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Jul 2, 2013
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I've noticed it's now possible to set a description for cultures with patch 2.4
<culture>_DESC is still not taken into account, but the new features mechanism can be used indirectly.


Religions, cultures, and governments tooltips now have some "features" detected from their definitions. More complex ones have to be described manually via a <type>_FEATURES localization key, <type> being a religion, culture or government and using §Y*§! to do bullet points.

These are both used in the features popin and the religion/culture/government mouseover tooltip, by appending:
1) Features automatically detected
2) <type_group>_FEATURES localization key
3) <type>_FEATURES localization key


So for cultures, if having some description in addition to the bullet points:
vandalic_FEATURES;Description for Vandalic culture.\n§Y*§! Feature 1\n§Y*§! Feature 2;;;;;;;;;;;x
east_germanic_FEATURES;Description for East Germanic culture group.\n§Y*§! Group feature 1\n§Y*§! Group feature 2;;;;;;;;;;;x
it won't look good in the features tooltip (too much text, scrolling):


But it's OK in game:

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