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Jan 14, 2010
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Majesty 2: Cold Sunrise is a 4th expansion to the Majesty 2 game. What makes it different from first 3 expansions?

1. Cold Sunrise is a global modification that provides you with a whole new customizable base for Majesty 2 modding. It allows full control over the Editor, custom unit, building and in-game value modifications. Modding Majesty 2 has never been that easy.

2. A whole new 9 mission campaign to enjoy! Continue on Your Majesty's and his faithful Advisor's adventures to the North!

3. New Singleplayer and Multiplayer missions! Enjoy a whole set of custom-made high quality unique singleplayer and multiplayer missions! They include some old FF missions, as well as brand new, never seen before maps!

4. Unique mechanics! Play against computer opponents who attack, defend and cooperate with you on your fight through Majesty 2 missions!

5. Brand new looks! This expansion adds a whole bunch of new textures, objects and units to the game to randomize the gameplay.

6. Difficulty settings! Tired of getting beaten? Or probably, the game is too easy for ye? Or you would like to join your buddy on the internets to play some games togehter? A DIFFICULTY SELECTOR tool will allow you customize your gaming experience and adapt the game to your liking!

7. A highly detailed, step-by-step Editor Manual will be included with the release to get you started!

After 2 years of intense development and problem-solving, we finally bring you this wonderful expansion, by fans - for fans. Stay tuned!
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Yes, I am talking about the English version here. Russian version has already been released (our 10,000 download was celebrated yesterday :) ). We are releasing a big patch for Russians, and then the updated English version hits you on Oct 15.
Hello Hapuga,

I read that their will be a difficulty setting. I was wondering if this setting will be available for the other expansion + the single missions. Or will it be only available for the Cold Sunrise expansion campaign.

I ask this because I bought this game. I had a lot of fun in the first missions. But then right now this game is absolutly impossible and no fun for me at all. I hope this setting will affect all the campaigns and single missions (from all expansions) because I have a lot of fun playing this game when I am not raped by Werevolves each 2 min and when their is not like 5 mages lvl 1 that one shot each of my building, each 5 minutes.

Thank you and I hope to have an answer! This game is basically fun.
I will grow a beard to the knees if I start on a changelog, it's a waste of time. We have changed so many things. We redid all the MKS structure (MKS castle was ignoring dependencies with MKS names, therefore being empty in menu). We Adjusted the flag response rate and reactions even further. Added that to monster units. Fixed a handful of inconsistencies and small bugs. For example, Fire Mage wasnt buying weapons. + some of his spell descriptions did not show up correctly in the menu. The randomization was added to all our maps. Maps are being rebalanced (which is most time-consuming). Some maps are getting remade and fixed. etc, etc, etc...
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