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Disclaimer Note: As those who were present last Sunday during the multiplayer session know, both me and gamarasa had some really bad luck with our chosen rulers. So, just to see how it would turn out, I restarted a single-player game with the same set up.

This is the dev version, so there are some slight changes, the ruler was also customized as it was during the multiplayer campaign (that is, still the starting ruler, but with changed religion and added magic).

Hope you enjoy some of it. It's mostly narration, so if you prefer the detailed strategy sort of AAR, you might not want to go forward.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
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Chapter 21
Chapter 22

She couldn't believe her father was gone. He insisted so much about her finding a husband before her next birthday, she could have never had guessed he was already so close to the brink of death. Yet, Hamed was old, maybe she just deluded herself he would live forever, taking care of the Sultanate while she lived a life of luxury and adventure with the love of her life.

"We can still get there", huttered Ali, drawing her in his embrace. "It'll just be another adventure."
After a moment of silence, watching from the balcony of their palace the city of Al-Haikk sprawling beneath them, under the pale sickening light of Morrslieb, the Prince spoke again, in a more worried tone.
"All I want is to be with you, but are you sure it wouldn't be wiser to make me rule in your stead, if only publically? I know I'm no expert in these matters, but-"
"Shhh." She silenced him with a finger on his lips, barely hiding a chuckle.
"I know you wish to protect me.. and you are smart and brave... But leave the court matters to me. I promise you everything is going to be alright."
She leaned closer, wrapping her arms around his neck.
"Now, come in, the night is getting cold."



From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
12 Sommerzeit, 2010
I feel uncertain in the wake of my father's death, but I cannot allow myself to lose any time. Our small realm was prosperous under my father, but the civil war and his death could stroke the ambitions of our neighbors. And that evil Atruhayid sorcerer is likely planning his revenge from beyond the sea. Fortunately he had to leave a lot of his stuff in my father's palace when he fled from Al-Haikk. I guess, it's my palace now.
I've stalled long enough away from that laboratory; Ali would have me burn it to the ground, my poor sweet Prince, I know he means good, but, ultimately, he doesn't know about these matters, maybe he'll be more understanding when I finally teach him how to read and write. I'll just sneak in when he's in town, he'll never even know.
Many nobles inside and outside the realm hate me. I refused them time and again and married a landless Prince, it is only a matter of time before they try and topple me by force to take what they couldn't acquire by inheritage. Our own Wali and Sheiks are slow to answer summonings to Al-Haikk, but I'm confident I can deal with them with the help of Ali. What's important is to avoid our neighbors from taking any direct move against us before we've taken care of our own vassals.
Emir Atissi and Emir Is'mail, our closest neighbors, have not enough troops to risk an open war against us, but our informers say they're building their armies already. In the long lost past these two Emirates bowed to Agrabid, but it has been generations since their rulers submitted to the rightful rule of Al-Haikk.
Sultan Abu-Bakr of Ramacca is the greatest Arabyan ruler, but I'm less worried about him for the moment, his eastern borders have been plagued by the undead by time immemorial.
Our greatest threat is Kufra, in the south. Sultan Mukhtar has a realm almost as large and an army almost as numerous as Ramacca and he has always disputed my family's claim on Jebel Ezna. He could easily exploit his claim to snatch even more land from us. Yet, he has not the reputation of an ambitious man, perhaps I could reason with him, rumor has it he's quite the charmer. I've arranged a diplomatic meeting for the next month and he has agreed to receive me.


Yazmine tossed away another scroll, tapping impatiently on the table. It was the second week she spent in the sorcerer's laboratory, looking through his things, but she was yet to find anything useful. There were lots of interesting spells and recepies for potions, but she could barely understand any of it. She had tried experimenting, casting some of the spells, but nothing ever happened.
"How am I supposed to learn anything without first knowing the basics?! There must be a starting book somewhere here.. something!"
She left the desk to go once more at the bookshelves and, in her frustration, she hit one of the legs of the table with her heel.
While holding off the pain, Yazmine heard a faint tingling on the floor at her back and turned around. Fighing against her nausea, she bent under the dusty old desk to look for whatever could have caused it.
"What's this?"
A small turqouise was still rolling between the cracks of the floor. The young Sultana leaped forward, to take the precious stone before it could roll beyond her reach. When she got herself out from under the table she was a mess, but she had her prize. She almost regret it: it was so small, crossed by purplish veins and other imperfections.
"Why did I even-?"
"Hello, dear."
The voice was so sudden that Yazmine let the stone go with a muffled scream.
After assuring herself no guard had heard her, she went back to the table, where the stone was still waiting.
"Hello?" she murmured, nervously stroking her fingers.
No answer.
Mustering all her courage, the young woman moved closer and coyly touched the stone with a finger, repeating the call: "Hello?"
"Why, hello again, dear, is there something you wished?"
The voice was childlike, resonating with a strange echo, but it had the tone of an adult. Yazmine cleaned her throat, trying to calm herself enough to speak coherently: "Who- What are you?"
"I'm a turqouise."
"Are you.. trapped in the stone?"
"No, no, no: I am the stone."
The gleeful tone confused her even more.
"But you can speak!"
"Certainly. You are in a magic lab, didn't you think you'd find magic items?"
"You-? How-? What.. what can you do?"
"Given time, fulfill your every desire."



From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
1 Nachgeheim, 2010
Finally everything is making some sense. With the help of the stone I've managed to put order in the library and look for the right scrolls.
Whether it is my recent progress in the laboratory or the fact I'll soon have to leave him for the travel to Kufra, I never remember feeling such lust for my Ali. We've spent quite the passionate nights before the day of my departure.
I'm sure my Prince will keep things in order while I'm gone.


"Try to understand my situation, Sultana..." Mukhtar sipped from his calice, waiting for his guest to do the same before continuing.
"...it's not about petty greed. Your southern vassals have been ruling almost by themselves in the past decades. The Wali ruling over Jebel Ezna is not even a cophic. Your father has already had trouble handling the heathen Atruhayids amongst your subjects, it might be beneficial for both of our realms to resettle our borders."
"I understand your concerns, Sultan."
Yazmine almost cringed putting the calice back on the table. Mukhtar was very reserved, but, as she had the chance to discover in the past week, he could throw very elaborate and munificent parties for the selected few he allowed to his inner court. Some of the food and drinks were just too strange and exotic for her, but overall she would have been enjoying herself in his company, if it weren't for the political issues she had to deal with.
I wish we could have known each other in different circumstances, she thought, taking another sip. He's as young as Ali, but already with such a lush beard. And his crown does suit him well. My love still keeps wearing simple clothes...
"I can assure you, Sultan, I'm taking all the necessary measures to keep all of my lands safe, even the southern ones. You have not to worry about Wali Sulayman."
Mukhtar shifted on his pillows to look directly at her. The musicians were still playing a soothing tune, hidden beyond layers of silk.
"I wish I could believe you.", he said.
Yazmine leaned forward.
"And I wish there could be something I could do to make you believe me, Sultan."
Almost as surprised as he was, she gently pushed him down, coming onto him.



From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
16 Nachgeheim, 2010
I don't know what took over me. Must have been the wine. Or could he have put something in it? Mukhtar? He didn't had any objections and he sure hadn't spared praises for my beauty since we met. And, oh, what a night it was. Ali can be passionate, but Mukhtar is truly a wild creature.
Ali, what would my love think if he knew?

Missive to the Emir of Almasi
8 Kaldezeit, 2010
My liege, I bring grave news. The Agrabidian slut has finally announced her departure from Kufra. I'm still uncertain who might be the puppeteer between the two, but an alliance seems almost certain now. Mukhtar protecting the weaker Sultanate was disturbing news already, but if she was to forsake her peasant Prince and marry the Maqdisi Sultan.. I fear for our land, my liege.
There's more.
Some of the servant girls I have in my employ in the palace of Kufra reported the Sultana was feeling sick lately. One of them swears she recognizes the symptoms and that her sudden departure is meant to hide her infidelity.
Your humble servant,
Magsen Al-Shamrani

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Thank you. Things are still rather average for now.
The fun should start in a couple chapters.
A fantastic beginning. I love narrative AARs, so this is something I'll be watching.
Chapter 2

Ali gave a glance at his wife from his place at the side of the throne. The bulge which had already started showing on her womb made him uneasy. He didn't thought he'd be a father so soon.
Ormazd willing it'll be a healthy boy. I'm sure that'll help placate some of our vassals.
Yazmine's travel south had been successful, but things home weren't going so well: many of the vassals resented the new edicts the Sultana had issued to increase the authority of Al-Haikk over the other Sheikdoms. Her father's rule had been lax and benevolent, maybe too much so.
Not that Ali minded his beloved to put those pretentious Princes into their place, they barely cared about their poor subjects. The real problem was many of the people disliked the Agrabids just as much as the other Arabyan Princes, if not more. The apathy of the previous Sultan was the result of the sorcerer's wicked influence, but the common folk would not accept that version: the old superstitions had still a great hold in their lands, the former Vizier was loved by many as a fellow Atruhayid, they had yet to accept the wisdom of Ormazd. Ali knew what they felt, he used to worship the old gods when he was a boy, but their faith was misguiding them now.
"Bring in the next petitioner.", ordered Yazmine with an annoyed huff, faintly gesturing to a servant to bring the plate with her grapes closer.
"Maybe you would like to finish here for today?", he asked, cautiously.
"No, no, it's fine..." she answered, plucking a grape and starting to gnaw. "I'll listen another one. ...Why, my Prince? Eager to go to bed?"
Ali answered with a concerned look askance at her alluring smile. To make matters worse, Yazmine had been acting strangely since her return from Kufra. He was unsure if it was just a consequence of her pregnancy or just of not having known her for long enough yet.
The next courtier to be brought in the throneroom was a known face: Ifni Ifni, the new Imam appointed to spread the word of the Prophet after the death of the old preacher Massinissa. Sadly, he hadn't done a good job. Two guards were escorting him and his hands were clapped in iron.
Ali never liked him: he barely spoke a word in public, bowing down to his better, but he was known to viciously beat and abuse his servants. That sycophant had just given him the chance to have himself beheaded with his last exploits and Ali was not going to miss it.​


Yazmine spat the seed of the last grape, shifting on the throne, trying to find a better position while Ali started to talk, pointing harshly at the man beneath them.
"Sultana, this man has been witnessed spreading the most blasphemous-"
She was so bored and sick, she could hardly hear half of what anyone was saying. That Iman though, she didn't realize until that point, but he wasn't that bad looking. He was old, nearly in his forties, but he still had a lush and dark beard and long curly hair. And seeing him still in his tunic, chained and kneeling at her feet.. it somehow made him even more desirable to her.
"-and that's why I ask for him to be put to death."
"What?", Yazmine blinked a few times, moving her gaze to Ali, confused. "Why again?"
"He was spreading an idolater cult. Witnesses say he was using it to meet his wicked desires by taking advantage of his followers."
Yazmine sighed, looking back at the petitioner, who was now begging for his life at her feet.
"Please, let me live! I only wished to spread love and happiness to my flock, my Queen! Deception was never my intention!"
"You blasphemer!", shouted Wali Izri "We should cut your tongue and burn it, before taking your head."
A choir of agreeing murmurs came from the group of vassals reunited in the court. They had finally come, if nothing else to pay homage to the coming child, but they barely hid their dislike for Yazmine and her Prince.
Wali Izri of Zuwarah, Wali Sulayman of Jeleb Ezna and Wali Ifner of Nejaz.
That pompous snake Izri was the worst, he took a vicious foreigner as a wife, who managed more than once to buy the ears of some of Al-Haikk's servants and courtiers.
They are the real blasphemers. Those hate-filled swines. The poor Ifni, why should he have to pay, when he did nothing wrong to me? ...Sure, I wouldn't mind keeping him around for some time...
"Bring him to the dungeons. I will think about your request, husband, and wait for Ormazd to grant me the wisdom to see what's right."
The Imam bowed and covered her with praises as he was being dragged away by the guards; Yazmine smirked, looking at the impotent rage on her vassals' faces. Ali looked somewhat worried as well, but that was nothing a good night in the bed wouldn't have fixed.​


Yazmine lifted the hem of her dress, making sure not to let it touch the filthy and damp floor of the dungeon as she went down. Sneaking up on Ali hadn't been too hard, she tired him well enough; but she still did not feel satiated. She wasn't sure what she was doing, but the thought of that beautiful Imam locked and chained in her palace, all alone, did not make her sleep.
She specified to the guards to put him alone in the darkest cell and there he was. He didn't have his tunic anymore, only rags.
That's sad, he almost looks like some random peasant, dressed like this. Maybe I should ask the guards to bring him his clothes back.
Ifni tiringly raised his head, but when he finally recognized who she was, he seemed to gain new strength.
"I knew you would come."
"Hmpf. That's funny, because I didn't."
The former Imam tried to correct his posture, but the chains binding him to the wall did not allow it.
"It is beyond the both of us. Our Ethernal Prince beckoning us to do his bidding."
Yazmine tapped annoyed on her side, giving another look at the well-tarnished body of the prisoner.
"You have a very charming voice, Ifni, but I have no idea what you are talking about."
"I know you have forsaken the meek Ormazd for a far greater power."
"Hum, what?" She didn't know whether to feel insulted or amused by such an absurd claim. "What did you just say?"
"That's why you came here. For me."
Yazmine let out a nervous chuckle, shaking her head and pointing at her womb as she answered: "I am a married woman, you know. With child. And your Sultana. I could have you killed in the morning, what makes you think I would ever want to lay with you?"
"I never said that."
Yazmine blushed in embarassement and anger. Why did I even SAID that?!
"But if your creature puts you out of the mood...", he added voraciously, "...I could carve it out for you before we start."
Yazmine response was a loud slap on Ifni's face. Still not satisfied, she wrapped a hand to his neck, coming closer.
"How dare you even think of such things?! I should.. I should..."
"The jailer left his tools nearby, my Queen."
Her hand was pulsing with pain, she hit him so hard. She could see, even in the faint light in the cell, the red shape of her palm on his cheek. She didn't realize how close she had gotten to him until she smelled his breath.
"Maybe I will use them! Teach you your place, blasphemer!"​



From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
15 Kaldezeit, 2010
Why am I doing this? I cannot even try to write what we did last night without blushing and shivering with delight. I've never been much of an artisan, but when I've worked the iron on Ifni I felt like a sculptor! And feeling his warm blood between our skin when we wrapped into each other against the cold and hard iron of his chains... It was such a unique sensation. I must do it again, try new things. I'll keep him, Oblivion to those ungrateful nobles. He'll stay here, in the dungeon, well fed and dressed.
But why? He's not important, it's not for the good of the realm, like it was for Mukhtar. In fact, this could only give me trouble if it ever gets discovered. And what if Ali knew? He could not understand. He's too sweet and kind.
Maybe it's just a whim, caused by the baby growing inside of me. It'll be gone along with the pregnancy.

But no, I cannot risk it. All our enemies are here, I've not even had the chance to go to the laboratory since my return, probably won't for the whole year. I cannot have other things to take space in my mind. The Wali came because they think me weak in my current state, I must take advantage of the situation. When they'll go back to their lands, it'll be too late.
No more visiting the dungeons, Yazmine.
But Ifni stays there. For the moment.


"Are you sure Shogofa never left her assigned chambers today?" Yazmine shifted around on the bed, trying to find a position where her swallowed feet wouldn't hurt so much.
"For the third time, my love...", answered Ali, rubbing her back, "...we're sure."
"That viper has eyes and ears in the palace still. I know it. She must be kept in check."
"I think you should relax. Would you like me to bring you another hot syrup?"
"Hm, yeah. I'll take that. But I cannot rest, we need to make our move before they go away."
While Ali got up to order the beverage, Yazmine kept on scouring the various reports piled up on her womb, massaging her head.
She had managed to fabricate charges against the Sheik of Duranq, enough to have him stripped of his title and land. Which meant almost a thousand men more under her service and almost complete control over Al-Haikk. The move had put all the Wali on guard, though. They knew they would have been next if she was allowed to keep going.
Shogofa, Wali Izri's wife, was vicious and ambitious enough to try and have her killed if she got the chance.
The worst part, the pregnancy was revealing itself to be not as easy as she expected it. She had come to the point where she could barely lift herself from the bed without feeling tipsy or having her feet go on fire.
"Here we go" said Ali sitting at her side, swiping off the scrolls from the bed and putting the warm cup in her hands.
"Sshh. Relax. You'll worry about that later."
Yazmine took a small sip, careful not to burn her tongue. The Lustrian powder mixed with milk was one of the few delicacies she liked from her visit to Mukhtar. She had started taking it more frequently in the last weeks along some other exotic dishes she would have never had tried before.
Yet, with no study in the laboratory, no visits in the dungeons, Ali not laying with her anymore fearing for the baby, that was one of the only things left to give her a small hint of pleasure.​

From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
1 Sommerzeit, 2011
I've spent so much time worrying about Shogofa, but Sulayman's wife is another matter entirely: Lwiza is such a trusting woman and at the same time, she has the most terrifying ideas when it comes to dealing with her wrathful husband. Maybe it is just the fever making me trust her in return, but she might reveal herself to be a useful asset against Sulayman.
Sulayman. He is as proud as Izri, but not quite as capable. A foreigner himself, he's out of his element here, and he has no heirs. But he is a strong warrior, we must be careful not to take any wrong steps. Maybe it'll be safer to use wine.
Wali Ifser is the less skilled amongst the three, a pretentious fop, so insecure about himself... I thought I'd have him fall first, but maybe I can work my way to a safer solution. Now that I managed to sneak the turquoise back to me, it has given some interesting ideas as how to get rid of them without raising too much suspicion. I'll need as much help as I can. I have Ali running around, doing errands for my plans, but I cannot have him find out what's he really working for, I'm sure he suspects already.
Why won't this headache go away? I cannot focus, I cannot move from this bed. But there's so much to do and so few people to trust.

Ali kept on circling the corridor outside the bedchamber, shaking in fear and anticipation. The screams and crying had been going on for hours, with the maids bringing clean water and sheets constantly in the room. The labour wasn't going too well, some of the doctors feared Yazmine would not make it.
She insisted for him to remain at the door, alongside her personal guards, in the last weeks she had grown even more paranoid, fearing one of the Princes would plot her murder as she was delivering. Ali couldn't believe they'd stoop so low to get their way, but he wanted to do all he could to make his beloved feel as safe as possible in that delicate period.
They had managed to frame one of the Sheiks, but the Wali were still in charge and unlikely to fall as easily to any charge against them.
Whatever we find out about them, they can just flee to their palaces and hide behind their troops. She's right: we need to frame them before they leave Al-Haikk.
He couldn't think about what to do if she were to die. The mere possibility was unthinkable.
Finally, a high pitched wailing rose from the chamber, followed by silence. The Prince rushed inside. A physician was right in front of him, holding a child, still covered in blood, with a grim expression on his face.
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You're doing a great job writing in character. This story does a good job showing the mind of a follower of Slannesh.
You're doing a great job writing in character. This story does a good job showing the mind of a follower of Slannesh.
Thank you, I'm glad you're liking it.
Even if ingame she started with both magic and Chaos faith, I'd rather have a slower progression, after all she didn't make use of either, for now.
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Chapter 3


"Let me see her! M-!"
She could barely hear anything, everything was foggy and distant, but she did manage to recognize Ali's voice and tried to gesture for him.
The child was still moaning somewhere, she didn't even manage to see it yet, she had only enough strength to keep on breathing, with little feeling left below her neck.
She saw a face right next to her and recognized the voice of her Prince once more. With a dry mouth, she started spelling: "Give.. the good news.. to Lwiza."
His answer sounded confused, but she had neither the strength nor the will to explain. "Go!"​


When Yazmine came back to her senses, she was still in bed, soaked in sweat. One of the physicians and two of her guards were watching over her.
Ali was also at her side, whispering a prayer to Ormazd. He must had thought it would have helped, but right then it was just making her headache worst. She tried to tell him to shut up, but she had no voice left in her at the moment, so she had to wave her hand as much as she could with the little strength she had to catch his attention.
"My love, you're awake!.. Hold your strength, you need to rest..."
Yazmine cleared her throat and tried to talk again, but all she could was to silently spell: "The others. Out."
After a moment of confusion, Ali understood the request and ordered the guards and the physician to leave the room, before going back to his wife.
"The child?", she spelled.
Ali gave her a reassuring smile, getting up again and returning soon after with the creature to put it within the mother's arms.
"She's been fed already, don't worry."
The child looked back at her, with a confused look and a drooling mouth.
Hm, a girl...
After all she went through to have her, now she found herself unsure what to think of that little warm creature resting on her. For a fleeting moment she thought if it wouldn't have been better to have had a boy, to placate some of her subjects, buy her some time, but the idea of angering them even more as she was cutting them one by one endeared her.
...yes, it's good that you are a girl. That'll show them.
She would have rocked her in her arms, but she barely had the strength to hold onto her.
How much did you cost me, my beautiful daughter.
"I've relayed your message", said Ali, straightening on his chair. "Lwiza said she would have had a toast for you with her husband."
Yazmine smiled at her child and nodded.
Didn't you come on some happy day, dear daughter? Didn't you? Yes! Yes you did. Hm, how should we call you? With all these things to do, I barely had the time to think about it. Oh, I've got it. I'll-
"What's this?" Ali frowned, bending to reach the floor. Yazmine followed his gaze to the small turqouise, resting near the bed. She must had lost it during the feverish labour.
If he touches it and hears the voice..!
Mustering all her strength, Yazmine leaped on the side of her bed, catching the precious stone right before her Prince could.
"Wh-?! Yazmine, the child!"
Ali raised his hands just in time to save the screaming child from falling down the bed. In her rush she had completely forgotten the creature. With a terrified look, Yazmine held the turqouise tight to her chest, looking to the crying child, hoping for her to be alright. Ali took the baby back in his arms, standing up and rocking her to try and calm her down. When he finally managed to place her into her cradle again and returned to his wife to ask about the stone, she had already had enough time to make up a credible excuse about a family heirloom to bring her good luck during the labour.
Barely out of my womb and she already helps her mother out...


From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
1 Vorgeheim, 2011
I can finally walk again. It's good to be free of this burden. The child is growing stronger every day as well. I never thought my first pregnancy would have been such an ordeal. Maybe there's some scroll in the laboratory to ease the danger and the pain? With all that's happened I haven't had the time to search. The stone might now.
Sulayman is dead, the poison did its work, but Ali knows.
I was so stupid, I had to relay a servant to give the signal, or give another signal, set it up to go off the moment the baby was out, why did I rushed it? The fever clouded my mind.
He knows I used him to set up the stage, kill Sulayman and take his lands by deception, I know he resents me for that. We didn't talk about it, but I can feel he knows by his look. He won't take the subject for now, he fears for my health, but he has rarely answered to my summonings as of late. I'll have to take care of the other two Wali by myself. Until I'm strong enough to lay with him and make him forget all of this sad affair.
They did not accuse me, Wali Izri and Wali Ifser. How could I plan Sulayman's murder while delivering my little Kaezline? Lwiza fled, as we agreed, after performing the deed, which means she'll be seen as the major suspect, at least by the general public. I'll keep her where she can be of use, she's proven herself to be reliable. I might need her in the future.
With Sulayman gone, I've taken direct control over Jebel Ezna, whatever deals Mukhtar might have had with him are null now, he'll have to bargain directly with me if he wants to push his claim. We may not yet be in condition to fight any external war, but he won't risk it either when there's nobody that could support him in the province itself. And we did leave each other on good terms, after all. I'd be surprised if he forgot our time together so quickly...


Yazmine sipped from her cup, giving a side glance on her child, sleeping on her other arm.
She's so care-free, look at her. Sleeping, playing and eating all day, keeping the her maids awake at night. I could envy her. A small Princess, just like I was, all the perks of royalty and none of the responsibilities.
Well... whispered the turqouise, safely hidden beneath her clothes, she cannot have a man inside her. Yet.
Pah! Neither can I! I'm still too weak to enjoy any of it. Poor Ifni must have rusted in the dungeon and Ali would not touch me of his own initiative for now.
Maybe you could call Sultan Mukhtar, to celebrate the birth of your lovely daughter?
Too risky. And I'm not strong enough to handle that one at the moment.
"Sultana? Is something wrong?", the voice was barely an echo in her mind.
She's so small and fragile...
Feed me to her!
What!?! Why?
I don't know. Could be interesting.
Yazmine frowned. Just keep focused on the task at end.
You should say that to yourself, the Wali Ifser might be starting to wonder if you didn't become deaf now.
The Sultana sent a silent curse to the stone and blinked a couple of times, shifting her focus from Kaezline to the small group of courtiers sitting around her.
"Yes, sorry.", she muttered. "I'm afraid my mind was wandering somewhere else, Ifser. What were you saying?"
"Maybe we should let you rest, Sultana?" suggested Ifser, with a worried tone. "Do you still feel weak?"
"Nothing I can't handle, I assure you."
"Our gracious host has certainly recovered miraculously from her sickness." said Shogofa, accompanying her remark with a smile. Yazmine answered in kind, while mentally cursing to the hypocritical harpy. She was sitting right in front of her, at her husband's side. Her skin was darker, like Sulayman's, clean and soft by the looks of it. She had some enviable big dark eyes, but she could not match Yazmine's long black hair.
Filthy lowborn, sitting at my table and talking to me as if she was somebody...
"Truly," Shofoga added, "most ill people come out of their ailments feeble and deteriorated. Our dear Sultana managed both to survive and acquire a more.. generous figure."
"What?" hissed Yazmine.
How dare she?
"Come now, wife," chuckled Wali Izri "do not be rude to our guest. When a woman becomes a mother, it is quite normal for her to lose some of the nimble features of girlhood. Might happen to you as well, it is a risk looming over all of your gender, I fear. No reason to bear much thought to it."
Yazmine had to work hard to turn the rasping of her teeth into another polite smile, while her cheeks turned red of shame and anger.



How dare THEY!?!
Yazmine kept on walking around her rooms, her fingers itching and the turqouise pulsing at her neck.
Those self-entitled buffons! I'm the Jewel of Araby! Poems are written about my beauty each year! People travel for miles just in the hope of catching a glimpse of me! I don't care about accusations anymore, Ali knows already what I'm planning anyway. I'll just have them slaughtered before they leave, that's what I'll do. I'll take the harpy's skin myself.
But why? Death is so quick, it leaves nothing else to feel. I thought we had a plan.
"Hmpf." Yazmine wrinkled her nose, standing in front of one of her mirrors.
No more Lustrian dust and all that other rubbish.
Those Wali, they are so smug. If you killed them already, what will they feel next? Haven't they shamed you? Shouldn't you shame them in return first?
Hmm... yes, I'd like that. We have plenty of samples and still some time before they go away. They're probably fearing other assassination attempts, like it happened to Sulayman, our change of plans will catch them off guard. And I do SO want to start experimenting with what I've learnt in the laboratory...​
I look forward to what the Sultana thinks up as revenge, and how her heir grows up.
Thank you, I've still a lot to write to cover just the first session, but now I'm also finally having some time to get back at scripting, so today will pass as well with no update.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have another chapter.
Chapter 4

Yazmine gave another good look in the mirror, staring intentiously at the reflection of Wali Ifser, given back through the glass by her spell. The poor vassal, unaware of being watched from miles away, was anxiously checking at his face, in the mirror in his own rooms, at Nejaz.
Don't you see? So many wrinckles and imperfections, already at your age?
The Sultana passed a finger over his reflection and the Wali on the other side startled, noticing some other invisible sign on his otherwise beautiful face.
I could do this the whole day... Let's go help dear Izri as well.
She moved away from the mirror and to the side of the laboratory's desk, to draw some new lines of fresh blood over the small fetish of Wali Izri.
Did anybody tell you what an oustanding finger-writing you have?
Yazmine smiled to herself, keeping on writing. I know, I know...
And what do we have here? Would you have a look at that?
What? What is he doing now?
She turned to the mirror again, but nothing interesting was on, just Ifser, still looking at his own reflection. Yet she did feel as if something was crawling under her skin. With a quick gesture and a murmured word, she tried to cast another spell on the mirror. The image faltered and for a second the face of Ifser turned into that of another man, looking directly at her.
Startled by the vision, Yazmine pulled the drape to cover the mirror, quickly casting the spell to interrupt the scrying right after.
Who was that?! Who was that?!
I don't know. Do you know him?

Yazmine closed her eyes, trying to picture the face in her head, to recall whatever little details she managed to catch for that brief moment.
"Emir Atissi?"
How could it be? He's no mage.
Maybe he has some magic item. There's plenty of artifacts of power in Araby, if you know where to look.
What can we do? I cannot risk him spying on me!
You'll learn the proper wards to put up, don't worry. We'll be back watching dear Ifser soon enough.
Yazmine gave a sigh of relief, leaning on the covered mirror. That turqouise was so useful. She was about to think something else, but her trail of thought was interrupted by the wailing of Kaezline, in the cradle next to her desk.
"Shhh, shhh..."
The Sultana went to her child, gently trying to calm her as she started to tend to the last cut made on the creature's tiny arm to inscribe her runes.
"...my beautiful virgin daughter."



From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
28 Sommerzeit, 2012
It's almost two weeks since I called Lwiza back at Al-Haikk. Not only she's found herself to be an invaluable asset, I'm really starting to like her. She's helped increase my reputation at court and is making for a reliable messenger. Just what I need, in fact. It''ll soon be a year and Ali still looks crossed. What else can I do to make up to using him to kill Sulayman? I've given my best to him in bed and he keeps on being moody. I'd go further, but he's not the type to like that sort of thing. Besides, he hated Sulayman, just like all the other Wali, he should have been thankful to have helped me and Lwiza getting rid of him. She certainly is, she hasn't spared details of the day she poisoned him, how his face turned purple and he slowly suffocated at her feets for nearly an hour before passing out. The way she makes it out sounds strangely arousing. Maybe I should try and give Ifni some small doses of poison when I visit him again in the dungeon, I think I'm starting to grow bored with him. This might help.
Maybe Lwiza could be there as well, help us set the stage... No, no, I don't want her to know about Ifni, at least not yet. Things in court are improving, I don't want any other rumors running around. It's a year I'm torturing those pretentious fops, it has been a blast, but I think it's time I forced myself to move to the next part of my plan. Seeing Atissi's face in the mirror upset me, I've been too focused punishing the traitors within, I need to be ready for the vultures outside.
Well.. just another few months...



"Stop that." scolded Shogofa at her husband still taking meat from the dinner table. "You need to hear this. Husband? Izri?"
"I'm listening!" Complained him, with his mouth half-filled with food and wine. "What?"
"You've got to prepare Zuwarah. If things keep going like this, we'll be soon alone. We need to gather a bigger army."
"We've still our allies in the south." The Wali swallowed the last piece and looked around, eager to take another portion.
His wife hmpfed, rolling her eyes. "It's hard to convince Mukhtar backing us when the slut opens her legs for him each time he visits Al-Haikk."
"Maybe we could lend him yours?"
Shogopha sneered at her husband, disgusted by the very thought. "How can you shame yourself so much? I can barely recognize you."
"We still have Ifser, no?"
"NO." The Wali's wife tossed a piece of scroll over the table, in front of her husband. "Wali Ifser has gone insane. He was found carving out his own face off. Reason enough for the slut of Al-Haikk to send her husband with an army to detain him. They're marching on Nejaz to revoke the province from him as we speak."
Izri spat on his side, reading the scroll with increasing anger. "When did this news come, woman?!"
"This morning. You were too busy stuffing yourself to worry when I first submitted it to you."
"We must march to his aid!"
"Why? To give her reason to take out your own lands as well? They have an estimated army of four thousand men. You need to solidify our position. And get a hold of yourself, husband. After all I've done for you, I don't want to go back to the gutter." She gave another condescending look to him and left the room, slamming the door on her back.
Izri shook his head and lowered his eyes on the scroll with the last reports on the Sultana's movements. It had been so hard to accomplish anything in the last year, every attempt at gaining more influence against Al-Haikk had been thwarted, it was so frustrating. With an annoyed gulp, the Wali moved his gaze back to the opulent courses still waiting for him on the table.



"Nejaz is yours, my Queen." staded Ali in a somber tone, bowing to the throne.
By Ormazd, why does he keep on being so grouchy? He has no way of knowing what my involvement in Ifser's madness was.
"Thank you for this great news, my love. What about our unfortunate friend, Wali Ifser?"
"We apprehended him in his rooms, he was delirious, but made no attempt at resistance. Nor did his soldiers. They already doubted their master's sanity and did not want to die to defend him."
"See? Are you not pleased? A war won without a fight. ...But, tell me, how was he?"
Even with the wards at their place on the mirror, Yazmine hadn' had the courage to scry too often, fearing to be intercepted again by Emir Atissi. "Could you bring Ifser to us?"
"I'm afraid it would not be advisable, my Queen. He was raving about.. imperfections on his face. He was cutting them out by flaying himself. It's not a spectacle for meeker spirits."
Yazmine bit her lip in anticipation, barely holding her hand from slipping between her legs.
"But we have him? In our dungeons, I mean."
"Of course."
I really have to go pay dear Ifser a visit sometime soon...
"And what of his lands?" She added, trying to switch her husband's attention from her expression. "Did he scourged them as he did his face?"
"Luckly no, my Queen. If that was his intention, we didn't give him the time to do so."
"That is really comforting, my Prince. We will retake his lands and the unfortunate souls of his subjects and shield them from the disgusting pit of madness and depravity Wali Ifser was about to deliver them into."
Ali tried to smile, but she could see the sour drip from his teeth. "They're lucky to have my Queen to lead them."
"As do you.", she added with a more lively smile in return. "Though we won't yet manage to sleep peacefully at night knowing the decandent Izri of Zuwarah still spits on the teaching of the blessed Ormazd, forsaking moderation and not leading through example his unfortunate subjects."
"May Ormazd show him the light." Answered Ali, with a troubled gaze.
"If not him," she added, shrugging "we will."



"Are.. are you sure?" Gasped Ali, closing the drapes of their bedroom.
"Sure enough." answered Yazmine, laying on the bed, leaning her left foot towards her spouse to invite him to join her. "Why? Aren't you happy?"
"Wh-? No, of course I'm happy! That's great news, m- Yazmine."
She rolled belly-down, shaking her head and chuckling. "Here you go again. For how long is this going to last?"
"I don't know what you mean."
"Yes you do. Come..."
"I... don't feel like it tonight."
"Oh? Come on, don't you think it's a little early to start abstaining? Besides, you might be off for some time, I want you for as much as possible before you-"
"Where?" He frowned, keeping Yazmine by the wrists to keep her at bay.
"Zuwarah, of course! You'll lead my armies to free it from th-"
"Stop the acting. We're not freeing it. We're conquering it."
"Haven't you heard the vicious rumors about our dear Wali?"
"There's vicious rumors about everyone. He hasn't done anything despicable that we know of."
"Oh, listen to yourself! Didn't you hate all those pretentious greedy Princes? And we know of Izri's dissolute lifestyle, should we just pretend we didn't hear?"
"Those are just that: rumors. Should I listen to the rumors about you?"
The last phrase was a little too menacing for her tastes; if it had been anyone else but Ali, she probably would have had him in the dungeons before midnight.
"Fine" she rolled her eyes "if we can get this over with... What rumors?"
I thought asking to fight Izri right after telling him the good news of his next child would have made it easier to accept, why does he have all this resistance, isn't two years enough to hold a grudge? Why is he still sore for that idiot Sulayman?
"What do you do at night, Yazmine?"
She smiled, getting closer to his face and sliding on his lap. "You should now..."
Sadly, Ali looked still serious. "I do know I heard you sneak out from our bed, from time to time."
Curses! How did he..?
"Well, sometimes.. a woman has to-"
"Spare me. I followed you, in the laboratory."
At that sentence she froze, opening her eyes wide.
Sweet Ormazd, what did he saw? What did he heard?
"...And?" She added, cautiously, but he did not answer and kept on giving her a stern look, forcing her to keep talking. "I might have looked into the sorcerer's scrolls, but it was just to see if he left any useful information on our vassals and.. there could have been spies or sympatizers or..."
"And how do you explain this?" He said, holding the turquoise next to her. Yazmine, startled, ran a hand through her neck, only to confirm the precious stone was missing.
You little street rat..!
"Give it back to me!" She leaped forward to pull it out of his fingers, but he was too quick and they ended up struggling on the bed.
Don't hear, don't speak, don't speak, oh please, don't speak!
"Talking to it..!" was yelling Ali, while struggling to hold her back "Speaking of magic and twisted spells!"
For how long has he spied on me? Did he saw me spell the Wali? Oh god, did he saw me cut Kaezline?
"How could you do it?! I told you that room was evil! We needed to burn it the moment we exiled the sorcerer!"
"Give me back the stone!"
"Explain yourself!"
"Not until you give me the stone!"
Ali finally managed to pull her off him, getting off of the bed and leaving her there, livid and powerless. After exchanging a silent and furious look with each other, Yazmine answered, clearing her throat.
"I was doing it for us."
"How can you even say that." He sounded disgusted.
"Listen, Ali. All these people..." She straightened up, kneeling on the bed and combing her hair. "...they're evil and corrupt. You know that. We have enemies on all sides, they're only waiting for us to falter to rip us apart."
"We don't need Al-Haikk to be happy, I told you already many times."
"You'd want me to leave my heritage to those jackals?"
"Then admit it: it's only for you, not for us."
"Would you want your daughter and future son to live their childhood like you did? Begging in the streets, hunted down by our rivals because of their rightful claim to the throne?"
The last rebuttal was enough to have some doubt crack his resolve and Yazmine caught the chance immediately, getting up and hugging him. She continued to talk, putting out the first tears. "I always felt so helpless, my love, imprisoned in this palace since I was born. With the crown of my father I'm even more bound to answer kindly to their lies and their plots and their greed. It was my chance to actually do something, to strike back at their wicked acts. Help you as you helped me against the sorcerer."
"By becoming one yourself?"
"I just know the basics! To spy our enemies, nothing more! That's how I knew Ifser was gone insane. It allowed us to save lives, act at the right time! I still follow the enlightened path of Ormazd, I'm using our enemies' tools against themselves to clear the way... that's only what it is."
"When the Agrabid Sultanate will be safe, when our armies will be able to defend us, I'll gladly get rid of that accursed place, but for now, we need it, my love. Just this last war. If Izri falls, we'll have full control over our lands, we will rule no longer in name only. You'll see, it'll be different."
He shook his head. "I.. I don't know..."
Yazmine kept on crying lounder, clinging onto him. "Don't you see how I suffer without you? Do you think I did not see how you felt about me for the last two years? Doesn't it hurt you as well? Why would you do this to us?"
"Please! I'm sorry I hid this from you, I know I shouldn't have... I was just afraid.. that you..." She searched for his lips and finally she felt Ali's defences were crumbling. "Please..." she huttered "...could you forgive me?"
At the third kiss she managed to gently drag him back to bed and her fingers lightly slid to recover the turqouise from his hand.

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And now the husband knows... I'm loving this story. I need more...
But does he really?
Thank you.
Yes, Slaaneshi have a lot of options aviable to mess with other people's minds at the moment.
We'll see... He's still her first lover.
As a massive fan of the Warhammer universe, this is a great AAR. Keep up the good work, even if you worship Chaos
As a massive fan of the Warhammer universe, this is a great AAR. Keep up the good work, even if you worship Chaos
Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.
This couple of days we've been busy trying to squash a CTD bug in the coming version, but I hope to write the next chapter anyway by tomorrow.
Chapter 5


From the Journal of Sultana Yazmine of Agrabid
2 Nachhexen 2014
This new year will be remembered for another self-entitled preacher trying to appoint himself Caliph of Araby. They always crop up every few years. Though I did hear this Uregh to be quite the charming handsome fellow...
Sultan Mukhtar sent a formal request to help him mow the pretender down, but he'll have to do it on his own, I've other things to worry about. Wali Izri, or well, more likely that harpy Shogofa, is attempting to siege Al-Haikk, somehow they managed to get a thousand men past our armies marching on their lands. A futile endeavor, my Ali will readily defeat them. I wish I could do more, but the pregnancy is taking is usual toll. It's being a lot less traumatic than the last time, but it keeps bothering me, regardless of spells and precautions to ease the pain. A few months yet.
Although, I'm wondering.. Sultan Mukhtar is busy dealing with that petty rebellion and I still feel uneasy scrying with the thought of Emir Atissi possibly spying on me... If I ordered Ali to keep on marching south after Wali Ifni is taken care of?
Copher has stood spitefully as an independent princedom for generations, even though the Emir of Almasi should bow to Al-Haikk. This could be our chance to take back those lands. Izri is the last quarrelling vassal I have to deal within my borders. With him gone, I'll have absolute control over the Agrabidian armies. No one could deny my claim, Sultan Abu-Bakr is too far away to intercede for him, nor has he any incentive to do so, and my dear friend Mukhtar, even if he wanted to betray me, is busy with the preacher's uprising... Securing the lands of Emir Atissi under our rule would solve many of our problems, the most important of which: our currently isolated southern holdings. Mukhtar would have to think twice about taking any action against Jebel Ezna if my armies could move freely through Brasna and Lashiek.



"Another girl?" Asked Ali to the messenger.
"Yes, my Sultan." Answered the young man "It happened last night. Both the Sultana and her child are safe and in good health."
Ali nodded, moving his gaze back to the army reassembling near Zuwarah. It had given him only joy to learn of his first daughter, but since that very day, everything had gone bad. Now he wasn't sure how he felt about his second child.
Everytime he was not with her, he couldn't help but wonder what his wife was doing, what wicked arts could she be learning. And what about other men? He could deafen himself no more to the vicious rumors about the Sultana keeping an harem of prisoners in her dungeon, taking advantage of them whenever she was bored.
Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on her. I have had help by the dark powers to get where I am, in a way. But it was foolish to do so. I've forsaken it. I could not bear her to risk losing herself.
She had done more than just defend herself, though, that much was certain. Sulayman had been murdered, Ifser lost his mind, Izri turned into a cowardly slob. Were those the consequences of the Wali's wickedness and their decandent lifestyle, or was Yazmine directly responsible for their downfall? What about the stone? She looked as if she was talking to it.
"My Sultan." another messenger reached his position, panting. "There's a breaking. Should we push the attack?"
"Keep the archers onto them, but do not pursue. They are cornered, there's no use losing more lives than needed. Lack of water will soon force a truce. We just need to wait."​



Zuwarah showed itself to be more persistent than Ali initially thought. It took four months for the city to finally accept defeat. Shogofa consigned herself to him, begging mercy for herself and her children. Wali Izri tried to run off through a secret passage beneath the city, but the Agrabidian soldiers managed to intercept him before it was too late, ending the civil war.
He knew what Yazmine would have asked of him, she already pushed to assault Zuwarah and end the siege prematurely in the past months for a reason: she wanted to take advantage of Mukhtar's war to take Copher from Emir Atissi, but Ali would not have had any of it. Not only the troops were tired and mostly still inexperienced, the Ramaccan Sultanate had recently conquered Martek, effectively becoming their neighbor. That wasn't just a squabble with Emir Is'mail, Ali was certain it was a statement to Al-Haikk, a fair warning against their recent aggressive attitude.
That was why he decided to march back to Al-Haikk, although officially he only stated it was to escort Wali Izri and his wife to the capital to face their rightful judgement. And so he accompanied the two rebellious vassals to the throne-room, where Yazmine was waiting for them. There were only a few courtiers, despite the importance of the event. Ali could not fail to notice Lwiza was amongst them. Yazmine had greeted and pardoned her officialy a little after her second pregnancy. Another detail around Sulayman's demise to further undermine Ali's trust in his wife.
"My Queen, I bring before you Wali Izri and his wife, Shogofa, who rebelled against your rule and refused to surrender their holy charge to lead the people of Zuwarah in spite of their wickedness. They've surrendered and lay at your mercy."
Izri fell to his knees, shamefully crying. "Please, great Queen, take my lands, but spare my life!"
Shogofa joined swiftly her husband, although she kept her eyes dry. "Our actions were misguided, allow us to-"
"Silence." sneered Yazmine, raising her hand. "Do you think I care about your lies, you insolent wench? They festered my court for years, do you hope they'll help you now?" The Sultana got up from the throne, drawing closer to the Wali with a delighted smile on her face. "How did you say that day? An affliction looming over all women? Look at yourself!" She kicked Izri on the side; the Wali did not offer resistance, falling on the ground.
"You disgust us. Letting the poor people of Zuwarah starve why you choke on all sorts of food. Has the wisdom of Ormazd abandoned you entirely, Wali Izri?" She kept walking around him, ignoring his and his' wife's pleas.
"My Queen..." Ali tried to interceed, but Yazmine shut him off as well with a quick gesture. "Tut tut, my Prince, I'll get to you later."
She turned over to face him, losing her smile. "I gave our armies some orders, yet you came back here."
"I had my reasons." he huttered with clenched teeth. "I can explain, but I don't think this is the tim-"
"You are right! That's what I said. ...Now, where were we?" She smiled. "Oh, yes... Izri I strip you of all your titles and dignity. You'll dare no longer to call yourself a Prince. Yet your crimes against Ormazd are grievious still. You have shown us you cannot muster the restraint of a man, then why should you be blessed to be one?"
At that point both Ali and the two prisoners looked confused, but before the Sultan could even ask his wife to expain herself, Yazmine pointed a finger to the prisoner and spoke something incomprehensible.
Oh, no...
A bright flash sparked from her hand, startling the Sultana herself, and enveloping the former Wali of Zuwarah.
"What are you doing!?!" Shouted Ali as the poor man struggled on the floor, moaning and muttering.


When the transformation was completed, a fat squealing pig was rolling on the ground, trying to get free of Izri's clothes, while Yazmine stood triumphant before him. "See? Ormazd himself has stripped you of your undeserved privilege."
"You witch!" Spitted Shogofa, finally recovering from the shock, but Yazmine quickly silenced Izri's wife by pointing her finger towards her. "And as for you and your children..."
"Stop!" Shouted Ali, taking the Sultana by the wrist and pulling her away from Shogofa. "What did you do?!"
"I'm instructing them on the enlightened path of Ormazd, my Prince. Don't you see?"
"I will have no more of this! Turn him back!"
"Oh, my sweet Ali..." She passed a hand through his hair. "...there is no turning back."
He stared in her eyes, trying to spot a lie, but there was nothing beyond conceited delight in his spouse's gaze.
By Ormazd, what have you become?
"Then it stops here, Sultana."
She chuckled. "And leave this harpy unpunished? How will she learn wisdom?"
"No. More."
Yazmine held her gaze against his for a few moments, then she grimaced and got rid of his hold.
"Fine." She conceded, sighing and turning to Shogofa. "Take this traitorous wench away from my sight. She can keep her swine of an husband and nurture him in the dungeons, along with her sons."
One of the guards dragged away Shogofa, while a second one took the former Wali under his arm.
"Now out with all of you..." The Sultana added, returning to the throne. "...I need to confer to the Sultan."
The few courtiers left, still visibly shaken by the spectacle they just witnessed, bowed and retired away from the room, leaving Ali alone with his wife.
"Have you gone mad?" he whispered.
"Have you?" She rebuked, dryly. "Questioning my actions right in front of the court? We cannot show that sort of weakness."
"What was I supposed to do? Let you turn that woman and her infant children into some other beast?"
"Hmpf. They'd have deserved it."
Ali walked towards her, pointing back at the entrance. "That was not Ormazd's wisdom! That was evil magic!"
"Evil tools used against evil people. There's Ormazd wisdom."
"The woman I fell in love with could not possibly believe this." He came closer, softening his voice and holding one of her hands. "Please, stop this. Burn that-"
"I have no time for this." She shook her head, avoiding his eyes. "I didn't send the others away to speak of ethics, but of battle plans."
"This again?" Ali left her side, passing a hand across his face. "I would not risk innocent lives for your greed! You told me it would have ended after Izri. It should end now!"
"So that Mukhtar or Abu-Bakr or any other upstart ruler can threaten us in the future? Or their heirs our children? We wrestled control of our lands from the traitors within who would have wanted to destroy us, but the vultures outside are still a threat! They've seen us gain influence, why do you think Ramacca has taken Martek? That land was rightfully ours, they've snatched it from the Emirate before we could secure it for ourselves."
"Are you so blind? Ramacca's armies could take over Al-Haikk if they wanted to. We have no defenses against such an enemy."
"Which is why we need to batter our historic vassals into submission. Copher, Burnush... They all used to be under Agrabid rule, my ancestors' lazyness let them go astray, but I will no longer tolerate their impudence."
"Think about it, Yazmine. What if Ramacca's was a warning? What if they did move against us because of all this useless bloodshed? Your father and your ancestors ruled for generations in peace and neither Ramacca nor Kufra threatened them. Maybe they act against Al-Haikk now because we've made ourself a threat to them in the first place!"
Yazmine faltered, but just for a second. "So what? Should we just remain helpless at the mercy of these bullies? No, Ali, this will not do. I rule over Al-Haikk and I order you to march on Copher!"
"You? Am I not the Sultan?"
Yazmine blushed, lowering her finger. "You have to do this, for me."
"No." He started walking towards the door. "You might know of politics, but I know of war. Our armies are not ready and I will not risk them for your whims."
He could hear Yazmine clenching her teeth, he almost thought she'd turn her magic against him for a moment, but in the end, she just let him leave the room in silence.​
Love the description of the transformation. I get the feeling a similar fate awaits Ali eventually...