Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android - it’s time to feed the dragons!


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Nov 9, 2010
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New expansion launched for Majesty: The Northern Expansion, the add-on of the critically acclaimed Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim on Android devices.


Majesty soared immediately to the Top 10 on the official Android Market and reached over 1.5 million downloads there. It was highly praised by The New York Times, PocketGamer, RTSguru and What's Good Blog.

All who liked the original mobile game Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim will undoubtedly be pleased by its add-on Majesty: The Northern Expansion which gives an opportunity for players to continue their conquest in a new snowy location. Among the key features of this add-on are improved graphics, changeable weather and integration with social networks.

You’ll have to defend your kingdom from dragons and other evil spawns, for example how about the giant stone golems that have an outstanding amount of hit points? Expanding the territory of your kingdom and starting the northern expansion in the land of the frost and winter you’ll have to rack your brains over the riddle of fire-spitting monsters.

Get the game here:

Game features:

  • new missions and new location – Northern Lands
  • legendary indirect control strategy totally adapted for mobile platforms
  • 10 types of hero with dozens of statistics, weapons and armour
  • new monsters
  • several dozen spells
  • 30 upgradeable building types
  • changeable weather
  • all game awards and high-scores can be integrated into your social networks with one click
  • skirmish mode

More about the game

Web page:


Majesty Mobile Dev
Nov 23, 2010
Majesty: The Northern Expansion Update!

Hey Majesty Fans! We have something interesting for you! The update for Majesty: The Northern Expansion has arrived to Google Play Store! Get 4 brand new levels where you have plenty to do, your Worship! Necromancer spells, Pan-Dwarven Monster-Hunting Games, a conflict between dragons and golems…A lot has happened while you were resting on laurels of your former victories! Now it’s time show them who wears the crown in this Kingdom!


Google Play Store

As for iOS version, our team is busy working on it! :)


Majesty Mobile Dev
Nov 23, 2010

Don't miss your chance to get the legendary indirect control strategy for FREE! Today we'll give away promo codes for Magesty: The Northern Expansion. Just keep checking the comments to this post on Facebook and you may get lucky! Batches of codes will appear several times throughout the day.
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