Sep 28, 2019

It's been so long since any new DLC for CS on consoles. I completely understand why ofcourse, but the console version was getting stronger and stronger, now its halted and we're all slowly getting bored of producing slightly lacklustre cities.

My suggestion is please release a couple of tiny 'packs' to keep us busy (and money coming in for you). Nothing groundbreaking, we don't need to change the game just some new eye candy for us to play with. Just edit existing PC or steam workshop objects to work for console, thats enough.

Similar to what the Sims does with their little object packs. To grab the developers attention, any console City builders reading this please just let me know if you would buy the following few examples. Imagine paying, say £4.99 for each of the following, would you?

Bridge pack: some actual nice longer realistic bridge to add instant impact. 6-10 bridges for a fiver. Would be no work for you, I'd snap them up.

Road pack: Just new textures and maybe a couple of new configurations (6 Lane highways, Japanese style textures, etc. Nothing groundbreaking just some textures.

Financial district buildings: some new, realistic, generic skyscrapes to make thr downtown more diverse and believable. 15 steam workshop skyscrapes. So easy for you to do, again you'd have £15 from me so far and it's cost you pence.

New trains and stations: nothing crazy just some new models.

Port items: just some containers, PARKING LOTS (if nothing else please parking lots, PLEASE), sea walls or defences to make our ports look somewhat like the masterpieces from the PC.

Things like that. I have basic knowledge of game creation and I know it would be no hassle at all for you to do this, yet it would be HUGE for the console players. And it will just keep money rolling in for you which right now can't be bad. Please seriously consider this, just to tie us over for now.

Also, if you have a bit more time on your hands:

Terrain painting. Honestly this would revolutionise our cities, I don't know why this isn't in the console version anyway (I have the PC version but my PC is too old)

Finally, I know you probably won't be a map editor and creator. I will give you £15 of my hard earned money for this. The maps on CS are just too restricting when you have big plans, let us create our own and watch thr creations coming thick and fast from the community.

I've tried to keep this realistic. I could have said unlock more tiles, even if it slows thr game down, or some whacky DLC ideas but I've only suggested things I know you could realistically and easily achieve.

Any readers on this post, please get this noticed and let the developers know you'd support this. I can't be the only one?

Thanks! Please don't leave the console players out. I know it was originally PC and will always be better on that platform but people like me who have spent hundreds on all the DLC surely deserve some respect?

Stay safe.
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