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Feb 14, 2018
Hi !
I love pillars of eternity on my Xbox !
I'm very excited at the news of PoE 2 coming to consoles this summer ! However I would LOVE to play Tyranny on my xbox. I ain't got a PC cause I don't have the time nor the money and skills to build one...
I know the sales for Tyranny weren't that good and so the port on consoles isn't a thing right now. But I think that me and many others would be very pleased and eager to buy it on consoles.
Well, thanks for listening
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I completely agree. I don't play on the pc as much as I use to. I'm playing POE on the ps4 but I recently bought Tyranny for the pc & I find that I enjoy it more. If I had the opportunity to buy it on console, I would. Much more comfortable playing on the sofa as opposed to a computer chair after a couple of hours. Any gamepad support, please.
I think it's worth noting that steam has a big picture mode that looks really good on TVs. There is also the steam link product that is commonly on sale. I fully support a console port just saying there is stuff you can do now that be more like a 'console experience'
I'd be all over that! I own both Pillars 1 and 2 on PC but have not played either one since I do not have a computer that can handle them AND have enough memory for everything else I need it for, such as school. I'd gladly buy Tyranny if it came out on consoles. Unlikely as all get out but a guy can dream.
Im agree, i said yes, yes and yes tyranny on consoles,
I don't have pc either,
Just Ask console players they will be pleased so much.

Come on guys we want this awesome game on our console :)

Best regards.
Absolutely agree.
Tyranny is one of my all time favourite games, up there with Diablo 2 and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.

I would love to play this again on console, I mostly play console now because it's more comfortable than PC. I also wish it and PoE had multilayer so my cousins and I could play it but if wishes were wings, beggars would fly.

Just wanted to put my oar into this thread.