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Sep 3, 2018

Something at the beginning: If you are just reading this as a visitor and don’t have an account/don’t want to discuss here, I also made a reddit post, where you can comment! ;)

So I’ve been playing prison architect for a while now (iOS), and I really enjoy playing it!

But there are a few things which are very annoying and should be improved. Also I have some ideas and improvements that could be added to the game...

Let me know your feedback!

>> General stuff:

- The maximum radius of the copy tool under “fast building” should be increased to infinite. https://ibb.co/hbHkoU (12x12 is just too small!!)

- Items in boxes should be stackable. It doesn’t make any sense, that a single bulb consumes as much space as a sofa! https://ibb.co/mwqMTU

- You shouldn’t be charged money if you build while the game is paused.

- Currently you can only see, how many guards and workers are busy at a time... https://ibb.co/fhceF9 But this should be possible for all the staff.

- Maybe prisoners should be able to work in forestries?

- The “sell object” option in the objects menu has a radius of just 1x1... You should be able to stretch out the radius (as much as you want)... https://ibb.co/b0N4F9

- There aren’t enough trucks for exports. If you have a few workshops and big forestries, then your goods will just pile up and not get moved... If the demand for transport trucks is high, more trucks should spawn, as easy as that! Also maybe make the second road available for trucks?


>> Workshop stuff (important to update):

- A press shouldn’t be required for making a workshop.

(Everything just gets crowded with metal sheets; also making license plates is not as profitable as making wooden planks, so why forcing you to make them?)

- Wood placement priority

(Very often, wood gets directly put in the export area, even though the tables in the workshop are empty! https://ibb.co/c4b6v9 Wood should first be put onto the tables in the workshop and on the saws AND THEN if there isn’t any more space be put in the export area.)


>> Adding regime schedule for prisoners by job:

- You should be able to schedule the regime for prisoners by their jobs and not just by their security level. You should also be able to set multiple work groups which have a different regime. For example, you have a workshop (20 people can work there at a time), and you have 40 qualified prisoners. Now you should be able to set the regime for workshop-work-group 1 (20 people) and a regime for workshop-work-group 2 (also 20 people). Now when w.-w.-g. 1 worked and has some free time, w.-w.-g. 2 can work now. This would double your earnings and you can use the room 24/7!

(And this should also be able with all the other jobs!✔)

(This is already possible by setting your prisoners manually to different security levels, but that’s annoying and time consuming!)


>> Staff improvements:

Oh, oh, oh... I’m sure everyone experienced this already: Stupid staff...

- One programmed thing that doesn’t make any sense: If you destroy an object, it gets put in a box. So far so good... But then the worker just runs away and another worker has to come all the way to the box to pick it up and then go back again? Seriously? (This also happens with trash...) https://ibb.co/cCujF9

- Staff should not go outside of the building area of the map (the one block non-building border, which surrounds the map). They will get stuck... https://ibb.co/drvPF9

- Doctors should heal everyone near them in a 5x5 area BEFORE leaving, and not just leave the hurt people! https://ibb.co/kbLzF9 How rude!

- Often, dead bodies are piling up on beds in the nursery and don’t get moved. https://ibb.co/mWDVNp This has been a bug for a long time. Also, often, dead bodies lie around for days not getting picked up (or forever)... https://ibb.co/f6HAoU https://ibb.co/hL99F9 https://ibb.co/kanPhp

- Guards should be more aggressive with prisoners who enter a “staff only” area. They should tase them and put handcuffs on (just like in real life). Also, if someone should get searched, the nearest guard should stop & search him. (Not some guard back in the distance, the >nearest! https://ibb.co/kTg0Np ) Same thing should be for objects which should get searched.

- The loading and unloading of trucks just takes too long. Not the closest worker to the truck will load or unload the item, no, it is a random worker far away which has to pick a random item far away and load it in the truck. And then another worker does the same till >>eventually the truck is fully loaded/unloaded and drives away. And the driver is doing NOTHING! (other than standing around and waiting) https://ibb.co/mtKq59

How to fix this: First of all, the driver should >>always help with loading/unloading the truck. And the closest workers (for loading) should bring the closest items to the truck.

That way, loading and unloading will be far more efficient and faster✔


>> Your improvements/ideas!



PS: The update should be for every platform (PC & iOS first)...

Ok, that’s it (for now)! Give me some feedback and maybe add some things which you want to be improved/added to the game!

We’ll see, maybe I/we can get in contact with the developers...

Anyway, have a nice day and happy prison building!

PS: Here’s the reddit post I made: https://www.reddit.com/r/prisonarchitect/comments/9c8hfy/prison_architect_improvement_ideas
(Comment & share!:))
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