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Lt. General
Jul 5, 2008
This game is too easy. EU allows you to start as a single provence country and then slowly take over the world! EIC you can beat by 1610-1620 on the hardest settings just by wiping out all the competition from the start. Alternatively, you can leave the AI companies enough resources to survive and keep using them as plunder targets to finance a galleon fleet and capture India by 1615-1625 and win as soon as 10 years go by.

I was really hoping for a Patrician 3 style open ended kind of game where you had bigger fish from the start and have to carefully accumulate wealth, power, and status as you claw your way to the top.

The Good: I love the combat. Very fun on simulation mode.

The Bad: AI opponants are too easy to beat.

What would improve things? I honestly think Patrician 3, old as it is, is a far more complex and difficult game with several orders of magnitude more replayability. I'd love to see an expansion for this game that had the 'trade empire' aspects of Pat 3 to combine with the great combat of EIC.