[Mod] Less Visible Sectors

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Oct 6, 2014
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With this mod the sector-border-graphics get more transparent, if you also want to see your whole empire clearer also in late-game.


before1.jpg before2.jpg
after1.jpg after2.jpg

just unpack "lvs.zip" to Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\

mod\LessVisibleSectors.mod #description file
mod\LessVisibleSectors\gfx\FX\border.shader #modded file

then start with the launcher like all other mods.

If you want to change the value yourself open "border.shader" with notepad++
find last line of MainCode PixelShaderSector: return float4( vColor * vValue, 0.05f );

and change the 0.05f to what you want. default was 0.7f



  • lvs.zip
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