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Dec 3, 2008
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My brothers and I started a LAN game with eachother when I was home for Thanksgiving and we would like to continue playing it together. When we try and play over the internet with the IP address it just says no game found. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the online play to work.

I'm not sure that online play works with EU1 - I think full support of that wasn't added until EU2.

But even EU2 needs a lot of open ports, so it might be that the same issues pertain to EU1 - in which case you need to open a lot of ports. If you know how to do that I could scrounge up the list for you. :)
Yeah the online system seems the same for both EU I and EU II. I believe I know how to properly port forward, but I suppose I will see in due time. I would love the list if its not too much trouble.

check out the eu2 mp forum, pretty sure you can find a link there to the right ports that need to be open.

You could also you hamachi.