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Imperator Rome v.1.4 Archimedes
This thread will be updated regularly. It will be discontinued when a new patch comes out and a new thread will take its place.

Why do I care: EU:Rome was my very first of many Paradox games way back in 2009 and has a special place in my heart. (And I’m a stupid Rome nerd)
My Philosophy:
  1. The Map we play on is THE most important thing to constantly see. Very big objects that “gets in the way” must be avoided if possible.
  2. Utilize dead space. Everything must have a clear meaning. A very big, pretty picture is of no real meaning and can be half the size.
  3. Scale - All windows/tabs should be of the same scale at 100%. One window/tab that is much larger than another is a no-go.
  4. Clarity - Everything must be easy to see and understand from a first glance. If you fail to understand with basic knowledge, then the UI has failed you.
Missions Section 1
Rome Archimendes Missions.PNG

Some of the Issues in this Mission UI:
  • There are maximum 3 missions displayed, I have never seen 4, while there actually is room for it below. (If I’m wrong, then tell me)
  • There are only 4 things to actually click in this UI. The missions and “start mission”. with very little text in it.
  • This section is mostly very big because the other section (The actual missions) are very big.
  • You can’t see the requirements for each mission tree to appear. You can’t see future and/or all missions which may soon be available. You don't have an overview
What can we do?:
  • Make the UI smaller (I read down below, it’s more detailed)
  • Actually display 4 missions if possible and room.
  • Add a “Preview” right beside the “Start Mission” so you can go inn, and actually see what modifiers, mechanics you get from the Mission Tree.
  • Add a “Reject” button to remove the Mission Tree.
  • Add a “Requirement” button to see the requirements for this particular mission tree.
  • Add a section where you can see all available missions to your nations, be it generic or DLC. So you can plan ahead of one mission tree gives access to another.
Missions Section 2
What can we learn from EU4?
  • It’s UI is small and compact
  • Even while it’s small, it’s elegant to look at
  • You can see a lot of the beautiful map all the time.

  • It has its own question mark - what are the requirement section.
  • It has its own reward mark - what the rewards for the mission section. Effectively splitting a possible crammed tooltip into 2.
  • It utilizes space - Imperator UI has lots of unused, blank space. While EU4 utilizes it, while still being smaller in design. In EU4 it can show 5 missions in width, and 5 missions downwards, while Imperator can show 5 missions in width, it can only show 2 missions downwards. While EU4 has smaller UI.

This is Imperator 1.4 vanilla Mission. The only thing I have done here is:
  • Moving all the missions closer to the left side/edge, utilizes the dead space there.
  • I tried to scale all the missions to 75% of its original size, to get all missions into view. If we look at all other icons in the game, this is still considered “large”. (It now displays 3 missions downwards instead of only 2)
  • I haven’t moved the right wall/edge closer to view how big the impact actually is.
What to add from EU4
  • Add a Requirement and Reward section, to divide up the cramped tooltip.
It doesn’t require too much, and the differences is HUGE.
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