DD #99: Vitruvius and How We Work

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Hand of Seleukos

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May 3, 2019
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I hope the traiding system will be updated. It should be run by citizens and nobles, but can be influenced by nations. There is already a civilization value that could interact with trade attraction. In the end I just want to see a lot of tradeships and caravans wandering the map and making it all feel more alive. Trade blockade and hiring nomads to guard valuable trade routes, if trade routes actually materialize on the map. There is so much potential.
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Aug 15, 2013
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I havent played this game in some time, but your passion and dedication and the sheer effort your small team have put into this inspires me to give it another try when this update comes out. Great work and I think if nothing else you have shown the power of teamwork and what can be achieved when a team works together.
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