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Aug 2, 2008

In August 2007 the 17th World Diplomacy Championship and DipCon 40 were held in Vancouver, Canada at the University of British Columbia.

Initially I had planned on attending this event as a player, however, a few days before the games began, I decided that instead of playing in the tournament I would film it. I wanted to document this event and hopefully obtain enough footage to be able to create a short instructional video to help promote this amazing “strategic board game, created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954.”

I personally consider Diplomacy to be one of the greatest games ever created, and believe, along with many others, that it should be a mandatory part of our education system. In these times, when politics governs every aspect of our lives, it would be prudent to teach the art of diplomacy, and what better way to achieve this task than by playing a board game.

I had hoped to have completed this task, creating an instructional video, by this time. Unfortunately however, a few months ago I made the mistake of editing the video on a Vista system with ‘sampled’ editing software. A few days into the process I discovered that using Vista was the wrong choice, and ended up losing all the data. Very unfortunate.

I will attempt to complete this project sometime in the next year, however, I believe it is important to at least share some of the footage with everyone that was at the tournament who put up with me having my little camera in their face for three consecutive days. Hence, I have gone through the footage and put together some short segments. These videos should give everyone a good idea of what this game is about, and share what was captured with those at the tournament.

The reason that I decided to post these videos now is because the 2008 World Diplomacy Convention will begin on August 14 in Burg Lockenhaus (Vienna) Austria, and I think that people will like to see what awaits them.

I have broken up the videos into the following three sections:

1) Images http://www.chycho.com/?q=DipCon_images

2) Interviews http://www.chycho.com/?q=DipCon_Interviews

3) Following a Game http://www.chycho.com/?q=DipCon_Game

Please keep in mind that this is just raw footage, without any direction, or serious editing.

Also, towards the end of the tournament, one of the players asked me not to include them in any final cut. If there is anyone that is not comfortable being in the videos, please let me know. The uploaded videos should give everyone a pretty good idea of the direction that I am leaning towards.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me.

All the best to everyone and I hope you have a great WorldDipCon XVIII.