Request for help/a brave modder to change "Become the Crisis"

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Nov 14, 2017
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After my first playthrough as the Crisis itself, i felt underwhelmed to what it offered to me.

New ships - they felt meh in all aspects.
  • They look ugly as hell (why should i/my empire use shipdesigns from the past century?)
  • They all cost only minerals and energy (even with my up to date highend weapons on them...)
  • Their upkeep is also only minerals and energy. Why?
  • I made my entire industry for alloy production and not for minerals.

Upgrades for these new ships

  • I only tried the corvette - because i already had battleships at this time - but i couldnt afford to (re)build them, because they were really expansive (wrong economy focus)
  • Destroyer and cruiser looked way too weak compared to the almighty battleship, even after their buffs in the later stages

Upgrades for the empire

  • Overall sort of okay-ish but nothing with a real WoW-Effect.
  • The 50% more damage for my ships wasnt that big as i thought. Had already some repeatables at this time, so my fleetpower went from 75k to 85k. Perhaps some problems with the calculation?

The only cool thing was in the last stage with the Star-Eater, the Megastructure and the hunger for Dark Matter.

I would like to have the opportunity to change various things:

  1. Other Ship models. My own empire designs with perhaps inverted colo(u)r-schemes? A more immersive approach would be ships with a touch from the shroud. (A mix of unbidden and normal ship design.)
  2. Change the costs and upkeeps from these ships. Something like 40 alloys and 1 dark matter for corvettes. Upkeep was 1/10 from the buildcost?
  3. swap the cruiser out for a battlecruiser or even a battleship in terms of power. I for myself await better ships than everybody else in the galaxy when i turn everyone into my enemy, including fallen empires.
  4. To emphasize the "bonding"(its more of looting) with the shroud i would give these new ships bonus to shielding (+100%-150% [ *2 or *2,5] dont know) and a penalty to armor [ *0,5 or *0,25]
  5. At stage two or three, a new building, which transfers energy and minerals into dark matter. Perhaps 25e and 10m into 5dm, with one job. Or a onetime module for starbases? Maybe with connected events (good and bad ones)? This is needed for the increased dark matter cost and upkeep for the new ships.
  6. Adjust the dark matter cost for the megastructure. If its possible now to produce them at a larger scale beforehand, they have to be higher. Adjust Star-Eater in this regard?
  7. Change the menace points needed for the stages. Right now, stage one and two are going really fast.

I would like do it myself, but ive got zero modding knowledge. I am smart enough to look through existing mods and change the numbers the way i want them, but not to make a(n?) own mod.

I would really appreciate it, If someone could "give" me a framework i could work with.
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Nov 26, 2020
On your second point, of course a ship only costs Alloys.
Weapons sometimes cost crystals or motes, but you're not making a ship out of Zro, you're making Psionic Shields of Zro.

Why would a Corvette need Dark Matter if it doesn't have a Dark Matter engine?
Your Corvette uses Energy for its upkeep because that's what its engine is fueled with.

If you want Dark Matter upkeep, then what you need are Dark Matter components.

Thinking about it logically, what you need is a mod that adds additional ship components, not one that changes how the ships themselves are built.