Western Slavic holding names - an update for Holy Fury

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Mar 7, 2014
Ever since the first dev diary about Poland overhaul, I've been asking the devs to clean up the mess that is the presence (or lack thereof) of the letter "ó" in the Polish holding names - the only Polish letter usable in CK2. Unfortunately, my requests have been ignored and the mess remained even after the overhaul - some holding names have "ó", others don't. The worst thing is that it's not even in CK2 - other games like EU4 and HoI4 (the latter having full unicode support) suffer from the same problem.

I made a thread a long time ago about the same problem but it seems to have disappeared somewhere without ever giving me a notification so now that the patch 3.0 is out, I decided to make yet another one, this time also covering the lack of diacritics in Czech holdings as well as expanding the list of dynamic holding names for Polish, Czech, Pomeranian and German cultures. So here we go.

I went with the "duchies and above in English, counties and below in local language" rule where applicable, which seems to be applied to most of the titles in the game, except for titles that don't have proper English names (eg. Meissen).

IMPORTANT: If I used any characters with diacritics in the names, it means these characters are USABLE in CK2 and should NOT be removed). These names can be safely pasted right into the localization files/landed_titles file.

  • Plock
    • Wyszogrod => Wyszogród
    • Ciechanow => Ciechanów
    • Rozan => Rózan
  • Liw
    • Brodno => Bródno
    • Wegrow => Wegrów
    • Lochow => Lochów
  • Lomza
    • Radzilow => Radzilów
Greater Poland
  • Lubusz
    • Mysliborz => Myslibórz
    • Pryzyce => ??? (I think the devs made a mistake here. I can't find any information of that town/city/village in any Polish sources and non-Polish ones all point me at Pyrzyce/Pyritz but that location is already covered by the barony of Pyritz in the province of Stettin)
  • Naklo
    • Bialaziemia => Biala Ziemia (I know this is supposed to be a fictional location but as a Pole I feel like writing it separately feels more normal than together, unless you guys were basing it off of some legend or something)
  • Poznan
    • Czarknow => Czarnków (this seems to be a typo as this barony is called b_czarnkow in the code
Silesia (Here I'd like to point out the utter mess with the names of the Silesian provinces. In the German localization, Upper Silesia (formerly Opole; the province c_upper_silesia is now called Wroclaw) is called "Unterschlesien" with the adjective "Oberschlesisch" while Lower Silesia is called "Oberschlesien" with the adjective "Unterschlesisch". This is not only a mess but also completely wrong. Lower Silesia should be called "Niederschlesien" with the adjective "Niederschlesish" while Upper Silesia should be called "Oberschlesien".)
  • Lower Silesia => Glogów (the whole upper-lower Silesia division only started appearing in the XV century so it would be wrong to use it for the entirety of the CK2 timeframe. I suggest renaming the province to Glogów as it is already the primary holding of that province and with that the consistency in the names of Polish provinces would be kept)
    • Glogow => Glogów
    • Nowogrod => Nowogród
  • Wroclaw
    • Henrykow => Henryków
  • Upper Silesia => Opole (same reason as with Lower Silesia; the name Opole was perfectly fine for that region, I don't understand why it was renamed as it was)
    • Raciborz => Racibórz
  • Cieszyn
    • Skoczow => Skoczów
Lesser Poland
  • Krakow => Kraków (since provinces like Wien or Roma use their native names, so should this one)
    • Krakow => Kraków
    • Jedrzejow => Jedrzejów
  • Sandomierz
    • Opatow => Opatów
  • Lublin
    • Urzedow => Urzedów
  • Stezyca
    • Lukow => Luków
  • Kujawy
    • Bresz Kujawski => Brzesc Kujawski (there were 7 different names used for that city throughout the history, none of them being "Bresz", using the last one seems to be a good idea)
  • Wielun
    • Grabow => Grabów
    • Osjakow => Osjaków
    • Ostrowek => Ostrówek
  • Sieradz
    • Piotrkow => Piotrków
    • Przedborz => Przedbórz
Lausitz => ditto (Pom. "Luzycka", Polish "Luzyce", Czech "Luzice"; for some reason the duchy has no dynamic names for other cultures but the county does)
  • Lausitz (Pom. "Luzycka") => ditto (Pom. "Luzycka", Polish "Luzyce", Czech "Luzice")
    • Lebusa => Lebusa (Polish "Lubusza")
    • Lebus (Pom. "Lubiazu") => ??? (I think this is a duplicate of Lubusz as I couldn't find any information about other places in that area called "Lebus". And I have no idea where Pomeranian "Lubiazu" came from either; searching only pointed me to "Lubiążu", which is a genitive/locative case of "Lubiąż" - a town in a completely different part of Poland. I think this barony should be called something else.)
    • Cottbus (Pom. "Chosebuz") => ditto (Pom. "Chósebuz", Polish "Chociebuz" Czech "Chotebuz")
    • Forst => Forst (Pom. "Barsc", Polish "Barsc", Czech "Baršc")
    • Zitau (Pom. Zitawa) => ditto (Pom. Zitawa, Polish "Zytawa", Czech "Zitava")
    • Luckau => Luckau (Pom. Lukow, Polish "Luków", Czech "Lukov")
  • Anhalt (Pom "Zirwisti") => ditto (Pom. "Zirwisti", Polish "Czerwiszcze", Czech "Srbište")
    • Zerbst => ditto (Pom. "Zirwisti", Polish "Czerwiszcze", Czech "Srbište")
    • Dessau => ditto (Pom. "Desawa" Polish "Desawa", Czech "Desava")
  • Plauen (Pom. "Mjezybor", Czech "Mezibor") => ditto (Pom. "Mjezybor", Polish "Miedzybórz", Czech "Mezibor")
    • Plauen (Pom. "Ploni") => ditto (Pom. "Plawe", Polish "Plawno", Czech "Plavno")
    • Leipzig (Pom. "Lipsk") => ditto (Pom. "Lipsk", Polish "Lipsk", Czech "Lipsko")
    • Merseburg (Pom. "Mjezybor", Czech "Mezibor") => ditto (Pom. "Mjezybor", Polish "Miedzybórz", Czech "Mezibor")
    • Halle (Pom. "Dobrebora") => ditto (Pom. "Dobrebora", Polish "Dobrogóra", Czech "Dobrosol")
    • Zeitz (Pom. "Cici") => ditto (Pom. "Cici", Polish "Zycz", Czech "Zic")
    • Zwickau (Pom. "Swikawa" => ditto (Pom. "Šwikawa", Polish "Cwików", Czech "Cvikov")
    • Naumburg => ditto (Pom. "Namgard", Polish "Namgard", Czech "Namgard")
Mecklenburg (Pom. "Obotritia") => ditto (Pom. "Obotritia", Polish "Obotritia", Czech "Obotritia")
  • Mecklenburg (Pom. "Weligrad") => ditto (Pom. "Weligrad", Polish "Weligrad", Czech "Veligrad")
    • Mecklenburg (Pom. "Weligrad") => ditto (Pom. "Weligrad", Polish "Weligrad", Czech "Veligrad")
    • Wismar (Pom. "Vesimer") => ditto (Pom. "Wissemer", Polish "Wyszomierz", Czech "Vesmir")
    • Gevezin (Pom. "Radgosc") => ditto (Pom. "Radegost", Polish "Radogoszcz", Czech "Riedegost")
    • Schwerin (Pom. "Zuarina") => ditto (Pom. "Zwerin", Polish "Zwierzyn", Czech "Zverín")
  • Lübeck (Saxon "Liubice") => ditto (Saxon "Lübeck" - I'm pretty sure germanic saxons wouldn't use a slavic name)
    • Lübeck (Saxon "Liubice") => ditto (Saxon "Lübeck")
    • Ratzeburg => ditto => (Pom. "Ratibor", Polish "Racibórz", Czech "Ratibor")
Rügen (Pom. "Rana") => ditto (Pom. "Rana", Polish "Rana", Czech "Rána")
  • Rostock (Pom "Rastokú") => ditto (Pom. "Roztok", Polish "Roztok", Czech "Roztoky")
    • Rostock (Pom. "Rastokú") => ditto (Pom. "Roztok", Polish "Roztok", Czech "Roztoky")
    • Penzlin => ditto (Pom. "Parcelin", Polish "Peczelin")
    • Güstrow (Pom. Guscerov) => ditto (Pom. Gušcerow, Polish "Guszczerow", Czech "Hušcerov")
    • Malchin => ditto (Polish "Malkinia")
    • Damgarten => ditto (Pom. "Damgor", Polish "Debogóra")
    • Strelitz (Pom. Streltza) => ditto (Pom. "Strelci", Polish "Strzelce", "Czech "Strelci")
  • Werle (Pom. "Dymin") => ditto (Pom. "Dymin", Polish "Dymin", Czech "Dymin")
    • Waren => ditto (Pom. "Warne", Polish "Warzno")
    • Greifswald (Pom. "Gripscogh" => ditto (Pom. "Grifeswolde" - "Gripscogh" could work as a Danish/Norse name but definitely not Pomeranian, Polish "Gryfia")
    • Stralsund (Pom. "Stralow" => ditto (Pom. "Stralow", Polish "Strzalów", Czech "Stralov")
    • Tribsees => ditto (Pom. "Trebiti", Polish "Trebiez")
    • Demmin => ditto (Pom. "Dymin", Polish "Dymin", Czech "Dymin")
    • Treptow => ditto (Pom. "Trebutowe", Polish "Trzebiatów")
    • Friedland (Pom. "Mirów") => ditto (Pom. "Mirow", Polish "Mirów", Czech "Mirov")
    • Templin => ditto (Pom. "Taplin", Polish "Teplin")
  • Rügen (Pom. "Rana") => ditto (Pom. "Rana", Polish "Rana", Czech "Rána")
    • Charenza => ditto (Pom. "Korenica", Polish "Korzenica", Czech "Korenica")
    • Putbus => ditto (Pom. "Podboz", Polish "Podbórz", Czech "Podboz")
    • Barth => ditto (Pom "Bard", Polish "Bardo", Czech "Bard")
    • Ralswiek => ditto (Pom. "Ralow", Polish "Ralów", Czech "Ralov")
    • Hiddensee => ditto (Pom. "Chycina", Polish "Chycina", Czech "Chycina")
    • Tribuzin => (?) I found out that this is actually a different name for Tribsees from c_werle, though only in one source - no other sources ever mention that name in the first place. I suggest changing it to something else, perhaps to Bergen (Pom. "Gora", Polish "Góra", Czech "Hora")
  • Wolgast (Pom. "Wologoszcz") => ditto (Pom. "Wologost", Polish "Wologoszcz" Czech "Volehošť")
    • Wolgast (Pom. "Wologoszcz") => ditto (Pom. "Wologost", Polish "Wologoszcz" Czech "Volehošť")
    • Usedom (Pom. "Uznjöm") => ditto (Pom. "Uznjom", Polish "Uznam", Czech "Uznojem")
    • Anklam (Pom. "Taglim") => ditto (Pom. "Taglim", Polish "Taglim", Czech "Taglim")
    • Uckermunde => Ueckermünde - in all other localizations it should be spelled the same way as well (Pom. "Wkra", Polish "Wkra", Czech "Vkra")
    • Zinnowitz => ditto (Pom. "Tzys", Polish "Cis", Czech "Tis")
    • Züssow => ditto (Pom. "Sušow", Polish "Suszów", "Sušov")
    • Kemnitz => ditto (Pom. "Kaminicez", Polish "Kamienica", Czech "Kamenice")
    • Eggesin => ditto (Pom. "Gizin", Polish "Gizyn", Czech "Gizin")
  • Stettin (Pom. "Szczecin") => ditto (Pom. "Šcecin", Polish "Szczecin", Czech "Štetín") - changed the Pomeranian spelling to keep consistency with other Pomeranian names
    • Soldin => ditto (Pom. "Zoldyn", Polish "Myslibórz")
    • Stettin (Pom. "Szczecin") => ditto (Pom. "Šcecin", Polish "Szczecin", Czech "Štetín")
    • Wollin => ditto (Pom. "Wolin", Polish "Wolin", Czech "Volín")
    • Kammin => ditto (Pom. "Kamien", Polish "Kamien", Czech "Kamen")
    • Kolbatz => ditto (Pom. "Kolbac", Polish "Kolbacz", Czech "Kolbac")
    • Cedene => ditto (Polish "Cedynia")
    • Pyritz => ditto (Pom. "Pirice", Polish "Pyrzyce", Czech "Pirice")
  • Neumark (Pom. "Santok", Polish "Santok") => ditto (Pom. "Santok", Polish "Santok", Czech "Santok")
    • Santok => ditto (German "Zantoch")
    • Driesen => ditto (Pom. "Drizina", Polish "Drzen")
    • Bernstein => ditto (Pom. "Jantar", Polish "Bursztyn", Czech "Jantar")
    • Dramburg => ditto (Pom. "Drawsko", Polish "Drawsko", Czech "Dravsko")
    • Tempelburg => ditto (Pom. "Caplinek", Polish "Czaplinek", Czech "Caplinek")
    • Schivelbein => ditto (Pom. "Skwilbin", "Swidnin", Czech "Skwilbin")
    • Drawa => ??? ("Drawa" is a name of the river, I can't find any locations named after that river)
  • Danzig (Pom. Gdansk) => ditto (Pom. "Gdunsk")
    • Puck => ditto (German "Putzig", Pom. "Pùck")
    • Oliva => ditto (Pom. "Òléwa", Polish "Oliwa")
    • Tuchel => ditto (Pom. "Tuchòlô", Polish "Tuchola", Czech "Tuchola")
    • Schwetz => ditto (Pom. "Swiéce", Polish "Swiecie", Czech "Svece")
    • Lauenburg => ditto (Pom. "Lebno", Polish "Lebno", Czech "Lebno")
    • Mewe => ditto (Pom. "Gymew", Polish "Gniew", Czech "Gymev")
    • Schlochau => ditto (Pom. "Slochow", Polish "Sluchów", Czech "Slochov")
  • Bytow => Bytów (German "Bütow", Pom. "Bytow", Czech "Bytov")
    • Bytöw => Bytów (German "Bütow", Pom. "Bytow", Czech "Bytov") - I have no idea where that "ö" came from
    • Lebork => ??? - It already exists as Lauenburg in c_danzig; this is what you get when you don't keep the title names in one language
    • Lupawa => ??? - This is a name of the river, no settlement named that way existed
    • Lebe => Leba
    • Carbero => ??? - I can't find any information about a settlement in Pomeralia named like that
    • Swolow => Swolowo (German "Schwolow" Pom. "Zolowò", Czech "Svolovo")
    • Parchowy => Parchowo (German "Parchau" Pom. "Parchòwò", Czech "Parchovo")
  • Slupsk => ditto (Pom. "Stolpsk")
    • Rügenwalde => ditto (Pom. "Derłowò", Polish "Darlowo", Czech "Dirlov")
    • Slupsk => ditto (Pom. "Stolpsk")
    • Colberg => ditto (Pom. "Kòlbrzég", Polish "Kolobrzeg", Czech "Kolobreh")
    • Schlawe => ditto (Pom. "Slowno", Polish "Slawno", Czech "Slavno")
    • Corlin => ditto (Polish "Chorzelin")
    • Gerwin => ditto (German "Gervin", Polish "Gerwino", Czech "Hervin")
    • Ustka => ditto (German "Stolpmünde", Pom "Ùsko")
    • Belgard => ditto (Pom. "Biolgard", Polish "Bialogard", Czech "Belehard")
Brandenburg (Pom. "Sorbia") => ditto (Pom. "Sorbia", Polish "Sorbia", Czech "Sorbia")
  • Brandenburg (Pom. "Brennaburg") => ditto (Pom. "Brennabor", Polish "Branibór", Czech "Brennabor")
    • Brandenburg (Pom. "Brennaburg") => ditto (Pom. "Brennabor", Polish "Branibór", Czech "Brennabor")
    • Berlin => ditto (Pom. "Bralin", Polish "Bralin", Czech "Bralin")
    • Jüterbog (Pom. "Jutriboc") => ditto (Pom. "Jutriboc", Polish "Jutribok", Czech "Jutriboc")
    • Belzig => ditto (Pom. "Belsko", Polish "Bielsko", Czech "Belsko")
    • Ruppin => ditto (Pom. "Rypin", Polish "Rypin", Czech "Rypin")
    • Oranienburg (Pom. "Bochzowe") => ditto (Pom. "Bózow", Polish "Boczów", Czech "Becov")
  • Havelberg (Pom. "Lenzen") => ditto (Pom. "Hobolin", Polish "Hobolin", Czech "Hobolin")
    • Lenzen => ditto (Pom. "Lunkini", Polish "Laczyn", Czech "Lunkini")
    • Havelberg (Pom. "Brisanen") => ditto (Pom. "Hobolin", Polish "Hobolin", Czech "Hobolin")
    • Wittstock (Pom. "Vysoka") => ditto (Pom. "Wysoka", Polish "Wysoka", Czech "Vysoka")
    • Plattenburg (Pom. "Prignitz") => ditto (Pom. "Perlow", Polish "Perlów", Czech "Perlov") - used a name of a different town from the same district as Plattenburg that actually has a Slavic name
Meissen (Pom. "Nisani") => ditto (Pom. "Mišno", Polish "Misnia", Czech "Míšen")
  • Meissen (Pom. "Nisani") => ditto (Pom. "Milska", Polish "Milsko", Czech "Milsko") - old Slavic name for the region of Upper Lusatia, roughly covered by the province of Meissen
    • Dresden (Pom. "Drezdany" => ditto (Pom. "Drezdany", Polish "Drezdno", Czech "Drázdany")
    • Meissen (Pom. "Nisani") => ditto (Pom. "Mišno", Polish "Misnia", Czech "Míšen")
    • Dohna => ditto (Pom. "Donin", Polish "Donin", Czech "Donín")
    • Altenburg => ditto (Pom. "Starogard", Polish "Starograd", Czech "Starohrad")
    • Strehla => ditto (Pom. "Strjela", Polish "Strzala", Czech "Strjela")
    • Rabenau => ditto (Pom. "Rabinowe", Polish "Rabinowe", Czech "Rabinove")
  • Gorlitz (Pom. "Zgorzelice", Polish "Zgorzelice", Czech "Zhorelec") => Görlitz (Pom. "Zgórjelc", Polish "Zgorzelice", Czech "Zhorelec")
    • Görlitz (Pom. "Zhorjelc", Polish "Zgorzelice", Czech "Zhorelec") => ditto (Pom. "Zgórjelc", Polish "Zgorzelice", Czech "Zhorelec")
    • Bautzen (Pom. "Budysin") => ditto (Pom. "Budyšyn", Polish "Budiszyn", Czech "Budyšín")
    • Herrhut => Herrnhut (Pom. "Ochranow", Pollish "Ochranów", Czech "Ochranov")
    • Spremberg => ditto (Pom. "Grodk", Polish "Gródek", Czech "Hrodk")
    • Ylustiaberg => ??? - Google has no idea what this place is, probably a heavy misspelling
    • Priebus => ditto (Pom. "Pribuz", Polish "Przewóz", Czech "Pribuz")
    • Bischolow => ??? - Can't find anything in Google, probably misspelled
It may seem like I'm using Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian spellings as I please with no real pattern but I tried to pick whichever spelling seemed to be closer to the original and also to keep consistency with other Pomeranian names. Pomeranian culture is actually a mashup of various West Slavic cultures that aren't Polish or Bohemian/Czech and the spelling rules for different languages are often very different. I tried to unify the spellings of various names by replacing "v" with "w" in names of Polabian origin or "sz" and "cz" with "š" and "c" (since we can't use "č" in CK2).
  • Werben (Pom. "Laczyn") => ditto (Pom. "Wiribeni", Polish "Wierzbno", Czech "Viribeni") - Laczyn is already present in c_havelberg as Lenzen.
    • Werben => ditto (Pom. "Wiribeni", Polish "Wierzbno", Czech "Viribeni")
    • Halberstedt => Halberstadt
    • Lüchow => ditto (Pom. "Lugow", Polish "Lugow", Czech "Lugov")
    • Stendal => Steinedal - original spelling
  • Magdeburg (Pom. "Dolomici") => ditto (Pom. "Dzewin", Polish "Dziewin", Czech "Devín")
    • Magdeburg (Pom. "Magadoburg") => ditto (Pom. "Dzewin", Polish "Dziewin", Czech "Devín")
    • Haldensleben (Pom. "Hahaldeslevo") => ditto (Pom. "Hahaldeslewo", Polish "Hahaldeslewo", Czech "Hahaldeslevo")
    • Querfurt (Pom. "Curnfurt") => ditto (Pom. "Kwerfurt", Polish "Kwerfurt", Czech "Kverfurt")
  • South Bohemia => ditto (Czech "Jizní Cechy", all other Slavic cultures - nothing) - I think it's better if that province is called "South Bohemia" while held by non-Czech Slavs instead of using a Czech translation of that name; tbh, I'd much rather have this province's name reverted to "Domazlice"
    • Prachen => Práchen (German "Prachin")
    • Hohenfurth (Czech "Vyssi Brod") => ditto (Czech "Vyšší Brod")
    • Pisek => ditto (Czech "Písek")
    • Krumlov => ditto (German "Klummau")
    • Golden Kron (Czech "Zlata Koruna" => Goldenkron (Czech "Zlatá Koruna")
    • Resenberg => Rosenberg (Czech "Rozmberk")
  • Prague => ditto (Polish, Russian, Pomeranian, Severian, Volhynian, Ilmenian, Bulgarian, Carantanian "Praga", Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian "Prag") - only Czechs, Slovaks, Belarusians and Ukrainians use "h" instead of "g"
    • Prague => ditto (Polish, Russian, Pomeranian, Severian, Volhynian, Ilmenian, Bulgarian, Carantanian "Praga", Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian "Prag")
    • Kuttenberg (Czech "Kutna Hora") => ditto (Czech "Kutná Hora") - I don't know why there are all the lines for German/Norse cultures to rename it to Kuttenberg if that's already a default name of that holding
    • Vysehrad => ditto (Czech "Vyšehrad", German "Wyschehrad")
    • Kourim => ditto (German "Kaurim")
    • Kolin => ditto (Czech "Kolín")
    • Stare Mesto => Staré Mesto (German "Altstadt")
    • Zbraslav => ditto (German "Königsaal")
    • Sázava => ditto (German "Sasau")
  • Litomerice
    • Melník => ditto (German "Melnik")
    • Mnichovo Hradiste => Mnichovo Hradište (German "Münchengrätz")
    • Zitava => ??? - This holding already exists as Zittau in c_lausitz, yet another duplicate
    • Dubá => ditto (German "Dauba")
    • Decín => ditto (German "Tetschen")
    • Ceska Lipa => Ceská Lípa (German "Böhmisch Leipa")
    • Boleslav => ditto (German "Bunzlau")
    • Nymburk => ditto (German "Neuenburg")
  • Hradec => ditto (German "Grätz")
    • Hradec Kralove => Hradec Králové (German "Königgrätz")
    • Kladsko => ditto (German "Glatz")
    • Zleby => ditto (German "Schleb")
    • Chrudim => ditto (German "Crudim")
    • Cáslav => ditto (German "Tschaslau")
    • Jaromer => ditto (German "Jermer")
    • Litomysl => Litomyšl (German "Leitomischl")
  • Plzen
    • Plasy => ditto (German "Plass")
    • Stribro => Stríbro (German "Mies")
    • Klatovy => ditto (German "Klattau")
    • Kladruby => ditto (German "Kladrau")
    • Primda => ditto (German "Pfraumberg")
    • Domazlice => ditto (German "Taus")
  • Zatec => ditto (German "Saaz")
    • Zatec => ditto (German "Saaz")
    • Osek => ditto (German "Ossegg")
    • Louny => ditto (German "Laun")
    • Bílina => ditto (German "Bilin")
    • Kadan => ditto (German "Kaaden")
    • Teplice => ditto (German "Teplitz")
    • Chomutov => ditto (German "Komotau")
  • Znojmo => ditto (German "Znaim")
    • Znojmo => ditto (German "Znaim")
    • Mikulov => ditto (German "Nikolsburg")
    • Trebic => Trebíc (German "Trebitsch")
    • Pohansko => ditto (German "Lundenburg")
    • Jihlava => ditto (German "Iglau")
    • Bítov => ditto (German "Vöttau")
    • Vranov => ditto (German "Frain")
    • Telc => ditto (German "Teltsch")
    • Louka => ditto (German "Klosterbruck")
    • Eibenshitz => ditto (Czech "Ivancice")
  • Olomouc => ditto (German "Olmütz")
    • Olomouc => ditto (German "Olmütz")
    • Velehrad => ditto (German "Willerat")
    • Hradiste => ditto (German "Hradisch")
    • Svatý Kopecek => ditto (German "Heiligberg")
    • Prerov => ditto (German "Prerau")
    • Vyskov => Vyškov (German "Wischau")
    • Unicov => ditto (German "Mährisch Neustadt")
    • Zabreh => Zábreh (German "Hohenstadt")
  • Brno => ditto (German "Brünn")
    • Brno => ditto (German "Brünn")
    • Mikulcice => ditto (German "Mikultschitz")
    • Zdar => ditto (German "Saar")
    • Svitavy => ditto (German "Zwittau")
    • Rajhrad => ditto (German "Raigern")
    • Pernstejn => Pernštejn (German "Pernstein")
    • Hodonín => ditto (German "Göding")
    • Boskovice => ditto (German "Boskowitz")
  • Opava => ditto (German "Tropawa")
    • Opava => ditto (German "Tropawa")
    • Krnov => ditto (German "Jägerndorf")
    • Bruntál => ditto (German "Freudenthal")
    • Hradec nad Moravicí => ditto (German "Grätz an der Mohra") - I assumed "Mohra" is a feminine noun, native German speakers are free to correct me
    • Hlubcice => ditto (German "Leobschütz")
    • Holasovice => ditto (German "Kreuzendorf")
    • Oldrisov => Oldrišov (German "Odersch")

I'm also planning on covering parts of Galicia-Volhynia, Hungary and Lithuania.
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Mar 7, 2014
Added kingdom of Pomerania as defined in game files (de jure borders in 769 and 867) as well as 2 provinces in the kingdom of Germany that are controlled by the Pomeranians in the 867 bookmark.

I'm thinking of putting all the names into a spreadsheet so it was easier for the devs to implement but that would take me a lot of time. I'd like to hear from the devs if they'd use it before proceeding. I could also edit the game files but without proper tools it's going to take me ages just editing the landed_title file.


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Mar 7, 2014
Added kingdom of Bohemia - mostly fixed missing diacritics but also added German names for almost every single Bohemian holding. It should look nice when Bohemia is under HRE now.

Also changed the name of the thread to be since it's not just about Polish holdings anymore.
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