Modification Planning. Input wanted! Your idea's matter!

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Apr 9, 2018
Hello MechWarriors,
I am planning to build a modification a few weeks after the release of the game, this mod will only contain extensions to the base content with hopefully 0 changes to the original content. This will make the mod easy to integrate into other mods, by not affecting the base content, so if we create 50 new pilots, they could be in many mods people make.

The point of this mod will be to pad the existing content. I understand that developers are busy people and need to be paid for their time, but us modders can make incremental changes over time.

At the moment in this thread I just want suggestions on pilots names, back stories etc, scroll to bottom for details.

I understand that some of this will not be possible, I am already investigting what can and cannot be achieved in another thread so please dont say here why something cannot be done. Please jump over to the thread and add your knowledge if know something I dont!

Also I am planning to make
1. More Pilots. (this is where you come in)
2. More Mech Variants (Not many, based on lore)
3. More Maps
4. More diverse procedual generation missions. To keep things fresh.

So, lets get started!
If you want to join in the fun, please copy paste and add your own pilot ideas. You will be creideted for your input if I ever do make a mod, and your ideas are your own, feel free to use them anywhere else, or come back in two years and ask me to remove them, np. Its just a bit of pre release fun.

Example taken from
When selecting abilites, please try and use the correct code or NAME(because the codes could change) from

"Description" : {
"Id" : "pilot_pkell", (dont worry about this, I will be auto generating them anyway)
"Name" : "Wolf",
"Details" : "Out of time, a young Phelen Patrick Kell finds himself in the days of his fathers glory.",
"FirstName" : "Phelan",
"LastName" : "Kell",
"Icon" : "Kell"
"BaseGunnery" : 8,
"BasePiloting" : 5,
"BaseGuts" : 8,
"BaseTactics" : 5,
"Injuries" : 0,
"Voice" : "m_rizzo01", (In future I will be looking into adding custom audio, if its possible)
"AbilityDefNames" :
"AbilityDefT5", (SENSOR LOCK)

Justin Kase

Lt. General
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Feb 28, 2018
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Color me interested.

I have files typed up for the various era appropriate variants ready to go, along with some other stuff ;)