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Apr 30, 2014
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Hello everyone.
I hope Cities in Motion fans are still here.
Let me introduce you a vehicle pack of San Francisco!

I've always wanted to make a transport pack for this wonderful game. I chose San Francisco because this city has many different vehicles. Each of them has unique features and history.
So far, there are only 5 vehicles, but I'm not going to stop making them. Soon I will add Skoda 15tr SF. :)

The list of vehicles available Now:
  • PCC
  • 1950-51 Marmon-Herrington
  • US Standard Light Rail Vehicle
  • MCI 96A3
  • Skoda 14tr SF
Here are some screenshots:

You can download pack there!
So stay tuned. ;)

P.S. Sorry for my English.


Jan 24, 2015
простите что пишу на русском языке - где мне скачать патчи с этого сайта . игру покупал в магазине а вот сам магазин уже не функционирует лет 5 - помогите пожалуйста