Stellaris - [2.6.3 beta, April 12] Year 3304 endgame stalemate with no AI knowing how to win a war

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Apr 13, 2018
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[2.6.3 beta, April 12] Year 3304 endgame stalemate with no AI knowing how to win a war

Game Version
[2.6.3 beta, April 12]

What version do you use?


What expansions do you have installed?
Synthetic Dawn,
Leviathans Story Pack,
Distant Stars,
Ancient Relics

Do you have mods enabled?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
It is April 12. The year is 3304. The war between the Contingency and the empire AIs has raged for over 800 years.

The New Ugarlak Khanate is the sole surviving empire, with 1 planet and 11.7K fleet strength. The Contingency has 5.5M fleet strength, but just doesn't seem to want to finish the job -- at least in any kind of timely manner.

The AI empires just couldn't deal with a crisis. I suspect this was due in large part to their 2.6.x incompetence/refusal in upgrading starbases ( ), but, it's hard to say for sure.

Yet I was fascinated that for hundreds of years the galaxy has been at essentially a stalemate. The empire AIs, vastly outmatched, nevertheless hung around. The Contingency seemingly had little interest in killing empires off. It was a stoppable force vs. a movable object. The L-Gates have also never been opened. I guess this is the state of 2.6.3 Stellaris, but I hope they have more fixes planned in the near future.

Steam, all expansions/DLC except lithoids and Federations (because it's too buggy to buy), no mods, 2.6.3 beta, all default settings and random empire. Year 3304 achieved via observer mode (from day 1) and fast_forward console commands.

Save game attached.

What's the bug? The bug is that the endgame AI is so incompetent -- on both sides -- that nobody can win a war despite one side having literally 1000x the military strength of the other. Also, the entire galaxy couldn't defeat a Crisis.

Steps to reproduce the issue.
start a game, run it for 1000 years or so, see what happens. or just look at my save file.

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