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OFFICIAL Patch for Victoria is Version 1.04

English language Version 1.04
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02, and all 1.03 versions (English language) of Victoria

EDIT: link does not apear to work anymore so I have added the patch as attachment.

View attachment victoria_104.exe

Older Patches

Version 1.03C (public Beta)
Beta patches require version 1.03 first.


Version 1.03B (public Beta)


Victoria Patch Version 1.03

English language Version 1.03
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (English language) of Victoria

French language Version 1.03
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (French language) of Victoria

Spanish language Version 1.02
This update works with 1.00 and 1.01versions (Spanish language) of Victoria

German language Version 1.03
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (German language) of Victoria.

Italian Version is shipped as 1.03 already.

Strategy First North American Version 1.01

Paradox Download Page

If anyone has links to other versions, please PM me the link, Thank-you


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And a warning. If you have modified any of the Victoria files, the patch may not over-write your modified files. If this is the case, you should:
1) Backup your modifications.
2) Uninstall VIC.
3) Install VIC.
4) Apply the patch.
5) Figure out what you want to do with your modifications.

All patches May not be backward compatable, so it is recommended to start a new game with each patch.


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Changes done to 1.01

*** New Features
- Improved the AI in all categories.
- Its now possible to grant statehood to colonies manually. You can only do this if they are on the same continent as your capital, OR they have a province where the dominant culture is your nations dominant culture.
- Added a new scenario, which starts in 1881, called "A Place in the Sun".
- Added a fifth mapmode with button to view revolt risk in your country.
- Added a lot more commands and triggers for AI files and Events.
- Added a huge amount of leader pictures to historical leaders.
- You can now use the '*' key to center on the currently selected province.
- You can now dismiss leaders without a command at will.

*** Gamebalancing
- Warexhaustion now increases slightly faster.
- Provinces taken from primitive nations are now flagged as colonies.
- Provinces taken from other nations colonies are now flagged as colonies as well.
- Plurality is now increased by your average consciousness, instead of a fixed value.
- Plurality now affects the militancy change from reforms on pops. At 10% plurality you only get 10% of the effect, while at 100% plurality you get 100% of the effect.
- Alliances are now prolonged if they expire during a war involving both parties.
- Rebalanced effects from invention events according to feedback.
- Revised historical events to balance the game better.
- Education, Defence, Crimefighting budgets now only cost 1/4th for colonies.
- You must have at least one craftsmen for every clerk in a factory now.
- RGO output will now decrease if the goods are no longer profitable, and the supply is too big.
- Demands for goods for pops have been rebalanced.
- All scenarios have been balanced and changed.
- You can now only build colonial or native quality type troops in colonies.
- You can now only deploy new units in provinces that can trace a contigous landroute to the homeprovince.
- Deployment mapmode will no longer be covered by terrain map.
- Mobilization should now only take troops from states.
- Spawning of inventions have been changed, to make them more likely to appear in set time periods.
- Manpower cap is now reduced by the amount of troops you already have deployed.
- You now get prestige for building capital ships.
- You now lose prestige whenever a capital ship has been sunk.
- When satellites and dominions are liberated, all units of their primary culture will defect (unless it is also the primary culture of the liberators.)
- Doubled conversion costs for pops.
- Rebalanced factory costs, endgame factories now costs a large amount of money and resources, while some midlevel got a bit more expensive.
- Nationalistic tendencies will now affect a pop's probability to revolt after a peace treaty, for a period of ten years, gradually dropping.
- Nationalism in conquered provinces makes a pop's militancy slightly rise.
- Dig-in speed is now affected by unittype (infantry fastest, irregulars worst), and unit organisation.
- Soldier and Officer Pops are now autoconverted when conquered to labourers and aristocrats.
- Units recruited from non-accepted cultures now get a -1 on reliability.
- Non-colonial provinces should no longer be eligible in peace deals between civilized nations in colonial wars.
- Machine Parts cost for erecting factories increased for everything but steel,cement and lumber.
- Natives should now revolt properly if they get irritated enough.
- Battle for the Streets will no longer permanently decrease tax efficiency with 1%, but instead make all pops in that state lose quite a lot of cash reserves.
- Leader bonuses to attack values are only applied on units that have those values.
- Modifiers for attack values can never set them below 1 OR more than double them.
- There is now a minimum cap on efficiency, so bigger armies deal some sort of firepower.
- Artillery superiority modifier is now 1% instead of 5%.
- Winery's and Liquor distilleries now require glass to produce.
- Canned Food now needs grain, fish and cattle instead of just cattle.
- Cuirassiers and Hussars are now only attachable to Cavalry.
- Tweaked costs and stats of all units.

*** Bugfixes
- Reported CTD's adressed and fixed.
- All reported bugs fixed.


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---- Changes done to 1.02 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* GameBalance

* Politics
- Actual number of reforms implemented is a modifier of the effect the social slider has on conciousness.
- Social Reforms are now slightly cheaper for poor people, and more costly for richer pops.
- Tweaked the issues logic for Atheism and Secularism for pops, to make secularism much more common than atheism.
- Tweaked general issues logic to get a slight difference between similar pops.
- Minority policies should now pop up as issues for Pops.
- Slavery is now a very popular issue among rich and working pops in provinces with slaves
- Pops should no longer get more than one issue in each category.
- Added a random element to elections. The outcome can now differ a bit from the pie chart, which should be regarded as a "poll".
- Large minorities are much less likely to become assimilated now.
- Assimilated pops now change religion as well, to the state religion.
- A pop growing over 100,000 will now split into two pops at 50,000 each, instead of just spawning a new at 0,00X.
- Pops are now much more likely to merge when applicable.

* Economy

- Reduced population growth factor from healthcare to reasonable levels.
- Reduced population growth modifiers from tech by about 50%.
- Revised factory input, to balance factories a bit better..
- Each factory now increases the crime fighting costs. Amount tweakable in misc.txt
- Factories are now merged properly at startup if more than one specified in the same state.
- All prices can now reach up to 999$ in maximum now.
- Conversion costs for a pop is now multiplied by the production efficiency of that pop.
- Increased literacy costs for higher pops, and those factors are exported to a new file called pops.txt.
- There is now an individual reform cost modifier for each workforce type in pops.txt
- Tweaked the cut-off for max efficiency of a pop to 50% size and upwards.
- Default production efficiency is now 40%, and each railroad gives 10%.
- Only pops with more than 100$ in cash reserves will have a demand for luxury goods now.
- Increased coal significantly in the Appalachies, Great Britain, Bohemia and the Ruhr area. Also added some to France and Saxony.
- Primitive nations can no longer expand RGO's.
- Reduced some demands for some items for pops.
- Soldiers are now considered in the poor strata, and will get the same effects.
- Soldiers now have demands on goods as well.
- Rebalanced industrial score calculation a bit to value factories higher.
- You will now only be able to tax strata that you have population of.
- Fixed a few bugs in output calculation of rgo's and factories.
- RGO's are no longer important for a countries industrial rating.
- Aristocrats and Capitalist bonuses on production now depend on the size of their pops.
- Clergymen now affect the entire state they are in.
- Decreased costs significantly for running costs.
- Farmers no longer have any demand for food.
- Increased food demans for clerks and craftsmen.
- Steel factories now have a slightly higher default efficiency.
- Reduced resource input for winerys and liquor distilleries.
- Artillery factories now use 1 steel instead of 2 steel.
- Reduced unit resource costs by a factor of 5.
- Reduced railroad resource costs by about one fifth.
- Reduced resource costs of provinical developments by one fifth.
- Increased default income for each pop.
- The bonus from clerks is no longer just 50%, but its modified by the countries literacy. ie, Literacy/2
- Tech's improving output from coal are now significantly larger in effect.
- Primitive nations now get half the chance to get rid of corruption buildings.

* Combat and Military Units

- There is now a system for navalcombat, which differentiates between the three levels of ships, and makes it practically impossible for a manowar to sink a cruiser. There are 5 different naval levels. Top level is Dreadnought+Heavy Cruiser, while a new level was inserted between monitors and treeships, for commerce-raiders.
- Implemented a new cultural max-divisions capacity scheme. You can only have as many divisions of a certain culture as you have soldier pops supporting it.
- Fixed so that a soldier pop can now only give 100 MP at full defence spending, instead of 200MP as before. Leadership works the same also.
- Ships no longer cost manpower to build.
- Dropped all maintenance costs for landunits to 50%.
- Maintenance costs are now increased for landunits when technology is advanced.
- Reserves are now cheaper in maintenance costs.
- Unloading troops is now automatically cancelled whenever the transporting fleet is engaged.
- Newly created divisions are now at 12,000 strength if they got brigades attachments.
- Trooplosses effects on soldier pops are have now changed on harder difficulties. Hard is twice as much, and Very Hard 4 times as many as default.
- The minimum efficiency cap in combat is now modified by the divisions organisation value.
- Organisation now modifies how long it takes to take control over a territory.
- Organisation can no longer be modified below 0.
- Increased the rate at which losses affect war exhaustion, which should take care of a number of problems. E.g. crucial peace events not triggering and the Peace AI being too stubborn.
- Units no longer regain morale while retreating.
- Steamer Transports now have reliability 10 as all other vessels.
- Fixed a problem that prevented upgrading the max fort level above 3 correctly.
- Tweaked the values of attachments for the military score.
- Voluntarily disbanding capital ships no longer costs prestige.
- Modifed personality & background values for a couple of leader traits.
- Irregulars are now much slower.
- Slightly tweaked land division types to make irregulars more inferior.
- Irregulars are no longer improved by inventions or techs.
- A divisions defence value now have the same restricts as attackvalues.
- Max of mobilization size is now 15% of non-colonial pops.

* Rebels and Partisans

- War exhaustion is no longer reduced during colonial wars
- Warexhaustion now increases the probability for cultural minorities to revolt
- Warexhaustion when fighting primitives and not being primitive yourself is now 1/10th of what it was.
- Important separate peace treaties now reduce the war exhaustion of the winner.
- Rebel forces are now slightly larger.
- Rebel forces in primitive countries are always irregulars now.
- Rebel forces in civilized countries are never irregulars now.
- Rebel forces should now have similar stats as the country they were created from.
- Primitive nations now only get irregulars as partisans.
- Partisans are now tagged as that.
- Partisans can no longer be reinforced.
- Partisans are now automatically disbanded whenever the country demobilizes.
- Partisan units are now indicated by a small rebel flag in the interface.

* Diplomacy and Prestige

- Fixed a problem with Bad Boy falling way too quickly.
- Badboy effect on "Open Negotiations" reduced and capped.
- Badboy is increased severly when a peace treaty is broken.
- Added a new country field specifying whether or not slavery is legal. If not, all slaves will be emancipated as soon as they become controlled by the country. This field also added to revolt.txt. Default is that slavery is illegal.
- Annexing a nation no longer automatically ends a war, even if it was the alliance leader.
- Colonial wars now require that either side is uncivilized or that both sides have claimed colonies.
- Changed the annexation rule so that colonial provinces are not counted (i.e. they don't need to be occupied to annex a nation).
- Tweaked value of colonial provinces in war and AI valuation of such.
- It should no longer be even possible to offer non-colonial provinces in a colonial war between civilized nations.
- It should now be possible to demand all colonial provinces of an enemy in a colonial war, regardless of whether they are occupied or not.
- Primitive countries gain even less prestige from wars now.
- Losing Great Wars now only costs 100 prestige.
- You no longer lose your primitive status merely by becoming a great power.
- You now only lose 100 prestige for breaking a treaty.
- Winning wars against and annexing uncivilized nations no longer give as much prestige.
- Prestige affects greater power rating less now.
- Negative prestige will not affect your great power rating.. Only positive prestige does.

* Emigration and Colonisation

- Reduced the emigration bias for America and the US a bit.
- Tweaked immigration target rules, to not congest completely in the same province.
- Pops are now much more likely to emigrate if they have no cash reserves left.
- Tweaked the effects of the irish famine to make irish move like mad.
- Pops should now migrate internally in a country to its colonies as well.
- Unfinished claim buildings are no longer counted when claiming colonies.
- Natives burning down unfinished claim buildings should no longer cause a bug that makes building a new building there impossible.
- Removed precious metal cost from trading posts.

* Technology

- Infantry, Cavalry and Dragoons are now properly activated by "Flintlock Rifles".
- Inventions with random parameters in their commands should now work correctly when transferred to new countries instead of potentially causing crashes.
- Modified dates and triggers for the submarine invention.
- Modified Steamer tech increasing effect of woodenships somewhat.
- Naval Invention Torpedo Boats got prereq and startdate changed.
- Fixed Army & Navy tech names to distinguish between them.
- Lots of other invention and technology balance fixes.

* Interface fixes

- Added a message when factories are completed.
- Added a completion message for the expansion of RGOs (and factories.)
- The "Leader Dies" message now has a "Go To" button.
- Added a message for when partisans appear in occupied provinces.
- Diplomatic offers are now autodeclined after 1 month.
- Corruption buildings should now be shown in the revolt mapmode.
- Added a new message for colonial war declarations. Should help clear up some confusion over that.
- Added another column to the goods page in the ledger, to show total world production.
- Added an option to expand the RGO through rightclick menu on the province listing in the ledger.
- Closed factories are now indicated as much in the ledger.
- An approximation of potential profit is now shown in the ledger for closed factories.
- Fixed quite a few ledger bugs.
- The worldmarket stockpile is no longer shown in interfaces, but the current supply is instead.
- Added a profit information line at the factory info screen.
- Added the ability control-click and shift-control-click for larger chunks of money in the Negotiations window.
- Expanded the text for units in the info panel so their destination is shown if they are moving.
- Revised interface for development, so that culture must be chosen before province.
- Added tooltips for country status (uncivilized, Great Power, etc.)
- Added a bunch of tooltips to the "Expand" button for RGOs.
- Added a bunch of tooltips to the "Add Worker" button for RGOs.
- Added a delayed tooltip for unit screen, detailing attrition of all divisions with attrition, when pointing at the attrition icon.
- Added a tooltip for Life Sustainability in the province window
- Added culture and quality tooltips for new divisions waiting to be deployed.
- Expanded provincial tooltips a lot.
- Added some tooltips to the mobilization buttons.
- tooltip for borders no longer says "Terra Incognita".
- tooltips added for the "Grant Statehood" button.
- Corrected the province tooltip so that it correctly shows average consciousness.
- Added some more detailed tooltips for the reform screens.

* Generic Bugfixes

- Optimized bandwidth heavily for Multiplayer.. Usage should now be at approximately 33% of before.
- Fixed a major network bug with some code not executing across machines.
- Fixed the reported popview CTD.
- Fixed the CTD that was just after negotiating peace.
- Added a safeguard in the Peace Offer dialog to prevent a crash if the country no longer exists.
- Fixed potential ctd's at the negotiation and neutral provicne screens.
- Added some self-repair code for broken savegames.
- Fixed an issue with the "amphibious" combat modifier being used wrongly.
- Fixed a bug which reduced building price of factories below 0$ in the endgame.
- Fixed a bug with retreats and blockaded straits.
- Fixed a bug which costs officers to cost more in defence cost than intended.
- Fixed the "Generic Treaty has expired" bug.
- The correct expansion costs for forts are now shown.
- The same expeditionary force can no longer be sent multiple times (unless control is returned to the owner first.)
- Fixed some bugs with reinforcing expeditionary forces, and some other logics with them.
- Fixed a problem which allowed more clerks than craftsmen in a factory.
- Fixed one problem that made it possible to increase mob pool too far.
- Fixed a bug which made it possible to claim colonies as soon as the projects were started.
- Fixed a bug with domestic buyers only buying 1/10th of the goods they demand. Should balance prices a bit more for basic resources that flooded the market.
- The 'convert_pop_type' event command now kicks POPs out of their building if they change workforce type.
- Meritocracy and retirement to Mansions events should no longer happen multiple times.
- Fixed a typo in several events which caused them never to fire.
- Historical Events targetted for SWE/PRU/etc should not happen after they switch tag to SCA/GER etc, as it did before a reload.
- Fixed a problem with tag-changes making auto-systems not work.
- Fixed a problem with tag-changes making messages not appear anymore.
- Fixed a problem with the "won_war" event command.
- Satellite and dominion nations now correctly change the tag of their master if that country changes tag.
- Rubber and Oil is now shown in worldmarket



- Tweaked the naval construction evaluation AI.
- Armaments AI now keeps navy and army needs completely separate. AI file format changed to reflect this.
- AI should now go for modern ships when they get them.
- Countries will no longer disband irregulars just because they lack manpower.
- Fixed a calculation bug which caused the AI to build less landunits than it should.
- Armaments AI should now always try to raise a small standing army and not just go for mobilization.
- Primitive nations should no longer build absurd numbers of irregulars.


- AI will no longer steal ships from Expeditionary forces given them.
- AI will now respect the strength of rebel forces a bit less.
- Enhanced the ability of the AI to attack and take claim buildings.
- Tweaked front behaviour a bit in the AI files.
- Removed the Front AI propensity to encircle enemy armies. This should help to maintain more stable fronts appropriate for the era.
- AI is now more likely to mobilize if it faces a stronger enemy.
- AI is a little bit better at managing rebels now.
- Fixed a problem with the colonial warfare AI.
- Optimized the Garrison AI. The game should no longer slow down nearly as much when there is a very large number of units on the map.
- Improved AI for invasions slightly, to take rebel controlled territory while at war as well.
- AI learned that it can use other types of ships than cruisers to escort their transport fleets with.
- Front AI could go passive in certain situations, like the USA in the 1861 scenario.
- Fixed a problem which made the invasion AI get stuck when lot of rebels around.
- Tweaked Garrison AI overseas distribution scheme in desperate situations more.


- Russia now more intent on conquering Central Asian states.
- Added a new AI file directive for strategic province priority. I.e. war goals.
- Prussia now uses new "war goal" AI directive for Flensburg and Ribe.
- Reduced AI white peace tendency a bit.
- AI is now a tougher sell. I.e. it values its own money more in Negotiations.
- Peace AI tweak to make it only go for provinces and annex against enemies whose capital is their national province (to help with unification of Italy,
- Expanded the 'befriend', 'combat' and 'eradicate' AI directives to allow for custom values.
- Badboy factor for AI has been doubled now.
- United Kingdom is now slightly more inclined to protect Persia.
- Tweaked the 1914 AI files and added such for Turkey and and France.
- AI is less likely to break truces now, and wont be declaring war immediately after it.
- Fixed some bugs with AI trying to get mil-access...
- AI is slightly less likely to declare war now.
- Chinese AI now less aggressive.
- Diplo AI will now be better at seeking military access so it can get to an enemy home area.
- Peace AI will no longer try to humiliate primitive nations, and be more likely to go for annexation.
- Diplo AI is now more aggressive in its pursuit to gain crucial claim buildings through colonial wars.
- Diplo AI should no longer try to ally with the enemies of its current allies.
- Tweaked War Declaration AI for great powers a bit.
- Great Power AI now more hostile towards primitive countries.
- Tweaked Holland AI files to prevent it from sending garrisons to every little island.
- Tweaked UK AI files to prevent it from sending garrisons to every little island.
- Tweaked Garrison AI overseas distribution scheme in desperate situations.


- AI will now make more clerks and craftsmen when needed.
- Added railroad AI directives for the USA and France.
- The AI can no longer super-expand a factory in one go.
- AI now knows about negative manpower and will now take that into account when converting soldier pops.
- Fixed a bug which made the AI not trade for or keep resources for ships, if it had a big enough land army.
- AI now learned to not create colonial buildings in provinces where there are hostile forces.
- AI is now a little bit better in realising it needs to build more factories.
- AI is slightly better at dealing with its economy when at war now.
- The AI is now better at closing and opening unprofitable factories.
- Improved AI for moving workers between its factories.
- Tweaked factory AI to build slightly less large amounts of machine parts factories before techs improving their efficiency are finished.


- Game will now switch to 1914 AI files through hidden events.
- Fixed an error in the Austrian 1914 AI file.
- Fixed a problem with Germany switching to an older AI file in the 1914 scenario.
- Adjusted Prussian AI.
- Only greater power AI nations will colonise outside their defined areas now.
- AI gets a little leadership bonus at hard and very-hard.
- Added an AI event (invisible) for Sweden, granting Norway independence in 1905.
- Tweaked the 1914 UK AI file.
- The AI is now a fair bit better at selecting what it needs to research.
- Added 1881 AI files for CSA and USA and AI events to switch.
- Tweaked Chinese AI file.
- Tweaked Dutch AI file.
- Expanded the capabilities to specify specific techs for the AI to research, with different priorities.
- Updated technology focus for a few nations.

* Modding Support.
- Event commands expanded:
type = prov_owner_war which = [province] value = [country tag] # War on owner of province. If a country is specified in the value field, ignore this command if the country is the owner of the province.
type = alliance which = country value = [0/1] where = country when = [0/1] # If 'value = 1' the alliance will be defensive. If 'where' is set, that country will be an exception to the alliance. 'when' = 1 means the alliance will never expire.
- Added event command:
type = set_slavery which = [yes/no] # Declare slavery legal or illegal
- Added triggers:
capital = X # Is the national capital in province X?
literacy = X # Is the literacy at or above X%?
peace_treaty = { country = [tag1] country = [tag2] } # Do countries 1 and 2 have a peace treaty?
plurality = X(%)
executive_designation = [parliamentarism/hms_government/laws_by_decree]
party_system = [multi_party/two_party/one_party]
national_value = [liberty/equality/order]
- Event trigger expanded.
pop_majority = [religion/culture/ideology/workforce] # Checks if the majority of POPs are of a certain type
- Changed they way this event command works (inverted it):
type = colony_creation_prestige_mod value = X # NOTE: Less is better. This reduces the prestige penalty for taking provinces in a peace, if they are of an accepted culture. At 0, the penalty is 0.

* Scenario & Events

* 1836

- Tibet no longer a Chinese satellite to prevent strangeness when UK goes to war against China.
- Updated the national provinces of a bunch of European nations.
- Italian minor states now share the same national provinces (the whole of Italy.)
- China no longer starts with huge RGO's producing insane amounts of raw materials.
- Some French ships had the wrong home provinces in the 1836 scenario.
- Removed a Russian tech and a distillery to slow down their industrial development a little bit.
- Revised a lot of pops.
- Literacy increase (USA 70%)(TEX 50%)
- RGO's in India and Indochina now start with more levels as they need, to simulate the richness of India.
- Removed african_minor form US state_cultures.
- Bhutan, Kashmir, Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim and Tibet got their state religion changed to Mahayana in scenariofiles and revoltfile.
- three trade posts added for UK
- popchanges - Korean, veneti & lombardia
- Changed illegal attachments for BAV, FRA, POR, RUS, SAX.
- TIB is a CHI-satellite.
- Fixed script error with ION government type.
- NAL should now be playable.
- Fixed two Cambodian provincial claims.
- Changed four provinces to ETH ownership.

* 1861

- Italian minor states now share the same national provinces (the whole of Italy.)
- Added the minority_emigration from the irish famine event to UK.
- Fixed some minor glitches.
- Bhutan, Kashmir, Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim and Tibet got their state religion changed to Mahayana in scenariofiles and revoltfile.

* 1881

- Italian minor states now share the same national provinces (the whole of Italy.)
- Fixed a problem with the culture of North Italian POPs in Corsica.
- Fixed the colonial entry for Newfoundland in the British scenario file.
- Added the minority_emigration from the irish famine event to UK.
- Moved Bhutan's Royal Army to Bhutan (it had been in Tibet).
- Tweaked some POPs in Southeast Asia.
- Moved Italian capital from Torino to Roma.
- Added two events to the event history.
- Fixed a bug with the canal flags in the .eug file.
- Tweaked War of the Pacific setup.
- Fixed a problem that caused an Arabic POP to appear in Sweden.
- Tweaked resources.inc file.
- Removed certain culture, commerce, & industry inventions from countries that did not have the prerequisites.
- Fixed a few minor bugs.
- Bhutan, Kashmir, Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim and Tibet got their state religion changed to Mahayana in scenariofiles and revoltfile.

* 1914

- Italian minor states now share the same national provinces (the whole of Italy.)
- Turkey is now a Central Power in the 1914 scenario.
- Fixed some bugs.
- Revised railroads for Portugal, Sweden and Germany.
- Removed all sceondary cultures from South and Central American countries.
- Fixed a bunch of reported problems.
- Fixed a bunch of problematic pop files.


- Fixed a problem with the "Scandinavian Union" event chain.
- Tweaked Latin Monetary Union events.
- Tweaked US flavor events.
- Fixed bad triggers in (FRA) Fall of Louis Philipe & The Presidential Election of 1848
- Tweaked the Crimean War events a bit.
- There is now a capital move event for Italy if its capital is not Rome.
- Event 28006 "The Bardo Treaty" moved to the general Turkish event file and set as happened in the 1881 and 1914 scenarios.
- Fixed some event typos setting invalid party systems.
- Fixed some events that modified crime fighting efficiency too much.
- Fixed some more problems with the Italian unification events.
- NGF should now merge with Germany on the "Three Hurrays for the German empire" event.
- Fixed some problems with the "Three Hurrays for the German empire" event.
- Tweaked the civil war events.
- Tweaked the "Three Hurrays" for the German Empire event so that France secedes any German possessions.
- Fixed a problem with the Counter-revolution of Archduchess Sophia event.
- Fixed some problems in the Sonderbund Rebellion event chain.
- Added two inventions to the Meiji Restoration events.
- Fixed a problem with the Major Workers Strike random event.
- Reduced plurality effect of the Meritocracy and Aristocracy follow-on events.
- Fixed error in date command for events: SIC/SAR/PAP/FRA
- Most events which declare war now use the new peace_treaty trigger (although in some cases it is not possible or desirable).
- Toned down the pop growth penalty of the "Humane Economy" event.
- The "Meiji Restoration" events now set voting rights to "wealth".
- USA now gets a fair bit of units in its conscription act.
- Did a lot of work on the Italian Unification mess. It should run a lot smoother now.
- Tweaked the "Louis Napoleon" events a bit.
- Tweaked "Fall" events for Prussia and France.
- Tweaked Prussian event "Leadership in Germany".
- The earliest oil events now occur later.
- Tweaked the "The Bismarckian Social Reforms" event.
- Tweaked some 1914 events.
- Tweaked the 'Alexander II' event.
- Tweaked the 'Sonderbund Rebellion'.
- Tweaked the 'Mahdist Uprising' event.
- The slave uprising event in the Virgin Islands now only triggers if Denmark owns the islands.


- Removed redundant countries (DAI&VIE) from revolt.txt
- Changed some US party data.
- Added Romanian, Wallachian, and Moldavian revolters.
- Fixed error with trade policy in a US Party.
- Fixed error in economic policy of GRE Party.
- Added new leaderfile for SIC.
- Increased the life-ratings of several major western cities.
- Added a "primitive" field to the countries in revolt.txt.
- Revised the random leadernames database.
- German leaders will no longer all go splat in 1918.
- Added three parties for CSA
- Modified leaders for: ORA/POR
- Removed wrong cultures from SA countries in revolt.txt
- CYP now got greek/orthodox in revolt.txt


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---- Changes done to 1.03 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* GameBalance

* Politics

- Liberal and socialist revolutions are now much more likely to happen.
- Pops now split 75/25 when they split from growth at 100,000 , instead of 50/50.
- Rewrote pop-merging logics so that only pops below 10k merge into other pops.
- Tweaked some political policy selecting code for pops.
- Having no voting rights no longer decreases militancy of the landed class, having voting rights for landed does.
- It should no longer be possible for POPs to get conflicting Dominant and Secondary issues.
- POP issues altered by election events should now stick a lot longer.
- Democracies with a reactionary or communist ruling party are now allowed to remove several political reforms.
- Government now falls IF capital have been rebel controlled for more than a year OR the old rules of capital + 50%.
- Militancy is no longer increased by plurality in constitutional monarchies.
- Constitutional Monarchies will no longer change constitution to democracy just because they allow universal suffrage.
- Decreased tax-effect on consciousness by half.
- Decreased plurality effect on consciousness to 1/4th.
- Socialism should now appear more slowly.
- Labourers can now be conservative if they get all they need.

* Economics

- Increased machine-parts base price to 80.
- Disabled RGO fluctuation
- Reduced the Life & Everyday demands for poor pops, so that they may afford them in a semi-rich country.
- Landlocked provinces no longer need convoys to maintain supply to mother country
- Factories burning down can only happen to Great Powers.
- The demands of the middle-class for everyday goods is now halved, so that they can afford it if not taxed to death.
- Exported default factory production multipliers for every building type and RGO to a file. Feel free to experiment
- Increased the glass factory production multiplier to be on same level as steel etc.
- Farmers now have fertilizer as a luxury demand.
- Glass factories now allowed from the start.
- Glass factories now cost 3 machine parts instead of 5.
- Provinces can no longer gain a higher than legal railroad level through events.
- Revised the split of cash given to pops to be based more on popsize then fixed for stratas. Rich get a share proportional to 25*popsize, middle 5*popsize, and poor same as popsize.
- Fabric factory now have the same basic output multiplier as lumber/steel/cement.
- Fabric factories now cost 1 machine part to build.
- You now lose all your stockpiles when you go bankrupt.
- Regular fort levels are now built much faster than colonial forts (time multiplier in misc.txt.)
- Reduced goods demands for clerks.
- Increased demand for goods used to convert pops.
- There is now a demand for aeroplanes from private industry as well.

* Combat & Military Units

- A unit can no longer dig-in while occupying an enemy province.
- Landunits can no longer rebel when on ships.
- Doubled the probability for divisions to defect if low reliability.
- A division can now always be deployed in the province it was recruited.
- Naval battles no longer reset the period without combat during a war ("quiet" factor).
- Population should not drop as fast due to casualties from deaths of soldiers / rebels /partisans.
- Bonus to occupation speed of enemt provinces due to high org is reduced.
- Divisons are much faster in taking control of their own national provinces.
- Divisions are much more effective in taking control of provinces that have the same culture as them self.
- Divisions of non-accepted state-culture now gets -2 in reliability instead of -1.

* Rebels & Partisans

- Partisan divisions should now actually be TAGGED partisan as intended.
- Partisans are now slightly slower at taking control of a province.
- Halved the risk for partisans to pop up.
- Partisans will now autodisband as soon as the country is at peace.
- Aristocrats, Officers and Soldiers creates bigger rebels/partisans out of their pops than other types.

* Diplomacy & Prestige
- Separate wars are no longer merged by new alliances.
- If a war has gone on without _any_ hostile acts for 24 months, the prestige loss for a white peace is now 0.
- Separate white peace agreements with members of enemy alliances who are not alliance leaders no longer cost prestige.
- It is now always possible for satellites to break their alliances with their masters.
- Negotiations: Each offered technology that is not matched by a wanted claim, province or tech now deducts 10 prestige.
- Negotiations: Culture "techs" can no longer be traded.

* Emigration & Colonization

- Workers are now more likely to migrate inside a country towards provinces with RGO's with higher demands.
- Workers are now slightly more likely to migrate within a country if no work and no cash.
- Colonial buildings and fortresses now require leadership to be built.
- Colonisation projects now takes at least 4 years.
- The prestige gained for claiming colonies now depends on the size of the colony.
- Tweaked emigration rules a bit (improved target "spread" and other things).
- Reduced the internal movements of "primitives" (no more Tamils in Canada).
- Improved migration target province spread.
- Reduced emigration pace from Russia, Austria and the Ottoman Empire.

* Technology

- Adjusted industry invention 518.
- Adjusted some cultural inventions.

* Interface fixes
- Added another decimal to the +/- of con and mil in the ledger.
- There is now an indication in the pop information screen which goods that the pop has not been able to buy. (Its in red, and the number indicates how much it could not buy. The normal color is for how much they want.)
- Fixed the problem with glass dissapearing from worldmarket view.
- Fixed some minor interface glitches.
- Fixed some problems with leadership in price tooltips.
- Added f12 cheat code 'badboy' which shows the current bad boy value.
- Fixed some problems with accented filenames.
- You can now see the actual tax-percentage on the budget screen.
- Added prev/next to factorylist screen to quickly switch between states.
- Detailed resource tooltip is now always shown where resource icons are.
- Removed double sounds for some messages.
- Added some province tool tips for the "Revolt risk" map mode.

* Generic Bugfixes

- Fixed a few problems with Lakes.
- Its no longer possible to build divisions without a culture, which takes care of a ctd.
- Tech AI preferences should now be saved correctly.
- You should no longer lose control of provinces just because there is a peace somewhere.
- Fixed a CTD in build interface when you have no legal types to build an army with.
- Fixed a bug with internal migration which made clerks just move around to empty provinces ahead of others.
- Fixed a few problems with right-clicking to build army and the new culture system.
- Improved the randomness of the 'random' trigger.
- Fixed a problem with the 'maximum_workhour' event command.
- Fixed a bug with peace treaties being created with annexed countries.
- RGO sizes are now maxed properly at startup.
- Fixed a bug that caused soldiers to never buy the things they demanded.
- Fixed a CTD when releasing satellites/dominions in the late game.
- Fixed some problems with the "dissolve alliance" diplo action. It now correctly deducts prestige and hurts relations.
- Fixed another minor migration bug.
- Fixed some minor reported bugs.
- Fixed so that goods pops buying actually drops by the amount they demand.
- Fixed a bug with non-invention invention events happening more than once.
- Fixed the manpower calculation bug
- Some more emigration fixes.
- Fixed a bug which caused occupation speed to be squared on unitsize instead of linear.
- Fixed a CTD with tag-changes.


- Tweaked several AI's to be more likely to research industry techs that are prereqs for ship-hulls.
- Tweaked tech-preferences for some AI's to get techs for ships.
- Budget deficit is now much more central to AI "capacity for war" evaluation.
- Fixed a problem with AI demobilization (it wouldn't do it if peace was signed before mobilization was completed.)
- Added some extra economic limitations to the number of troops the AI builds.
- Tweaked the Armaments AI a bit.
- Improved AI files for Japan, Argentina and Brazil to make them build more ships.
- France should now build more ships of the line and less fast ships.


- AI is now less likely to land on beaches with troops defending.
- Fixed a problem with the AI repeatedly creating and disbanding fleets in provinces held by enemies.
- Enhancements to AI ability to bring its troops home from foreign territories.
- AI will now send expeditionary forces to neighboring allies if they have fronts and the sender doesn't.
- Implemented Aetius AI targetting specifics.
- Improved overseas Garrison AI a bit (to bring home troops if somewhat desperate.)
- Small AI countries with few transports can now launch invasions too.
- Invasion AI will no longer steal troops from one beachhead to open up another one.
- Other tweaks to invasion AI.
- Fixed a crash bug in the invasion AI.


- AI should not break peace treaties anymore.
- Enhanced AI ability to avoid alliances with countries that have ongoing wars against countries the AI likes or has recently fought.
- AI nations should now never dissolve the alliances they have with their satellites.
- Heavy tweaks to AI war declaration evaluation.
- The AI will now attempt much more to get mil access to reach areas not reachable.
- Minor tweaks to diplo AI to give somewhat more randomness.
- Added a Swiss AI file with very high neutrality and low warmongering.
- Fixed a problem in the peace AI where it would like to take provinces by large lakes (such as France or the UK demanding Russian provinces around the Caspian Sea.)
- Fixed a problem in the peace AI where it would tend to white peace too early.
- Fixed a potential problem in the peace AI where it would never want to accept peace in colonial wars between civilized countries.
- While primitive, China should now make peace faster, and AI countries fighting China likewise.
- USA is much more likely to select war in the counter-claim event.
- Corrected the ferocity and quiet factors for Sardinia, Papal States and Two Sicilies.
- Special Russian hatred of the Ottomans removed from their AI file.
- USA given a high neutrality value.


- Made some tweaks to the factory AI to take more into account what is currently being built.
- Tweaked the logics for what kind of factories an AI will build, to build those that can run most effective first.
- AI is less likely to build multiple factories of the same type at the same time.
- AI slightly more likely to build factories that produce goods useful for converting pop types now.
- AI is now slightly better at managing soldier pops, and will now demobilise them when at peace.
- Rewrote some factory building logics, to make sure the AI avoids building factories, if not enough supplying factories are around.
- Fixed a bug in factory AI where expanded factories were not calculated into formulas as more than 1 factory.
- AI may now build railroads even at war if it has no debts.
- Tweaked factory AI further to look more into building factories to cover resource shortages.


- Added factory preferences to alot of AI files.
- Tweaked the Spanish AI file.
- English AI will focus on northwest territories and New Zealand first now.
- Increased priority for Borneo for the Dutch.
- The USA and Mexico should now be much more likely to fight full wars than colonial wars.
- Countries that have lost all ports should now disband their fleets.
- Some countries, especially Prussia/Germany and France, now build more transports.
- Dropped Austria's ferocity to 1.0.
- Brazil should now build ironclads as well.
- Did some tweaks to the diplomatic AI to let the CSA/USA accept peace when fully occupied as well.
- Tweaked Turkish, British and Chinese AI files slightly.
- Tweaked AI settings for Spain and Brazil.

- Capital images are no longer hardcoded and that image can be expanded.
- New trigger:
badboy = X # Is the bad boy value at or above X
- New event command:
type = badboy value = X # Adjust the badboy value (float).
- New triggers:
industry = X # Industrial Score > X
military = X # Military Score > X


* 1836

- Revised the factory setup severly in the GC. (JCv4)
- 1836: Dropped Tunis population to 1/4th.
- 1836: Dropped Persian population to 1/4th.
- 1836: Halved the iraqi population.
- 1836: Dropped the population of Anatolia to about 1/3rd.
- 1836: Halved the population of Bulgaria.
- 1836: Dropped the ridicously high populations of Syria & Palestine to reasonable levels.
- 1836: Dropped population of Greece, Serbia and Montenegro
- 1836: Revised Austrian populations completely.
- 1836: no civilized nation should have irregulars any longer
- 1836: moved some div´s of various nations to the mob pool
- 1836: Revised pops for Java to reasonable sizes.
- 1836: Dropped pops for Sumatra to reasonable size.
- 1836: Revised minorities in Siam.
- 1836: Dropped population size of Malaya to historical levels.
- 1836: Dropped Uruguays population to 1/4th.
- 1836: East Australia population dropped to historical levels.
- 1836: All spanish culture troops are now correct south-american troops.
- 1836: brazilian state culture and troops are now brazilian
- 1836: Revised some catalan and basque popfiles.
- 1836: The correct nations should now have slaves.
- Tweaked the setup of UCA to make the breakup more likely.
- Revised the pops in 1836 to use the new cultures in latin-america.
- Revised accepted cultures in 1836 for new cultures in latin-america.
- Tweaked claim building set-up in the GC.
- Prussia and Mecklenburg now have a full alliance in the 1836 scenario. This is to facilitate an attack through Holstein and Jutland in the Danish-Prussian War.
- Removed two British claim buildings in Australia (GC).

* 1861
- 1861: USA now has monitors under developement, the CSA´s monitors are no longer available at game start.
- 1861: Fixed a broken culture in Temeschburg.
- 1861: Revised south-american cultures to new design.
- 1861: Fixed a few files with broken culture tags.
- 1861: Fixed all broken popfiles that put pops in province 0 instead of correct province.
- Tweaked the Romanian national provinces in all scenarios (except in 1836 scenario)

* 1881
- 1881: Updated all south american cultures to new values.
- 1881: Fixed a few files with broken culture tags.
- 1881: Fixed all broken popfiles that put pops in province 0 instead of correct province.
- Tweaked the Romanian national provinces in all scenarios (except in 1836 scenario)

* 1914
- 1914: Fixed a broken culture tag.
- 1914: Revised all pops in southamerica for the new culture-setup.
- 1914: Fixed all broken popfiles that put pops in province 0 instead of correct province.
- Added some Italian national provinces in the 1914 scenario.
- Tweaked the Romanian national provinces in all scenarios (except in 1836 scenario)

- Dropped the cost of the irish famine to 1/4th of previous cost.
- Changed the effects of Aftonbladet to create more liberals.
- Switched text to correct ones for Major Worker Strike Event
- Rebalanced some flavor events for England & New Zealand.
- Changed the randomness triggers for gold events.
- Fixed the problem that caused gold/oil events to not change resourcetype.
- Reduced the prestige effect of some random events.
- Tweaked Italian unification events and AI files to make it more likely to occur.
- The "Conservative Empire" event now reduces badboy by 30.
- Tweaked a gold event in Australia.
- Corrected the "The Treaty of Aigun" event.
- SGF may now join Germany in the Three Hurrahs for Germany.
- Added an event to civilize any nation.
- Tweaked Texas event 14400.
- If Hanover heeds the advice of the Göttingen Professors, the other German states are no longer hit with a 100 prestige penalty.
- Tweaked action A from socialist revolution after WW1 in Germany to give a democratic Weimar state.
- Fixed the CTD from rhetoric of hate.
- Fixed a minor bug with strike events.
- Fixed a problem with end of Civil War events.
- Revised techs given to Japan in civilizing events.

- Added support for seven new cultures in Latin America, to diverify the spanish/portugese cultures. "platinean", "south_andean", "north_andean", "brazilian", "central_american", "caribeno", "mexican",
- Added some more dye producing provinces in India.
- Fixed a few minor scenario errors.
- Updated the Central and South American cultures in revolt.txt.
- China can no longer become civilized by historical events before 1899. They can become civilised through generic "civilising event" at any date
- Tweaked UCA party policies to help against massive immigration.
- Venice now has the correct culture in revolt.txt.
- Fixed another lockup with CSA/USA.


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Changes included in Version 1.03B (Public Beta)

Johan said:
Updated at 15th of May to include the eventfile fixes.

- Fixed a bug which caused pops to demote to farmers/labourers if parts of them emigrated abroad.
- Added the small numerical tab that shows how many divisions there is in a stack at closest zoom.
- Uncivilized nations can no longer take control of civilized nations claims.
- Divisions in development now counts towards the current cap.
- Only open factories count towards crime-fighting costs now.
- The efficiency of a craftsman is now affected by his literacy level. From 50% to 50+literacy/2 % in effectivity.
- There is now a "details" button on the tech-finished message which opens the technology screen.
- Fixed a serious bug which caused the cash assigned to middle and rich pops to be divided by 1/5th and 1/25th.
- Fixed the problem with the "resource_value" command. It now is a change of value.
- The "add_division" command now works properly with the "where=id" argument.
- The "build_division" command no longer checks if you got manpower+resources.
- Fixed the crashbug with the the revolt and which = -2, where = -1 command.
- Fixed the add_pop event command.
- The socialist revolution event should now happen again
- Fixed a bug where pops buying items from your exports did not decrease the correct amount from stockpile, making tariffs worthless.
- Badboy can now go temporarily below 0.
- Alliances should now dissolve properly when a war is created from an event.


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Changes included in 1.03C (Public Beta)

Johan said:
Need 1.03 or 1.03b previously installed.

- You can no longer deploy troops in provinces with enemy troops present.
- The Education Modifier now modifies RP gain correctly.
- Pops in colonies now only get half the income compared to homeprovince pops.
- Income assigned to pops off "non-accepted cultures" are now scaled depending on the minority policies of the ruling party.
- Capitalists and Aristocrat bonuses are now capped at 50%.
- Only level 1 factories will get burned down from random events now.
- Pops in colonies will not vote unless you have full citizenship.
- Newly created countries now get full cores.
- Forced disarmament now removes the entire mobilization pool for the target.
- All navalunits with shorebombardment attributes can now shore-bombard.
- Barrels and Infantry exploits should now work.
- Gas is now a lethal thing on the battlefield, especially if the opponent does not have any protection (+50% combatmod)
- You do not get nationalism in core-provinces after you conquer them.
- Corruption buildings are now checked each day.
- Immigrants will ignore reforms in countries with a debt.
- Reforms/Democratic quality of a country is now modified by that nations plurality when an immigrant selects country.
- Fixed quite a few bugs with tariff and subsidies calculation.
- Fixed a loophole which allowed cheats in multiplayer.
- The Add_pop event-command should now work with all cultures.
- It is no longer possible to trade for technologies which you do not have the prerequisites for.
- Inserted the Revolutions Mod into the game.
- "Slavery Hotly Debated In xxx" events will no longer appear after the Civil War.
- "Bleeding Kansas" will not happen after the ACW.
- "Lincoln Assassinated" can happen even if he was not elected, and "Reconstruction" fires assuming the ACW event was fired and the USA and CSA are not currently at war.
- "Malthusian Thought" now increases colonial migration by 50%, not decreasing it as before.
- 1836: Corrected the spelling in the Zulu and Mexico OOB's.


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* Core Fixes

- Fixed a crashbug with reorganising units.
- Immigrants to an overseas nation will now only go to the provinces on the same continent then.
- Removed the hardcoded bonus for some certain cultures to go to certain nations.
- Removed the super-US bonus on target immigration.
- Added a bonus from 'national province size' for american nations to attract immigrants.
- AI now creates capitalists if it needs them.
- AI is now slightly more restrictive about when to build factories.
- Recoded a system which caused the AI to think it had way too many unemployed.
- AI now learned to trade tech with other AI nations.
- Forced disarmament now destroys the mobilization pool of the loser, not the winner of the war.
- Improved the AI that handles upgrading of their obsolete fleets.
- Tweaked probability for nations building factories to build more basic ones if needed.
- Fixed the crashbug with the "ai = XXX" if XXX was not existing anymore.
- Tweaked industrial power to only take into account open factories, and how many pops are in them.
- The AI will no longer cheat by increase mobpool as much as possible, and are now using the same restricts as the player.
- Fixed a reason for when partisan message arrived when it should not.
- RGO's are no longer capped at 1 for primitive nations.
- Fixed the crashbug with eventcommand for alliances referring to annexed countries.
- AI is now less likely to convert capitalists.
- Fixed a bunch of calculation errors for max-manpowers, and it should now use the correct manpower cost of a unit. (And not use the ones from ships that has no manpower cost in builds.)
- Armies are now resized to maximum strength compared to the amount of manpower a nation really has. (No more -4343 manpower unless a country are truly fucked in the setup.)
- Tweaked AI capitilist conversion scheme further.
- You can no longer convert a pop that is in rebellion.
- Pops that devolve now devolve to pops of same culture.
- Fixed a problem with primitive setting on tax.
- AI will no longer be hurt by bad population growth because its pops are taxed too heavily.
- Fixed a crash with large peace-treaties.
- Nationalism now starts at strongest and then fades to nothing during the end of the decade.
- Australia & New Zealand now gets some immigration bonus.
- Rebels now start at properly scripted sizes at start of scenairo.
- Attrition for rebels are always at 2%.
- Rebel troops no longer decrease militancy in the province they are in.
- AI will no longer empty a building to make soldiers out of it.
- Removed an AI cheat for pop-growth that always added some, and not looking at healthcare levels.
- Fix a problem with tag-changing and the chat-interface in MP.
- Fixed a crash bug with leave-alliance and satellites in Mp.
- Tweaked industrial score formula to value infrastructure and used factories more.
- Halved growth of literacy from slider spending.
- Reliability is now saved properly on divisions.

- All nations in Victoria have had their AI Files revamped. Every nation now has fully defined AI parameters for all categories for the AI. This includes nations created by revolt or satellite.
- The follwing nations have been scripted to have more than one AI, changing during the course of the game, based on factors such as key events or changes in the geopolitical situation facing that nation. (Number after country tag is the number of AIs total available for that nation). ANN (2); ARG (3); AUS (6); BAD (2); BAY (2); BEL (5); BOL (2) BRZ (3); CAN (2); CHI (3); CHL (2); CLM (2); DAN (2); ECU (2); EGY (3); ENG (4); FRA (5); GER (3); GRE (2); HAN (2); HOL (3); ITA (4); KOR (2); MEX (3); NGF (2); NIP (3); ORA (2); PAP (2); PER (3); PEU (3); POR (2); PRG (2); PRU (3); ROM (2); RUS (4); SAR (2); SER (2); SIC (2); SPA (3); SWE (3); SWI (2); TRN (2); TUR (3); URU (2); USA (3); VNZ (2); WUR (2)
- For the 1861, 1881 and 1914 scenarios, separate files have been created for all nations active at start of file, based on the appropriate AI file from the GC section. Each scenario has its own set of AI files for all nations now.


- Changed heavy cruiser into modern cruisers.
- Startdate for revolters for AUS; RUS and TUR now at beginning of the GC scenario
- Startdate for CAN, AUS, NWZ and SAF now set for beginning of the GC scenario
- Startdate for ROM revolters set for 1 January 1861, with deathdate for MOL and WAL revolters set to 31 Dec 1860
- Province 400 (Libava) was moved from the Lithuanian entry to the Latvian entry in revolt.txt.
- Removed African Minor culture from USA entry in revolt.txt.
- Ssouthern Doburja added to BUL revolt text entry
- Fixed Australia capital (should be Melbourne, not Canberra, on independece) in revolt.txt
- Game color for EGY in country.csv chaged to provide better contrast to Britain
- Fixed numerous errors to end-game monarch pics in country.csv.
- Province 400 (Libava) is now part of the Latvian region, & province 403 (Panevezys) is now part of the Lithuanian region.
- Province name for 870 has been capitalized
- Moved province 183 (Ft Chimo) from Newfoundland to Quebec region in province.csv.
- province 737 (Napoli) terrain changed from mountain to hills
- Port for Inverness province changed in provinces.csv so that ships depart east of the land
- fixed port locations for 2843 and 632 so that they are actually on the water rather than inland
- Reworked the maintenance cost for military units (including fixing the missing maintenance cost for corvettes) so they are in line with lower incomes in game
- Supply Consumption Values for the various land and naval military units revised downward to reflect changes in economic environment
- Manpower costs have been added to all naval units, ranging from 0.1 to 2 MP depending on the unit in question.
- Adjusted certain unit values of Heavy Cruisers to account for its now appearing at the same time as Dreadnoughts. Also slightly reduced the speed of Cruisers.
- Shore bobmardment values adjusted for battleship; commerce_raider; cruiser.txt; dreadnought.txt; frigate; ironclad; manowar; modern_cruiser.txt; monitor.txt
- revised unitnames.csv file to expand names of units for nations
- Changed deathdate of Austrian leader von Uchatius from 1981 to 1881.
- Fixed leaders.DOM file to prevent CTD when DOM created by revolt
- Orleanist Party in France economic policy changed from laissez-faire to interventionist for game balance purposes
- Uruguay Political Parties reworked to include conservative parties and remove anarcho-liberal designations from parties that were not
- Portuguese Party Names have been edited
- Scripiting errors in parties for CAL, CSA, FIN, NEW and RUS have been corrected

* Tech File Changes
- All x4xx and x5xx technologies in naval; commerce; culture and industry have had their cost in research points and time raised and starting dates added. All x4xx techs now require 12.5 research points, 390 days and are available starting in 1879, and all x5xx techs now require 15 research points, 450 days and are available starting in 1898. Exceptions to this rule are techs 5005 (available from 1885); 5405 (available from 1880) and 4305 (available from 1880)
- All inventions now have a deathdate of 1920 to ensure they are available to nations whose research programs are slower than others
- Tech folder with reworked commerce tech and invention files to adjust for higher initial tax and tariff efficiencies compared to last beta
- Inventions 3001-3005; 3101-3105 and 3301-3305 and their related inventions now increase tax_eff or tariff_eff or both for the nation receiving it, so that completion of the techs and discovery of the inventions will result in these efficiencies equaling 1.0 at the end of the scenario
- Monitors now have start/death dates of 1855/1870.
- Ironclads now have start/death dates of 1860/1870.
- Submarines now have start/death dates of 1890/1910, and require naval tech 2104 instead of 2103.
- Heavy Cruisers now have start/death dates of 1895/1910, & requires 2105 instead of 2104 (same as Dreadnought).
- Industry invention 519 (Oil Pumping Machinery) now has start/death dates of 1880/1890, so that it won't occur before the first oil rig appears.
- Adjusted certain unit values of Heavy Cruisers to account for its now appearing at the same time as Dreadnoughts. Also slightly reduced the speed of Cruisers.

* Economy File Changes
- Exported some core economical factors to misc.txt and tweaked those.
- Modified all the needs of POPs to balance them to more logical levels
- Decreased efficiency of cement, fertilizer, glass, lumber and steel to 1.25
- Increased efficiency of dye factory to 1.3
- Reduced size of mobilization pool increase to 4
- Reduced colonial building build time to 3 years
- build time for RGOs is now 2 years for all except oil rig, which is now 3.
- build time for all factories is now 2 years except for lumber_mill; fabric_factory; dye_factory, fertilizer_factory; fuel_refinery; glass_factory; cement_factory and steel_factory which remain at 1 year
- Daily input requirements for most factories reduced, with fabric factories now also requiring 0.25 wool per day
- Cost to construct RGOs raised from 100 to 200 (or 500 in the case of coal, sulphur, iron, precious metals and oil).
- reworked life and everyday need files moving tea from life to everyday
- changed values in pop.text for cost of literacy for the different pop groups.
- factory efficiency : increased the efficiency of several basic raw materials to bring supply and demand at the start of the scenario closer. Demand will remain greater than supply for the agricultural goods, while for iron/sulphur/coal they will be about equal at start quickly demand outstrips supply, but not so greatly as before, helps ensure supplies on WM later in game.
- Cost to construct factories have been reworked extensively :
- Cement Factory : 1000 pounds, 2 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 timber
- Lumber Mill : 1000 pounds, 2 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Fabric Factory : 2000 pounds, 2 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Glass Facotry : 2000 pounds, 4 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Canned Food Facotry : 2500 pounds, 4 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Dye Facotry : 2500 pounds, 4 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Fertilizer Facotry : 3000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Winery : 3000 pounds, 4 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Liquor Distillery : 3000 pounds, 4 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Fertilizer Facotry : 3000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Steel Facotry : 4000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 coal
- Ammunition Food Facotry : 4000 pounds, 5 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Paper Mill : 4000 pounds, 7 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Regular Clothes Factory : 5000 pounds, 7 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Furniture Factory : 5000 pounds, 7 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Explosives Factory : 5000 pounds, 7 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Small Arms Factory : 5000 pounds, 7 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Clipper Shipyard : 7500 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Artillery Shipyard : 7500 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Luxury Clothes Factory : 10000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Luxury Furniture Factory : 10000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Steamer Shipyard : 15000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 steel, 10 cement
- Machine Parts Factory : 20000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement
- Fuel refinery : 20000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 steel, 10 cement
- Electric Gear Factory : 25000 pounds, 15 machine parts, 10 steel, 10 cement
- Telephone Factory : 30000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 electirc gear, 10 steel, 10 cement
- Automobile Factory : 50000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 10 electirc gear, 20 steel, 20 cement
- Barrel Factory : 60000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 25 electirc gear, 25 steel, 25 cement
- Airplane Factory : 100000 pounds, 10 machine parts, 30 electirc gear, 30 steel, 30 cement
- Cost to convert pops to higher classes have been revised extensively :
- Soldiers : 750 pounds, 10 regular clothes
- Craftsmen : 2500 pounds, 10 paper, 10 furniture, 10 regular clothes, 10 coffee, 10 tobacco
- Clergymen : 1000 pounds, 20 paper, 10 luxury clothes. 10 precious metal
- Clerks : 5000 pounds, 10 paper, 5 luxury furniture, 5 luxury clothes, 5 precious metal
- Officers : 3000 pounds, 10 paper, 10 small arms, 5 luxury furniture, 5 luxury clothes, 5 precious metal
- Capitalists : 25000 pounds, 10 paper, 10 luxury furniture, 10 luxury clothes, 10 precious metal
-Construction costs for colonial buildings and railways have been reworked :
- Coaling station now requires 5000 pounds, 20 lumber, 20 cement, 20 coal, 1 leadership, 0.5 machine parts and 4 steamer convoys
- Missions now require 5000 pounds, 20 lumber, 20 cement, 1 leadership, 0.5 machine parts, 10 fabric, 5 paper and 4 steamer convoys
- Tradeposts now require 5000 pounds, 20 lumber, 20 cement, 1 leadership, 0.5 machine parts, 10 fabric, 10 glass and 4 steamer convoys
- Forts now require 5000 pounds, 20 lumber, 20 cement, 1 leadership, 5 explosives, 5 small arms and 4 artillery.
- Railroad costs now start with 2000 pounds, 5 timber, 5 lumber, 10 cement, 10 steel and 0.1 machine parts
- Base Resource prices have been completely reworked
- RGO efficiencies have been dramatically increased for basic RGO production needed by POPs to ensure supplies on world market are sufficient during the course of the game. In particular, cattle, coal, fish, grain, iron, orchards, sheep, sulphur and timber have been revised upward
- POP needs have been completely revised with greater emphasis on lower class pops for RGO goods and basic manufactures.
- literacy costs for POPs now reworked to make literacy less expensive for lower class pops and proportionally much more expensive for industrial and upper-class populations, with a range of 0.6 for farmers and labourers to 7.5 for capitalists.
- base literacy cost for all pops set to 0.5
- base police cost set to 0.70
- base military cost set to 10.0
- initial tariff_efficiency for all nations starts at 0.30, with increases to 1.0 gained via tech research
- initial tax_efficiency for all nations starts at 0.35, with increases to 1.0 gained via tech research
- primitive modifier exported to misc.txt and set to 0.35

- Renamed the AUS dual monarchy flag and shield files to AUSdual to fix problem with engine displaying the Dual Monarchy flags

- All scenarios have AI files defined for all nations at the start of each scenario
- Hadramaut colony has now been split between Aden and Oman, removing colonization access to Arabian peninsula, with Oman receiving 1890 and 1891 while Aden receives 1893

* Grand Campaign Scenario changes
- Corrected all stockpiles to stop the "January 3rd bug"
- Reduced starting stockpile of machine parts for all nations to avoid the heavy industrialization that is happening in the beggining of the game
- Created a new tech group of "Advanced Uncivs" with the following techs: 1001 1101 1201 2001 3101 3401 4001 4101 5001 (excluded from this group: KOR, CHI and NIP)
- Granted some leadership points to small nations that start with existing leaders (with dates from before 1836)
- Corrected the mobilization pool bug in the .inc files
- Added diplomatic relations to all South American countries
- Corrected starting condition of AUS to be a Monarchy like PRU
- Corrected some unitnames for many nations
- Added a pop_growth_mod value for CHL, PRG, URU & ORA to represent their historical growth
- Corrected problems with wrong values of reforms (syntax errors) in ENG, USA & SPA .inc file
- Corrected reforms of ETH
- Added national provinces of GEO
- Corrected GRE army & navy
- Corrected HAW religion and literacy
- Changed establishment for HOL
- Added danish culture to HLS
- Added an army to HOW (Madagascar)
- Added 1464 as a national province of KAL
- Removed bugged stockpile pool from LUB & NAL
- Added claims of PRG over ARG, BOL & BRZ
- Added south_german culture to PRU to increase Rhineland production
- Reduced literacy of USA
- Balanced POPs and factories distribution for Denmark (removed clipper_shipyard, small_arms_factory & liquor_distillery)
- POP files for the 1836 campaign have been completely reorganized and rationalized, with changes in pop size made in select files where new information was available. In particular, Korea population in 1836 reduced to remove 4x overstating, South Asian populations revised upwards, Switzerland population split into Catholic and Protestant and 4x overstating removed.
- POP files have also been balanced in terms of what each nation starts with in terms of factories and military size, so that there is a direct correlation between number of clerk and craftsmen POPs and the number of factories at start, and the number of soldier pops correlates to the size of the starting military OOB. Excess POPs in original pop files have reverted back to farmer/labourer pops.
- Missing populations in Fogaras (1008) and Rockhampton (2747) have been fixed
- France starting techs in commerce have been increased for game balance
- Russia initial tax and tariff efficiencies lowered to 0.25 each for game balance, restored to initial levels via events
- China initial tariff efficiency set to 0.10 for game balance due to end of RGO limits at start of game, restored to initial levels upon China becoming civilized.
- Fixed error with home province of two Russian warships.
- Mexico.inc edited to remove Maya and Pueblo from starting cultures, and commented out original factory. Change starting tech to similar to South American nations.
- Added a British trading post to province 14 (Ft McPherson).
- RUS.inc have reworked the initial holdings so that the interior provinces of Siberia that were directly ruled must now be colonized (103, 105, 106 and 107). Removed RUS claim buildings from Kazakhstan and added a claim building to NW Alaska to keep out any other nations.
- Changed colonial buildings into owned territory for the following nations : France: Dida (2166), Bingarville, & Libreville (2189); UK: Sekondi (2173); Portugal: Zandia (2712). Also removed Dakar (1774) & added Podor (1773) to France
- Added provinces 1228 (Ifni) & 1276 (Draa) to Morocco. Added Moroccan claim to Saquiat al-Hamra (1235)
- Added 'defense = 1' to Texan .inc file.
- Zulu now directly owns 2695 (Swaziland)
- Sind capital changed from Karachi to Hyderabad
- Portugal initial factories reduced, small arms and ammunition factories removed
- Initial factory setup for ENG, USA and RUS adjusted
- Montana & Wyoming now start as owned American regions
- Added missing cores for Colombia in provinces 1734, 1735, & 2074.
- Added Claim building for CHI at 2043 and NIP at 1631, resolved via event
- starting colonial claim buildings for HOL in the East Indies revised
- Fixed SWE_Sweden.csv pop file to relocate clerks from Gothenburg (where there were too many) to Stockholm (which was short)
- RUS.inc in GC reworked factories, remove ammo, clippers and canned food and replace with glass, lumber and cement
- Seven Russian GC pop files reworked to fix correlation problems between number of factories in states and number of craftsmen/clerk POPs
- Atacama provinces (2401, 2402 and 2404) added to Chile's national provinces in GC and 1861 scenarios
- Canned Food Factory in Brandenburg in Prussia 1836 inc file changed to Glass Factory (Other canned food factory kept in West Prussia)
- Adjusted Egyptian colonial entries to match province.csv.

* 1861 Scenario Changes
- Changed colonial buildings into owned territory for the following nations : France: Dida (2166), Bingarville, & Libreville (2189); UK: Sekondi (2173); Portugal: Zandia (2712). Also removed Dakar (1774) & added Podor (1773) to France
- Added Mexican as state culture for Mexico.
- Added provinces 1228 (Ifni) & 1276 (Draa) to Morocco.
- Added 'defense = 1' to USA & CSA .inc files.
- For Austria, changed the culture of the 4. & 5. Grenzdivisions from Ruthenian to Romanian.
- Added missing core for Venezuela in province 2074.
- Zulu now directly owns 2695 (Swaziland)
- Added Hopedale (184) & empty Australian provinces to UK, & placed UK trading posts in empty Canadian provinces bordering Alaska.
- Moved Trinidad and Tobago (1756) to the British West Indies colonial entry in the eng.inc file.
- Hawaii now has Polynese as a state culture.

* 1881 Scenario Changes
- Fixed scripting error in UK political reforms.
- Moved province 937 from Austria-Hungary to the Ottoman Empire.
- Changed colonial buildings into owned territory for the following nations : France: Dida (2166), Bingarville, & Libreville (2189); UK: Sekondi (2173); Portugal: Zandia (2712); Belgium: Leopoldville (2489) & Cabinda (2488); Ethiopia: Gardula (2239), Ginir (2237), Bari (2236), & Harar (2256). Also removed Dakar (1774) & added Podor (1773) to France
- Removed Mayan & Pueblo as state cultures for Mexico.
- Added provinces 1228 (Ifni) & 1276 (Draa) to Morocco.
- For Austria, changed the culture of the 4. & 5. Grenzdivisions from Ruthenian to Romanian.
- Province 1092 (Tuva) now owned by China instead of Russia and Chinese capital moved to Beijing.
- Moved province 2074 from Venezuela to Colombia, with Venezuela retaining a claim on it.
- Hawaii now has Polynese as a state culture.
- Moved Trinidad and Tobago (1756) to the British West Indies colonial entry in the eng.inc file.
- AUS inc add command to have flag be the dual monarchy flag

* 1914 Scenario Changes
- Fixed scripting error in UK political reforms.
- Province 1092 (Tuva) now owned by Russia instead of China.
- China is now a Presidential Dictatorship with the ruling party set to Beiyang, representing the ascendancy of Yuan Shikai.
- Brazil now has the correct flag.
- Colombia now has a claim on the three Panamanian provinces, & Panama's independence is guaranteed by the USA
- Moved province 2085 from Ecuador to Colombia.
- Fixes GER_1914.inc OOB to include the new 'modern cruiser' category.
- Added missing DN (HMS Invincible) to UK naval OOB.
- North Leeward Islands (504) & Trinidad and Tobago (1756) now belong to the British West Indies state.
- Moved Trinidad and Tobago (1756) to the British West Indies colonial entry in the eng.inc file.
- Added North Leewards Islands (504) to the UK.
- Added Palmyra (1666) & Samoa (2057) to the USA.
- Removed cores from US provinces in the following regions: Spanish West Indies, Hawaii, Midway, Mikronesia, and Polynesia.
- US provinces in the following regions were designated as colonies: Spanish West Indies, Alaska, Hawaii, Midway, Mikronesia, and Polynesia.
- Sinai (1404) now belongs to the Al Udrun state for Egypt
- Corrects mistake in border between ENG and SIA, which put all of Malaya under British control - only what is now Malaysia was British, rest remained Siamese.
- AUS inc add command to have flag be the dual monarchy flag


** Regular Events

- Modified PRU events 4607 & 4608 to be based on 4 states only
- Modified PRU events 4610 (The Rhine Crisis) & 4611 (The Greek Constitution) to be based on 5 states only
- Corrected the Popular unification events trigger condition & its effects
- Increased the chance for the Bismarck counterrevolution (4613) and corrected its effects
- Increased the chance for the failure of the Bismarck counterrevolution (4614) and corrected its effects
- Corrected the Conservative Empire effects (4616)
- Corrected effects of event 4628 (French Adventure in Belgium)
- Increased the chance for PRU AI to accept the Spanish throne (leading to GER unification)
- Expanded the trigger conditions of the "Three Hurrays for the German Empire" to include posible Prussia allies
- Corrected "The Fall of Prussia" event, now PRU secedes 776,778,783,784 & 785 if it owns them
- Expanded the trigger conditions of the "Bismarckian Social Reforms" so they do not send PRU to a lower reform level than what they currently had
- Fixed addcore error with CSA event 14229 (Maryland Joins the South!)
- Fixed scripting error with date of Russian flavour event 32506 (First Russian Railroad!)
- Reduced the AI likelihood that PRU or AUS will join in the Crimean war from 33% to 15- 20%
- events for random colonial building construction (23010 and 23011) added trigger ai = no to help prevent extraneous odd claims to colonial areas that do not get resolved.
- Fixed scripting error with Turkish flavour event 31102 (Baghdad Railroad), & added a trigger to German flavour event 31101 (Baghdad Railroad) that GER & TUR are not at war.
- Reworked Zanzibar question event to give Zanzibar control over claims and land on East Africa coast. Also adds new event for ZAN to transfer Mombasa to ENG if ENG is AI and a GP so ENG can begin colonization of Kenya.
- Rework CHI Treaty of Aigun event so that only the region between the Ussuri River and the Sea of Japan are ceded, and also that CHI claim in Central Asia and Sakhalin goes to RUS as well
- Fixed scripting error in effect of forced reforms events 23114 & 23115
- AI- only Treaty Of Nanjing event added to prevent ahistoric long wars between China and England that can dramatically alter game balance. Original Treaty of Nanjing event made to fire only if human player involved.
- Prussia reduces AI chance the Frankfurt Assembly will be accepted or the Conservative Empire fires.
- Mexico adds an AI- only event for Mexico to DoW USA if it makes TEX a state via the 14101- 14401 chain (which it could not before).
- Belgian event 6702 (The Dutch Refuse Belgian Sovereignty) now adds Belgian cores to provinces 781 (Arlon) & 745 (Liege).
- Russian events 2502 (The Pan Slavic Movement) & 2503 (Proclaim Defender of Balkan Christians) now require that event 2505 (The Ottoman Collapse) has not occurred.
- Choice B of Turkish event 1106 (The Creation of Romania) now reduces Turkish prestige by 25 and raises the militancy of Romanian POPs by 2.
- British flavour event 36923 (Charles Darwin), removed the two invalid event effects, and added a militancy reduction of one for all liberal, anarcho- liberal, socialist, and communist POPs.
- Texas event 14404 (Richmond asks us to join the Confederacy) now requires that CSA event 14235 (Have we sacrificed too much?) has not occurred.
- Choice C of USA event 14185 (The Trail of Tears) now lowers the militancy and consciousness of Dixie POPs in Georgia by 2.
- USA flavour event 36221 (Sale of the Virgin Islands) now has a start date of July 1st, 1916
- Updated RUS2514 so that russia improves relations but does not form an alliance with China, and potentially drag China into the Crimean War.
- Fixed scripting error in effects of USA event 14194 (The Sino- American Treaty).
- UK events to release Canada, Australia, & New Zealand will now not occur if the UK is at war.
- Mexican intervention events for ENG- PRU- SAR- SPA now require France to have intervened, and FRA event will not fire if FRA is already at war with another nation.
- Reduce AI chance for revaunch events for AUS and DAN in 1870
- Increase AI chance for CSA to accept defeat in reconciliation event
- 3 Hurrays events for the German minors adjusted so that they will also trigger if new AI- only event for Prussia fires.
- MEX and USA US wants to Buy AZ/NM events are now human player only, with an AI version of same events that transfer full Mexican Cession to USA if AI USA defeats AI Mexico in war.
- Oregon Treaty events now only effect provinces within the historical Oregon Territory (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, & southern British Colombia). Fixed a problem with ceding of certain provinces if the US chooses the 54th parallel.
- Italian Question events now declare war on, and fire the Rapid Loss of Authority event for, Lucca.
- Brazilian events 16300, 16301, & 46302 now includes a 'slavery = yes' trigger, & event 16301 now sets slavery to no. Brazilian event 16302 (End of Brazilian Monarchy) now establishes a Presidential Dictatorship with the A choice (since this is what happened historically), & changes the Brazilian flag to the republican flag.
- Swedish events 6605 & 6606 (The Crimean War) will not occur if Sweden is allied with Russia or Turkey.
- Fixed error in Papal event 5703 (The Birth of Italy), so that the event occurs if Naples is controlled by the Papal States, instead of Sardinia.
- Choice B (Radical Reconstruction) of US event 14182 (Reconstruction) now activates the post- Civil War versions of the Democratic & Republican parties, the same as choices A & C.
- Event 8100 Updated, reduces the amount of additional troops EGY gets at 2nd Oriental Crisis war to reduce Egyptian economy meltdown
- Adds requirement for CAN Confederation event for ENG to have completed colonization of Alberta and Saskatchewan so CAN inherits coast- to- coast land.
- RUS 2500 and 2501 modified to increase tax and tariff efficiencies for RUS to initial game levels lowered in initial setup for RUS in the 1836 Scenario.
- Japan event 12604 reworked AI chances to give greater chance for Meiji Restoration to occur for AI Japan
- Japan event chains 12623- 12629 and Chinese counterpart 12531 and 12532 reworked to reflect disputed claims over Ryukyu islands established in the 1836 scenario.
- reworked Treaty of Nanjing event (12507) to create chain with British response (6949)
- fixed missing bracket on SWE6002
- reworked Spanish Succession event (7705) to make AI more likely to choose Prussian vs Italian candidate.
- reworked the Union Peru- Bolivia event (16801) to increase difficulty for human player to hold on to Bolivia, and added an AI- version to create Bolivia more regularly.
- reworked the dissolution of Central American union event (15202) to increase difficulty for human player to maintain unity, and and added an AI- version to dissolve union more regularly.
- reworked the Russia creates Balkan satellite events (2507- 2510) to fire only after RUS is at peace and increased AI likelihood to create satellites for all 4 (Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia).
- Argentina National Unity event (16601) now changes flag of Argentina from Dark Blue to Light Blue banners
- Tsar of All Slavs event (2504) modified and new version added (2516) dependent on if Greece is allied to Russia at time event fires. Turkish respose event similarly transformed
- Boer War Events Tweaked for UK, Transvaal and Orange to give players of Boer Republics options to continue resistance
- UK event 6929 (The Home Rule Debate) now triggers a silent event that cedes Belfast to the new Irish dominion (Gladstone's Home Rule Bill did not include partition).
- Chinese event 12528 (The Son of Heaven Abdicates!) now correctly sets the flag of the Chinese Republic.
- Cixi arrests Guang Xu event 12524 provided with new impacts and made for uncivilized status, with new event 12562 as the same event for when China is civilized
- Swedish support for Denmark events (6600 and 6601) have their AI chances reworked to reduce chance Scandinavia forms
- event 1524 edited so that dual monarchy flag with new name is triggered for display
- A trigger condition to 14817 to not fire if USA has already defeated MEX in a war.

- Added AI helper events for Italian Unification under Sardinia
- A whole series of AI events to switch between AIs for nations depending on specific trigger conditions reflecting geopolitical conditions or date in game
- New event if France inherits lands in Italy during the Italian liberation wars will now restore these lands to unified Italy
- New event if Prussia defeats France in war after 1867 but does not capture Paris will still fire the Three Hurrays event chain if France has the “Fall Of The Empire” event.
- New event to restore Syria, Palestine and Crete to TUR control if TUR defeats EGY in 2nd Oriental Crisis war and both TUR and EGY are AI-controlled.
- New events to establish US control over the Mexican Cession if USA defeats MEX and both USA and MEX are AI-controlled.
- New event chain for formation of South Africa Dominion if ENG defeats ORA and TRN in war but both still exist in 1910.
- New AI events to end Crimean War for secondary nations if TUR and ENG make peace with RUS, preventing ahistoric war continuation by AI nations drawn into conflict
- New AI events to end Mexican intervention for secondary nations if FRA makes peace with MEX, preventing ahistoric war continuation by AI nations drawn into conflict
- New AI events to end Austrian intervention in Schleswig Wars if PRU and DAN make peace with RUS, preventing ahistoric war continuation by AUS when drawn into conflict
- AI only events to revert Natal to England and Ionian Islands to Greece
- New AI-only events for imperial expansion against various uncivilized minors
- New AI-only events to improve chances for the formation of Italy via the Italian Unification wars
- A new series of AI-only events to transfer colonial claim buildings if region remains deadlocked between AI nations and unclaimed. New events also allow transfer of colonies to BEL and POR if they are AI-controlled and the nations controlling the colonies are also AI-controlled. These events are in the new file AIColonyResolve.txt which has been added, but commented out, in the events.txt file of db, allowing players the choice to activate the events if they choose or maintain the current system for resolution of colonial claim disputes.
- AI-AI events added to deal with AUS or PRU player aggression against fellow German minors with exceptions to AUS or PRU protections (removes player exploit)
- AI-only event to make Luang Prabang a satellite of FRA if involved in war (fixes problem with FRA DoW LUA but unable to conquer it because ANN remains independent and will not grant access)
- AI-only evnet to transfer Lao lands in Annam to LUA if FRA, LUA and ANN are all Ai-controlled and either FRA or French-satellited ANN own the connecting provinces between the 2 parts of LUA.
- AIColonyResolve.txt file tweaked to have startdates later than before.
- reworked start dates on several AI changeovers, and added changeover for Bolivia
- reworked start dates on several AI Colony transfer changeovers
- tweaked the land transfer from FRA to puppet LUA AI-AI event
- AI-only Treaty Of Beijing event added to prevent ahistoric long wars between China and England that can dramatically alter game balance. Original Treaty of Beijing event made to fire only if human player involved.
- new RUS AI-only events to modify borders in the Balkans once RUS creates satellite Balkan states or gets Tsar of All Slavs event
- Added AI-only events for SER, MOL and WAL to preserve their historic neutrality during Crimean War
- AI events for ENG to create COL and for ENG to transfer US-origin lands to CAN upon dominionship added to ai_events.txt


One of the major changes developed for 1.4 is a new series of AI-only events to help resolve problems of colonial claims not being settled among AI nations. Because the solution we have developed may not be something all players wish to use, we have decided to add them but not make them active unless the player makes a slight alteration.
To activate the new AI colony resolution system, go to the events.txt file in the db folder section of where Victoria is stored on your harddrive. At the bottom of the events.txt file there is the line

#event = "db\events\AIColonyResolve.txt"

to activate, remove the # from in front of that line, and save the change.
The way they work is that at various dates if a colony remains unclaimed, AI-controlled nations will transfer their claims to the historic colonizer. So for example if Mali is unclaimed and AI FRA has 5 buildings and AI ENG has 5 buildings, the event will fire for AI ENG to transfer the buildings to FRA, and allow FRA to claim the colony. These events will only fire if both parties are at peace, transfer events will not fire for nations at war.
This system does not affect the human player at all. Say you are ENG and you have 3 claim buildings in Mali, FRA has 5 and PRU has 2. Your efforts to get PRU to sell you the claims have gone nowhere, and the colony as a whole remains unclaimed. The event will fire for AI PRU to transfer its 2 claims to FRA (the historic colonizer) so now you will have to deal with only one nation rather than 2 in trying to either get the rest of the claims or selling the claims.
The AI Colony Resolve events are also designed to provide help to Belgium and Portugal which have a very hard time getting their foot in the door in spite of our best efforts to get the AI to colonize. In those cases if their historic colonial areas (Congo for BEL, Angola & Mozambique for POR) are unclaimed or claimed by other AI nations, events kick in to cede claims and provinces directly to AI-controlled BEL or POR. Again these only kick in for the nations benefitting if they are AI controlled and the nations giving the land are AI controlled. Human players will never get the events.
The end result is that there will be virtually no "unclaimed" colonial regions in the world by 1900 due to AI-AI unwillingness to make deals over colonial buildings.
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