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Apr 17, 2015
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Does this mean Eugen's striking out alone (again...?) ?

Personally, I'm sincerely hoping for a coop campaign given the big strategic map that's promised. Let's see how it goes.
I'd like to take credit for this, but I suspect I was just late to the party. Imma preorder this thing.

They're even doing Dynamic Strategic Campaigns!!!! Madmatt, you magnificent bastard!

WWII's Eastern Front with new 'Dynamic Strategic Campaigns' set during Operation Bagration, the massive Soviet offensive that pierced the German line, eventually reaching Warsaw.

These 'dynamic' campaigns are "highly replayable," says Eugen, mapping the details of the battles on a 1:1 scale with 25 maps, over 600 units, a new art direction, "revamped combat," and an updated engine.

"Each turn equals half a day, allowing players to form their strategy and plan their next encounter, while carefully managing their units and supply lines," reads the press release. "Prospective commanders will be able to control entire army corps and subordinate battalions consisting of thousands of men." (Better read up on Soviet Deep Battle.)
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Just as long as they don't make one or the other side hideous stereotypes (ahem), we should be fine. :)
Well this game out of nowhere but I suspect that there wouldn't had been that much ideas for Normandy anyway so why not go with completely new set.

Also, motherfucking Hungarians! Huzzah!
Guys, please do it right this time around.
IMO front line game mode needs some polishing and maybe too restrictive division system should be rethought. Don't do the typical Eugen thing of (with good intentions) being too innovative and biting off too much for what you can handle because of that.
European Escalation -> AirLand Battle -> Red Dragon

Steel Division: Normandy 44 -> Steel Division II -> .....

How long you gonna split the already small online of such niched product ?

Make once ONE BIG platform and sell separate campaigns (Normandy, Africa, East Front, Pacific and e.t.c.) as DLC.
Well thats what we hope they did, they are calling it Steel Division 2 not Steel Division:Bagration. Maybe for a purpose?

I really hope people that have SD normandy can play it through this next game, in a seperate match settings of course. (like you can play with other races in dawn of war soulstorm if you have the other games)

It would also leave the game open for plenty of other fronts being added. All the player has to do when creating a match is choose the front he wants to play.
Awesome, just what I hoped for! But no paradox is strange?
I want to know if it will be possible in multiplayer and skirmish to play with all the new sides from steel division 2 and the old sides from steel division 1 toghther. For instance russians vs allies (british and americans) or russians and allies vs germans.
Strange they made a total new SD and it cost me the previous preorder high prices. So it is more a milk cow concept thed make a desent add an/DLC

Never a good stragic layer Wargame had before. The fight was nice but not enough and after a year i payed the full price the game is abondon? It is strange, Paradox did never do that after 1 year en Eugen before to also not, Wargame was most time 2-3 years supported so very big disappointed. They look like the felt out of money by the strikes and now want to get the money of there customers as compensation for the strike?
At last...

The Steel Division game I always wanted.

Germans better use horse drawn carts, as they actually did.
Bad move for eugen. This is the problem with having different fronts for a different game. They're splitting player base to an already small community.

Might boycott this one. It's like they made this for just a quick cash grab, and abandoned the first SD for only a year of support. Very disappointed at eugen right now.