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Mar 1, 2005
Windows Vista/7: The game crashes at the end of the year, or whenever I try to save it
Windows Vista/7: The game does not save my changes to the settings

The game expects to have write permissions in the directory where it is installed. This is true by default for Windows XP and earlier, but not for Windows Vista and 7.
To solve this, right click on the properties of the executable, click on the compatibility tab and select "Run as Administrator".
Important: this is not required if FTG is not installed in the default C:\Program Files. We suggest installing in C:\Games; anything outside of Program Files should do.

The game crashes when I try to select a scenario

This is often caused by AMD video card drivers. Updating the driver or performing a clean uninstall/reinstall fixes the problem.

Impulse: The game crashes when I try to save in AGCEEP or Age of Timur

In AGCEEP and FTG_Timur mods, create a "Save Games" folder (without double quotes) in the Scenarios folder.
This solves all CTDs related to saving games for the two mods.
It seems this only applies to the Impulse version.

The game will not start at all

If the game fails to start, edit settings.txt at the root of the FTG install folder and change x and y for the size in the graphics section with values for a supported resolution of your configuration. Check your Display control panel.

The game displays an error message when I try to run it in windowed mode

Windowed mode requires 16bit display. Check your Display control panel before starting the game again after selecting this mode in the Settings.

What happens if I delete this config.ftg file?

Delete config.ftg at the root of FTG install folder before starting the game for the first time only. It will revert to default values for in-game messages settings and default name used for multiplayer and Victory screen at the end of a game. The default name can also be changed in the multiplayer section of the game (MULTIPLAYER button in the main menu).

Why does it show my name as Thomas something? How can I change it?

You can change your name in the multiplayer menu. You do not need to actually play a multiplayer game for the change to take effect.
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Mar 1, 2005
Version 1.1

French translation

In countries.csv for the French version (Localisation/French folder), just add _DESC for this entry:

MAD_DESC;Madurai est une ancienne cité qui fut visitée par les négociants grecs et romains dès le IIIe siècle avant notre ère. Au XVe siècle, Madurai était un des quelques états nayaka sous la domination du Vijayanagar. À la chute de cet empire, les Nayaks de Madurai virent leur pouvoir s'accroître en Inde méridionale, menaçant fréquemment les états voisins de Tanjore et Travancore. Au XVIIIe siècle, son existence fut menacée par le Nawab d'Arcot et par l'empire marathe. En 1752 le royaume passa aux mains des Britanniques.;x

Other entries:


AWDWLS;Nous perdrons %d en stabilité;x
AWDWNOCB;, %d pour l'absence de casus belli;x
AWDWDYNASTIC;, %d pour la rupture de mariage royal;x
AWDWMA;, %d pour la rupture d'alliance militaire;x
AWDWVA;, %d parce que ce sont nos vassaux;x
AWDWRELIGION;, %d car nous partageons la même religion;x
AWDWTRUCE;, %d parce que nous rompons un traité de paix;x
AWDWVGOODREL;, %d car nous avons d'excellentes relations;x
AWDWGOODREL;, %d car nous avons de bonnes relations;x
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Updated FAQ with solution for crashing on scenario selection, since it appears to be a solved problem.
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