worryingly, at the turn of the year we notice that Genoa is attempting to expand its holdings in Asia Minor. Hopefully this will come to nothing, as the last thing we need is a significant Christian presence in our backyard, especially one allied to Byzantium.


In June we take Mentese and they pay 24 ducats for peace. In July we take Sivas, and Eretna become a vassal. On the 21st November Beyshir defects to us, and Hamid's last province falls in June 1362 – they are annexed. Our infamy is now 23.05 with a limit of 31.75, and is falling by 1.05 a year.

By August, white peace is secured with Kernam and Najd, bringing the conflict to an end. The Ottomans are now the masters of western Asia Minor, with no Turkish state able to match them.

Our forces have been redistributed, with the majority now securing Gallipoli. Our ally Hafsid calls us to aid their war against Venice – we decline but so do Byzantium, breaking that alliance. On the 8th of January 1363 our forces are sufficiently recovered, and war is declared against Byzantium. Genoa and Morea come to their aid, while our vassals agree to support us. 20,000 Ottoman troops advance into Thrace and route the 11,000 defenders. Georgia joins the war against us and becomes the war leader. Our vassals send their armies to Georgia, to mixed results. In February, Briansk joins the war against us, but they are too distant to pose any threat.


With the Byzantine army defeated, our forces fan our and siege their 4 provinces. We want to capture something soon in order to trigger the 'surrender timer', as I'd like to swallow them in one war, but I don't want to spread myself too thin as I expect some attention from Genoa. A smaller force sieges the Genoese province on our border. On the 8th of December we capture our first Byzantine province, Rodopi, and the surrender timer begins. However, the small Aegean island of Samos is under siege by Greek patriots. If this flips to Byzantium before Rodopi flips to us and we annex the Romans, our strategy will be undermined!

Elsewhere, the war has been uneventful. The Genoese provinces remain under siege, while my vassals have captured some Georgia cities but are being harried by a larger Georgian army. Throughout April and May the Byzantine provinces fall, apart from Constantinople.

On the 11th January 1365 we finally spot a relief army attempting to retake Samos from the rebels. The 8th February sees Rodopi join our realm, and finally on the 12th March, after 751 days our forces storm and capture the City of Worlds Desire. The Byzantine Empire is annexed, allowing us to move our capital, and giving us a new mission to conquer Serbia. Despite the fall of Byzantium, the conflict continues as we remain at war with Genoa and Georgia. Murad I reorganises his forces, and marches west to increase of war score against the war leader. However, after lifting a Georgian siege in Eretna, Murad I falls ill and rapidly succumbs, dying on the 29th May!
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As this is a core, we can see a new MEIOU event in action. IF you capture one of your cores, a 'surrender timer' will begin. If you can hold the province for this period, you have a chance to take it for 1 infamy without the war ending. This means it is very difficult to maintain provinces overseas; such as for England during the 100 years war. No longer can you allow France to overrun the English territories and hope to secure a light peace; if you don't retake the territory you will lose it.

I didn't know about this event when I played as the Ottomans on MEIOU :p . Good job in annexing Byzantium and good luck in your further expansion!
Interesting opening. Bad luck having both the starting ruler and starting heir die so soon. I hope you remember to tell us when you lose Blessings of God so we know when the real fun will begin.
Ottoman AARs are every enjoyable, plenty of action near always guaranteed and this seems no different thus far. A solid start and some nice gains made, rather a pity your rulers are not lasting very long though!
MEIOU is my favorite mod for EU3 by far. And Ottomans are my favorite non-European nation to play. There's plenty of options when it comes to expansion both into Europe, towards India and ofcourse taking out the Mamluks :)

So will be following this ofcourse!
well done, quite the dramatic opener ... pity that Murad failed to make it to see the successes of his reign.

& the images are a lot clearer now

Yeah, Orhan had reigned since 1326 so I shouldn't be surprised at his death, but was a bit disappointing to lose Murad I so quickly. Nevertheless, with heirs of the calibre I'm getting just now I won't complain!

I didn't know about this event when I played as the Ottomans on MEIOU :p . Good job in annexing Byzantium and good luck in your further expansion!

A very useful event, particularly for states who have foreign enclaves on their territory such as the Ottomans and especially France at the start.

Interesting opening. Bad luck having both the starting ruler and starting heir die so soon. I hope you remember to tell us when you lose Blessings of God so we know when the real fun will begin.

Haha, I assure you I'll let you know, will make a big difference!

Ottoman AARs are every enjoyable, plenty of action near always guaranteed and this seems no different thus far. A solid start and some nice gains made, rather a pity your rulers are not lasting very long though!

Thanks, yeah bit odd having them die so quickly, the next ruler manages a double digit reign at least!

Interesting stuff! I'm subscribed.

Thanks, good to have you onboard!

MEIOU is my favorite mod for EU3 by far. And Ottomans are my favorite non-European nation to play. There's plenty of options when it comes to expansion both into Europe, towards India and ofcourse taking out the Mamluks :)

So will be following this ofcourse!

Yeah, its certainly an interesting state to play as, all those directions are particularly tempting, although I very rarely see the Ottomans make any progress against the Muslim states in the Middle East so I'll try to compensate for that during this game.

Alauddin I inherits an unfinished war from his father, but also an expanding empire that has the 2nd largest income and 2nd largest manpower reserves in the world. The war is brought to an end in return for the Genoese province of Amasra in Asia Minor, and Alauddin institues the Jizyah and Millet system reforms, which have the commulative effect of +1 innovative and increased tollerance. They also allow periodic events which increase the tax efficiency in a province with religious minorities.

Alauddin did not intend to be a peaceful ruler however, and wanted to secure the European gains of his father. A holy war was declared against Bulgaria, who are joined by Bosnia and Moldova. Neither allies participate in the war however, and soon peace out. Not recognising the threat that the Ottomans pose, the Europeans fail to form an alliance to slow our advance. Bulgaria is invaded from the north by Wallachia and from the west by Hungary as we look to capture the southern provinces.

Elsewhere close to our European holdings, in Greece there is no credible resistance, as a long war wages between Naples and Castille, while rebels are active. A large Serbia is also struggling to contain revolts on our western border.

By the 25th March 1368 we capture enough Bulgarian provinces to enforce a punitive peace; we gain Serdica, Martisa and Karuva. We are now able to take the 'Kingdom' decision, but opt not to at this time due to the infamy and legitimacy consequences.

On the 2nd of September we declare war against Serbia. Three opening battles take care of much of the Serbian defenders, and we are soon free to besiege much of the country, with the aid of our vassals.


In December events fire allowing us to increase the quality of our troops by two, but also notifying us of an outbreak of smuggling, and are forced to take a loan to pay these as well as losing 1 stability.

On the 28th June 1371 the Serbian capital falls, and Hungary take the province of Badin from Bulgaria, gaining a land border (and a holy war CB) with us.


On the 28th October peace is negotiated with Serbia, we make significant gains and also secure a route into Greece. Infamy is now 25.5 out of 35, and falling at 1.4 annually. Alauddin quickly takes advantage of this access to Greece by attacking Epirus. They are supported by their allies Bosnia and Albania. On the 10th March 1374 we annex Albania, at the huge cost of 8 infamy (as our holy war was against Epirus) On the 30th May we annex Epirus, taking us close to the infamy limit at 34.3/35. These three rapid wars fought by Alauddin in Europe became known as the first Ottomon Jihad, and brought significant gains to the Empire in the West.


Note the wasteland between Eqypt and Palestine – this will make it more difficult for the Marmaluks to hold their territory together, and will necessitate a powerful Ottoman navy in the future.

Following the conflict we now had a loan deadline approaching and high infamy, so a period of consolidation was necessary. In August we begin recruiting a new 12,000 army, to raise our total standing forces to 60,000. Meanwhile Greece has begun to settle down, Aragon having taken possesion of two provinces at our border, and the Byzantine Empire has also re-emerged in Zante, a revolt in the island territories of Naples.

On the 15th December we are promoted to a Kingdom by event, which drops our legitimacy to 50, which in turns drops our infamy limit to 30 and puts us over this new limit. We focus on the contruction of mills, passing land reform in provinces close to our national focus, and building a few ports in high trade, core provinces. We gain a 'border friction' CB against Mentese in 1376 – a very tempting target as this would otherwise be an expensive conquest. We decide to wait until the CB is close to expiring, as we should just dip under out infamy limit at this point.

In June 1377 we attack, and Mentese are supported by their allies Dulkadir and Karaman, while our vassals remain loyal.


Mentese are subdued and besieged with relative ease, while our vassals are helpful in dealing with the larger armies of Karaman and Dulkadir. The war is proceeding as planne, but on the 10th July Athens attacks us. We dispatch a force to take care of their 4,000 invasions force, and take their only province.

By June of 1377, Hungary is again on the march, attacking the rump Serbia. The following month they take a province which extends their border with the Ottoman Empire, and also causes us to fail the 'Conquer Serbia' mission. Our next mission is to annex Candar, our vassal.

By August, we are able to force Athens to concede defeat (they have no money unfortunately), and the surrender timer begins on Karaman's province of Trebizond, we should gain this around May 1378. Nevsehir is also our core, and my forces take the province on the 7th November. In January we return to stability level 3.

On the 5th of January we are attacked by Bulgaria, who have decalred a crusade against us. Our forces have almost captured trhe two provinces owned by Mentese so we should soon be able to divert men to this new frountier. Bulgaria has slightly recovered after their previous defeat, but do not have a huge force and offer little threat. Nevertheless, we opt to recruit another 12,000 force – this proves to be very prudent.


The Karaman province of Konya defects to us on the 23rd March – very valuable as it has a University, giving our Government research a boost. On the 6th of April, Montenegro declare a separate crusade against us. Initially none of their allies join, and we face a mere 1,000 troops invading. However, on the 4th May Hungary and their vassal Croatia join the Montenegrin Crusade...


On the 6th of May we secure a peace with Mentese – we gain 50 ducats and the province of Aydin which the war was started over. This peace takes us to our infamy limit again, but allows us to transfer forces west to face the Hungarians. On the 23rd June Alauddin raises a new 12,000 army and takes personal command, marching to meet 23,000 Hungarians who are crossing the border. On the 20th October we have the option to take Trebizond for 1 infamy, but this would put us over the threshold and so we decline. This resets the 'surrender timer'.

The Ottoman forces now attack the Hungarians, whose numbers have swelled to over 30,000 while we raised our forces. The early exchanges go very well for the Ottomans, our superior quality giving us the edge. We manage to route the invaders without sustaining significant loses. There are now 48,000 Ottoman soldiers in the European theatre, who lay siege to the Bulgarian, Montenegrin and Hungarian provinces. We also lose 1 stability due to a comet being sighted.


White peace is signed with Serbia, Moldova, Dulkadir and the Hedjaz in February 1379. We are also able to make another slider move, but I opt to wait while at war. In June we capture the capital province in Karaman, while 11,000 Serbian rebels rise in Kosovo. The war is uneventful, as 15,000 Hungarian reinforcements seem satisfied to watch us siege the two border provinces, while a smaller 3,000 Hungarian force is wiped out in Bulgaria. In June we reach Government tech 9 – the next level unlocks another idea. By February 1380 our forces capture the Hungarian and Montenegrin provinces, we negotiate a peace which gains us Nisava and Badin from Hungary (Montenegro remained the alliance leader so we were able to conclude negotiations with them)


In March 1380 the surrender timer starts for Nevsehir, and by May Bulgaria has had enough and pays 150 ducats for peace, briging to an end the conflict in Europe. In July Adana, the final province held by Karaman, falls bringing the active conflict in Asia Minor to a close. However, we cannot afford to take any infamy in the peace deal, so the war continues for the time being. Our manpower is by this point exhausted, but our WE is thankfully at 0. WE use the ducats gained from peace deals to constuct City Watch's in our provinces, lowering the stability cost. Alauddin also further centralises the realm, which provokes a 5,000 pretender army.

Finally, on the 1st of October, we gain Nevsehir for 1 infamy, and can negotiate peace. Karaman releases Trebizond and another Turkish state, reducing them to a two province minor. The Ottoman Empire now has no rival to be concerned with in Asia minor. Our infamy is 28.5/30, falling at 1.4 annually.

On the 13th September we gain the title of Khalifah by event, reducing our legitimacy to a lowly 25, but increasing the number of magistrates we gain each year to 3.05. Alauddin now had a truce with almost every state on the borders, Aragon being the exception, enabaling him to consolidate his gains, address the manpower and legitimacy issues, and allow infamy to drop to more manageable levels.


On the 10th January a National Epic was written to commemorate the conquests in the last few years, giving legitimacy a 5% boost each year. On the 6th of April, a tapestry is commissioned, recording the defeat of the Hungarian armies, and giving a further 1% boost to legitimacy annually.

Ports, City Watch and Mills are constructed in as many provinces as possible, and the size of the as yet unused Ottoman navy is steadily increased. In June 1386 Hungary has recovered anough, and lauches an invasion of Wallachia. They take a province in August, extending their border with us, and depriving us of a border and Holy War CB against Wallachia. Negotiations begin with the ruler of Candar on a closer integration, but we are twice unsuccesfull in 1386.

In June of 1387, we recover to stability 3, and move our national focus to Ohrid to enable the development of some of our European holdings. A large revolt has broken out across the Marmaluk holdings in the levant – mainly peasant risings, but a nationalist rising has also taken control of Cyprus.

On the 15th April 1388, Candar finally accepts our proposals and is directly incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. We gain a border with Trebizond, and as they are Orthodox we also gain a Holy War CB. On the 19th May Alauddin insults the ruler of Trebizond, who had dissolved their alliance with us prior to the annexation of Candar. On the 6th July, Alauddin lead 12,000 warriors into their territory. Georgia and Bulgaria join the war against us. Alauddin swiftly deals with the Trebizond army, and we begin sieges.

In January 1389 Theodoro joins the war against us, while a white peace is concluded with Georgia. Forces are dispatched to deal with the Bulgarians. However, they inflict our first defeats on us, with the army of Husrev Avlonyali being beaten by the forces led by the Bulgarian King at Ledogoria. Moldova and Albania now join the war against us. Our army retreats and suffers a second defeat at Serdica in Ottoman territory, and only narrowly escapes elimination. Thankfully a fresh Ottoman force is able to relieve the pressure on Avlonyali's force, defeating the Bulgarian King at the second battle of Serdica, before Avlonyali is able to intercept the reteating forces and wipe them out at the Greek coast. We now have most of Bulgaria under siege, and they have no army remaining.


In January 1390, we reach Government tech level 10, and Bureaucracy becomes our second national idea. I almost always go for this, as it speeds up government research slightly, provides a decent boost to national tax and also limits the amount of inflation minting causes. The focus now switches to land research.


On the 25th March Alauddin leads the assault on Trebizond – they are annexed at a cost of 4 infamy with the conquest CB (I think I would have been better to use the 'Holy War' in this case). We gain a border with the Genoa and Georgia, and 'Holy War' CB's against both. In April Albania pays 50 ducats for peace, and later in the month Bulgaria accept our proposal for peace, in return for another 50 ducats and Lodogovia, bringing to and end the war.

Forces are redeployed to the border with Karaman, as our mission is to vassalize, and Alauddin attacks in August. On the 17th August Montenegro again declares war, but this time no allies join. In January of 1391 we move towards free trade through a random event, and Cyprus declaures independence from the Marmaluks.

On the 29th July Karaman pays 100 ducats and becomes a vassal. Our next mission is to conquer Theodosia, held by Genoa, but we already have a Holy war CB against them. The 100 ducats from the Karaman peace deal are invested in the navy, with 10 new galleys commisioned. Karaman also signs an alliance.

On October 23rd Montengro falls, and we decide to annex them this time for the low cost of 2 infamy, and we gain a Holy War CB against our new neighbour, Hum.


On the 15th March 1391, Alauddin declares a new Jihad against Genoa. They are joined by England (as defender of the Catholic faith, Georgia and Novgorod, who together possess a formidible navy, which could be a problem as two of our targets are overseas. On the 10th April we land 6,000 soldiers on the island of Nisia Aigaiou in the Aegean.

Alauddin then orders the Galleys move north into the Black Sea, to try and prevent any re-inforcing of the Genoese holdings on the Crimean peninsula. On the 21st September a small English fleet of 9 Galleys is sunk in the Gulf of Varna, and then the same fate is met by 3 Genoese Galleys who venture through the strait on the 12th October.

While scanning the Aegean for the first signs of enemy fleets approaching, I notice that the province of Attica is owned by Cyprus, while a small force has taken possession of Aragon's province of Magnesia. Hopefully they succeed in holding some of this territory, as this could offer me a nice holy war CB and a route to taking Cyprus.


On the 24th November our fleet dispatches another 8 Genoese vessels to the bottom of the Black Sea – we have still to suffer our first loss. On the 9th January 1392, we reach Land technology level 9 and are able to use Musellem Cavalry. Research now focuses on Naval, Production and Trade. A small force of 6000 is transported to Theodosia to begin the siege, Genoa only have 1000 defenders.

In May, a significant English fleet of over 40 ships approaches the Black Sea, together with a smaller Genoese fleet. We decide to engage, but depsite winning the battle which lasts several weeks, only one transport ship is sunk. The Genoese and English fleets retreat to Theodosia, and unload a combined force to 16000 soldiers. Out army is defeated, but thankfully survives and we are able to transport around 4000 back to Asia Minor. Sweden joins the war against us and becomes the alliance leader.


An event causes Hamid to switch to Turkish culture, as nomadic life is abandoned. On the 23rd July, Bosnia declares war bringing several formidible allies, although none apart from Bosnia have a border with us. The Holy War means we can potentially pick up a few provinces here, and one of our new opponents is The Knights.


On the 21st August Nisia Aigaiou falls to our forces, and the 6000 soldiers move to the Knights province of Samos. This is the province which fell to Greek Patriot rebels during the conquest of Byzantium; since then, for more than three decades, 1000 soldiers from the Knights have maintained a siege, but lacked the manpower to retake the province. However, before we can make any progress, events overtake Alauddin, and on the 16th November he passes away.

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Nice, liking all this expansion even if that full price OPM did make me wince :)

Nice update
You'll be at the gates of Vienna in no time although I hope you fight in other theatres so I can see more war dynamism.