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Dec 14, 1999
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It is very hard to vassalize a minor country, especially if their stability is at top and they have a good economy.



Jan 12, 2000
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An example in a recent game it took me 6 years to vassalize the Crimeans (as Turkey), they refused me for that period of time! It wasn't until they were defeated by the Poles and had the Georgians after them that they agreed to be our vassals.



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Jan 22, 2000
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I too tried to vassalize Savoy playing as France but it only did accept my vassallisation after a war against spain that I won and with my stability as high as 2! Maybe countries only becoma vassalls of strong an successful countries!


Jan 12, 2000
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Maybe countries only becoma vassalls of strong an successful countries!

Of course, its more prudent for a weaker minor country to agree to dependence on the best 'candidate' :) The country that has the most prestige, wealth, savvy and resources. Of course your relationship also depends on a lot, royal marriages, alliances and so forth. But its common sense to want to be on the team that shows the most promise.. it's the same with real life, in sport, in business, everywhere.



Oct 24, 2000
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Okay, hint taken. But France was not really weak. Stability did not drop below +2, France totally demolished three Spanish invasions, taking all Spanish possessions north of the Pyrenees, as well as Cologne. Furthermore, in one of the peace treaties, Spain had to cede Helvetia to Savoie. And France ranked first in the VP list, too.