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Jul 24, 2020
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screen freezing while game continues to play

running on game on steam

Windows 10 Pro

currently running most recent version as of 7-24-20

only dlc i have i deluxe edition dlc

games completely freezes up within five minutes of loading into a map and then crashes to desktop

tried verifying game files

i tried both the tutorial and ravaged planet scenario ravaged planet scenario was with the amazons went to engage in first battle and it i got one turn set in before crash on tutorial didnt even make it to first battle before crash
i have a dump file handy AOWPF_Crash_2020-07-24-18-44-37_949B4030.tcd

Jordi Engel

Feb 18, 2019
Hey Juggzy17, thanks for the report. I've passed your crash report on, in the meantime you can try what I told CaptainLizardman to reduce the occurrence as we try to determine what is the cause.