Hey people new here, shameless stream plug included

Ragga Muffin

Second Lieutenant
Dec 24, 2019
I dont post here often, in fact i think my only post, building city is a big enough time investment for me.
Im a new streamer. Ive been streaming a couple of weeks and dont exactly keep a large digital footprint, i dont do any social networking at all really.
I dont have a mobile companion and dont type on my streams, i do how ever build crazy waterfall gardens using adv eco water plants.
No big deal i hear people say, but I do this on my xbox. Like totally vanilla.
If you want to chat to me, you could just join my XBL party, RaggaMuffinReap is my xbl, my stream has a content warning due to my language being dreadful, unfiltered but mostly amusing. And if im still in party with my World of Tanks clan consider it to be a snow flake free zone, they are lively at best of times
Im just feeling twitch out, just finding out some things such as saving streams, not going into other streams and asking to plug my stuff and such

Also Pretty, pretty please paradox, MoveIt and Traffic Manager

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