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Hi everyone and welcome to another dev diary. The big news here is final change log for 1.3.3 but I'll also be talking about the future a bit. I recommend reading the whole thing before you check the patch change log so you don't get lost :D

Patch 1.3.3

The patch has been in open beta a few days now and after a few tweaks seem ready for general consumption!

The best way to learn about the most important changes is to read the last 2 dev diaries (or furher back if you are interested in the modding aspects).
Path 1.3.3 Diary #1 - Industry, infrastructure and world tension changes and new capitulation loot!
Path 1.3.3 Diary #2 - Resources now much more important, optimizations, quality of life and AI improvements
Patch 1.3.3 Modding - New modding features and some new events

The plan is to have the patch go live tomorrow once we investigate some final hardware compatibility things this afternoon.

Here is the whole glorious changelog:
########### Patch 1.3.3 "Torch" ###########

# AI
- Italy AI should now be better at picking proper units to fight in Ethiopia.
- AI is now inclined to ignore non-dangerous fronts while at war.
- Battle plan AI should no longer "forget" units assigned to attack order.
- Made AI better at dynamically evaluating level of preparation to attack based on expected enemy strength.
- AI should no longer be able to give units ridiculously long retreat or move orders while they are in combat.
- The AI should now be a lot better at handling a surrounded enemy capital.
- AI is less spammy with call to arms and join war requests.
- Battle plan AI unit distribution should now be more stable (though even further improvements would be good).
- AI will no longer declare wars on countries that control no territory, even if they technically exist in a limbo while their faction have not lost a war.
- The AI should now be managing its theaters better.
- AI will now start considering buildup of military constructions after a while, even if peaceful and not directly threatened.
- Naval AI will now attempt to use strike fleets to aid in coastal land combats if they are not on a mission to aid in a naval combat.
- Some minor AI optimizations.
- AI occupation policy is now scriptable, though no scripts for this has been added.
- Repaired a mistake in AI diplo for offering someone to join their faction. Threat from wrong side was used when looking at acceptance.
- Made sure AI considers org when performing naval invasions.
- Eat your vegetables before you get dessert: AI will no longer be declaring wars or justifying claims while in a losing war.
- The AI can now build any scripted building that is a part of an established building category.
- Made sure AI can not send parts of equipment. Half a ship is not particularly useful.
- Fixed a serious issue where AI would never counter resistance with area defense orders, completely ignoring conquered territory.
- AI is now less nervous about neighbors fighting a common enemy and not losing.
- Purged unit_base, as it did nothing apart from making scripting harder. unit_ratio is now the end all an be all of unit production in the scripting, and setting it to anything but a positive value will make the AI NOT build it.
- AI will now remove deployment lines for types it has reached its wanted number for.
- Improved the code behind AI template design, so the scripting should make more sense now.
- Minor tweaks to terrain prio when drawing fallback line which should make the go for mountains more.
- Battle plan AI is now capable of finding more complex paths to front position.
- Some balancing to construction AI focused on improving military industry production.
- Made AI better at calculating supply use when deciding how many divisions it can field.
- Made sure AI is not blocked from researching, even if only crap is left. Script can still set AI desire to 0 to block it.
- Improved naval AI region evaluation and made it better at reacting more efficiently to changing situations.
- AI now considers reinforcement priority for volunteer theater.
- Improved deployment AI to manage lines better and improved calculation of desired number of divisions.
- Added ai_strategy type 'support' that can be used to manipulate a countries desire to send lend lease to another country.
- Added will_lead_to_war_with when Germany demands Sudetenland. Makes AI prepare for a possible war.
- Improvements for air AI airwings picking and distribution
- Now air AI considers AA while prioritizing strategic bombing and defense operations
- AI should no longer be so happy on naval construction over military when it had also alot of civilian industry (hello USA)
- AI can now reprioritize production lines in a few cases to deal with resource lack
- AI us now makes use of more civilian factories when needed for trade
- fixed a case where AI would get sidetracked when designing divisions of specific country type and instead attempt to make generic ones
- added "ai_priority" on battalion types that get calculated by template, ai uses these rather than the visual representation to manage its divisions
- AI is now able to send old equipment as lend lease not just its newest
- AI can now cancel lend leases it can no longer afford or with nations it no longer make sense
- made AI more careful with its stockpile and who to lend lease to
- improved logic for AI's lend leasing
- fixed issue where a big difference in scoring of combat width could make AI refuse to upgrade its divisions
- USA should now lend lease soviets when they are in trouble if they have sufficient spare stockpile
- "support" ai strategy now lets nations lend lease away some of their stockpile buffer too
- fixed a case where AI would fail to deploy its main invasion protect fleet completely if some of the areas were out of range
- fixed AI invadability evaluation sometimes failing on naval path checking
- fixed a case where AI would try to split off fleets when it was not valid
- fixed a case where AI would spam invalid naval moves
- added equipment_stockpile ai strategy that lets you affect how much stockpile ai feels it needs
- all nations with many divisions will now attempt to accumulate bigger stockpiles for safety
- Fixed several cases where overflow of calcualted priorities could make AI do the opposite of what it wanted to do
- Now air ai calls recalculation of air priorities on joining a war
- fixed an issue where air AI would fail to assign mission if the only acceptable one was interception
- fixed a case where Japan would ASK to join germanys wars despite doing badly with china
- nations with restrictive modifiers for joining factions (japan) now super careful about accepting calls to arms to majors (soviet) when still at war with major neighbors (china)
- ai should now no longer get stuck on super large trades and better fulfill its needs (basically skipped the full-trade logic)
- AI now looks for trades in priority order of biggest lack
- AI now prefers trade with closer nations if naval transport required
- AI now likes trading with nations with neutral foreign policy more as they are stable
- lend lease now automatically cancels when war ends for the receiver
- AI is now MUCH better at looking at the equipment cost for switching more templates than just one at a time
- AI cares about infrastructure way more when placing consctruction
- AI should no longer go as happy on naval construction over military (was counting ratio also using civilian so got disproportional large naval part)
- AI us now allowed to trade using more civilian factories
- Ai should now be much better at going for medium tank divisions. Fixed issues with width being off as well as wrong template being used when evaluatign fitness for changing out lines
- rebalanced ai priorities for medium vs light armor so that ai doesnt get stuck thinking its making light when it isnt
- fixed a case where AI was looking at the wrong type when deciding about template upgrades and could get stuck on motorized
- AI should now show greater interest in researching excavation tech.
- Tweaked templates a bit for majors to avoid getting trapped in subpar targets
- Allied AI will no longer guarantee Finland if Soviet justifies war on their claims, while Germany is the biggest threat.
- fixed an issue where some scripted ai strategies would not work after updates (it was order dependant)
- added an AI sanity check to the War with the USSR focus for Germany
- Reduced AI research randomness and improved info in AI research log message
- Made sure AI considers convoy count and possible delivery route before sending lend lease
- AI will now leave potentially hostile nations alone for guarantees until they have generated some actual threat giving you 1-2 smaller wars before you are sucked into the ww2 vortex (makes some minors a lot more playable)
- rebalanced ai priorities for medium vs light armor so that ai doesnt get stuck thinking its making light when it isnt
- fixed a case where AI was looking at the wrong type when deciding about template upgrades and could get stuck on motorized
- AI should now show greater interest in researching excavation tech.
- Tweaked templates a bit for majors to avoid getting trapped in subpar targets
- Improved AI trade law logic selection
- AI now has a can_upgrade_in_field trigger on templates to give it hints on when to stop producing light tanks and switch over to medium for stuff

# UI
- Battleplans are now hidden during the peace conference to not obstruct the view.
- Players lagging behind message in multiplayer, is now replaced with an alert (tooltip shows who and how much).
- Added alert about having unassigned divisions.
- Added loading progress bars.
- When selecting a division(s), the list of all divisions automatically scrolls to show it.
- It is possible to hide ALL map counters except your units. Hotkey 'M'.
- All the message popups that doesn't require the player choice (yes/no/etc), automatically hides after timeout, to not fill the screen with hundreds of windows. Useful when running the "hands-off" observing game.
- Building constructions and conversions now can be added at the top of the queue by holding ctrl and click.
- Made save game name text field longer.
- Added stockpiling amount to production screen. Changed text to icons.
- Added tooltip to US "Destroyers for Bases" focus to make it clear who gains certain territories
- Fixed a tooltip for the Australian focus "A Deal with Japan" to account for different options of territories transferred
- Fixed legibility issues in event news.199
- Fixed a tooltip issue in the SAF focus tree
- Added dockyard output modifier icon in the production screen
- Fixed wrong division flags in the combat screen
- Missiles now count as bombers in the region air screen
- Fixed issue when multiple army groups was not shown in the volunteer theater groups
- Multiple fixes for trade influence issues with not matching numbers
- Tooltip in the research screen does not show ahead of time penalty if player has 100% ahead of time penalty reduction bonus
- Minor fix for army group leader tooltip, to match numbers when penalty for too many units applied
- Arrows now gets hidden while editing the orders
- Now top bar tooltip for factories also shows damaged ones
- Missiles are not shown in logistics screen anymore
- Fixes for fear trade modifiers being applied in wrong direction
- Now clicking on not existing country in the managing occupied areas screen you won't go to diplomacy screen
- Fixed the bug when plan evaluation numbers was not matching
- Fixed the bug when capital icons were not correctly shown
- Fix for the tooltip on return territory
- Added clarification on non-progressing training by reason of lacking equipment and manpower
- Now Pass button gets disabled in the peace conference if no actions left to take
- Combat log screen now will be shown on top of other screens
- Now load game button disable at the same time as continue button
- Clarified tooltip for opening multiple info windows in the tech and focus tree screens
- Political cost now is hidden when the law is taken
- Fix for the switch to next autonomy level glow (now it is actually hidden)
- Fixed warscore not being calculated properly while war without majors on one side
- Now invalid leader picking screens disappear as army group gets deleted
- Disabled icons while in deployment mode
- Fix for the rules not being updated on savegame load
- If national focus not changing tooltip doesn't show weekly change anymore
- Fixed factory conversion button flickering while non-paused gameplay
- Fixed the bug when techtree was broken after switching country
- Added ability to toggle fog of war map effect on/off
- Tooltips existing lend leases for equipment now show type as well as national flavor name when these differ
- Releasing nations with a lot of states no longer massively overflows popup window
- Multiple rows of division types now possible to be shown in army overview
- Tweaked gradient borders for strategic areas so there is no weird gap between areas (more visible with mods)
- Air wing reinforce limit window now has the +50/+100 buttons jump to closest multiple to avoid clicks for neat sizes, steps are also +5/+10 for carrier parked wings
- Can now increase/decrease queued up ship production faster with ctrl/shift click (ctrl=10 at a time, shift=100 at a time)
- Indian National Army focus now has correct effect description
- Fixed overlap of text in options with certain languages
- Changed shortcut for closing a bunch of production items as ctrl+click it’s easy to miss-click with other shift+click nearby
- Fixed centering of trade scrollbar
- Achievement entry header now highlighted in orange
- Achievement window now movable
- Resistance tick indicator now doesn’t show VP stuff in states where there can’t be resistance
- Clicking rightmost side of savegame edit box no longer deselects editing
- Spelling fix of Trotskyist
- Added tooltip to icons displaying used combat width in the combat window .
- Added tooltip to research button explaining the 30 days grace period.
- Added province tooltip if there is an air base or rocket site present.
- Added state name when hovering over a naval base.
- Renamed "Small arms research time" to "Weapons and Equipment Research Time"
- Explained conditional effect of why we fight focus in tooltip
- Entrenchment tooltip only shows days left when unit is not fully entrenched.
- Fixed rounding issue in resource mapmode
- Made separate production tooltip for naval items, reflecting they don't retain efficiency.
- Added war requirement to lend lease tooltip.
- Armies view: Improved consistency across the different tooltips. Added penalty to the groupview in the bottom of the screen. Moved penalty explanation to delayed.
- Added delayed tooltip to production line filter explaining Shift+click mechanic.
- Removed "Support" header from division icon tooltip when it has no support.
- Changed production line tooltip to no longer lie about total output and resource efficiency to the player.
- Maximum amount of slots is always stated. Factor modifiers not shown if slots < 0. Wasteland is now displayed in same way as other categories.
- Changed "Trade Bonus" modifier to "Overlord trade cost" and made it a negative modifier.
- Added "Stop" button to continuous focus detail screen.
- Added bypass button for focus if they have are mutually exclusive with another, automatically locking players in a branch.
- Moved the disband button, manpower and equipment numbers around for unit details view
- A bunch of tooltips readability improved. Various changes, typo fixed, decimal points changed, etc.
- added ability to toggle fog of war on/off
- Changed efficiency tooltip growth to show daily values instead of weekly

# Modding
- AI occupation policy is now scriptable, though no scripts for this has been added.
- The AI can now build any scripted building that is a part of an established building category.
- Purged unit_base, as it did nothing apart from making scripting harder. unit_ratio is now the end all and be all of unit production in the scripting, and setting it to anything but a positive value will make the AI NOT build it.
- Improved the code behind AI template design, so the scripting should make more sense now.
- Added ai_strategy type 'support' that can be used to manipulate a countries desire to send lend lease to another country
- Dynamic state, country and global flags effect. set_global_flag = test_flag_@ROOT.
- Added triggers for date days and value to flags.
- Added has_resources_amount trigger.
- Added trigger has_tech_bonus. Works with specific technology or category.
- Added can_join_factions rule.
- The AI is no longer quite as emotionally attached to modded ideas. Will now consider changing non-hardcoded ideas if the ai_will_do value is higher than the existing idea.
- Added has_country_leader trigger.
- Clearing script flags now removed them completely instead of setting value to zero.
- Added modify_global_flag modify_country_flag modify_state_flag effects.
- Tooltips for is_core_of and is_claimed_by now work with any_state triggers. Removed state name from tooltip. Country name now uses def version.
- Added an on action for on_annex. Fired from both effect and peaceconference.
- Console command: add_party_popularity <ideology group> <value> - ideology group has shortcuts d f n c for vanilla HOI groups.
- Console command: set_ruling_party <ideology group> - ideology group has shortcuts d f n c for vanilla HOI groups.
- Added timed script flags. Example: set_country_flag = { flag = GER_drunk_scientists days = 30 }.
- Added local_non_core_manpower state modifier.
- Added has_army_experience has_air_experience has_navy_experience triggers.
- Added trigger has_full_control_of_state.
- Added scope support as right side argument for is_subject_of and is_puppet_of.
- Added trigger to technology folders. Will hide tab and disable research for techs if trigger is not met.
- Added on_startup to onactions.
- Added count_triggers. Will return true if _amount_ of triggers in the scope is true. Same as calc_true_if on other projects.
- Added set_state_name effect.
- Added reset_state_name effect. Resets state name to original.
- Added trigger is_staging_coup.
- Added trigger has_focus_tree = <id>
- Added has_template_ai_majority_unit trigger that uses the new ai priority instead
- Production line efficiency gain is now capped at zero for negative values so modders can zero out efficiency gain if they want
- Added effects for setting and resetting province names for victory points (set_province_name = { id = <province id> name = <string> } and reset_province_name = <id> )
- Split up factory modifier into a new industrial_capacity_dockyard so dockyards get their own progression
- Split up MAX_FACTORIES_PER_LINE define by type to MAX_CIV_FACTORIES_PER_LINE, MAX_NAV_FACTORIES_PER_LINE, MAX_MIL_FACTORIES_PER_LINE allowing different factory counts for different kinds of production/construction lines
- Added new num_divisions trigger to check actual number of divisions regardless of strength etc
- pp console command can now take negative values
- ai_dump command now also lists all active strategies for a nation to help with debugging
- Added define to modify threat requirement for joining a faction when at war. JOIN_FACTION_LIMIT_CHANGE_AT_WAR.

# Database
- Missing portrait for Xhemal Aranitasi of Albania. Buffed to skill 2.
- Removed duplicate destroyers from GER OOB.
- Afghanistan now uses generic arab leader as country leader instead of asian continent fallback.
- Moved Brest Naval base to be in the Bay of Biscay instead of English Channel
- Moved rubber from Uganda to Stanleyville
- Moved naval base in Belgium to VP province
- Nudged and moved Naval bases for ITA based on beta feedback. Moved navies start position to relevant naval base.
- Replaced Mao with Zhang Guotao as communist leader of China.
- Nudged Reykjavik VP, unit pos and naval base.
- Added rubber to states in Africa. Equatorial Africa - 4 rubber | French West Africa - 2 rubber | Gabon - 1 rubber | Central Congo - 5 rubber | Angola - 1 rubber | Portuguese Guinea - 1 rubber | Liberia - 7 rubber | Uganda - 4 rubber | Nigeria - 3 rubber | Tanganyka - 2 rubber.
- Changed Cape Verde, the Azores, the Canary Islands, Bermuda, Jamaica, Cuba, Galapagos, Comora and Socotra from desert to mainly hills or plains.
- Removed naval base from 6749. 11707 naval base level 1=>2.
- Changed color for D02 civil war tag.
- Changed icons for generals and advisors for a lot of countries, to avoid duplicates where possible. New icons used are: "generic_army_asia_7", "generic_army_asia_6", "generic_army_asia_5",
"generic_army_asia_4", "generic_army_african_6",
"generic_army_african_5", "generic_army_african_4",
"generic_army_south_america_5", "generic_army_south_america_4", "generic_political_advisor_europe_6", "generic_political_advisor_europe_5", "generic_army_europe_6", "generic_army_europe_5", "generic_army_europe_4".
- Flavor names for transport planes
- some updates to German air oob, using historical variants
- Fixed an issue with localisation of event germany.118
- Added flavor names for Romanian and Yugoslavian trucks
- Added events to rename Stalingrad and Leningrad
- Fixed wrong naval prefix for HOL
- Changed Romanian starting politics to better represent historical reality
- Added Colorado-class Battleship variant to US starting OoB
- Some minor adjustments to ENG and GRE air oob in 1939
- Changed prefixes for Italian ships based on forum feedback (newly constructed ones only for the time being)
- Some minor adjustments to Romania 1939 air oob
- Added sanity checks to Italian "War with Greece focus" (Greece not a puppet, Italy not currently at war with Greece)
- Added name list for Indonesia, enabled Dutch namelist if puppet
- Changed ideology for Serbia in 1939 to make it consistent with 1936 (unless someone can prove that Serbians were significantly more fascist in 39 compared to 36)
- Fixed wrong name for Dutch fascist demagogue
- Added a number of historical plane variants to starting OoBs, including foreign-bought planes for a number of countries
- Changed Yugoslavia starting OoB and technology
- Fixed two cosmetic tags for Lithuania and Latvia
- Added a cosmetic tag for Czechoslovakia if Slovakia also exists (i.e. Czechoslovakia is really only the Czech republic)
- Changed name for state 457 from Arabian Desert to Eastern Desert to better reflect reality
- Added cosmetic tag to Franco-British Union event
- Fixed a minor issue with a Japanese cruiser being the wrong class
- Added news event for Chinese United Front forming
- Some adjustments to Hungarian flavor names based on beta feedback
- Fixed two cosmetic tags for puppeted Poland (Poland now actually quite lost)
- Fixed issue with duplicate generic design companies for TfV countries
- Removed a General that somehow got copied over from Ethiopia to a number of other countries
- Removed a lot of cores from countries with overseas territory.
- Added shipnames for Malaysia
- Gave advisor Franco his proper portrait
- Changed name for puppet level SOV puppets after forum feedback
- Restored name changes for fascist France, using Vichy France for the German puppet state
- Changed some focuses in SOV tree. SOV will now no longer pick anti-capitalist or anti-fascist propaganda if they are democratic or fascist. The relationship penalty will also only apply to the major powers if they are not communist
- added two more on actions to add the Czech-only cosmetic tag
- Changed autogenerated portraits for Middle Eastern countries.
- Added artillery to ENG starting templates in 1936/39
- Added 5 convoys to Manchukuo
- Added armored division template to Hungary and Sweden
- fixed an issue with a portrait missing for TfV owners
- fixed an issue with the portrait of a Canadian admiral
- fixed a misstranslation in German localization (implied that you saved XP when creating a variant)

# Balance
- Heavy tanks gain 10% attack bonus vs forts
- Heavy TD gain 5% attack bonus vs forts
- Super heavy td get 30% bonus vs forts (compare 50% for SH)
- Added bonus to dockyard output to difficulty sliders (20%)
- Maintenance company can no longer bring bonus so high that equipment becomes invulnerable (total bonus went from +40% to +20%)
- Concentrated and Dispersed industry techs now give same bonus to dockyard output (+10%)
- Super heavy TD's now match combat width of other TDs
- lvl 1 light TD now has same speed as lvl 1 light tank
- Added Soviet version of honoring the MR pact. From this version on it will suck to be Poland.
- Germany and Soviet will no longer hand out Polish territory if owned by player Poland in their faction. Poland is now playable again.
- Spread out repair speed over construction tech. All construction tech now give production_speed_buildings_factor = 0.10 industry_repair_factor = 0.10
- India focus tree: Naval Funding now unlocks Light Cruiser 2 tech if you don't have it completed. Added tooltip to explain the effect.
- Wargoal justification now adds extra threat depending on the industrial capacity of the target country.
- Added PP cost and time scaling to justifying wargoal. More justifications and wars => higher costs
- Changed naval production continuous focus to increase dockyard output by 20% instead of reducing prices by 20% (which was exploitable)
- Blocked ideology pushers (fascist demagogue etc.) based on completed focuses for SAF, CAN and NZL (to bring them in line with AST and RAJ)
- Moved Japanese cruiser Takao back to its original position after beta feedback. Another critical gameplay issue successfully resolved
- Changed one of the Sinkiang Captains of Industry to War Industrialist. Sinkiang now confirmed OP
- Now factories receive penalty for each next lacking resource across multiple lines rather than max out at 80% by line
- Infrastructure now adds construction speed to the buildings with shared slots
- Change: Total Mobilization economy law now has a 20% WT limit.
- Change: Increased Air Attack for Advanced Fighters to 32 and Improved Jet Fighters to 40.
- Change: Production techs have been rebalanced.
- Each level in the Production track now gives 10% Production Efficiency Cap.
- Flexible Line's bonus to Production Efficiency Retention has been reduced to 20%.
- Concentrated Industry now give 15% Factory Output bonus per level.
- Change: Production Efficiency Growth has been changed from being linear to slowing down as a line reaches max efficiency.
- Change: Defensive values for Medium Self-Propelled Artillery has been changed to be in-line with other Self-Propelled Artillery.
- Change: Changing a production line to a vehicle in the same family (Pz III to StuG III) now retains 70% of the production efficiency. Changing a production line from one vehicle model to another (Pz III to Pz IV) now retains 30% production efficiency.
- Change: Infantry equipment build costs changed to 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7 IC respectively.
- Change: Soft attack values for artillery has been nerfed across the board.
- Artillery battalions has had their soft attack values reduced by 20%
- Rocket artillery soft attack has been reduced to 40 and 55
- Medium SP Artillery has had its soft attack values reduced to 56, 72 and 84
- Change: Medium and Light SP Artillery battalions changed to 36 vehicles each. Heavy SP Artillery changed to 24 vehicles each. Superheavy SP Artillery changed to 12 vehicles.
- World Tension from national focuses have been increased.
- Lowered world tension generation by about 50% for many actions.
- The national focus Italian Highways now provide one infrastructure per state instead of two.
- The national focus Metropolitan France now provides two infrastructure per state instead of three.
- The national focus Improve Railway Network for Soviet Union now gives higher priority to high population states.
- Soviet national spirit Home of the Revolution no longer reduces construction speed.
- Kiev, Kharkov, Stalingrad, Kazan, Perm, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk have received 2 more infrastructure level to compensate for the infrastructure changes. Saratov, Magnitogorsk, Ufa, Zlatoust and Moscow have also received 1 more infrastructure level.
- Improved infrastructure for Japan. Kanto, Tokai and Kansai have had their infrastructure increased by 2. Chugoku and Kyushu have had their infrastructure increased by 1.
- increased infra NFs for south africa by one level
- increased infra NFs for india by one level
- Australian standard gauge railway focus should now avoid wastelands when placing infra
- Japan's infrastructure effort focus no longer places infra in invalid spots
-Added 1 extra infrastructure from generic focus tree infrastructure_effort and infrastructure_effort_2. Now gives +1 and +2 up from +1 +1.
- lowered price of synth refinery by 30% and increased its resource output by 40%
- The technology Streamlined Industry now provides 10% Production Efficiency Growth instead of 25%
- Reduced tension impact for soviets claims on baltic nations and justifying wargoals for legit claims

# Bugfix
- It’s now possible to directly declare war on subjects
- No longer get invalid "overseas" penalty to disbanding troops when enemy has taken some lucky provinces in your capital
- For Naval Superiority air superiority now works as a multiplier to your naval force rather than side by side. So you can’t get naval superiority through only a giant pile of planes anymore
- Fixed an issue where in civil wars the dynamic tag side would end up with no manpower in their divisions and get them disbanded
- Fixed an issue in civil war start where deployment lines did not transfer over manpower properly when balancing those between revolter and original
- Communist/Fascist minors are no longer tied to neutral tree in historical play.
- Reenabling elections for democratic nations when a civil war ends
- Changed Munich conference events to account for Little Entente. If Britain decides to support CZE while the Little Entente is active, the British commonwealth joins the Entente
- Fixed German puppets being allowed to refuse Anti-Comintern Pact and Anti-Soviet Pact
- Changed the "Test the Chinese" focus for Japan to bypass if the borderlands are not held by CHI, PRC or SHX
- Added additional checks to Japanese "Pressure Siam" focus to check if Siam is actually in any position to be pressured (not a puppet, not a government in exile)
- "improve national spirit" focus for Japan now continues if conditions are no longer met
- Repaired paradrop order
- Fixed GetNameDef not using cosmetic tag names.
- Country colors now update immediately when changing cosmetic tags.
- Changed UK NF for Turkey to take UK ideology into account.
- Engineer company tech now shows gain as +2.0 instead of +200%.
- Nationalist china can no kill itself slowly by picking the internationalism focus.
- Missing loc. Wrong modifiers. Wrong news event. Weird event pic. Wrong loc for options, etc etc for a german focus.
- Oster Conspiracy now only happens if a leader called "Adolf Hitler" is in charge of Germany.
- Added name to GER-SOV research treaty.
- News events stating that SOV or GER has taken control of east/west Poland now requires them to at least control a bit of it.
- Added choice for player INS to pick side when AST starts a civil war.
- Added ai modifiers for demand NZ event. NZL will have a chance to accept in certain situations.
- Added function to normalize party popularity if drift is only negative.
- Moved naval base in Sundra Islands state to a less interesting location.
- Our words are backed achievement is now valid even when India goes free later.
- Fixed NZL historical list pointing to ENG
- Added localization to original_research_slots trigger.
- Japan now creates own faction and adds New Zealand to it for befriend Japan focus.
- Fixed missing leader portraits for Libya
- Added check for PRC control of state where they are given troops in Chinese civil war.
- Tizard mission no longer available if ENG and USA has different ideologies or one of them no longer exists.
- Around Maginot will now bypass if none of the targeted countries exist.
- Blocked restarting Chinese civil war if CHI or PRC are puppets.
- France now becomes Free France if Vichy is created from the event.
- Fix for some germanmarchorder songs requiring germany to have completely given up before having high chance of playing.
- Fixed critical spelling error in name of "Philipines Division"
- Fixed an issue where Stanley Baldwin would return to British politics in 1940 if player starts in 39
- Fixed description of MAN (the idea, not the country)
- Added a check for the Japanese "strike the USA" focus to check if Japan is in faction with USA (it would be silly otherwise)
- Fixed a problem with the Stanley Baldwin resigns event that could lead to non-Baldwin leaders getting fired.
- Removed an unnecessary ai_weight modifier in event Germany.5
- Fixed an issue where France forming the Little entente before Germany remilitarized the Rhineland could lead to France getting removed from its own faction
- The "Southern Expansion" Focus for Japan will now bypass if Japan is allied with Britain and the Netherlands. When allied with only one of them, Japan will still gain a wargoal on the other
- Changed French challenge the Rhineland event to spawn a civil war even if France is communist (the democrats won't allow the communists to drag the country into another useless war!)
- Fixed communist on communist violence if communist France challenges the Rhineland (for real this time)
- Fixed text overflow in Canadian patriation news event
- Fixed a number of spelling errors in Italian shipname list
- Changed achievement "Once more mate" to point to correct state
- Fixed an issue where event usa.24 checks whether ENG is at war with itself (now checks if at war with US)
- Fix for fascist Indonesia not changing its flag when taken as a puppet from HOL in a war
- Fixed an unlocalized string in the South African focus tree
- Fixed a spelling error in Italian general's name
- Fixed Afghanistan using wrong 2d culture and incorrect picture for starting General
- Fixed air production continuous focus not affecting CAS and Jet strategic bombers
- Fixed an issue where Germany would take the Alliance with Spain NF focus even if Spain is already in a faction with Germany
- Fixed missing bypasses for war with Germany/England in Soviet tree
- Fixed an issue where swapping Slovakia for Danzig followed by the Soviet union attacking Poland after the MR-Pact would not transfer parts of Slovakia to Germany when the war ended, leading to very ugly borders
- Fixed lack of portrait for MZB leader
- Fixed a number of text overruns in flavor descriptions of British cruisers
- Fixed a number of typos in event germany.97
- Fixed Guanxi ideology pushers lacking portraits
- Fixed an issue with event news.37 sometimes showing two options
- Added cosmetic tag to Canada to give them their historic flag when not playing with TfV (as long as they stay in the Allies)
- Fixed an issue with missing text in event news.287
- Fixed an issue where "a deal with japan" would kick Australia out of any faction when it should only kick them out of the Allies
- Fixed missing localization for air_equipment
- Changed "Woo the US" focus in AST tree to require USA to not be a puppet, which should help to remove an edge case where US could gain full independence again by joining a faction with AST
- Fixed a number of typos in the RAJ focus tree
- Fixed issue with Australia demanding New Zealand causing Australia to be kicked out of any faction it is currently in
- Fixed typo in Australian event tfv_australia.90
- Fixed critical issue with portrait path for Chilean general
- Fixed a number of missing event pictures for Canada and South Africa
- Fixed an issue where puppeting SHX as Japan before starting the war would backfire later
- Added cap on world threat
- Now nukes can be build by reactors on controlled territory
- Fixed the bug when sometime combat width during the combat could be overstepped
- Removed naval leader xp gaining for spotting while peacetime
- Fixed airwing alert not opening airbase while being clicked
- Fix for removed rocket sites not disappearing
- Removed the ability to delete rocket wings
- Fix for cosmetic tag not being cleared on resign
- Fix for volunteer forces able to perform invasion without actual proper naval superiority
- Fixed the bug when civil war split distribution depended on the amount of military deployments
- Fix for the negative population growth
- Fixed the bug when one country could start staging a coup against second country if any other country already was staging a coup
- Fixing clearing the trade in case of lost dependency
- Icons now ignore clicks while drawing battleplans
- Fixed the bug not being able to assign to the fallback line
- Removing templates now unavailable for your last true template
- Now can declare war on puppet
- Submarines now become harder to detect as their tech level increases, not easier.
- Unit movement arrows now looks good (smooth) again.
- Mil to Civ factory conversion now properly removes the military factory. Also the "instantconstruction" cheats converts properly too.
- Blitz command - The "order of conquering the enemy provinces" is now properly updated when the command is reshaped by human player.
- Naval invasion arrow is now exactly the same as the route the units goes.
- No longer possible to overwrite the country tag in ironman, by reloading the game from ingame as another country.
- Deployment is now allowed in locations where it supposed to, regardless if your capital state is not owned by you. (Solves issues that may popup in the civil wars).
- Now units can't stuck in the middle of the sea while naval transfering due to the lack of convoys
- Fixed the bug when on annexation expeditionary forces were returned after annexation and units of annexed country stayed on the map
- Nations in defensive wars can now be invited to factions at 50% tension (or lower if their own rules allow) as an effect of world tension now stickign around at lower totals longer
- Fixed an issue where threat could not be reduced
- Now units can't stuck in the middle of the sea while naval transfering due to the lack of convoys

# Stability & Performance
- Fix for CTD while quitting to menu
- Improved the performance quite a lot. The most dramatic "spikes" where the game froze every 24th hour, was improved by a few hundreds %. And the overall performance got about 14-18% improvement.
- Now anyone can profile the ingame performance with using a "game-state-timer" command "gstimer on" and "gstimer off"
- Fixed CTD when production efficiency hits 0 (if no factories assigned to a line and being tooltiped)
- Fixed CTD when deleting all airwings then clicking unused planes alert when you had deployed carriers
- Fixed random CTD
- Fixed CTD when removing templates with game set to human_ai for observed nation
- Fix for a rare CTD in civil wars
- Fixed another potential CTD

500k sales!
We broke half a million sales of Hearts of Iron IV which the team celebrated with cake and working on the 1.3.3 patch :)
As game director for HOI this feels really good and shows that WWII sandbox games are something people want and its not really just a small niche! More practically this means for us that HOI will have a long future ahead of updates and expansions because the support is there for sure :) and speaking of....

What now?
Once 1.3.3 is out the door we will start work on the 1.4 "Oak" update as well as a DLC, which shall remain mostly secret for now, but without revealing too much will have some axis focus.
Our aim is for 1.4 "Oak" to be a bigger than normal patch where we get some time to revamp some systems that have been getting a lot of feedback (Air system will be getting updates for example). A lot of focus will also be put on AI, but we are happy to say that we think it has grown a lot since release. Finally squashing any "frontline dancing" will be top priority there. We have also started working a bit on the side on making the gameplay map clearer and easier to read based on feedback from the community.
After Oak in the misty uncertainty future of winter we have our next big game update where we plan to focus on Asia and war-related stuff. Of course subject to change.

Next week the team is heading to GDC, and this will be the start of bit of a hiatus in dev diaries. We feel like people prefer big juicy dev diaries so we are going to be back once we have done enough big changes on Oak to start talking about them. We plan to be in diary break until April. During that time I'll be sharing progress bits on twitter (which we will also repost here on the forum) and once we return we'll jump back on bigger diaries.

Also don't forget to tune in at 16:00CET on www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive today where me and Daniel continue playing Russia in Kaiserreich in World War Wednesday!
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Thanks for the update, and congratulations on the 500k sales :)

If by any chance you manage to tackle the "planes teleporting" problem in 1.4, we shall build you a dedicated shrine around which we will dance periodically.
So Oak will be accompanied by a DLC?
We have also started working a bit on the side on making the gameplay map clearer and easier to read
This hopefully means more clearly visible terrain.

Our aim is for 1.4 "Oak" to be a bigger than normal patch
"Bigger" also in comparison to patches in other games, say Stellaris or EU4? Because some of those patches are huge.

Air system will be getting updates for example
We plan to be in diary break until April.
Oh no!
@podcat Any chance of adding resources for South America? It's extremely barren as it stands, especially in the rubber front

Also, why Nepal and Oman are still not a part of the allies/puppets of Britain? Is there a gameplay reason for that?
Air system will be getting updates for example

Hmmm... I hoped for something more in lines with "Air system will be completely redone from the ground up" but I suppose it will have to do. I am looking forward to see what you have in mind.
Congratulations on 500k! Now we are on the road to a million! I have been meaning to ask, do you think its possible that by the time 1.4/DLC is released, you might get someone on the creative side of the team to write up events for various nations, just for flavor? They don't even have to do anything, gameplay wise, they would have zero effect, but I find that most nations feel the same, there is not much differentiation, and I feel this would help. Being told about some random event in the House of Saud if I am playing Saudi Arabia would definitely make it more unique. You think this is a possibility? Feels like if your art team finishes before the coders, they could spend some time doing this.
I hope peace conference overhaul is in 1.4 too. At the very least, a turn timer for multiplayer games so we don't have games end because one player went AFK during a peace conference and the game simply gets stuck on their turn forever, thereby ending the game.
Also, can South America get more resources? Most of the countries there were too poor to really have much impact in the war, but the area has filled with natural resources, and was in fact vital to the US, because they could rely on them for resources. Just look at this:

Every country in the region could do with much more resources. Besides, the factory limits and lack of military factories will stop them from becoming too powerful from receiving Civilian factories.
Hmmm... I hoped for something more in lines with "Air system will be completely redone from the ground up" but I suppose it will have to do. I am looking forward to see what you have in mind.

I hope "bigger than normal patch where we get some time to revamp some systems" mean "peace deals rework".

If there was a way to "Superlike" comments, these two would be the two most likely beneficiaries of such a function.
Hmm... if Asia is the focus for 1.5, it follows that its not a focus for 1.4, which makes me sad.