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We added a few new countries in this expansion, and here is a small guide to them.


  • New Countries.pdf
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So Jerusalem is in, intresting.
Ah, even more material! Want to play... now!
Also, more french sub-states are always great for making the game in europe more interesting in the first hundred years or so.
One comment:

Hehehe... Johan you sly fox you :D I'm really enjoying how you demonstrate your love to CK with all the new Casus Belli stuff, dynasties and now Jerusalem.

I'm a few years late but - IN YOUR FACE Jerusalem haters that told me having Jerusalem in Eu2 is wrong because of the timeframe and noone cares :D

And if all this gets incorporated in CK2 it will be like the 365 days of christmas :D
I want to see the first KoJ world conquest with a vanilla version :)
Is that a challenge? ;)

And having Jerusalem is nice, not as nice as having Byzantium back with IN, but the next best thing.
An interesting little selection of countries there. A KoJ WC would be one to watch.
I am Pyriel, and I approve of this message

Now, somehow after saying this I get the feeling IM gonna get ambushed by Obama or have to pay royalties or something
Cool :D
I bet we'll all do it at some point. :)
too bad u didn't give much attention to asia and north america again :(

but nice to know that u added some more nations in the game :)
Johan, My Lord and Liege, my life for you! My soul for you!

I can't wait 'till a WC with Berry or something. It'd be awesome. :rolleyes:
There should probably be a bit of a limit on forming Jerusalem. Like I doubt if France conquers Jerusalem that it'd make much sense for the King to suddenly say "Goodbye France, time to be... JERUSALEM!"

Perhaps states in a situation similar to the Knights of St. John or theocracies should be able to form it. But then again that would still create situations like the Teutonic Order forming Jerusalem. :D

As a note what are the monarch names of Jerusalem based off of? I say this because one of the earliest EU3 mods (originally made for the demo, even) was... Jerusalem. And I made said mod (though mandead contributed the names for it). :p