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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning
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Oct 23, 2017
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As many of you know, one of the main reasons we moved the forums under the Paradox umbrella is because we knew that the closer we came to launch, the larger our community would grow, and that our volunteer Moderators just weren't going to be able read and respond to everything in real time. We would need better tools. And, as we've gotten closer to launch and welcomed more and more MechWarriors into the fold, this is exactly what has happened.

And, this is where you come in.

If you believe that a Mod needs to address something, they need you to click on the Report button to make sure it comes to their attention as soon as possible. If you just ask a Mod to address it in the thread, it is very easily missed.

When you use the Report button, you are helping the Mods keep this forum a positive, productive place for us all.

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