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    The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. Advisors may now jockey for positions of influence and adversaries should save their schemes for another day, because on this day Crusader Kings III can be purchased on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers.

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Sep 8, 2015
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Here are the next idea set. Hope you enjoy :D.
Parman Ideas


  • Fort Defense: +10%
  • National Trade Power: +10%

  • Parman Food: Our city has been known to have exquisite food like Prosciutto di Parma and the “True Cheese”. This makes us the city-state above all of cuisine. Yearly Prestige +1.

  • Center of the Italian Wars: Our land has been always coveted by Europeans and Parma was the first major battle in the Italian Wars. During that time we were under control by the Pope and France. But what if we united with our brethren and stopped them from taking our land? What if we acted as one and treated each other like ourselves? Then we can produce the force to push out all encroachers. Years of Separatism -5

  • Honored by the Romans: The Romans always honored us for our loyalty to them. This shows our loyalty to anybody who gives are way too. This can make our friends trust us and our enemies show some respect. Diplomatic Reputation +1

  • University of Parma: Though there’s many universities in Italy, we have one of the oldest universities in Italy. We have been acquiring knowledge before the famous ones took hold so we have been an advantage when it comes to innovation. Technology Cost -7.5%

  • Everlasting System of Fiefdom: Our nobles have always took hold of our land up until the 19th century. This will keep our peasants from being too uppity when in times of crises. Local Unrest -1

  • We Like Our Independence: We have never liked to be under the control of somebody. Whether Milan of France, we like to rule our land without foreign limitations. So let’s get the peasants in to make sure our lands are never conquered. Hostile Core Creation Cost On Us: +50%

  • Rebuild our City Again: Our city is always been sacked and looted. Whether by Attila the Hun or when being invaded, our city has always been damaged. So let’s rally our troops, rebuild our city, and show them who they are messing! Morale of Armies: +10%

  • Diplomat: +1

Pisan Ideas


  • Shipbuilding Time: -10%
  • Trade Steering: +20%

  • The Decline of Pisa: Pisa in the 1200’s was the dominant power in the Mediterranean and controlled wide variety of Trade Network after the Crusades. But this success didn’t last. Our rival, Genoa, crushed us in the 1300’s and we became part of Florence. But now that we broke free. We need to recover and rebuild our cities to match our Genoese rival. Development Cost: -10%

  • Eastern Trade Ports: We once controlled the Eastern Ports of Antioch and Cilicia. This provided us with income and more power in the Mediterranean and we need to recover this. Send our Merchants to the East and recover what we lost. Trade Range: +25%

  • Reclaim The Islands: Corsica and Sardinia has always been a source of conflict. The Genoese have alway claimed them as theirs and we have too. Now that they secured their control, we need to reclaim what was taken away and return them to their rightful owner. Time to Fabricate Claims: -20%

  • Show Supremacy Against Genoa: Pisa was at one point able to beat Genoa and keep them under control. But since we’ve been gone, they have been a strong torn in our side. But now they’re weakened, and it’s our time to strike and Crush them now. Morale of Navies: +15%

  • Fibonacci: Fibonacci invented the Fibonacci Sequence. Which created one of the most famous Laws of Nature. If we persuade our scholars to unlock the key to nature, then we can share our knowledge and spread our ideas. Idea Cost: -10%

  • Sacking of Ports: In our time of glory, our ships sacked Muslim ports and seized their wealth. Now that we have our new fleet, we can used them to steal wealth to help us get back on our feet. Privateer Efficiency: +20% / Blockade Efficiency +20%

  • The Success of the Crusades: We’ve used the Crusades to gain more access to ports and create new trade routes and in general create more wealth. Using our past knowledge, we can control Muslim Ports and go one step further and go on our own crusade. To convert the masses and to create a stable nation that gets its wealth from trade in the name of God. Missionary Strength +2%

  • Light Ship Combat Ability: +15%

Modenese Ideas


  • Chance of Heir: +25%
  • Regiment Cost: -10%

  • Balsamic Vinegar: To all the others that claim they make Balsamic Vinegar, we say Blasphemy! We are the true creators of this masterpiece and our Diplomats will remind all those who think not. Diplomatic Reputation: +1

  • Este Dynasty: The Este Dynasty ruled over us since the 1200’s and they came from the Duchy of Ferrara. Though we haven’t been independant, our city has greatly improved from them. Though we might not have them as our rulers. We should treat as Kings and Queens in our land so we will continue to benefit. Build Cost: -10%

  • Modenese Cathedrals: Our Cathedrals have been around since the Dark Ages. Those who feel like the church needs reform needs to take a look at then. If people have been following for so many years. Why are they challenging it now? Missionary Strength vs. Heretics: +2%

  • Biblioteca Estense: This building contains all of our scripts, books, and other pieces of knowledge. If we look over these scripts and use them as our knowledge, then we can discover new innovations from old pieces of text. Technology Cost: -7.5%

  • Reestablish the University: The University of Modena was closed in the 1500’s citing budget issues. This place has been the source of knowledge for many people, that we can’t afford to lose. We need to get people back to our school so we can develop our fields of government. Leaders Without Upkeep: +1

  • Fortification: Our city has always been sacked. Since ancient times to now, we need to keep fortifying the city to make sure we aren’t sacked again. Fort Defense: +10%

  • Ferrarese Question: Ferrara has always ruled us. With the power of the Este Dynasty, they have controlled our land for so long. But now that we are free. Do we seek revenge against them? if we do, then we can access the sea, get more recruits and all around a better situation. So let’s recruit our men so we can take them into the fold. National Manpower Modifier: +10%

  • Yearly Legitimacy: +1

That's all for this week. Tune in next week for Colonial Nations: UPCA, Louisana, California (New Tag)
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