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Lou Django

Jan 14, 2021
Hello CEOs, I suppose you have questions...

Q: Can you add aircraft XYZ in the game?
Maybe, why don’t you fill out this form? We always check it before adding in new aircraft!

Q: Can you add this or that airport in the game?
Same answer! We really love to get your feedback on airports and aircraft as they are the basis of the game and form 100% of your experience and we will always check those two forms to inform our decisions.

Q: I have an issue with a purchase in the game. I have an issue logging into my game account. Can you help me?
No, we cannot help you on this forum. These problems require bespoke solutions. Our customer support is available via email à all time at marion@airlines-manager.comThere is also a form on our help website to help you get in touch.

Q: How do we promote our alliance and share our press releases and roleplay?
Don't be shy, share it with us here. Don't hesitate to preface a dedicated thread with [ALLIANCE][RP] [PR] or any tag you find relevant for ease of reading and also to find it again.
However, for RP and PR, please read some of our guidelines:
Did your airline open a new hub? A new route? Are there new efforts to step up your onboard services? Let us know here!
As a rule: we want this channel to be about the wholesome growth of your airline and an uplifting and happy experience for everybody.
Marketing does not support negativity on principle because Marketing is all about making your service or product perfect in the eyes of the potential consumer. Therefore, it is not allowed to talk about:
- Loss of life and bodily harm
- Loss of jobs and income
You can tell us about:
- Your new hires
- Your new routes and hubs
- Your onboard services strategy
- Marketing efforts
- Your fleet's changes
- Positive financial results
- Negative financial results and what your company intend to do to remedy it in a positive manner.
Of course neither list is exhaustive and will evolve as we go.

Q: Au secours, je ne parle pas anglais !
Pas de souci, une FAQ en français se trouve dans la section dédiée.
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Feb 3, 2021
Any chance you can add the second hand plane auction to the web version of the game. Its such a great feature but is a pain to load on my older android device.

Lou Django

Jan 14, 2021
Any chance you can add the second hand plane auction to the web version of the game. Its such a great feature but is a pain to load on my older android device.
It's in the plans. We're waiting for all the possible mobile feedback so we can implement everything on the web version in one go.


Feb 10, 2021
Viva! I finally find an official English forum for the game.

I want to propose some changes on the Web UI as it is becoming very tedious to schedule planes when I have more and more routes in a hub. I have 191 routes for MPM and 133 routes for CGK and the list keeps growing. On mobile version of the game scheduling planes on a 100+ routes hub is nearly impossible so I switch my game playing to Web version only so now the mobile game is only for selling aircrafts on the 2nd hand market to make extra profits.

In fact I have written a Tampermonkey script to reduce the grueling workload of plane planning, which includes:

- Changing the position of plane scheduling section and the remaining demand section so I don't have to scroll back and forth on the screen to view them

- Adding a filter to grey out the routes that don't have enough remaining demand for my intended schedule. It's not fun to click and view all 190 routes to tell which route is suitable for my aircraft's schedule.

- The quick scheduling is hard to use. Why can't we just schedule a plane for 168H circuit and then click a button to copy all the planning for the planes for fast scheduling. Yes. We just need one button and that's all. The current procedure for quick scheduling is super slow as we need to 1) inspect the routes in other tools built by some smart guys 2) search the routes in Web planning screen and add them one by one. 3) Then we need to confirm the selection.
The procedure of picking a route out of a few hundred routes is super annoying. It's definitely not a fun part of the game. Even if I have scheduled a plane with some nice routes, I have to remember their names, and manually add them to the quick scheduling section. I don't see a reason to do this step.
You know what it looks like? It's like you work in a bakery and you don't bake multiple pâtisseries at a time but instead baking them one by one. When I am the customer I can wait as I can only eat that much food for a meal. But if I am doing business like this my airline would not grow.
So, I added a button that ditches all those steps and just copy the schedule straightaway, and then you can apply the schedule to other 6 planes, or more if you like but I usually just apply the fast schedule to 7 planes. I think this way works more like the mobile version. But mobile version makes it better because you can actually assign schedules to multiple aircrafts on the same page with different timeframes.

I am not going to share my script here for now as it seems that it might only match my own scheduling style so not many people want to use it. I posted it on reddit's AirlineManagerTycoon forum. That version doesn't include the fast scheduling changes though.

Let me know if you will listen to my suggestions. Otherwise I would rather keep it for my own use as now I can schedule 50 aircrafts at 1/3 of the original time I spent with my Tampermonkey script.
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Feb 5, 2021
The 777-200LR has false specs
On AM it says it has a range of 17,512 km but the real range is 15,843 km this has to be changed


Apr 8, 2021
Can someone explain why both my "TO D-1" & "Result D-1" are both $0? What is "D-2"? And is the operating expenses solely for operating flight costs?