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May 21, 2007
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Spain used to be one of the most powerful nations on earth. Spanish vessels sailed the globe. Spanish explorers founded the new world. Spanish conquistadors defeated the Aztec empire, and colonized South America. The old Spanish empire used to rule places such as the Netherlands, southern Italy, the Philippines, and huge portions of south and north America.

However, that all changed. Starting with the defeat of the Spanish armada at the hands of the British, later with invasion by Napoleon's armies, and continuing with nationalist uprisings in the new world, culminating to the final embarrassing defeat in 1898 at the hands of the United States in the Spanish-American war. Since then, Spain had become nothing more than a minor power.

In 1936, the extreme leftist republican government had begun to stamp down on Spain's age old values, and groups such as communists, anarchists, and others were fighting for power. The Spanish military, and much of the population had had enough of this, and in July of 1936, a coup was attempted. Unfortunately, the coup did not succeed, and large amounts of Spain were still in the hands of the Republican government.


Francisco Franco, an army officer, and veteran of colonial wars in Morocco, took the lead of this group, now known as the Spanish nationalists, and pledged to crush the Republicans and Return Spain to its former glory. Spain will soon once again be a world power, one that the world will never forget!

HOI2 DD version 1.3
AI: Easy/Aggressive
GIP V 0.6
DMP V 10.02
AI from Fernando Torres' excellent experience of WW2 mod.
Assorted graphics mods.
I will probably mod Nat Spain's tech teams to make them better. I mostly have level 2 and 3 tech teams, and that just wont do. I will also add cores for almost the entire former Spanish empire, and possibly even reinstate the republican military leaders and tech teams a few years after the SCW. It wont be much, but it should help.

I will play with nofog on, since I find the fog of war to be annoying, and I like to view the comparison charts at my leisure.

Immediate: Crush the republican Spanish government.
Medium term:Build powerful land, sea, and air forces
Long term: Rebuild the Spanish empire, including recolonization of south and central America, and defeating the United States, as revenge for the defeat in 1898.


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May 21, 2007
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Spain is in Chaos. The Republicans still control the capital, Madrid, and hold a number of strategic locations all across the country. They also still control a massive amount of the army.


The nationalist armies are scattered, and in some places like Bilbao and Barcelona, are fighting for their lives.

With the proclamation of the new Spanish nation, tens of thousands of volunteers begin arriving from many regions of the country, especially from the south in Seville.

With these new militias, Nationalist army units launch a general offensive in the south, before larger Republican army formations can arrive from the Madrid area.

Fascist Italy, eager to see Franco succeed, deploys the Corpo Truppe Voluntaire to Spain.

Thousands of well trained and heavily armed Italian troops arrive to aid in the struggle. They are led by Italian General Gambara.

Republican propaganda paints this as the beginning of an Italian Invasion. "Folls." Franco says about them.

Following the Italian example, Germany deploys the elite condor legion to fight on the Nationalist's behalf.

Hundreds of German panzers arrive, along with hundreds of bombers and fighters under the command of Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen, a distant cousin of the famous Great War german ace, Manfred von Richthofen.



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May 21, 2007
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As aid arrives for the nationalists, the Republicans look desperately for anyone who will offer the same level of assistance for their side. The UK and France, the leaders of the allied alliance, abandon the republicans.

The soviet Union is the only major power to send aid to the republicans. Tanks, aircraft, and "advisors" arrive to aid the republican army. Along with them come the international brigades. People from nations all over the world who have come to Spain to fight against the nationalist cause. Here, polish members hold a parade before being sent to the front lines.

Battles rage across the country. Unfortunately, most of them are losses for the Nationalist side. First, strategic locations near the French border are lost, and positions in the central portions of the country become the scenes of bloody back-and-forth battles. Here, the region of Siguenza, holds against a determined Nationalist assault.

In the midst of the back-and-fourth battles, the nationalist held city of valencia becomes encircled by republican troops. Although only a couple divisions are trapped, every division counts. They are able to successfully break the encirclement and escape destruction.

Siguenza continues to be the scene of large scale battles between Nationalist and Republican troops.

Victory! Nationalist units take the region, however, republican units counter attack from the Madrid area. Nationalist troops launch a flanking attack aimed at the main Republican force in Guadalajara.

The plan backfires, and the Republicans are obviously trying to link up with their units in the Barcelona area.

To keep up the pressure in this region, Nationalist troops begin a limited offensive in the Pyrenees mountains.


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May 21, 2007
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The Republican army launches a massive offensive to retake Siguenza, and succeed in forcing Nationalist units back, and are now in a position to march on the Nationalist Capital, Burgos. However, the Republicans make a fatal mistake.

They leave Guadalajara and the capital, Madrid almost completely open to attack. Franco orders all available units to push forward from the south and west. The Italian volunteer corps brushes aside the single Republican division guarding Madrid, and the city is finally under Nationalist army control.

As the Republicans realize their error, they send most of their troops, including a division of soviet built tanks to Guadalajara, to try and get in position to retake the city. Nationalist troops converge on the area, and crush the Republican army forces there.

And an added bonus. 40,000 Republican militia and infantry are surrounded and wiped out to the last man at Badajoz, the last Republican stronghold in the west of the country.

Here, Italian built Nationalist aircraft attack Republican positions in Badajoz.

More Volunteers are ready for frontline duty.

With rebuilt captured industry, the Nationalists are able to fund another tech team.

By December 6th, the front lines in Spain look like this.

Franco draws up plans to deal the final fatal blow to the Republican government. Spanish units will strike from the north into the Barcelona area, while Italian, Spanish and German units will hit the Republicans at Valencia. The goal is to preserve as much of the Republican army in Castellon as possible. Reports have arrived that the remnants of the Republican army are tired, and are willing to join the Nationalist cause once the war is over.
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May 21, 2007
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Nationalist forces begin the final push, to end the civil war once and for all. Tarragona and Barcelona both fall with only token resistance.

And finally, the last battle of the war. German panzer's and Italian tanks lead the way in the battle of Valencia. The outcome is never in doubt.

One of the most iconic images of the war. A Spanish republican soldier falls outside of the city.

With its last field armies defeated, and having no hope of international assistance or reinforcements, the Spanish Republican government surrenders unconditionally.

Francisco Franco proclaims total victory. The new Spanish government moves back to the capital, Madrid. Spain is finally at peace, and the thousands of Italian and German volunteers and officers return home.

Franco reviewing the troops at a victory parade in Madrid.

The former republican army is purged of all Republican officers, and their units are put under the control of the new Spanish government. The republicans still had a good army, including 2 full strength tank divisions. These units will prove indispensable when they are needed.

And even more good news. The entire Republican Spanish Navy was recovered completely intact. This formidable fleet, which includes 2 old battleships, 4 light cruisers, and several flotillas each of destroyers and transports, is now available for orders.

The economic status of the country is very good. Almost all industry is back online. And it is found that the Republicans were building 2 more heavy cruisers in one of their few remaining shipyards. Franco decides to finish their production, for these ships could prove to be very useful.

Meanwhile, the volunteers have returned back to their homelands. Franco sends his thanks to both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini for their help and support.

With the country now finally united, Franco can now turn his eyes beyond Spain's borders.....


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Oct 16, 2004
Great start! I'll be watching. Nice AAR, so far.


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After reorganization, the Spanish army was redeployed to the Portugese border. Spain breaks off all diplomatic communication with their smaller neighbour.

While the army is on the move, the navy commissions its first brand new warship, the heavy cruiser ARE Canarias.

With the army in place Franco summons the Portuguese ambassador to his presidential residence. "Take this ambassador." Franco hands him a letter. Once the ambassador opens it, his face widens with shock. "You can't be serious!" he shouts to Franco. "I am quite serious Mr Ambassador." Franco replies. The letter holds the Spanish declaration of war.

The overwhelming assault on little Portugal begins.

The Spanish army faces little resistance until it reaches the Capital of Lissabon. There, the 20,000 man Portuguese army makes its desperate defense against an undefeatable Spanish force including tanks and large amounts of infantry.

The small Portuguese fleet attempts to flee, but is easily sent reeling by the guns of Spanish cruisers and battleships.

Franco has President Salazar brought to him at a small country house outside Lissabon to dictate peace terms. The only terms are for Portugal to hand over its extensive colonial empire to spanish control. Although at first defiant, Salazar eventually caves in, and the short Spanish-Portuguese war ends.

Spain now controls colonies from the mid Atlantic, to Angola and Mozambique, all the way to the former Portuguese colonies of Macao and East Timor in southeast Asia.



Meanwhile, China, rocked by continuing civil war and chaos, due to Chiang Kai Shek's refusal to stop a border war between him and the Guangxi warlords in the south, is now invaded by the empire of Japan. "I doubt Chiang can survive this." Franco comments.


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The sister ship to the Canarias, the Heavy Cruiser ARE Baleares is completed, and ready for service.

With both vessels completed, the Spanish government orders an expansion of the Spanish Army. 5 new corps sized formations of infantry are ordered, along with engineer and armored car brigades.

World Wide Radio Address. July 13th 1937

Good day fellow Spaniards and Latino's around the world! This is Francisco Franco, Caudillo of Spain. I have come to speak to you about your future.

Spain is now a prosperous, peaceful nation. Our people are happy, well fed, and look forward to a bright future, after years of chaos at the hands of the illegitimate republican government. I, the Caudillo of Spain, want to offer to you, the Global latino community, this same prosperity.

Unfortunately, your current leaders, the corrupt family dynasties, and the american installed puppet governments, want to prevent your happiness and your prosperity while they line their own pockets with the fruits of your labour. Let us end this corruption together. Spain will unite all of our peoples under one banner. One of the New Spanish Empire! For peace and prosperity!

Latino's of the world, unite!






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Nov 27, 2005
Nice, you will need a much larger navy if you are going to accomplish anything though, and your army would probably need expansion too, but as I see that you are on your way in accomplishing this I can only say; Viva España! :D


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@SouthCarolinian: Thank you.

@Romanius: Are you talking about the European lands that Spain used to own? If so, I might add cores for places like the low countries, south Italy, etc. later.

@Quanto: Thanks. I did it so that I can completely annex portugal later on, without having to sail all across the world to take places like Macao. Plus, my new colonial possessions give me the ability to invade places all over the world.

@General Jac : Don't worry. Soon, a new Spanish armada will sail the oceans, one more powerful than anything the world has seen before.

By the way, should I make Spain the true owner of countries like Argentina and Chile, so I can inherit their ships after I defeat them?

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Win Spanish Civil War, then attack Portugal.... Hm, why is this familiar? :rofl: