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Purple Map Painting in this campaign was one of the more enjoyable runs I've had for a while.

Gothic Invasion achievement:

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I am the HRE Emperor, but I never revoked although all the purple nations in that screenshot are my vassals. I never abandoned my starting province either, although I did move my capital to Groningen in order to join the HRE.

My strategy was to no CB East Frisia who had just the one ally in Frisia. I vassalised East Frisia and seized Groningen from Frisia in the peace deal. Could have taken out Frisia or vassalised them but would have been hated by too many HRE nations. East Frisia joined the HRE during the war so I couldn't have made it my capital unfortunately. During the war, I made sure to get a royal marriage with Burgundy before the AE came into play and they disliked me too much.

Once I'd cored Groningen, I removed it from the HRE and moved my capital there. The hard part of the opening was converting to Catholic, but I eventually managed it in 1465 by spawning Catholic Zealots in Groningen. It just takes time to change religion via rebels.

I wasn't able to get a high enough opinion with Austria to be able to join the HRE, but by 1467 I'd secured the votes of 4 electors and conveniently in 1468 the Austrian ruler died and I was elected HRE emperor. I was then able to join the HRE. 10 years later I got Burgundy as a PU via the Succession event chain and a few years after that I got the horse event. France decided not to contest the Burgundy PU because I was too powerful by this stage.

As I commenced an advance across Europe I quickly made a decision to keep as many purple countries around to occupy the non-German culture provinces that would remain once I got the achievement. I am very pleased with the way it worked out.

Honourable mentions to the following nations which were my subjects at some point but I ultimately annexed them mostly for being 'not purple enough':
  • Nevers (too pink)
  • Tafilalt (too red)
  • Candar (too red)
  • Bulgaria (too grey)
  • Byzantium (too red)
  • Aq Quyunlu (too blue)
  • Trent (I did think they were purple enough, but their existence meant that some of the Alps wilderness areas weren't getting coloured purple so they had to go)
  • Milan (too red)
  • Ragusa (too red)
  • Lusatia (too blue)
  • Orleans (too pink)
I also considered releasing Wales, Leon, Alencon and Kiev but deemed them to be too grey, too red, too pink and too blue respectively.

RIP the following purple nations who unfortunately had to die because they occupied German culture provinces:
  • Goslar
  • Nassau
  • Luneberg
I had wanted Ajam to stick around but they formed Persia and could never go back to being Ajam.

I really, really wanted Livonian Order to form Livonia, but despite all but two of their provinces being Protestant at one point, they never converted to be able to take the decision to form Livonia.

Am really keen to have a go at the All Blue achievement now.

I can't help but ask.. Does "Air Syria" dunk like "Air Jordan" tho ??

PS. You r the bob ross of eu4 bro ;) Lovely stuff as always !
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Second run at the Holy Horde didn't get as much done as I wanted due to the super Otto blob that ate a big chunk out of Europe and had 800k troops when my Horde smashed them. The Teutons have a relatively slow start given how much stronger Poland is than you, but at least I managed to get Muscovy and Austria helping me. Austria ended up being insanely weak despite having both Bohemia and Hungary as PUs the Ottomans just stepped on them.

Allies: Lubeck, Spain, Savoy, Delhi, Afghanistan




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Little playthrough I'm working on! We apparently don't even want to know about the Timurids or the New World. The Abbasids decided to get in on all this revival stuff around the time Basilissa Zoe III was completing the Palaiologan Restoration. Am I the only one freaked out by black-map nations in these games?

The first circumnavigation is still years away from completion.


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Oops, I did it again ...


It has been over a year since my first world conquest, and over time the itch grew to do another France WC. After all, anyone can luck themselves into conquering the world, doing it twice proves skill. I also wanted to see how the various balance changes to France since then would affect it. Most significantly:

  • Military Hegemon no longer grants +5% Administrative Efficiency, which has been replayed with +1 monthly mil power (cringe nerf)
  • France's special Age of Absolutism ability now gives +30% maximum effect of Absolutism instead of +20% fire damage or whatever it was (buff, but not as big as one would think)
  • France now has +10% CCR in its national ideas (buff)
Done in Eu4 1.36.x (I took a significant break from EU4 during this campaign) with all expansion up until and including Emperor. But even if I would own Domination I would have disabled it for this run since the French mission tree in Domination is awful for blobbing. The Revolutionary French ideas, while neat, are not worth it for the 10-20 years before you form Rome.


My earlygame plan was rather standard: Restart until Burgundy starts non-rivaled, immediately start improving relations with Burgundy, kick England out of France. This plan worked arguably a little too well, as not only did Charles die in the 1450s, the horse event happened after less than a year. While is appreciated all that free territory, my government capacity did not. Forcing me into non-standard stuff like vassalizing Brittany instead of just outright annexing them. Got Milan PU as well before I dismantled the HRE. In the 1490s I also got the Neapolitan PU through the event. With the HRE dismantled, Austria (who had gotten Hungary) started blobbing into southern Germany as I diplo-vassalized Baden and somewhat later Berg and began consuming England.


In the 1530s I started my expansion into Italy to fulfill this branch of the mission tree, while feeding my German vassals and killing the English. Ottomans expanded into Hungary, Commonwealth expanded into northern Germany. In the early 1550s I PUd Castile through my mission tree (Aragon became a Peasant Republic and thus Spain never formed). Austria compensated their losses in the east with more German lands. Mostly importantly though I started preparing a PU on the Commonwealth.

This big Austria as actually a bit of a blessing in disguise. While fighting it was a bit annoying, the fact that there were barely any independent German states left and the PLC was my ally/PU meant that I could mostly ignore AE while expanding into Germany. England was killed, making me inherit their colonies. The PLC was PUd in 1653, followed by Castile being integrated a few years later. The Ottomans actually had a rather strong game, managing to make significant inroads into Persia. But against the Franco-Polish union they obviously stood no chance.


The next few decades were then spent juggling wars between Germany, Portugal, and the Ottomans. Then I got my dynasty on the Russian throne and cheekily enforced a PU on them. At this point I was pretty sure than the world conquest was guaranteed, so I set myself the additional goal to make it a onetag WC. I became revolutionary ASAP, and with the death of Portugal in late 1731 I was able to form Rome.


With my nation now at its full power potential, my pace of expansion absolutely increased exponentially to the point where I was limited by the hard cap on admin monarch point generation - with having two big PUs to integrate, I only established a few client states and released vassals. Since screenshots simply can not do the lategame justice, have this timelapse video:

My idea choices this run were pretty standard:


I picked court solely for the -5% CCR policy and Naval because my final three enemies were Japan, Majapahit, and Austrialia. The free naval barrage even came in handy in the final war of the campaign.
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It was time to unleash the Polish horde again, sad about the name placement it was much larger before I expanded into Russia

Allies: Castille, Persia, England, Austria





Also managed to complete the mission tree as well

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Castille I think is even more broken then France, by 1510 I already had all of the Magreb, half of Italy, and Austria under my control then I added England as there is a mission where you get a PU over them if they're heretics.

Allies: Brandenburg (Germany), Poland, Russia, Persia, USA




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Gave the new Persian mission tree a try, started as Ajam to make my life a bit easier. It's quite a powerful start, I quickly expanded a lot especially after becoming Eranshahr. After a while I was also getting loads of money from trade. All in all it was a very fun run and I managed to get three achievements (King of Kings, This is Persia, Keep the Flame Burning) with it.

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My first real game with Brandenburg, don't know how I survived the early game I didn't realize that taking the Ansbach PU forced you to conquer all those tiles or you get hit with penalties and lose the PU. So I had to rush it and ended up being Coalitioned by most of the HRE and some how even with a major advantage none of the members declared war so that was an almost disaster. But after that it was mostly easy sailing you get so many claims that make your life so much easier,

Allies: Great Britain, Sweden, Ottomans, Venice




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My Angevin Empire. I did not plan for a full game but had fun playing so it happened :)

Subjects: Ethiopia (Vassal), Castile (PU), Italy (PU), Ireland (PU), Portugal (Vassal), Saxony (PU), Sweden (PU), Tirol (March).
Allies: Hungary, Lithuania (same dynasty)


Sold Maine to avoid the Hundred Years War. Allied Austria (HRE) and Poland (hoping they'll get their PU over Lithuania, which they didn't). In the first war against France I only took some provinces (including Paris) and gold. In the second war I took few more provinces and enforced PU (AE was much lower than I originally anticipated).

Once I had France I've tried to conquer Burgundy and the strangest thing happened (I assume the game engine couldn't handle it better). I, my subjects and Austria were at war against Burgundy when Burgundian Inheritance happened. Austria got it and as the result the war just ended... Right after this Austria rivalled me, thus ending our alliance. More over, they've allied my other rival at that time, Spain. Their combined forces rivalled mine, but it was fun to have a challenge :)

Looking for new allies I've allied Austria's rival Saxony (which I later forced into PU). In the meantime Poland got their ass kicked by Teutonic Order during Prussian Confederation and were forced to end our alliance. Since they didn't have Lithuania under PU, I've allied them instead (and they were my loyal ally till the end of the game; I did not have a chance to enforce PU over them, tho).

Around that time I diplo vassalized Savoy and released Aragon from provinces conquered from Spain, and started feeding them provinces in Italia and Iberia. When reformation started I went Anglican with the intention of creating an Anglican Holly Roman Empire (via siding with the weaker side during Religious League, so that Peace of Westphalia happens). But it didn't go as planned... Religious League formed when I was at war against some HRE minor, Austria (the emperor) and Spain. Before I could finish my war, the Religious League War started... Protestant side was much stronger so it easily won and enforced Protestant as the official faith...

Since I could no longer became the HRE emperor I've said "screw it" and decided to dismantle the HRE (which I did few years later). Dismantling it had some unforeseen consequences (tho I should expect this; I just didn't think about it) - Ottomans blobbed like crazy. In the following years they've conquered all of Austria proper, half of Bohemia, Venice region and eastern part of Italian peninsula. I only realized what abomination did I create once I've got the "Fall of Vienna" event.

Or so I thought. When I was ready for my first war against Ottomans they've had almost 500k troops, their ally of Songhai (which at that point owned all of sub-Saharan Africa) ~75k and their other ally Delhi ~100k. On my side I had 330k, Ireland ~50k, Italy ~80k, Aragon~70k, Saxony (still just ally back then) ~80k and Lithuania ~120k. So in total ~675k vs.~730k. Not a huge difference but my plan was to deal with Ottomans before their allies arrive.

I hope you can imagine my surprise when the war started and Ottomans armies were nowhere to be found. We marched trough European provinces without any resistance. It was then I've realized Ottomans had recently completed a war in the Horn of Africa and most (or all) of their armies were there. Once they had their armies back it was already too late - my side had stacks of 150k+ and they had armies in the size of about 80k. They were few (I think 5) battles in which they've lost half their army size, after which they never tried to engage us in battle again.

In the peace deal I took all the provinces I could from Songhai, half of Ottomans possessions in Italia for my PU subject, few provinces in Bohemia for Saxony and Crimea for Lithuania. I've also released Hungary and Nitra. After this it was a downward spiral for Ottomans. They were immediately attacked by Russia and Persia (two separate wars) and later by few other nations. When my truce was over and I've attacked them again, they were just a shadow of their former selves.

At this point there was no longer any country possessing a threat for me. But since it was already early 1700s I thought "why not play it till the end". In the remaining years I cycled my wars between Iberia, HRE remnants and Ottomans remnants, making sure truce does not allow coalition to form. The highest value of AE I've seen (before nation was annexed) was 275 :cool:

When I spotted the chance, I've enforced PU on Saxony and later Sweden. Did not manage the same with Portugal (broke our alliance when I became hegemon and got a lot of AE so I could no longer claim the throne). Did not get a change to enforce PU on Lithuania or Hungary.

Things of notice:
  • Novgorod formed Russia. I suppose Lithuania allying them and not falling under PU helped. I felt bad declaring war against them later in the game.
  • Teutonic Order formed Prussia. Was unable to fully conquer them since Lithuania occupied some provinces they did not want in a peace deal (due to overextension)
  • Naples formed Two Sicilies. Once Ottomans fell, they've conquered half of Balkans and Greece (which I conquered from them later).
  • Revolution spawned in Korea of all places, but interestingly they did not go revolutionary.

Fully-stacked economic hegemon with almost 3 times the development of the second Revolutionary Persia.


Final score:
(second largest army since I've stopped caring about building it to force limit :p)

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My next attempt at the Fetishist Africa run did better this time then last but still failed :( the most cursed thing happened somehow France managed to get a PU over Austria. And AQ Qoyunlu formed the Seljuk Empire which I didn't even know was a possible tag.

Allies: France, Ottomans, Aq Qoyunlu (Seljuk Empire), Poland




I didn't end up taking Religious ideas because I knew it was going to end up incompletable given this curse happened.


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My next attempt at the Fetishist Africa run did better this time then last but still failed :( the most cursed thing happened somehow France managed to get a PU over Austria. And AQ Qoyunlu formed the Seljuk Empire which I didn't even know was a possible tag.

Allies: France, Ottomans, Aq Qoyunlu (Seljuk Empire), Poland

View attachment 1084758

View attachment 1084759

View attachment 1084760

I didn't end up taking Religious ideas because I knew it was going to end up incompletable given this curse happened.

View attachment 1084761

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Nice Kongo there.

I believe that a potential war with France was quite winnable, as long as you got naval supremacy. Block any attempt to disembark in North Africa, intercept (with some stack) any attempt to disembark in western Africa. You could take the war objective lightning fast and get 25 ticking WS, and France/Austria wouldn't be able to put their superior army in use against you. To be even safer, you could send some ships to blockade the Bosphorus, and keep some ships in the Aden strait, just in case. If you did all of this, the only land path they could use against you is all the way around the Black Sea, down the Middle East, and towards Egypt. This path would take their army like 2 years to take, and you could easily recieve them with a level 8 fort+ramparts+the bulk of your forces to take them out one by one.

Also, the Seljuk empire is a new tag that made its debut with King of Kings.
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My 89th EUIV run: Tripura.

It's been a month since my last EUIV run, mostly because I was expecting the new Dev Diary cycle to start at any time, but to no avail, they're only returning in 27th February. Since we were unsure what would the next DLC focus on (now we know - Central and South America), I chose something that surely wouldn't get any new content - Tripura. I chose it over Kachar, because it has it's own ideas, instead of using Bengali ones.

I expected it to be a hard start, because you start as an OPM right next to a very aggressive Bengal. If they attack you, you're screwed. Luckily, they didn't and they focused on Koch, Assam and Sadya instead. In the meantime, I managed to annex Manipur, Kachar and Assam province itself. It would obviously not be enough, so I needed strong allies to prevent them from attacking me. Ayutthaya and Orissa seemed like perfect choices. I managed to secure both alliances, luckily, both were rivaled to Bengal so it was easier to get extra relations. Now I had enough strength to defeat them, only if they weren't allied to Bahmanis, Malwa and Delhi.

Now that I had Ayutthaya as an ally, there was another expansion route open - Ava and its tributaries. I started with Kale, along with it, I took Pagan province, the only non-jungle province, where I could grow Renaissance without wasting all my mana. The 2nd war was much easier and I attacked Ava directly, I reduced them to just one province. I could immediately feel my economy and force limit growing, it allowed me to start building up my country and think about challenging Bengal. An opportunity came when Bahmanis were at war with Jaunpur, they refused Bengal's call to arms. It was still a tough war, but I managed to win and grab some neighbouring provinces and gain sea access. In the next 3 wars I completely finished off Bengal. Then my warmongering ended and I could move my main trade city to Dhakka and just focus on developing my country.

01. Tripura Empire.png
02. World map.png
03. Score.png
04. Tripura Empire.png

My vassals: Orissa, Tirhut, Oudh, Tsang, Hsenwi, Ayutthaya, Khmer, Kedah, Barus.
My allies: Persia.

That huge Qing is my fault. I noticed successful Later Jin, so I allied them to help them defeat our common rival Russia, Transoxiania and keep the Chinese states in check. I overfed them and then they went on their own rampage in China and the Steppes, became Qing and obviously rivaled me in 1807. That way I got a free diplo slot and I used it to get another vassal - Khmer. I conquered the provinces from Yue and then released them in 1811.
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That huge Qing is my fault. I noticed successful Later Jin, so I allied them to help them defeat our common rival Russia, Transoxiania and keep the Chinese states in check. I overfed them and then they went on their own rampage in China and the Steppes, became Qing and obviously rivaled me in 1807. That way I got a free diplo slot and I used it to get another vassal - Khmer. I conquered the provinces from Yue and then released them in 1811.
Also noticed that obscenely huge Austria I don't think i've ever seen an AI Austria be that big before
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After seeing what AQ Qoyolunu did in my previous game I wanted to play it out and see what I could do with it. The Ottomans only let you take three provinces from Dulkadir and none from anyone else or they want to murder you. But luck was on my side in this game. They attacked Albania for some unknown reason right at the start after killing Byzantium and of course they got smashed by Venice since Venice is more then strong enough to defeat them right at the start if the Ottomans run in with no allies. Which is what the AI did so they ended the war with only one province taken from Albania and lost 60k troops so that enabled the Mamluks to form Egypt by 1485 and be quite a lot stronger then the Ottomans.

I was actually concerned that Egypt would attack me because of how weak the Ottomans made themselves. They ended up trapped and unable to expand because Hungary somehow had 65k troops from somewhere somehow so they only got attacked by the Ottomans once they had been tenderized by Venice and Poland. I allied Jaunpur and Ajam for protection against the Mughals and Egypt until the Ottomans were finally strong enough for me to declare war on Egypt took all of Syria and the Holy Land in the first war.

Once I built up enough to have the same number of troops as the Ottomans had I picked up alliances with Russia, Poland and Venice and just smashed the Ottomans it only took one war to break them and push them into the decline event. Fighting Egypt ended up more of a struggle then the Ottomans as Egypt allied nearly all of Arabia including Kilwa. I ended up allying Ethiopia so I had a meat shield against Kilwa while I cleaned up Egypt's minor allies. A very fun campaign it is a hard start given you end up with no troops and no money for at least the first 50 years while you consolidate your region. For AQ I would rate Diplomatic ideas as the most important one to start off with as you need those alliances. Jaunpur and Russia are the most important ones and it's very hard to get them without the diplo rep bonuses. Also depending on how India looks, Gujarat, Mewar, Bahmanis would be good alternatives in my game Jaunpur was the strongest and they usually are at the start

Allies: Poland, Russia, Ottomans, Venice, Ethiopia, Jaunpur




Britain also had a very strong game somehow they got PUs over both Sweden and Poland

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