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The Rest Stop to the West


Joseph Bech
Pierre Dupong, Minister of Armament, Chief of Staff, and Chief of Air Force
Norbert Dumont, Minister of Security
Emile Speller, Chief of Army
The Sergeant
The Private
The Aide
The New Aide
The Secretary
1st German Soldier
2nd German Soldier

The characters in this AAR are not supposed to represent the people they represent. Er... what I mean is, if any of these people actually acted the way I'm portraying them, I'd be very surprised. I don't mean to offend anyone by making Joseph Bech a complete goofball.

Also, I plan on referencing various things. So if something seems familiar and you think, "Hey! That's not very original!" It probably isn't.
End Disclaimer

That being said, the momentous occasion is shortly coming! The first real post!

As soon as I get around to it...
Cast: The Sergeant, The Private

November 4th, 1939

"Private! What are you doing!? Get back on that gun!"

The sound of the Sergeant's voice bellowed loudly over the sound of the explosions and gunfire.

The Private stood back up and brushed himself off. "B-B-But, it makes a lot of noise, sir."

"Noise!?" The Sergeant replied in a high pitched shriek that must have been John Cleese's inspiration. "It's a machine gun! THAT'S WHAT IT DOES!"

The firing stopped while the soldiers on both sides took a moment to collect themselves.

Standing, the Private replied, "Alright, sir."

The Private manned the machine gun.
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Cast: Joseph Bech, Pierre Dupong, The Aide, The Secretary

January 1st, 1936

Joseph Bech examined the diagram that his aide had drawn him.

The Aide explained, "This big hulkish blob is Germany, sir. This little dot-no that's an ink smudge... This little dot is us. As you can see, if Germany wants us... we can't stop them, sir."

Bech eyed the Aide. "You're saying we should give up?"

The Aide replied, "That's precisely what I'm saying, sir. In fact," the Aide picked up some bags, "I'm moving to France," and walked out.

Bech grumbled and called his Secretary. "Send in my next aide, please."

"Can't. He moved to France."

Bech sighed, "Send in the next one then."


"Send in anybody then!"

"Um... sir?"

"Argh! I'll do it myself."

"Very good, sir." The Secretary hastily retreated... to some conveniently packed bags.

Bech shook his head solemnly until his number one, Pierre Dupong walked in 20 minutes later.

"I've decided what we're going to do, Pierre."

"Give Hitler what he wants and move to France?"

"You too!? Oh, for the love of... Well, no. We're going to fight."

"Sir, may I speak frankly?"

"I'm afraid not."


"Now, gather the ministers, I have a plan to save all of our butts from that... 'Führer'..."
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Ok, my posts (much like most Luxemburg games) are probably going to be quite short... so I'll probably post a few at a time. I'm doing this in kind of a one day per post idea so that shortens them. Plus, I'm putting breaks in places I believe breaks should be so that makes the posts shorter too. In short, I guess you're just going to have to deal with my short posts. :D
Cast: Joseph Bech, Pierre Dupong, Norbert Dumont, Emile Speller

January 1st, 1936

Bech opened the meeting with, "Glad you all could make it, let's get down to business."

Bech looked around the room and realized it was just him and the ministers of armament and security, and his Chief of Army.

"Where are the rest?"

"France," they all replied in unison.

Bech sighed. "Well... to business. First, we need to take a look at our economy."

6 ICs, 80 coal, 30 steel.

"Yeah... That's not much to work with... Uh, well, let's take a look at our army."


Bech gulps, "Air force?"

Air force:
See Army.

"Hehehe, suddenly France doesn't look so bad... Navy?"

Pierre replied, "We're landlocked, sir."

"Right! I knew that!" Bech nervously shuffled through his papers. That is, until he realized he didn't have any. "Why don't I have any papers?"

See Economy.

"Oh, right."

Dumont took this opportunity to point out the obvious. "Sir, we cannot defeat Germany."

"Ah, but we can try," countered Bech.

"Right," Dumont conceded the point, and made a mental note to move to France.

"Well, since time is short and I'm getting sleepy, here is my plan. First, start building an army, one infantry division at a time. Second, build land fortifications, lots of them. Third, try to join the Allies and convince them give us technology. Fourth, get to it, I'm going to bed."
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:D I like how this is going. Germany had better think twice about messing with Luxembourg...just like the Communist Chinese better think twice about messing with Nepal and the Gurkhas? You don't have any Gurkhas do you? :p
Originally posted by cthulhu
Hilarious! I'll be in France until the next update... :D

Cowards! Fools! Running away to France... Where is your patriotism? I think that a man should stay and defend the country of his ancestors! Luckily I got a great-great grandfather from Switzerland, so bye bye I got a train to catch! :D :D

Satcho, love your AAR by the way :)
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Applause! It´s a funny AAR, and I sincerely hope you can make a stand (ok, I´m betting my money on the krauts, but, well, uh, hey... )
I wish I could write an AAR... I tried one with the japs but I got so caught with the game that I forgot to take notes and tehn... :p
Good luck!
Sir Andrew: Shoot! I knew I forgot something! I guess big Joe's going to have to give up after all... eh, nah. :)

cthulhu: Thanks! France seems to be a hotspot these days.

spfisk: Thanks! Glad you like it!

Nuclear Winter: Thanks! I've actually finished all of the gameplay and I'm using the history file that I have saved as a reference. It works out because now I can concentrate on writing this and not have to worry about actually playing. And no, I'm not going to spoil the ending by saying how the game turned out. ;)

The next update will be posted as soon as I can get back on my computer and get the posts I have prepared. Hopefully, that'll be later on tonight (US Eastern time, GMT-5). Otherwise, probably Saturday morning... or maybe Sunday... At any rate, as soon as I can get my posts, me, and the internet at the same place, at the same time, I'll post the next exciting chapters. Actually, I think they're all about 1936, so I guess they won't be too exciting... :p :)
Cast: Joseph Bech, The New Aide

February 23rd, 1936



"There's a lot of influencing going on."

"Oh? Influencing? Hmm... you don't say. A lot?"


"Perhaps we should do some too?"


Cast: Joseph Bech, The New Aide

March 8th, 1936



"The Germans are in the Rhineland... again."

"They shouldn't be there."

"No, they shouldn't."

"What should we do?"


"Sounds about right, thank you."
cthulhu: Hope you're comfortable... traitor... :D

SykoNurse: Thanks!

That's all I have time for right now. Sorry it's not much. I'm a bit rushed so I'll try to add something later on either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for reading!
Cast: Joseph Bech, Pierre Dupong

May 25th, 1936

"Our fortifications are finally complete, Joseph."

"They're pretty."

"They are indeed... Emile is anxious to make use of them."

"Yes, as am I. Start some more up, will you? We've got to be ready for the Germans. I know they're going to come. At least, they'll try. How's Emile doing?"

"He's been watching the army train. He's anxious for them to be ready. In fact, he's been playing army on our forward bunkers again."

"By himself?"

"Yes... Occasionally, a few of the recruits join him."

"Ah ha... Won't the Germans be surprised when they show up and we've got massive fortifications waiting for them?"

"They'll be something, Joseph."


"Yes, that's what I meant... surprised..."
Just a quick one before bed... I probably should've waited until Monday to start posting as weekends are normally offline times for me. Oh well... Expect a larger update tomorrow night.

Frankie: I don't know how it happened, but I somehow overlooked your post when I was replying... twice... Sorry about that. :eek: As to what you had said: Well, I try to be different. :)

Drakos: Thanks. You can expect updates a little more frequently during the week.

All: Thanks for reading! I hope you're enjoying it!