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Jul 10, 2012
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Because of course with the new Jade Dragon DLC out it is time to roll up a kingdom in the new region. We have but one long term goal and that is to of course invade China. Starting out in U-Tsang we are going grow, and fight, and grow, and conquer, as much as we can switching religions as we must to gain just all the land. Then we come for you China. Then we will come for you.


Woo! A fun trip to China time. Makes me hope that they expand the idea of the pilgrimages that you can do with the Theology focus.

Doing what I can to make the religion strong. That and more raiding. In fact can you figure out my raiding mistake I make this session?

Woohoo! The unnecessary bankrupting of my kingdom! Totally worth it though. Really. If anyone in the Kingdom disagrees they get put in the oubliette.

I should have asked for a peace treaty. Mistakes were made!

All that money. All that wonderful income I don't get anymore. This only makes me want to invade China more and more! I will one day have my revenge even if I must wait centuries to do it.

Slow growth. Certainly limited by my...arrangement with the forces off the map to the east but I have my path to power lined up.

Some survival issues for my family line right now. Hmm...maybe I should stop trying to just steal tech all the time?

Note to self. Upsetting the Emperor can cost me precious Grace. I need that Grace.

Time to subjugate the neighbours. They will be fine with it I am sure. Who would ever be upset at serving under my cancer maimed king?

Excellent. Much land. Now just one more war in the north and I can form Tibet I expect.

Now I just need my leader to die to invade north. How hard can it be to have one ruler pass on right? This is CK2 after all.

Being depressed is good. Just need to pick the right moment to take advantage of that.

I have never been so depressed to not be depressed.

I need to remember to not do things that make me live longer. Damn this near immortality! Now I understand that great question. Who wants to live forever?

Finally the sweet release of death frees us all from having to wear the masks. Also frees me for a major war northwards.

Now we start the war to make Tibet itself. We head north to do such. It will be glorious!

Ahh my power as Tibet has risen! None will be able to fight me! None will be able to test against my might! Probably...maybe. Beware China.

This whole trying to fight China thing is a little trickier than expected. Mistakes were made!

We will now enter a dark time of history for our glorious Empire. We will not forgive this though! Nor ever forget.