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Hello everyone! Today we're releasing Update 1.10.2 for Crusader Kings III. This update is aimed primarily at addressing balance issues with the University activities introduced in 1.10, but we also took the opportunity to knock out some outstanding issues elsewhere.

As always, if you run into issues after this update, please let us know on our bug report board.

Update 1.10.2 Changelog

  • Rebalanced costs of the University interaction.
    • While remaining one of the most expensive Activities, the cost has now primarily moved onto the options; the lowest option reduces the base cost, the normal option costs significantly more, and the good option almost doubles the cost of the activity. This should lower the barrier of entry, while letting the activity remain an effective gold sink.
  • Removed the extra cost for having a higher tier title from the University Activity.
  • The books gained from the highest University Activity books option are now better.
  • The skill point gained from the University Activity books option is no longer random, but is instead based on your education. This should make it easier to improve a skill you care about.

  • The Player must now have promised a Grand Wedding in order to plan one.

  • Added warning about potential hostage execution when offering to join another character’s war.
  • Fixed University costs accidentally scaling up by almost an order of magnitude in later eras.
  • Betrothals will no longer stop you from promising a new Grand Wedding if the old promise was related to someone who is now dead.
  • Hostages departing toast message will no longer be doubled when Defender wins a war.
  • Activities can now be planned even if you have insufficient funds to start them.
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Can you balance the values of the treasures?
For example, knight combat power, direct jurisdiction and character combat power, the bonus of treasures causes the values to start to inflate.
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While it may be intentional, it would be nice to be possible to plan a Grand Wedding when one of the characters is involved in activity. You have to wait for Grand Wedding anyway, so why not add that another activity's time to the waiting time?
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Thanks for the fixes!
The Player must now have promised a Grand Wedding in order to plan one.
Promised at the time of betrothal? IIRC, deaths during the betrothal period weren’t the only events players reported made it impossible for them to fulfill their promise. I’m going to take my game offline to avoid this update until it’s clear that promising a grand wedding doesn’t risk bugging-out that game. :)

I quite liked upgrading to a grand wedding when I got the ‘both parties available to wed now’ notice, so I hope someone mods this back in—and that I find their mod!
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Any chance of reordering or reworking the list of situations? While hostages can be interesting, we don't need three different situation lines being clogged with hostage interactions when most of the times we don't want to demand a hostage from 10 counts or dukes that border our kingdom. The situation menu was very nice before hostages were a thing, but now are very cluttered with unnecessary repetitive interactions.
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Not sure if this is a side-effect of the patch, but I find death by childbirth to be extremely common since this update. It seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

Can't be from this update. Nothing touched birth with this update. Last possible change was 31/8. When patch 1.10.1 was released.

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I'm glad to see another patch and...still I dearly hope it is not the last one for W&W. While the fixes to the University are nice and welcome, I think there are still serious outstanding issues elsewhere, be it for example the gameplay around hostages (the more I play, the more chaotic things seem become with hostages teleporting to new courts by marriages or events) - or what @ck3enjoyer emphasized here again (which is BTW also affecting the university activity, as the AIs will deafult to well-behaved learning instead of having the chance to become Goliards, unless the player happens to reload in between the AIs decision and the activity start):

It also still has the "In Review"-label. Of course, that might be just the truth, but OTOH it has happened on the past that bugs for unkown reasons never lost the "In Review"-label, like the one here https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru...t-duel-discount-of-10-rather-than-50.1588998/
Ideally we would receive some kind of feedback, like "please post more examples" - or just the info that it got logged.

I know that labeling bugs or responding to them is adding to the QAs workload, so it is a kind of dilemma for them (as it eats time for other stuff like investigating them or communicating with devs and so on), but as player of the game it is a bit frustrating, when a report ends up in that state or when you have the feeling that "your" bug getting visible attention at all seems to depend quite a bit on luck (mainly posting at the right time). I know that this isn't the fault of the QA people, which surely do their best and probably caused by the sheer number of reports to deal with (including invalid or less-then-ideally set up ones, which e.g. lack a savegame for easy reproduction of the issue), but it is really not encouraging at times to report bugs :(
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Game constantly crashes after this update.
Had a similar problem; found the following two bug reports. Switching from DirectX11 to Vulcan in Steam game-settings for CK3, loading up the game, then exiting and switching back to DirectX11 fixed my crashing issue. My thanks to the folks in these two threads for reporting their solution.
Are the Blademaster traits gaining experience points now fixed? Don't see that in the outline.
Couple of traits I remember were being buggy.
This (powerful!) mod will take care of that if your character has the gold:
This does the same for physicians:
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